railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 5

Shirai quickly followed as she charged headfirst into the darkness of the collapsed warehouse. She could see the interior of the building light up in a bluish white as current danced along the steel beams, Sparks leaping into the air and disappearing.

She arrived at the collapsed part of the building as Mikoto body tumbled through the air, hitting the ground.

"Oooofff.... Dammit…" The words sounding as if she were being punched out of her throat as she bounced over the ground kicking up dust then slowly stopped. Shirai stared at her Sissy, as she pushed herself up off the ground. She quickly brought her hand to her mouth as her face turned red as she coughed trying to clear the dust from her lungs. She shook her head waving her hand around hoping to clear the air. She was scraped and bleeding as she slowly stood up smacking the dirt from her clothing.

"Grrrr..." She tightened her lips as she narrowed her eyes, turned and rushed back into the fight. “ I don’t think so…!”

"Sissy…" Shirai quickly followed, listening to the sounds of the fight inside the warehouse. She could hear someone being hit, tumbling along the ground, hitting the walls and the ceiling. She stood and stared standing next to Mikoto watching two people cloaked in black, fighting each other. Their bodies moving quickier than any human could move. Shirai gawked with her mouth open trying to think of any Esper with that power. Mikoto stood her eyes following as they moved quickly from the wall to wall, ceiling to floor and midair, as she fired lightning bolt after lightning bolt.

"Stand still…" She yelled, clinching her fists. "Stop moving…"

The area around them glowed in electric blue as she fired another bolt. It struck the wall where they used to be only a few seconds earlier. The wall trembled and bowed from the strain and the ceiling screeched and screamed as the beams twisted. The weight of the building was slowly killing itself.

Shirai stared barely able to track the fighters, "there are two…" She whispered as her eyes grew wide.

"Sissy… We need to…"


The smaller of the two's body hit the ground, they could hear the air being forced from its lungs, sending dirt and rubble into the air, forming a small crater as it bounced then slammed into the wall. The building shook and the sound echoed as Mikoto and Shirai covered their ears. The smaller one was still and silent then twitched as it struggled to move. They could hear, the sound of a girl painfully trying to stand up. Her face nearly visible as the moonlight slowly illuminated the warehouse, slowly drawing the curtain of darkness away. She had the features of a young girl, her face partially obscured by the hood and her long hair. Her mouth gaped as she struggled to breathe. They stared as her lips opened a little more and they could see her fangs, her lips dark red dripped to her chin. She turned slightly to look in their direction, her eyes glowing a bright crimson.

They slowly widened their eyes as they looked at her. watching as her lips moved and her mouth dropped open, "No...!”


The ground exploded at her feet as she barreled towards them. Her red eyes, fangs, and porcelain skin were the only things they could see. They had no time to prepare a defense or to move out of the way unable to raise their arms in front of them, then she quickly past them. The air kicking up dust behind her, whipping their hair as she disappeared, passing them. They heard the sound of a large smack, like a fifty pound bags of rice or flour hitting the floor. They turned to see them tumbling along the ground slamming into the wall, causing the rest of the partially collapsed building to cover them. The sounds of shattering glass and metal crashing and twisting quickly covering them as air and dust swirled around them, choking and obscuring their vision.

"What the…cough. Cough..." Shirai shaking her head trying to catch her breath looked over at Mikoto, "Sissy… Are you all right…"

She didn't answer as she looked at the large pile of debris slowly settling, "nothing… I could do nothing… They were too fast…" She spoke staring at the mound of twisted metal, her eyes wide in disbelief.

It was a feeling she had felt before as she thought of her sisters. They were a part of the experiment level VI shift. They would be sacrificed over 10,000 times to a monster name Accelerator.

No matter what she had tried, she just couldn't stop the experiment. However, thankfully to a boy named Touma, it was.

The metal slowly twisted and turned, the sound scraping against her ears as whatever tried to move.

"It's alive…" Mikoto quickly nodded, taking a few steps towards the fingernails scraping on the metal sound.

"Sissy… No… You’re bleeding… And…" She quickly reached out grabbing her shoulder. She readied herself to be shocked, waiting, anticipating as she tightly closed her eyes and scrunched her body but it never came.

"Kuroko... she tried to save us…" She whispered, watching the pile slowly rise up and fall, like someone trying to take a deep breath.

"We have to help…"

Suddenly a bright light slammed onto the ground, snatching them from the darkness. The familiar thumping sound of a helicopter hovering above them interrupted their thoughts as the wind kicked up violently, filling the warehouse with choking and blinding dust. They covered their noses and mouths with their hands as they narrowed their eyes trying to see through the swirling dust cloud as they listened to the growing sound of boots hitting the ground as they entered the collapsing warehouse.

"Hold it… Right there…"

Mikoto and Shirai looked over as numerous anti-skill members were conveniently and quickly arriving. They looked at each other as Mikoto narrowed her eyes with bluish white sparks danced from the end of her hair.

Shirai slowly shook her head, no, without saying a word.

They looked at the spot that had been moving. The metal sheets and beams were tossed to the side, exposing nothing but the dirt that covered the concrete floor.


They both took a deep breath as their shoulder slowly sank as anti-skill surrounded them.

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