railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 29

Anastasia fought, not like before, this time her moves were fluid and devastating. She hit his face sending him tumbling, the sound of his bones breaking filling the air. He rolled to a stop. Then struggled as he stood, She hit him again and he crashed across the ground, she met him before he stopped tumbling, slamming her knee into his body, his breath forced from his lungs, the air filled with blood and saliva. He tried to swing but she was too fast easily dodging him.

She stared at him, eyes blazing but her face was calm, serene and expressionless. He struggled pushing himself up off the ground. She stood next to him, her head tilted, waiting. She grinned as he wobbled, his arms hanging heavy by his side, both broken. He struggled to breath with broken ribs, the faint shadow of his heart slowing.

"It hurts…" His head slowly leaned to the side, his voice sounding like thick liquid in his throat.

"I know…" She nodded, slowly closing her eyes, "I will help you…"

She slammed her fist into his chest, lifting him high into the air, his body twisting, bending as he flew. His vision blurred but he could see her hovering high above him, shining like the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

"I am sorry…" She spoke softly.

She hung in the air, a goddess born in battle. She radiated in the moonlight, she smiled as her lips parted and her fangs glistened. Anastasia's petite form slowly changed as the curves of a young woman found her body. Her legs becoming longer, slender and strong, her hips widened, and her breasts swelled pushing her black formfitting armor to the limit, large black wings sprung from her back spreading wide blocking out the moon behind her body.

She sighed, watching Edward coming towards her, his eyes wide and his lips curled into a smile.

"Goodbye…" She whispered, twisting her body driving her fist into his fang filled smile. She drove him towards the ground, slamming his body into the dirt.

The ground shook as the earth lifted then parted in an explosion filling the air with dust and debris. When it settled, Edward's body lay broken in pools of black ooze, his eyes lifeless.

Anastasia walked victorious, her wings disappearing behind her as she tilted her head, gazing at Mikoto lying on the ground watching her.

Katrina nodded, looking at her sister, holding three fingers up.

"What?" Anastasia shoulders fell, reaching up, cupping , squeezing her new assets, "what do you mean…"

"You look like 16 maybe 17…" She grinned, "But still after 400 years it looks good…"

"What… 400 years…" Ruiko whispered, unsure if she heard her right, looked at Anastasia and Katrina, "but you are older than her…"

"I am…" Katrina nodded.

Anastasia knelt by Mikoto’s side, tilted her head, gazing with soft eyes, puckered lips, cupping her cheek.

"I know your answer…" She smiled, "but still…" She leaned down kissing her cheek and then pressed against her lips. she let out a disappointed sigh as their lips separated, then grinned “ even with this look..”

"What!" Shirai let out a bloodcurdling scream as her hands slapped her own cheeks, "that's not a greeting… You bloodthirsty, Sissy biting… Vampire…" Her body trembled in anger, "you're too old… Pervert…" She scooted closer, trying to push Anastasia away, "I must claim her back…" She leaned forward, puckering her lips, "now Sissy… You're too weak to resist…"

Electricity filled the air, bluish white sparks and streaks danced across their bodies. Shirai lay on the ground smoldering, twitching refusing to let go of Mikoto’s hand. Anastasia sighed softly, "yeah… So good…" She chuckled resting her chin on Mikoto’s’ shoulder.

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