railgun in the dark 3

Chapter 6

They were loaded up into the back of a truck and transported, somewhere. They could not see out of the blacked out windows and the guards dressed in black military outfits never spoke the word. They stopped and were taken in to a building, separated and put into small rooms. Inside the room consisted of white walls and white colored floor and a small chair and table. She sat down as she looked around the bare room. On the far wall a large mirror. She sat shaking her head, glaring into it.

"I have seen enough bad police movies to know a two way mirror when I see one…" She took a deep breath and exhaled, "I can wait this out…" She quickly nodded her head as she closed her eyes sitting down on the chair.

It could have been one minute, 10 minutes maybe even an hour but Mikoto felt it gnaw in her belly and she growled under her breath.

She quickly stood up, the chair sliding across the floor and smacked into the wall.

"Hello…!" She walked over to the mirror, pounding on it with her fist, "hello…!!" She glared at them through the mirror.

"I know someone's in there… You better let me out…" The mirror vibrated with each strike, "where's my friend…?" She raised her voice as bluish white sparks danced from the edges of her hair.

"That didn't take too long…" One of the two men standing on the other side of the mirror chuckled.

"Yeah… No kidding…" The second man laughed, in his hand an open file. He glanced down at it.

"Her file reads… Quick to anger… Volatile personality…extremely loyal…” he glanced up. “What do you think, Captain”

The person speaking was a young man with dark hair neatly combed wearing black rimmed glasses dressed in an anti-skill uniform. The other man, the captain, was older and taller than the first. His black hair cut short sprinkled with gray also dressed in an anti-skill uniform, his face and eyes reminded others of a grandfather.

"So… This is the famous ace of Tokiwadai… Rail gun…" The captain had a slight smile on his face as he watched the sparks danced from her hair as her eyes narrowed.

"Let me go…"


A bright bluish flash filled the room as the mirror shook as electricity scorched the walls, seemingly throwing itself against the glass. They step back, their eyes wide in surprise as they raised their arms to cover their faces and eyes from the blinding flash. They watched as the table and chair slowly melted to the floor into a pile of red and orange molten goo as the heat rose up into the ether.

She hit the mirror again, "I am a girl…" She yelled, "And I have to go to the bathroom…"

She lowered her chin as her cheeks turned rose as she waited for an answer as she stepped back from the glass.

"Please…" She closed her eyes as she dropped her chin letting out a soft sigh. She twisted her lips as she pouted looking to the mirror with upturned eyes.

"Should we…" The young man looked at the Captain, who stared at Mikoto.

"I have to go…" She whispered as she slipped her hand into her shorts pocket.

"Let's wait for a moment…" The Captain nodded as he let out annoyed sigh, "they haven't arrived yet… And I don't want any trouble from those Academy city scientists…"

The young man closed his eyes, shaking his head feeling a little sorry for her, "I think we should…"

"What the hell…" The Captain quickly raised his chin, staring at Mikoto as she reached into her pocket, her worried face changed as she narrowed her eyes as she flipped a small coin into the air.

"Wait…" The young man screamed as he rushed towards the door, fumbling with the doorknob.

"That's the rail gun…" The Captain whispered as the coin reached its peak, starting to fall, her arm extended and her fingers and thumb ready.

"Bathroom…" She spoke one word then another, "now…!"

"Okay…" He yelled as he busted through the door, it slipped out of his hand, hitting the wall and then bounce back striking him.

"Damn…" His face grimaced as he bent over and grabbed his shoulder.

She smirked as she glanced at him from the corner of her eye as she quickly snatched the coin in midair.

"Thank you…" She quickly smiled, moving towards the door. The young man was bent over leaning against the wall, holding his arm as he watched her run by him.

"Where…" She asked as she ran past him.

"To the left… Two doors down… It's marked…" He closed his eyes as he huffed. The Captain shook his head, closing his eyes with a small smile on his lips.

"She wouldn't have …" He looked over at the young man still bent over his face seemed to go sour with pain.

"Yes… I would have to…"She turned as she yelled running down the hall slipping into the women's bathroom.

How long it took, she didn't care. She was washing her hands, looking into the mirror with a very relieved look on her face. She splashed some water on her cheeks.

"You pervs... Listening out there…" She shook her head with a small smile on her face as she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as she reached for the paper towel dispenser.

"Just in case…" She recognized the young man's voice through the door.

"It's not like I'm going to leave…" She paused, looking around the bathroom. She looked at the floors, walls and the ceiling… “No windows…" She sighed listening to her voice echoed across the ceramic tiles, "you have my friend…" she whispered with a worried look on her face. She finished drying her hands and slowly walked to the door tossing the used towel off the wall and into the trash then pulled the door open.

Two men dressed in conservative suits wearing white lab coats had join the two officers as they waited outside the bathroom. She figured they were researchers. She was familiar with the clean sterile look of a conservative dress scientist. She looked them over noticing the rubber soles on their shoes. She smirked, "where Shirai…?" She tilted her head with a pleasant smile on her face waiting for her answer.

"She is still being questioned…" The taller of the two researchers nodded. He had a smug look on his face that went with his receding gray hair line. His lips were thin reminding her of her reptile, a snake more precisely. His eyes showed no warmth or comfort. A trait needed specifically for researchers. She could feel that he was untrustworthy. She thought to herself why all Academy city scientists gave her that feeling. The second man was short, very thin. His fingers looking feminine and small as he slowly rubbed them together. He reminded her of Ami, the research scientist that had worked with Ronan before everything happened. He was about the same height as Ami as he stood across from Mikoto, his eyes were cold unfeeling sort, but something burned behind his dark brown eyes.

