railgun in the dark 3

chapter 3

"I've got something…" Uiharu interrupted the cute fest. She leaned back, stretching her arms above her head.

"Really…" Mikoto moved to uiharu side followed by Ruiko.

On the screen of the laptop was displayed the entire Academy city diagram. She didn't hack just any street-level cameras or store security. She nodded her head filled with pride as the others looked on as Academy city started to become more detailed.

"This is a server that stores all real-time…"

"Is that satellite…?” Her timid voice interrupted their conversations.

"Ummm..." They looked at her, with worry in their eyes trying to think of an answer.


Anastasia slowly smiled as she narrowed her eyes and giggled, "You are hacking… Aren't you…"

A nervous chuckled was heard as the image of Academy city became more and more detailed.

"Yes…" Uiharu chin fell to her chest, "we are…"

Anastasia giggled as she scooted closer, "let me see…"

"Okay…" The mood quickly changed to relief and excitement.

"What time…" Uiharu's fingers moved across the keyboard, "where… Okay…"

They watched as the scene played out. Anastasia pointed to a lone figure on the building.

"Good eyes…" They complement.

"What the… How tall is the building…?” they watched as the figured disappeared over the edge of the building.

"The girls are here…"

Anastasia watched as Mikoto stared at the screen looking for anything.

"Whoever it is, is using the roofs…"

They watched as it entered the alley losing sight of it. The people went running into the alley.

"There…" Ruiko pointed to the screen, "he's running…"

"Looks like he's heading towards the rundown section…" They watched as he slowly walked across an empty field.

"Isn't that…" Ruiko's eyes went blank as she looked over at Mikoto.

"Yes it is…"

"What is it…?” Anastasia quickly looked over at them.

"We know where that is …" She sighed, "This is where Ronan and Amie fought."

Anastasia could sense the sadness in their voices especially in ruiko's eyes.

"Are you…"

"I'm fine…" Ruiko forced a smile on her face, "its fine… She whispered. She look down at the computer screen not really paying attention. She had a distant look in her eyes and her smile turned soft.

"So…" Anastasia nodded as she prepared to leave, "that was exciting…" She sighed, "Are you going to hunt the vampire…" She looked at them with upturned eyes looking ever so cute.

"Let's wait till tomorrow…" Shirai nodded with a little nervousness mixed in. "I don't want to be there at night…" She quickly nodded.

"Oh yeah…" Uiharu looked a little nervous. Ruiko shook her head, "not me…"

Anastasia smiled, creasing her eyes waiting for Mikoto’s answer. She didn't have to hear it, she already knew it.

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