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Power Rangers; Space Turbo.

By Matthew James Baxter

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 1

It takes place a couple of days before the dark fortress came into view of Angel Grove and the whole world, Justin spending his time reading an encyclopaedia on robots and machines, as he hopes to graduate high school soon enough with his knowledge and skill. His secret goals were to become an engineer technician who can one day build up a new force of power rangers should his old friends need the reinforcements.

Its been a long while since he helped his friends as the turbo Blue ranger, He missed them so much but he heard some interesting information concerning the Alliance of Evil and how its becoming so powerful, so Justin decided to build himself a new morpher and a few more other morphers for future individuals from the nearest towns. As he knew the times of chaos was occurring in the city, Justin worked as hard as he could knowing that Dark Spectre might soon send the order for all villains in the universe as well as Rita and Zedd, Mondo and Machina, and Divatox to begin their assault on every city and planet in their sight in different areas of the Galaxy.

During the weekend, when he had no school to worry about, he got some work done on his morpher and on a new purple one for the good part before going to bed, finishing up for the night.

But when Monday had come to start the week off, he knew he had to head off for high school.

And now throughout the week, Justin had done so well in attending high School and continuing his work in engineering the new morphers for the team he was going to build as a second line of defence.

Now it was Friday morning. After getting up from bed and having his breakfast Justin found he had enough time on his hands to put the morphers in a hiding place since his dad went to work earlier before he got up, so he went into the garage and called the Storm Blaster, which arrived at the parkway after ten minutes of waiting.

After the storm blaster arrived on time, Justin got into the vehicle and hid the morphers in the glove compartment for safe keeping and got out the car before he went to the bus stop, by the time he got to the bus stop the bus had arrived in time to pick him up and once it drove off with Justin on board the Storm Blaster drove out of the car park at the house and drove away from the suburb.

At Angel Grove High School.

Later that morning, Silvy Larson was coming to her locker at Angel Grove high school to get her books out for class, when she opened her locker she got a couple of English and Math books out. She looked on the photos of her friend Carlos and Andros and wondered what they were doing at the moment.

Since the day she found out that Carlos was a power ranger she was thrilled with the knowledge and she took advantage of it for a while before it got out of hand and he ended up yelling at her for using him as her personal ranger and bodyguard.

But in the end she gave him the photos she found at the photo booth, later on she found out that Andros was a power ranger as well but kept it a secret at once, even pressing the number three button which activated the battlizer. She looked on the photos of her friends for who knew long when the bell rang, waking her from her dazed dream and bringing her back to reality.

Silvy immediately got her books out and closed her locker up.

She turned from her locker and was about to walk off when she accidentally bumped into something or someone, her books fell out of her arms before that someone caught them for her.

When he rose up to give the books to her, it turned out to be Justin himself. "Sorry about that, I just got into school as the bell rang and I had to run to class. Are these your books?"

Silvy nodded before she spoke, looking at his face. "Yes thank you, um what's your name again?"

"Stewart, my name is Justin Stewart. I'm a junior in Angel grove High, so what's yours?" Silvy was speechless at the looks of Justin that she wondered what to say for a short few seconds before she spoke. "I'm Silvy...Larson."

"Larson? you mean Mrs Larson's daughter, Silvy?" said Justin, who was intrigued to meet his teacher's daughter in school on this odd day of the week. "Yes. do you know her?" Silvy replied.

"She's one of my teachers and she considers me a star student in class, although I just do alright for my age. Still she once spoke about you meeting with my old friend Carlos." said Justin.

"Carlos, you know Carlos too?" asked Silvy.

"Yes we met at this high school a few months ago, he was so good at soccer and he once helped me out a couple of times with some problems. so how is it that you know Carlos?" replied Justin.

"We met once at the local Arcade when my mom took me out for the day, Carlos was in the arcade when I saw him playing a combat game once and... well let's just say I asked him if he'd take me to the fair and we had loads of fun. Although he had to leave a few times to take care of some business like family errands and such."

Silvy explained, carefully picking her words so she won't reveal to Justin that she knows that Carlos is a power ranger.

"Yeah, I know the feeling. I use to go with him on those times when he had to run a few errands which I helped him out with." Justin said, also picking his words carefully as he knew Carlos' secrets and was not about to tell this beautiful girl about the fact that he too was a former power ranger.

Seeing a chance, Justin spoke about something else to change the subject. "So are you going to class?"

"Oh my gosh, I'm going to be late for my first lesson, I got to go now." Silvy said, beginning to turn and walk away but Justin caught up to her side and walked with her whilst he spoke. "Wait at least, allow me to walk you to class. I mean its the least I could do for keeping you here."

"Ok sure." Silvy said, as they walked on through the hallways before she got to the next door to her class and went in side, leaving Justin to head off and go to class as well.

Later that afternoon when school was finished for the day, Silvy went looking for Justin at the local Juice bar, She wondered about the bar passing by tables to see if she could get a glimpse of him in one of the seats but found no sight of him in any corner, so She decided to take a seat at the bar and order a Strawberry smoothie.

She walked up to one of the stools and placing her bag aside on the floor, she climbed up and took the seat on the stool, she waited to get some service at the bar when Jerome Stone came to her, he asked Silvy what was her drink of the day.

"A strawberry smoothie please?" said Silvy, Jerome nodded to her and went off to gather some ingredients for the smoothie whilst Silvy turned to watch the TV for a while. she found that her friends who secretly were power rangers were not on the television, which made things a little dull so she turned to look around for any sign of Justin about.

Ever since she was saved by the rangers from being a data card, she never saw her friends too often as she knew of their ranger duties and more. But when Stone came back with her strawberry smoothie, Silvy paid him a fiver and enjoyed her smoothie in peace, sipping it now and again so she won't spill it all. At almost a short while her smoothie cup was half empty, Silvy continued to enjoy her drink when she noticed a flash of blue passing by her and walking to the corner. Curious enough to investigate where Justin is going she placed her smoothie on the table, got off the stool, picked up her bag and went off after him.

Meanwhile on the Darkest part of the Moon.

It had been a long couple of years since they fled earth and found shelter in one of the distant planets of the universe and the life of exile has been a challenge in the cycle of his life, after the years in hiding the machine Prince Gasket was now taking up a resident base with a few exiled generals loyal to him and at his service in the moon's hidden caverns, making some new plans of his own.

Having lost his sweet heart Archerina to the Red space power ranger last time when he first escaped the Evil alliance's meeting, He plotted to make an attack on the Space rangers to win the favour of the Queen Astronema and take his place as her right hand warrior and hopefully he will be made king of the Machine empire afterwards.

Gathering some other machine generals to his base on the moon, Gasket had managed to create a special army of cyber-robot warriors for the attack on planet earth when the time comes and the announcement is made by Astronema and her leader Dark Spectre himself.

He observed his maps for a long while, memorizing the details and plans for the ships he was confident the power of his fast building armies will be a part of the great invasion to come and his new plans come to pass.

As the time for war was coming close to the brink, all forces were preparing the defences as they spoke, with as much preparation they could provide for their people and their way of civilization should they fail to defeat the forces sent by the Alliance of evil.

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