The captain creased his eyes watching the two with years of experience behind them as he eyed the two researchers. She could see he didn't trust them.

"It seems you had a little trouble…" The short researcher quickly reached out to grab Mikoto's arm.

"No trouble…" The captain grabbed his wrist, "she just had to go to the bathroom…" She could see the firm gaze of his eyes as his hand gripped the young researcher’s wrist. "No need for that… She'll come along peacefully…" He looked at Mikoto and she could see the ends of his lips slightly curled.

"Sure…" She tilted her head as her smile looking like a young lady.

The young researcher pulled his arm away as the officer released his grip.

"Edward…" The older researcher shook his head and released an annoyed breath.

"What…Klaus " He snapped as he narrowed his eyes, his words past his gritted teeth. His face was becoming flush as she could hear him breathing.

“What’s the deal…?” She whispered, her eyes watching him as he glared at the other researcher. Edward seemed to be becoming aggressive barely under control. She could feel his anger boiling below surface. She was sure the two anti-skill members felt it as they slowly moved in front of Mikoto.

"We should talk somewhere more private…" Klaus suggested. "Just the two of us…" He nodded to Edward, "and the young lady…"

"But…" The younger anti-skill spoke but the captain interrupted him, "sorry… we need to be there… She is a student at Academy city and she hasn't told us anything yet… Therefore, she is under our protection… Right now…"

Mikoto leaned to her left as she cocked her head to see past the two officers. Edward shot them an angry glare as the Klaus nodded his head thinking to himself.

"Very well…" He smiled, looking more like a reptile.

They moved down the hall to a different room. It was larger and a little more comfortable. The captain took a deep breath and exhaled as he opened the door. It had a small kitchen and a vending machine along the wall. The large couch sat in the middle of the room, with comfortable chairs spaced around the TV that was mounted on the wall. A large table for dining surrounded by six chairs sat near the kitchen.

"Try not to melt these…" The captain whispered as he smiled. She nodded her head with a I will try not to look on her face. He moved towards the soda machine. "something to drink…" He looked over at Mikoto as he selected a drink and it fell to the dispenser.


He turned to the vending machine, selecting a soda she wanted. He directed the two researchers to sit. The younger anti-skill moved to the door as the Captain and Mikoto sat across the researchers.

They listened as Mikoto spoke and answered the questions. She noticed they were basic yes or no questions not really trying to discover anything. She glanced at the captain wondering if he had figured it out and that she understood. He sat listening, his eyes fixated on Edward and Klaus. “ he must be good at cards…” she thought.

"So…" Klaus asked, "Did you recognize his face… Or the girl…"

Mikoto felt something lightly press on her foot, "what the…" She quickly thought to herself. She didn't move. afraid the others might see as she pretended to straighten her shirt, seeing the captain tapping her foot.

She bit her lip as she looked over to the two researchers, "no… I didn’t… It was just a blur… In addition, it was very dark… And it was over very fast and I was afraid, “ she lowered her chin as she wiped a fake tear from her eye, “ and Shirai was clinging to me… I just… Then you guys arrived…"

"I see…" Klaus nodded, and then sighed as he forced a smile on his face. He seemed almost relieved she thought to herself but Edward narrowed his eyes as they seem to be turning red as his lips strained almost looking to explode.

"I think you know more than you are saying…" He yelled as he took a very long annoying breath then…


The table shook as the anti-skill members jumped in surprise. Klaus stared in shocked at his colleague. He had slammed his hand across the table in front of Mikoto.

She didn't move as she tightened her lips, glared at him through narrowed eyelids, and smiled mischievously.

"Rubber soles won't help you now…"

"What…" His eyes went wide, he looked surprised that she wasn't scared and didn’t reacted like the others. His chin slowly dropped to his chest as his eyes moved from her face to his hand and his expression sunk.

She had reached out her arm, her hand open wide and her index finger pressed down on his hand as bluish white sparks danced from her hair.

"I know only one person who seems to be immune to this…" Her lips slowly crawled into a malicious smile as her eyes narrowed becoming almost snake like.

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....." the air smelled like ozone.

She waved as she opened the door to leave looking up noticing the sun peeking over the city skyline. The warm reds and oranges slowly turning the night sky shades of blues. She spied the shadows of the three bladed windmills, barely turning, growing on the ground. The smell of breakfast carried on the slight morning breeze.

"Hello… Shirai..."

She could hear her giggling as she quickly waved as she left anti-skill headquarters. She laughed teleporting over to and then hugged Mikoto, "Sissy…" She squeezed, "are you all right…"

"Yes… Yes…" She chuckled shaking her head back and forth, "hey… Quit that… Kuroko!" the sound of a large bug zapper filled the morning air.

The captain and the young anti skill member shook their heads as they watched as Shirai struggled to pick herself up from the ground, holding her hand out for her Sissy's help.

"Come on…" Mikoto shook her head as she extended her hand to help her friend off the ground.

The young anti-skill shook his head as he looked at his captain as he spoke.

"Did you catch it…?” The captain looked at the young anti-skill as he shook his head slightly, "he knew it was a male and a female…"


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