Power Rangers; Space Turbo.

Chapter Two

The Angel Grove Juice Bar

After following Justin to the locker room of the P.E. area inside the Angel grove high School, Silvy hid herself at the corner where she saw him open a secret door to another room, look around the whole room for anyone coming before he went in by himself.

The secret doorway into this other room was starting to close up behind Justin, Silvy went forward and was able to squeeze through the door before it closed up behind her and locked up.

She then started down what looked to be a long tunnel of some sort until she was close to the end and had to stop short.
Listening for anything suspicious, Silvy took a small amount of her silent time to be careful before she moved on forward and found something she did not expect to find in anywhere else.

The next room was what looked like a control room of a special command centre of some sort, with controls and wall screens and a couple of electric doors leading to other rooms or what different places they might be. Silvy was as shocked with surprise as she couldn't believe what she saw.

And it all just reminded her of a day at the NASA command centre she went to see with her brother once before he died. It was so amazing that she smiled at the sight of it; she stood looking around the control room for a short moment.

A short moment passed after seeing the whole control room, Silvy moved forward to look at the buttons with labels on it and levers of the control panel and the screens on the wall.

Those buttons flashed on and off for almost seconds at each time, lighting up now and again as if in a musical rhythm.

Curious about what the controls could do or what works She was about to touch the screen button to turn on one of the screens when a clank sound came from one of the doors behind her which made her turn to the door to see what happened.
Silvy turned herself to the door and went to investigate what's going on at the doorway; she came to the door and pressed the button which opened the door.
She entered the doorway to see that it was a big long garage room.

Inside it, there were a row of vehicles; the original blue mountain blaster 4x4 truck zord.

The Red Lightning Turbozord race car which was sitting beside the new green Desert Thunder Turbozord only a different make of the original jeep with a new teal colour.

The last three vehicles at the end are the new versions of the yellow Dune Star Turbozord and the pink Wind Chaser Turbozord only the new colours are Gold and metallic Purple. The new vehicle was also almost like a silver tactical assault car, and it was called the Silver Stone Turbozord.

In addition to the Turbozords row was the two new advanced light cycle-zords coloured metallic black and white and both were equipped with weapons and a computer system included in each one.

At the total of it all, there were at least seven vehicles for Seven Turbo Power rangers.

Justin was in his blue jumpsuit working underneath his Blue mountain blaster, keeping himself busy by giving it a tune up and adding some new additions to the truck when he heard footsteps. At first he just assumed that someone coming into the garage.

But when Mountain blaster beeped its lights to confirm to Justin that it heard someone as well; Justin looked down his jumpsuit when his eyes found a pair of shoes standing in the doorway of the garage in the Turbo command centre and he pushed himself out from under the blue truck when he got a big surprise.

Silvy was standing at the front of the doorway, looking so shocked with the sight of Justin in the Command centre, and it was such a surprise to him as it was to her. After a moment of surprise wore off between the two, Justin was the one to speak.

"Silvy, what are you doing in this garage? And how did you get into this place? It's secret."

"I followed you into the secret doorway at the Juice bar, I didn't know that you use to be friends of the former turbo power rangers." said Silvy, looking around and waved her hands at the whole garage.

"Well I didn't want anyone to know about this as I've sworn to secrecy." said Justin.

"So you kept this whole place a secret for long? Wow I'm impressed that you still did all this with Carlos. Wait a minute, did you also know that Carlos was a power ranger?" asked Silvy in suspicion of Justin's knowledge.

"Wait, hold it. How did you know that Carlos was a power ranger?" Justin asked in shock of what he heard from her.

In need of an explanation to clear the air between them, Justin decided to speak calmly. He looked the other way and up to her before he asked her.

"Silvy, do you think we could go to the kitchen and talk about this over a drink?"

"Yeah sure I could use something fizzy to share with you after seeing such an amazing place." Silvy said, smiling politely to him with her hands at her front.

"Great, then I'll show you to the kitchen and then I'll change into something decent whilst you wait." said Justin, escorting Silvy through to the doorway and the two went into the control room.

Once the two were out of the garage and inside the control room they turned and went to the back doorway at the centre leading to a kitchen, which was a big place and had long table that could house at least six or seven young people.

The Command Centre's Kitchen.

A while in the kitchen after Justin changed into a blue t shirt and jeans with a white and blue stripe button up shirt, he and Silvy shared two quiet drinks of lemonade together in peace.

