railgun in the dark 3

chapter 4

She was dressed in black, wearing a long shirt, short pants, thick heavy boots, and a wool cap on her head. She had made it so far and by the time she reached the large desolate field. The night air had become chilly as it glided across her exposed skin. The cold air felt good on the cuts and scratches that appeared on her legs. The blackness of night had covered her eyes as she had tripped and fell over shoes, trash cans, and the occasional black cat.

This area of Academy city was in decline. The ground was littered with overturned trashcans and crumpled papers and bottles lay scattered. The streetlights yellow glow appeared every now and then, the rest of the lights shattered. The Buildings were left to decay and rot. Many of the people that lived in this area were part of various skillout gangs, groups of level Zero's that struggle to survive in beautiful Academy city.

"So much for stealth…" She sighed as she smacked her hands together wiping the dirt and small stones from her palms. She narrowed her eyes hoping to see, she did not want to use her powers so that she would give her position away. She thought of her sisters night goggles as she took a step forward feeling the small stones underneath her boots, the crunching sound scrapped in her ears as she took another step. She took a deep breath, shaking her head,

"This is not good…" She twisted her lips moving her head side to side. She straightened her shoulders taking another courage building breath getting ready to move, when the black clouds parted allowing the bright moonlight to fall upon the ground, exposing the rocky terrain. She could see the bullet scarred crumbling buildings, the craters from the explosions from the mini tanks that she had fought. Their empty husk removed long ago. The ground sparkled as the moonlight fell upon the spent rounds left from gunfire.

She sighed as a tear welled up in her eyes as she remembered following Ronan to the field to rescue Ruiko, The battle that would separate them.

In the center of the field, a large circular patch of land lay blackened and scorched. She stared at it as she stood in the middle of the black dirt. She remembered the powerful explosion feeding on everything around it as it split the cloud covered sky. She held her lower lip between her teeth to stop it from trembling, slowly shaking her head.

She looked around surprised a little, without thinking, she had walked across the field to the spot. She knelt down running her hand across the soft as silk black dust, slowly shaking her head as she remembered. She didn't care that she was exposed. She took quick breath thinking to herself.

"if it's a vampire…" She whispered, "It probably already smells the blood on my legs and hands.…"

She thought of all the scary movies that she had watched. She chuckled as she remembered the teen slashers’ movies. Young kids stalked by an unknown killer, chainsaws, machetes wielding mask wearing monsters. The victims, I mean girls wearing nearly nothing, bikini-clad, big boobs walking around at night going into scary situations.

"Let's look in the dark basement or the scary attic…" Mikoto's eyes laughed, "And here I am in the open…"

She glanced over to her right and narrowed her eyes spotting something, "footprints…" Her eyes followed the trail across the black dust towards a certain large dilapidated building. However, none came back.

"So…" She slowly grinned, putting her hand to her chest, feeling her heart beating a little faster.

"I can do that…" someone whispered in her ear.

"What…!" The large bluish white light and sparks filled the air as the clouds slowly covered up the moon.

She lay on the ground, twitching and smoking like an over microwaved hotdog. Her long hair smoldering and her skin was pink and her lips twisted as she groaned.

"Sissy…" Her voice was weak and cracked as she tried to speak, "why…"

"Why…!" Mikoto stood over her with fist clenched, eyes filled with anger as she gritted her teeth, bluish white sparks ran across her bangs leaping into the ether and disappearing.

“I thought you could be a chainsaw, machete wielding mask wearing monster…” she screamed.

"You sneak up on me… Then ambushed me…" She continued her verbal assault, "and there could be a vampire around… And…" she glared down at Shirai as she extended her arm holding her finger out, pointing.

"But Sissy…" She looked up at Mikoto with eyes begging, her arm up, and her fingers moving in help me motion, "you are in the middle of an open field and…" She pointed to the cuts and bruising on her legs, "your silky smooth skin, your beautiful legs have been defiled… bleeding so… It probably already knows…" she spoke then sighed.

"So… You just… God… my heart…" Mikoto pressed her hand to her chest, the other reaching out taking Shirai's hand.

She smiled as she got up off the ground with her Sissy's help and let out a gentle sigh, "oh Sissy… You do care…" She quickly reached out her arms to embrace her.

"Boom...." the ground shook and the air vibrated. They looked to where the sound originated as they felt the shockwave push past them.

The front wall of a dilapidated warehouse exploded outwards sending a large cloud of dust with chunks of large debris and small stones flew through the air, like shrapnel. They both stared as it hit the ground like a heavy rain, bouncing, skipping, and rolling along the ground. Mikoto, remembering the footprints leading to the building, watched as the front of the build slowly collapsed. They could hear the sounds of struggling and fighting and…

“Growling…" Shirai spoke with a surprised tone turning to look at Mikoto, who was already running towards the building, growling herself.

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