railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 31

A few days had past. Many still talked about the wall of fire that nearly consumed the night sky. However, today it was bright blue skies with warm soft breezes.

Mikoto was sitting outside at a small café enjoying crêpes and tea. She was thinking about what had happened, Anastasia's physical changes, again offering to take her with her to her home. She declined, chuckling as she fought off Shirai clinging to her body, sobbing.

"Please Sissy…" Then the smell of ozone filled the air.

"I really like that…" Anastasia smirked as she moved Shirai’s twitching body with her foot, "as a move of course…" her cheeks turned a soft rose, chuckling.

Mikoto blushed, shaking her head . She narrowed her eyes, "fourth… huh…" She whispered looking down at her chest.

"30 years old …" She whispered, Anastasia's words echoed in her memory.

"30 years old… What…" She whispered slowly in her ear. Mikoto sighed, closing her eyes, "hello Omi..."

"May I…" She narrowed her eyes, sniffing the air, walking around the small table to the chair, pulling it close to Mikoto's and seated herself.

She tilted her head, a soft smile on her face as she reached over for the strawberry crêpes and took a bite.

"30 years old what…" Omi slowly ran her tongue across her lips, "she'll come back and offer you her eternal kiss… To be by her side forever…" Her green eyes flashed as she shook her head.

"Wwwwhhattt?!" Mikoto quickly shook her head, "yes… But… I wouldn't… I mean…" She took a quick breath and then blew it out, "fine… Yes… She did offer it…" She nodded her head. She reached to her plate grabbing her crêpes and took a bite, "if I am not married by 30 then… She said…" she took a slow drink from her tea.

"I told her… No but I would value her friendship… That's all…" She put the teacup down on the saucer.

"How was your fight…?” Mikoto hoped to change the subject, taking a soft breath, her lips curled into a mischievous smile, looking at Omi through narrowed eyes, "huh…" She whispered.

She heard about the fight from Gabriella who couldn't stop talking about it. Ruiko grinned, obviously excited. She nodded with a quick smile, "wow…"

Mikoto's cheeks redden seeing Ruiko blush when Katrina entered the bedroom where she was recovering.

"Okay… I guess…" Omi twisted her lips, her eyes looking away as she took another bite then a drink of her tea.

"Oh!" Mikoto chuckled, "speaking of fighting…" Omi twisted her eye brows, her green eyes grew, "huh…"

Mikoto giggled as she reached to the ground, bringing up a green frog purse and sat on the table.

"Gekota purse…" She spoke chuckling, "Anastasia gave it to me… It even has her address…"

She reached inside, pulling out something covered with a maroon velvet cloth with a large moon symbol across the top. Omi's eyes widened as she looked at Mikoto.

"Katrina gave me these…" She slowly removed the cloth. It was a stack of white paper with runic symbols.

"Scripts!?" Omi spoke, "why… Mikoto you shouldn't…"

"And this…" She brought out a long soft black uneven stone .

"Charcoal…" Omi closed her eyes shaking her head." from the fires of creation..."

"Katrina said to write what I want then…" She grinned, "It will work…"

Mikoto took a breath, with a smile on her face, "it's just basic stuff she said… Right now… I'm using four of them…" She narrowed her lips.

" a barrier… On someone…the little perv…" She growled, "Try to crawl into my bed last night…" She blew out an annoyed breath.

Mikoto picked up the charcoal and wrote barrier on the script, folded it and put it into her pocket, underneath her skirt.

"Mikoto… You can’t use magic it will…"

Espers could not use magic. Their brains are wired for the scientific side not the magic side. if an esper tried to use magic it could have adverse effects on the individual even death. Omi knew this and reached out to the stack of scripts. Small charges of electricity flew out striking her fingertips the shock slapping her hand away.

"What the…"

"Oh… Katrina set that up…" She grinned as she narrowed her eyes, "don't worry…" She nodded, "its not normal magic… It is a type of zdiv na boga…"

"Breath of God…" Omi whispered as she closed her eyes, shaking her head.

Mikoto tapped Omi's hand away from her last bite of crêpes, finishing it. She grinned, licking her lips, "so… I heard you say once… You draw your powers from others…" She leaned forward. Omi smiled remembering the script Mikoto wrote, "Barrier…" She whispered.

Then she nodded tilting her head, her lips parted and her canines caught the sun.

"You want to take a run at the champion…" Omi leaned back, taking a deep breath, her eyelids slowly narrowing, her emerald green eyes becoming slits. She had always wanted to battle the famous rail gun of Tokiwadai but something always got in the way. Mikoto shook her head, "that is my line…"

She closed her eyes, lowering her chin as she finished her tea. She smirked as she gathered her things, slipping the strap of her new gekota purse around her shoulder. Omi chuckled as she stood up from the small café table.

"Everyone should be there…" Mikoto took a deep breath then exhaled, running her fingers along her new Gekota purse. Omi waited as Mikoto walked around the table. She nodded, Mikoto narrowed her chestnut brown eyes peppered with red flakes as she grinned.

Shirai was kneeling next to the open bathroom door. She stared at the toilet unable to enter. Her eyes were brimming with tears, her hands shoved between her legs.

"Sissy… I'm sorry… Why didn't you just shock me…?” She looked around the room staring at the four scripts.

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