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Star Wars Rebellion 2: Inquisitors


Thane and Quan are traumatised from watching the rest of the crew be sliced then swept away like dust by Vader. But now they are on their way to the emergency rebel base on Hoth.

Scifi / Action
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Regret part 2

Thane looked at the floor with a sad and angry face, Quan looked over his shoulder.

“Hey, cheer up kid. At least your training starts tomorrow!”Quan reassured Thane. Thane didn’t reply so Quan turned back around to the glass, Thane looked up at the glass and saw a white snow covered planet, Thane looked back down then he got up strolled over to the door waiting for the ship to land. Some interference could be heard then a clear voice of a young lady. Then a hologram of the lady came up out of a small metal pad.

“Hey! Leia good to see you,” exclaimed Quan.

“It’s good to see you too, where are the others?”asked Leia.

“Well, we had a run in with Vader. It’s just me and the new kid,” explained Quan

“Oh, I see, well I’m sorry. We give you permission to land Quan,”said Princess Leia. Quan pressed a button and the blue hologram flashed back down into the metal plate, the ship glided down into the entrance of a base. A Corellian YT-1300f was blocking their path all the way in so they had to fly around to the back landing pads. Thane and Quan made their way to the command centre and met Princess Leia.

“Hello Quan, and you must be Thane. I’ve already heard a lot about you, but straight to the point. I have a mission for you, infiltrate an imperial victory 2 star destroyer,”said Leia.

“I’ve heard of and seen Star destroyers but never heard of or have seen a victory 2,”said Thane

“It’s a smaller star destroyer,”explained Leia. She picked up a holopad and showed them what their job is, to get in, steal all the Coaxium and get out of there.

“Well sounds easy enough,”declared Quan. A few minutes later they were back on the shuttle they stole and we’re flying in space towards the last known coordinates of the ship they were infiltrating.

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