railgun in the dark 3

chapter 9

Katrina ran quickly across the street between the slow moving cars. Her eyes glued to a young dark-haired girl walking with a petite girl wearing a white nun's habit with golden highlights. She could see the fabric held together by safety pins.

"Aisa…" She yelled between steps, nearly out of breath. She could hear the nun speaking loudly as they walked.

"It is boring when touma is not there… “

“The refrigerator is empty… I might starve to death before he gets home…" She huffed, her eyes narrowed as her lips parsed, "Aisa… Are you listening?" She looked up, surprised, and then quickly looked behind. Aisa was stopped a few feet behind her slowly turning to look into the crowd.

"Aisa are you…" She could see the worry in her eyes as she slowly turned towards the voice.

Index creased her eyes, looking past Aisa. She could see an older looking girl running through the crowd wearing a purple and gray school uniform.

"Aisa…" The girl yelled.

"Grrrr..." Index quickly moved towards Aisa, standing in front of her, "who are you… What do you want…?” She raised her arm with her finger pointing towards the girl.

"I sense no magic powers…" She whispered to herself, "so what does she want...”

"Aisa…" The older girl stopped, breathing hard as her eyes wet. She bent over her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath.

"What the…" Index looked at the girl and then Aisa. She could see she recognized her but she had a concerned look mixed with a little fear in her eyes.

"Aisa… Why…" The girl caught her breath looking up at her, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

"Katrina…" She whispered, "How did you find me…" She reached up to her chest, cupping the Puritan cross that hung around her neck.

"Aisa… Do you know her…?” Index spoke, keeping her eyes on the tall, tall compared index, Brown hair girl that stood in front of them slowly catching her breath.

"Sshe is my sister…" She whispered.

"What…!" Index eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open, "your sister… You don't even look alike…" She turned quickly, looking at Aisa and then to Katrina.

"Same fathers…" Katrina took a breath, exhaled, "different mothers…" She nodded finally catching her breath.

"Aisa… Where have you been…?”

"Katrina… Wait…!" She slowed from her run stopping behind her as she caught up, and then tilted her head looking around her, "Aisa…" She spoke her name in disbelief as her eyes glowed and her mouth gaped, "I heard…"

"Anastasia…" Her voice trembled, "what are you doing…?"

"Enough…" Index growled as she narrowed her eyes. She could see the fear in Aisa's eyes. "Little girl…" She glared over at Anastasia.

"Who are you calling little…" She growled back. She leaned forward standing toe to toe nose to nose with index.

"Anastasia… Please…" Katrina spoke, a little worried still looking at Aisa.

"Why…" She pulled her lip into her mouth as she wept as she pushed past index wrapping her arms around her shoulders, crying.

"I missed you so much… I heard that you had died…" She sobbed in the middle of the crowded sidewalk.

Anastasia and index stared watching the two of them then looked around; Anastasia decided this is not the place to do this.

"Why don't we…" Anastasia paused, "go somewhere…"

Aisa's eyes filled with fear as she glanced over at Anastasia and her body started to tremble.

"I'm fine now… I'm no threat… please I don't want to…"

"What's going on… I'm not leaving her to you… It's obvious that she's afraid of you…" Index clenched her fist, narrowing her eyes as she glared at the both of them. She reached over grabbing Aisa's hand.

"Anastasia… Please… Promise her…" Katrina cried holding her tight, "please…"

She hesitated looking at Katrina and then Aisa. She nodded her head as she closed her eyes, "of course… I promise…"

Katrina slowly released her embrace, afraid to let go as she might lose her again, wiping the tears from her wet red cheeks, sniffling. She still looked as if she would breakdown again, grasping her hand. She smiled as she looked up into Aisa's face, "let’s get something to eat…"

"Huh…" Index eyes lit up like fireworks in the night as her smile hesitated and then quickly grew on her face.

"Fine…" She quickly nodded, "don't worry Aisa I'll be right with you…" She nodded her head, quickly tightening her lips as she glanced at Anastasia.

