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The Heart of Everything: The End of It All


Marcus Flint and Katie have made it through the return of one of the world's darkest wizards to ever live, but will they make it through the Dark War? Everything they believe will be challenged, makin

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Ghost Love Score

Chapter One: Ghost Love Score

Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The underlined portions are taken directly from the novel; I do not own those parts. They belong to J.K. Rowling.

Author’s Note: This fanfiction is going to be different from my other stories. This picks up where "The Heart of Everything" and "The Heart of Everything: Shallow Bay" left off. The time in the books also changes. So, pay attention the time, so you don’t get confused. Some of the chapters are other Marcus Flint/Katie Bell stories, just with more changes and deleted scenes added.

Time: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Genre: Romance, Drama, and Friendship

Rating: PG-13

Katie rolled over to the sound of her mobile vibrating. Her room was surrounded in darkness and a quick look at the clock indicated that it was just a little past five in the morning. Whoever this was it had better be good.

She looked at the ID and considered not answering it. It was just Marcus and he really wasn't all that important. However, her gut told her otherwise.

"This had better be good," she groaned into the mobile.

"It is," Marcus said. "Can you come over?"



"My parents will hear me."


Katie groaned, not wanting to move from her nice and cosy bed. "Just give me a few minutes."


"Marcus, I have a question for you?"


Katie rolled out of bed. "Don't you ever sleep?"

"Yes, but not now."

"I noticed. I'll see in a bit," she said hanging up..

Groaning, Katie climbed out of bed and through on some clothes. She went downstairs and wrote a quick note to her parents, explaining where she was going. Then, she walked outside and Apparted to Marcus's house.

She looked around Marcus's barely lighted house. "Marcus?"

"Over here," Marcus called from a rocking chair that was parked in front of the large A-frame window that overlooked the lake. He closed the book he was reading and got to his feet. "Are you ready?"

Katie eyed him. "Ready for what?"

"To take a ride," he said as he pulled on a hooded sweatshirt. "I already have the horses tacked up."

Katie's eyes narrowed. "You called me out of bed to go horseback riding?"

"Yes? So?" He was almost to the door.

Katie tried not to groan. She knew that he wasn't lying about going on a horseback ride, but why so earlier. Nevertheless, she followed him out the barn, climbed on a horse, and followed him down one of the area's many riding trails.

Marcus was silent for the ride. She wondered what he was thinking, then decided otherwise; Marcus's mind could be a very scary place. He lead her up to a hilltop and stopped.

The sun was just beginning to peak up over the distant hills. Katie's face was warmed as the sun appeared in the sky, covering the darkness in a world of brilliant colours. The colours invited the darkened world to come to them and be warmed. It was just simply beautiful.

"Did you just bring me out here to watch the sun rise?" Katie asked.

Marcus shook his head and slid down Witch's back. Then, he walked away from the mare. He lead her over to a tree and tried her there. Katie followed him and did the same thing.

Marcus could feel his heart racing. He had never been so nervous in his life. Katie was asking him a bunch of questions, but he really wasn't paying attention to her. All he could focus on was that burning object in his pocket.

Marcus shook his head and slid down Witch's back. Then, he walked away from the mare. He lead her over to a tree and tried her there. Katie followed him and did the same thing.

Why was he acting so strange? It just didn't make sense to her.

"Marcus?" Katie asked as she caught up with him.

Marcus turned and looked at her. "I want to ask you something." His voice was shaking.

"Okay," Katie said with nod.

Her mouth dropped open as he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring from his back pocket. "Will you marry me?"

Katie stared at him for what seemed like forever.

Marcus felt his heart stop. Was she really going to say no to him? He stared over her shoulder. He never thought about what it would be like if she actually said no.

"Of course I will," Katie said as she threw her arms around him.

Marcus hugged her back. It felt like the weight of the world was off his shoulders.

Katie found his lips and pressed against them. Marcus kissed her back and allowed her to push him onto the ground. She ran her hands up under his shirt. Marcus fought the urge to pull away when she tickled his stomach. He knew that she did it on purpose.

A few minutes later, Katie broke the kiss. "We have so much to do."

"We do?" Marcus asked, frowning. What on Earth was she talking about?
She held out her hand and pulled him to his feet. "There is so many people to tell."

Marcus eyed her. What was she talking about?
"We have to pick a date and everything else." Katie was walking back toward her horse.

Marcus followed her. What happened to girls just being happy about a diamond? Why did everything have to be so complicated?
Katie turned back to him and smiled. "This is a new beginning."

Marcus nodded.

She kissed him on the cheek. "Just think we have forever to be together now."
"Yes, we do," he said as he kissed her lips.

Katie swung herself up onto her horse. "This doesn't mean you're forgiven."

Marcus frowned as he lifted himself up unto Witch's back. What did she mean?

