railgun in the dark 3

chapter 8

As Omi disappeared into the crowd, Mikoto took a deep breath slowly shaking her head, "vampires are real…" She whispered as she quickly sent a text to Shirai,uiharu and Ruiko. A chill ran down her spine as her hand trembled. She thought of Omi's words, "burn them to ashes or a devastating wound… Take their heads off or rip their hearts out…" She reached down, as she stared into nothing, to her empty plate. Then she narrowed her eyes and growled, "She ate my crêpes…"

"Can I do it…?” She whispered, waiting for the replies from the girls.

"Do what…"


She quickly looked across the table.

She was standing, looking at her with her head tilted and a smile across her face, "hmmm..."

She reached up, brushing strands of long blonde hair behind her back, "Mikoto… What can you do…?” She asked again.

"Anastasia…" She spoke as she forced a smile on her lips.

"Oh… It's nothing…"

"You seem to have the troubles of the world on your shoulders…" She sighed, "May I…" She put her hand on the back of the chair that Omi had been sitting. Mikoto nodded as Anastasia sniffed, reaching up rubbing her nose. Her eyes creased and on her face she had a knowing smile grow across her lips as she made herself comfortable.

"Catch any…" She asked as she took a very deep breath and released it.

"Any?…" Mikoto answered as she slowly closed the laptop reached over taking a drink.

"Oh… No…" She closed her eyes licking her lips putting the cup back down on the table.

"But… You went looking…" She sighed, "Didn’t you…"

Mikoto stared at her with her mouth gaped, "how did you…"

"Easy…" She leaned in close and whispered, "Because I am the vampire…" The right corner of her mouth curled into a smile. Mikoto's eyes went wide then slowly narrowed as she felt Anastasia tapping her hand.

"The scrapes…" She spoke, Anastasia slowly nodded her head, "sounded good… Ha…"

She leaned back and laughed then released a breath as her eyes became dull as she adjusted her shirt.

"If it's true… Vampires…" She slowly ran her tongue across her lips shaking her head, "you should be careful… They can be dangerous…"

"How do you know…?” Mikoto spoke, taking another drink.

She stared at Anastasia. She had a concerned look on her face, nodding her head.

"I am from a small mountain kingdom in Europe. We have a lot of stories of vampires…"

"Really… Where…"

"Its name does not appear on any maps but if you travel into the region. Everyone can tell you where it is…" Mikoto could see the pride in her eyes as she spoke describing her country, "mountains that touch the sky, fertile valleys, little villages and cool streams and deep rivers and lush forest…" She leaned her head against the palm of her hand, nodding, and her eyes a deep shade of remembering, "beautiful…"

"So why are you in Academy city…?”

"I was going to go to Misawa Cram School but it was closed down for some reason. So I live with my sister at the private residence attached to Nagatenjouki Academy…"

"What!…" She nearly spilled her drink, "you live there…"


"That is ultra-exclusive…" She quickly wiped her mouth with a napkin, "for like… Royalty and children of politicians…"

"Yes…" She rolled her eyes as she let out a sigh, "quite boring…" She nodded, "that is that…"

"Don't they have their own security force…?”

Anastasia didn't answer, just nodded her head.

"It's rough… Special codes, palm readers, retinal scans…" She paused, "try to sneak out and then there's an evil dorm mistress… God, she's tough…" she closed her eyes, shaking her head.

Mikoto nodded as she tightened her lips. Anastasia could see that she understood, "tell me about it…"

"You should visit…" Anastasia quickly nodded with a smile.


"Yes… I can lower a rope down from the window and you can see if you could sneak in…" She laughed, Mikoto shook her head chuckling, "I should…"


They both quickly looked over, an older girl calling out, waving as she approached. She was tall, wearing the school uniform of Nagatenjouki Academy, with her long brown hair pulled behind her back tied with a purple ribbon.

"My sister… Katrina…" She whispered as she leaned close to Mikoto, "don't we look alike…" She gave her a sarcastic smile as she waved back, "same father, different mother…" She sighed, "Can’t you tell…" Shaking her head, Mikoto nodded. They both looked at their chests and then look to her breasts.

"God… They are big…" She turned looking at Mikoto with a glint of sadness in her eyes, "just a little… From her and I would be happy…"

"Stop it…" Katrina spoke as she stood next to her; she leaned down and kissed Anastasia. She sighed twisting her lips into a smile, "you know, some days my back hurts, and I have to wash a little longer …" She bit her lip trying not to laugh, "So think of all the water you save allows me to take longer hot baths..."

She smiled big as she looked at her sister and then sighed, "don't worry you will get em... Remember what your mother looks like…" She slowly shook her head, "talk about big…"

Mikoto blushed as a vision of her mother entered her mind , she smiled watching Katrina as she stroked the top on Anastasia’s head. She wasn't teasing or making fun of her. She could see the affection between the two in their eyes, gazing at each other as Anastasia creased her eyes with a playful annoyed look on her face.

"I have two more classes… Then we can…" Her voice slowly fading as she stopped, her eyes creased as she straightened up, looking across the street.

"How can that be…?” She whispered.

Mikoto turned in the chair, looking in the direction, unable to see anything just a large crowd of midmorning students moving along the sidewalk. Anastasia stood up looking, "what is it…"

"Um…" Katrina's eyes became wet as she slowly moved away, "I need to see someone…"

"Katrina…" Anastasia quickly stood raising her voice, "wait... Mikoto… I need to…"

"Don't worry…" She quickly nodded as she watched Anastasia running to catch up with Katrina. Mikoto opened her cell phone, sighed as she checked her text. Shirai, Ruiko and uiharu had responded...

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