They arrived at a certain family-style restaurant, taking a booth by the window. A novel size menu was set in front of each of them, much to the gluttonous smile of index. Especially since Anastasia said she would buy. She had taken a seat in front of the booth, next to himagami. Anastasia and Katrina set on the opposite side. They ordered and then started to talk.

"Really… you eat that much…" Anastasia narrowed her eyes as she leaned over the table and growled at index.

"No… Of course not… That is just for starters…" She huffed, "you're as bad as touma…"

"Poor guy…" She spoke as she shook her head then looked to himagami.

She was sitting in the booth, staring down at the table, her face expressionless her eyes filled with emotions, her long black hair partially covering her face. Katrina reached over, "your hair… It's in the way…" She smiled, "you always had this long hair and it always got into your eyes" she shook her head, biting her lips with wet eyes, "Aisa…” “What happened…?”

“Why did you come here…?”

“Why didn't you call me…?” Katrina paused, reaching up and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"The village was supposed to be safe… No one knew…” Katrina spoke. Aisa raised her chin, looking at Katrina, "I… I…"

"Tell us Aisa…" Anastasia's voice came across like a royal command and decree.

Aisa took a deep breath, shaking her head as she started to speak. She told them of the village in the mountainous region of Kyoto, where she had been sent to live with her mother. A vampire came to the village and turned them all into vampires including her mother. Eventually the original vampire succumbed to her blood, biting her and died. She can to Academy city hoping it would help her control her powers. She enrolled into Kimgaoko girl school then was kidnapped and taken to Misawa cram school. Where she met an alchemist, who promised to help. He lied wanting only to help index.

Index nodded her head, as she rapidly scooped food into her mouth. Anastasia marveled at the portions and the speed of her eating prowess.

"Wow…" She whispered watching her feed herself nonstop, "go on…" She was able to pull herself away from looking at index and gazed at Aisa. She was saved by Touma and then she went to live with him and index. Index gave her the Puritan cross that help to hide her power.

"It's a version of the walking church barrier…" Index spoke with her mouth full as she signaled to the waitress for another round.

Anastasia sighed as she crossed her arms and leaned back against the booth.

"I sent you and your mother there…" She looked at Katrina, "to protect you… The middle of nowhere in a country far away…"

"And now…" Katrina nodded, "it must be linked…"

"Himagami…" She took a deep breath, looking at her with strong fears eyes, "I want you to know I would never hurt you or your mother…" She glanced at index, shaking her head, " do you even have a stomach…"

Indexes eyes went wide and chuckled as a very large bowl of ice cream landed in front of her, spoon ready.

"You are my sister…" Anastasia continued to speak, "never has anyone in our family hurt another…" Her eyes were aflame, "we have a traitor… Katrina…"

She nodded her head as she reached out placing her hand on top himagami’s wrist.

Index was in the middle of a very large scoop, with her mouth wide open, "you are sisters…" She looked at the two of them then eyed the spoonful of ice cream, inhaling it.


"So…" Anastasia tilted her head as she rose up from the booth, eyeing the Puritan cross, "this blocks her power…" She gave a quick couple of sniffs as index looked at her out of the corner of her eye.

"I don't sense any magic power…" Index set the spoon in the empty bowl, "what are you… you’re not wizards or a cabal or…"

Anastasia sat down, twisting her lips, "none of your concern… But I am the one is paying…"

"Very well…" She huffed as she narrowed her green eyes, "you haven't tried to hurt her so…"

Anastasia smiled looking at Katrina, who nodded her head, "you seem to be in good hands… Himagami…" She reached for her purse only to discover that she had left it with Mikoto. “Damn it…” she reached into her pocket and slipped a pile of cash on the table, "himagami… If we need something from you, can I send Katrina for it?"

"Yes…" She had a very small smile on her face but her eyes shined as she bowed her head.

"Can I call you…?” Katrina bit her lips, "when it is over… Please…"

"Yes…" She sighed, as index placed her hand on hers and tilted her head smiling like a cat that had just a cage full of canaries.

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