"You are going to pay for waking me up this early." Katie started back toward the house.

"It's not that early!" Marcus called as he started after her.

Katie laughed. "Yeah, right."

"I haven't even been to bed yet."

"Well, now, whose fault is that?"

Marcus didn't answer as he urged Witch forward. He caught up with Katie was few minutes later. The couple rode back to Marcus's house in silence.

Once back at the barn, Katie swung herself down from her horse. She looked at Marcus and smiled. "Come here you."

Marcus climbed down from Witch and went over to her.

She wrapped her arms around his waist. "I love you, you know that right?"

Marcus nodded. "Love you too."

Katie leaned into his chest. "It's the start of something new."

Marcus smiled down at her. "You've already said that."

"I know, but I just can't stop feeling this way."

Marcus put his arm around her. "I know." His kissed her blond head.

He starred at the barn wall. His life was changing too fast. He knew that marriage would lead to a family and he wasn't sure if he was ready to be a father. He closed his eyes. He really didn't want to about being a father. It was kind of sickening. He needed to slow down and just breath.

Katie pulled away and began to un-tack her horse. "I wish I could stay, but I have some things I need to get done today."
Marcus nodded as he unsaddled Witch. "Okay."

Katie went into the tack room.

Marcus slowly carried the saddle into the room. Why was he having these feelings of uncertainly? It wasn't Katie, it was him. There was just some things in life that scared him and he guessed that this was one of them.

Katie looked up as he entered, but didn't say a word. She had a thoughtful look on her face and he wondered what that was about, but he didn't say a word. Sometimes silence was the best thing in their relationship.

"Do you want me to put the horse away?" Katie asked a few minutes later.

Marcus shook his head. "I can do it in a few minutes."
"Are you sure?"

Marcus nodded. "Yeah."

Katie walked across the room and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you later then."


Katie walked out of the room and, a few seconds later, Marcus heard the familiar popping of Apparition.

He went out and lead the horses to the field. He opened the gat and watched the horses race out to the others. The horses ran around the field for a few minutes before setting into gazing. He rested his arms on the gate. Why couldn't his life be like the horses, simple and sweet?

Sometimes being human just downright difficult.

When Marcus turned to head back toward the house, he felt something wet land on his shoulder. Frowning he turned and put his hand to shoulder. When he took his hand away, he saw that it was the colour.

"What the hell?" he muttered. He felt under his T-shirt and didn't feel any blood.

Marcus's eyes narrowed. What was going on here? He started walking again and didn't make it more than a few metres before he heard something crunch under his boot. He pulled his foot back and saw the bloodied form of a raven. He jumped a metre or so back. Why was there a random dead on his land?

He stared up at the sky. It was a rare sunny day in England and he could see no other ravens. Marcus walked around the raven. He would have to take of it later. Right now, he just wanted to change his shirt and get breakfast.

He made his way up to his house and was just about to enter the house when he heard a pop behind him. Marcus turned slowly and saw another raven lying on his deck. He walked slowly over to it and frowned. Was there some kind of raven killing disease going around that he did not know about?

Marcus knelt down next the raven. Besides being dead, he really didn't see anything wrong it . It wasn't bloody. He looked closer and saw that its neck was snapped.

Marcus stood and looked around. Was this someone's idea of a sick and twisted idea of joke? He didn't see anyone.

Above, a wall of ravens exploded from the forest. He could hear their cries of death. The cries sent a shiver from the unknown down his spine. This was just creepy. There was no other way around it. The more me looked, the more that they mixture together into one. Their eyes, oh, their eyes, were the worst thing in the mix. Their eyes were the only thing that did not blend into the mass. He knew, and it felt like, there was thousands, upon thousands, of them watching him. He watched their jet, black bodies disappear into the grey sky. Even after they was gone, their cries still chilled him to the bone.

Marcus rushed back into his house and stared out the window. Why was the ravens acting so strange?

He watched in horror and amazement as another wall of ravens emerged from the forest and clouded the blue sky. He watched as they flew high into the air and, then, they stopped for several minutes, just floating and not moving. Then, they crashed down to the ground. Marcus winced as he watched at least a hundred ravens die on his back yard.

He looked out at the back yard. He could just feel the ghosts starting play their love score. He gulped. Love always ended in someone's fall and a lover's cut tended to leave the victim bleeding forever. He just hoped that it wasn't anything he knew or loved.

With shaking hands, he reached into his hand pocket and pulled out his mobile. He punched a familiar number into it. "Hello, Dad, it's raining ravens here."

"What?" Brad exclaimed into the mobile.

Marcus stared out at the dead ravens. "Yeah, it's literally raining ravens here."

"I'll be there in a few minutes."

So, a number of things happened in this chapter. As always, thanks for reading.

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