railgun in the dark 3

chapter 7

They arrived in the dorm room and collapsed into the beds, separately. Mikoto had already warned Shirai that any monkey business would result in a very nasty shock and a little bondage. She stared, shaking her head looking at Shirai's face with a I don't know what the hell expression she was wearing as her eyes sparkled with a malicious grin on her lips, "Sissy…" , As she lay on the bed. She chuckled then snorted as she rolled over quickly falling to sleep.

Mikoto lay on the bed trying to sleep, still in last night's clothing, staring up from the bed. She watched as the shadows moved slowly across the ceiling, thinking of the fight and the meeting with the researchers.

"Why did it save them…?”

"Why did anti-skill already know about the fight…?”

"How did they know it was a male and a female…?”

And, "what the hell is up with Edward…" She clicked her tongue as she rolled over to her side looking over at Shirai, snoring happily mumbling incoherent words then whispered, "Sissy… oh my.." Then she would giggle.

"Kuroko..." She growled as her eyes narrowed and bluish white sparks crawled along the edges of her hair.

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she rose up from the bed, walking across the floor to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her shaking her head. She took a nice quick shower filling the air with steam as the hot water massaged the aches and pains of the past twenty four hours. Her legs were cut and bruised and her ribs hurt. They were slightly bruised, not broken. The palms of her hands, scratched from fingertip to wrist from falling against the hard surfaces of stone and gravel. She rinsed then dried enjoying a Shirai free shower for a nice change.

"Relaxing…" She spoke as she sighed nodding her head as a smile curled on her lips. She dressed then snatched up her cell phone as she checked on Shirai, still snoring with a perverted expression on her face as drool slowly dripped from her mouth onto the blankets, "Sissy…" She heard her giggling as she exited the room.

She was sitting in the shade of a large tree, on a small iron café style chair and table. A laptop computer opened and crêpes in her left hand as she took a bite, taking a deep breath as she enjoyed the taste.

"Mmmm... So good…"

She had just emailed Ruiko and uiharu about the incident last night, updating them that Shirai was alive and drooling. (LOL)

"Mikoto…" Her voice sounded smooth as honey in a sweet southern drawl.

Her head quickly popped up as she stopped chewing, her eyes moving left, "no… No… Not her…" Then her head moved to the right,


Her eyes went wide as she swallowed quickly nearly choking as she stared directly at a pair of large breasts; her cheeks flushed red as her eyes creased, "Omi...”

"Good morning…" Those breast slowly moving back and forth as if speaking in that particular southern drawl as Mikoto raised her chin, seeing Omi's always smiling face as she tilted her head, looking at her with those soft green eyes.

Omi is a student at Academy city. She looked all of 14 to 15 years old. She is part Japanese and European. She has blonde hair that flowed down her back to her waist. Her eyes were bright green and she always wore an infectious smile. She was very short. Due to her petite size, it made her breast look even larger than the c-cups that they were.

When asked how tall she was, she always replied with a big smile.

"I would be 5 foot tall if I stood on my tippy toes with a raindrop on my head…" She was said to be a very high level III. She liked to say that her powers were borrowed from others, add that to her natural agility and blinding speed made her threat. She would take on all challengers. She would often challenge higher level Espers.

And she was an Angel. She was not the Victorian secret kind but the kind with glowing wings and heavenly powers.

Mikoto twisted her lips as she quickly looked away as she slowly twisted her shoulders, her breasts moving like a set of radar dishes.

"Ehh... Hello Omi..."

"May I join you… Misaka…" She smiled a little mischievously nodding her head.

"Fine…" She relented as Omi giggled as she pranced over to the other chair.

"Where is your entourage…?” Mikoto asked as she watched her pull the chair out and sit down.

"It's early… Classes…" She paused, licking her lips eyeing Mikoto like a cat ready to pounce on a mouse.

The one thing Omi wanted most was to battle Mikoto, Academy city's third-ranked level V rail gun.

"You know…" She narrowed her eyes as she leaned forward towards Mikoto and whispered, "We have time if you want to…" She puckered her lips as she reached over taking Mikoto’s crêpes and brought it to her lips taking a bite. She chewed slowly as she nodded her head running her tongue along her red lips. She smiled a little and Mikoto could see her large canines. She arched her eyebrows as she creased her eyes thinking to herself.

"I don't know…" She reached out taking her crêpes from Omi's hand, leaning forward taking a bite and chewed, "every time something bad happens…" She chewed a little and then slowly swallowed, "you know…"

Omi gazed at her with her green eyes aflame. She nodded as she rose up from her chair and took another bite of the crêpes as Mikoto held it in her hand. Mikoto narrowed her eyes, watching her slowly chewed, "you think so…" She twisted her lips; her eyes fixed on Mikoto as Mikoto stared back nodding her head.

