railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 30

Two large, black windowless vans pulled up and a few men exited the vehicles.

"You are…" Shirai's eyes went wide, slowly recovering from her latest shock, recognizing the two men from the previous interrogations.

"Good evening…" The captain bowed his head, motioning to a couple of men. They nodded walking over to the back of the van and opened the doors, pulling out a stretcher, walked over to Mikoto.

"My apartment…" Anastasia nodded, looking at Mikoto as she held her hand. "She will be sleeping with me in my bed…"

"What!" Shirai quickly straightened up, ignoring the pain. Mikoto grimaced as Shirai squeezed her hand.

"Kuroko…" She whispered.

Anastasia shook her head, "I am not like you Shirai... I will not take advantage of her in her weakened state…" She closed her eyes, blowing out of breath, "unlike someone…" She narrowed her eyes, glaring at Shirai. "She needs my warmth because of my bite…"

"What… I would not…" Shirai quickly responded then became quiet “well…" she glanced at Mikoto, raising her index finger to her lips.

"Then I'm going to…" She narrowed her eyes.

"Fine…" Anastasia waved her off, shaking her head.

They watched as the men loaded her into the back of the van, Shirai quickly teleported inside, "oh Sissy…"

The young anti-skill member took a breath then exhaled anxiously waited.

"Princess…" He spoke bowing his head. "We got him… Klaus" he reached up, unlocking the door to the second van.

He opened it as Anastasia cocked her head, looking into the black of the inside. She could see perfectly, she grinned as the young man flicked on the light switch.

Klaus was tied up, bound by thick ropes from his ankles to his chest, scripts with runic symbols hung from the ropes.

“ was it difficult…” she spoke then sighed.

The Captain, standing next to her, shook his head. They smiled, tapping the pistols on their sides. "Once he was above ground, we were able to smell him out, tranquilize him and then take out two sniper teams… So…" He shrugged his shoulders, "it was pretty easy…" They both looked at each other chuckling.

Anastasia smiled as Klaus raised his chin, looking at her through bleary eyes.

"Princess…" He whispered in a tired voice.

"Yes… Klaus… I'm a little different…" She tilted her head grinning, "You and what you've created are going home. You will pay for what you did in the village to get Aisa here to Academy city and the illegal development of our venom…"

She motioned her head to close the door, and then walked over to the other van. She looked inside Mikoto was sleeping; Shirai was kneeling next to her, her belt of spikes in her hand, her eyes narrowed.

She shook her head and smiled… Then…

A loud explosion sent shockwaves across the field, a large column of fire rose from the crater were Edward's body lay. The wind rush towards the burning column of yellow and oranges as flames rose to the sky.

Anastasia twisted her lips, feeling the warmth of the flames on her cheeks, looked to her sister, Katrina.

"Katrina…" She spoke as she blew out annoyed breath, "can you…"

"I will…" she grinned, slipping her hand inside her long coat, taking out another script.

"Seal…" She flicked her wrist. This time it didn’t float or fluttered carefree to the ground, it fell hard against the dirt and the other scripts glowed filling the sky with bright white columns then sealed the entire area.

"Gabriella…" Katrina spoke, slowly taking off her black coat, "I will take care of this…" She handed her coat.

"Should I…" Gabriella eyes quickly looked to Katrina then to the tower of flames. She wondered if she should help.

Katrina took a breath then knelt down untying her heavy boots, setting them to the side. She stretched her arms twisting back and forth, her joints and her neck cracking.

Ruiko's eyes went wide, her heart quickening watching Katrina getting ready. She stood tall, strong and lean, her body wrapped with rune covered white cloth clinging tightly to her breasts, hips and thighs, her smooth skin shined in the light. Katrina glanced at Ruiko from the corner of her eye, slowly opened her lips, her canines caught the moonlight.

"Reveal…" She spoke.

Ruiko caught her breath as oranges and yellows snaked across her soft skin sizzling like fire then slowly faded, her body covered with the same runes.

"Gabriella…" Anastasia called out, standing by the van.

"I am staying…" She curled the right side of her lip, her eyes filling with excitement, "I think I am supposed to…" Her voice faded as she slowly nodded her head.


"Huh…" She could barely pull her eyes off Katrina's transformation. She took a quick breath, feeling her heart pounding in her chest.

"Are you…"

She looked at Anastasia, her eyes saying she wanted to stay. She looked at Katrina, listening to her growling, feeling it in her chest. She reached over taking Katrina's hand, "can I…"

She nodded, "by Gabriella…" Ruiko slowly smiled, shaking her head as her eyes lit up moving quickly to Gabriella side.

Katrina stepped forward, light blue haze drifted from her fingers flowing up her hands and her arms, the same blue haze drifted from her feet up her legs disappearing as she moved into the circle.

"Come now…" She spoke and slowly grinned as her canines slip past her lower lip. "Angel…"

Omi stepped out of the fire, narrowing her eyes. She tilted her head, her eyes were blazing emerald green.

"Let's go…" Anastasia nodded moving into the truck.

"What about…" Shirai raised her chin worried about Ruiko.

"Not our story…" Anastasia closed the door, sitting next to Mikoto sleeping body.

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