"Besides…" Mikoto smiled big, "I want to have a crowd there when I beat you…" She opened her mouth finishing the crêpes as Omi feigned a pouting expression then quickly exhaled, "I know… It's more fun that way…" They both slowly nodded their heads and sighed.

Omi stood up and adjusted her breasts," got to get the girls just right…" Mikoto closed her eyes, shaking her head then slowly opened them to see her squeezing and pushing them from all directions. She tightened her lips as she eyed her breasts then playfully glanced at Mikoto.

"You have this type of problem too…" She exhaled an annoyed breath.

"Ahh..." Mikoto's mouth gaped as she turned a shade of deep red, the color of deep blood. Omi watched as the predator in her eyes glowed as her lips spread wide exposing her large canines.

"Oh…" Mikoto, seeing her canines was quickly reminded, as she licked her lips, "Omi… Were you in a fight last night…?”

"No…" She furrowed her brow as she narrowed her eyes, shaking her head, "why…" She stopped fiddling with her breasts as her eyes became serious.

"Well… Last night… Shirai and I" she chuckled as her cheeks blushed embarrassed before she even said it, "Kinda saw… Um"

"Yes…" She tilted her head curious.

"Vampires… Fighting and…"

"Mikoto…!" She spoke quickly and loudly, releasing a slight growl from deep within her throat, "do not get involved with that…" She leaned forward, "do not… You stay out of those vampires way… Understand…" She tightened her jaw, "understand!" she spoke slowly through her gritted teeth as she stood with her hands gripping the table and Mikoto could see her fingernails growing slowly as she gripped, twisting the metal of the table.

"They are real…" She quickly narrowed her eyes, "Why…w what is the problem…"

"I am not even allowed to get involved and our kind can take them easily… This is something internal…" She sat down and sighed heavily shaking her head.

"You're right…" She sighed loudly, "Something always comes up…"

Mikoto listened to the growling come from the back of her throat.

"Dammit…" She looked up from the table, looking up into the sky, "did they see you?"

Mikoto shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head, "I don't know…"

"Stand up…"

"Huh..." She quickly raised her chin looking across the table.

"Do it…" Omi's voice was more of a command than a request. For some reason she followed it and scooted the chair out and stood up.

Omi scooted the chair out as she leaned forward. She reached out taking her hands. The look on Omi's face worried Mikoto watching her shaking her head and release an angry breath after angry breath. She twisted her lips as she examined her body, shaking her head.

"They know…"


"The smell of blood…" She shook her head, "anything else…"

"Anti-skill arrived really quick…"

She proceeded to tell her the story about watching the fight and the arrival of anti-skill. They were taken to anti-skill headquarters and questioned by two researchers from Academy city. How angry one of them was and how the other was untrustworthy.

Omi was biting her lower lip as she thought about what Mikoto spoke about.

She exhaled and stood up, "I need to talk to Orn…" She paused shaking her head, looking disturbed.

"Since you are involved… Maybe we can…" She stopped without finishing her statement, "Mikoto…" She softened her voice, "if I said to leave it alone… Would you?" She tilted her head putting on her best playfully pouting face, "please…?" She drew the word softly across her lips as they turned to a smile.

She shook her head as she closed her eyes, "I can't… you said I'm already involved…" She held her palms out shaking her head.

"I know…" Her voice grew to a whisper, "remember this… Hollywood got it wrong… The sun doesn't work, garlic doesn't work, holy water or drowning doesn't work…"

"Then how…" Mikoto's jaw dropped as her eyes widened in surprise.

"You burned them to ash… Or a devastating wound taking their head off or ripping their hearts out…" She paused, "I've read that there is a girl whose blood will attract them and destroy them…" She nodded, "everything else they got right… Strength, speed… Immortality…" She chuckled, "unless you kill them…"

Mikoto could only stare at her, the look on her face and in her eyes turned her stomach as she strained to breathe. She could really see and feel the hate in her gaze as she talked about these creatures of the night.

"What about…"

"Shirai is in danger…" She quickly stood up looking around the area eyeing the crowd, "nothing… Keep uiharu and Ruiko away from you… Your scent will be strong on them… You can sit a few tables away and email or text but not shoulder to shoulder until…"

"Until what…"

"Shirai and you are dead…"

"What…" She choked on her breath as she tried to swallow.

"Or… It's dead…" She sighed shaking her head, "this sucks…" She forced a playful smile on her face as she looked over at Mikoto.

"I was going to tease you with the girls, maybe playfully flirt now…" She tilted her head as her eyes shined, "a kiss for good luck…" She puckered her lips moving them in a kissing motion, "no…" She cocked her head to the side with a slight smile as she answered her own question.

"Be careful…" She winked as she turned moving quickly through the crowd.

Mikoto watched her as she disappeared into the crowd slowly shaking her head. She took a deep breath leaning back looking up into the blue sky and whispered, "Great…"

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