Justin was the first to speak after taking a sip from his drink.

"Look Silvy. I know you have a lot of questions to ask me?"

Silvy felt a little awkward with the subject that she nodded before she spoke. "Yeah, I know but I'm aware that you have questions of your own on how I know about Carlos' secret. If you can let me explain I will do that. It started out over a couple of months ago when I was at the Surf Spot waiting for my mom, when she spotted a young man playing an arcade video game.

She introduced me to Carlos and she told me that Carlos was one of her best students at the high School and she asked him if he could watch me for a moment whilst she was busy buying some drinks for herself and me.

After a while with my mom, I just wondered around the Surf Spot when I discovered that Carlos was the Black Ranger. It happened when I noticed the photo booth had just printed one strip of pictures.

I picked up the pictures and I found that they were of Carlos morphing into the Black Ranger.

Seeing this as an opportunity, I used the knowledge to blackmail him into spending time with me.

Later that night I sent an e-mail to Carlos - stating that I knew he was the Black Ranger and to meet me at the Fun Centre. The next day, I waited patiently for Carlos to show up at the centre." Silvy paused to take a sip from her cup whilst Justin listened to her story. She continued to lay down the story.

Up from her meeting with Carlos, using him as a playmate until he got angry at her and how he and the other rangers saved her to when they apologised and became friends and to how she found out that Andros was a power ranger as well and activated his battlizer armour. It's not every day you find out one person found out that your friend was actually a power ranger.

He took it pretty well after hearing such an interesting story.

Afterwards Justin told Silvy something she didn't expect; "Silvy, since you know that my friend Carlos is a power ranger, there's something that I should tell you as he is not the only one who is a ranger.

The truth is that I too am a power ranger, the Blue turbo power ranger."

That statement wowed Silvy which overwhelmed her with excitement. "Wow, so you're the legendary blue power ranger, that's awesome."

"I know but I was the former turbo ranger Since the previous ranger retired and before our command centre was destroyed by Divatox the space pirate." said Justin.

"Who?" asked Silvy?

"There's more that I have to tell you." Justin said and started from the beginning.

Silvy sat in her seat listening whilst her new friend Justin laid it all down; the time he visited the former Blue power ranger Rocky De Santos at the hospital who was a power ranger before he got wounded in a martial arts practice and Justin found out about him and the power rangers.

It was the same day he became a blue power ranger and learnt the responsibilities that came with it and then Rocky decided to take the opportunity to retire his ranger duties, feeling that he's done his time.

After taking a sip from his drink, he spoke about All the adventures that came during his time as a ranger and how he saved some of their lives in battles at the time to the end when he had to retire as his dad got a new job and they had to move away from Angel grove for his dad's job.

So Just saw his friends off at the NASADA. Headquarters and then he went home to join his dad, it was a long while before he went back into action to help his former friends on one other mission.

Afterwards it was the last time he saw his friends before they went on to perform their ranger duties.

It was intriguing to Silvy as she learned that the boy she met was actually a power ranger, she took it pretty well and was happy to keep this a secret when she told him that his secret as a power ranger was safe with her for now.

Knowing that she might be telling the truth and trusting her word, Justin smiled to her.

They spent the whole of the day talking together about their pasts as Silvy told him of her dreams of becoming an astronaut, a dream she shared with her brother before he died.

Justin felt sorry for Silvy and told her that his mother passed away and how being a ranger helped him to cope with the loss, with each lesson he learnt in battle he became smart and ready for anything.

During the conversation Silvy told Justin about how she once said that she wanted to be a power ranger someday, which Justin found intriguing enough.

The two bonded as the day wore on and from then on, Justin began to like Silvy. Seeing this might be a good opportunity Justin decided to offer her a chance to become one of the power rangers.

So he asked her. "So Silvy, there's something that I've been, wanting to ask you."

"Yes, what is it?" asked Silvy.

"You told me that you wanted to become a power ranger, right?" asked Justin. Silvy nodded before Justin continued. "Well then what if I was to say that I'm in need of a new recruit? I'm willing to offer you a chance of becoming a power ranger."

"A power ranger? Wow, that's great I'd be honoured to be one." Silvy replied after hearing the proposition. Justin stopped her before he continued.

"But you do realise that with this honour comes with great responsibility. So are you willing to take up the responsibilities and the skill that comes of becoming a power ranger?"

The question of taking the responsibilities of a power ranger had Silvy silent as she was thinking over her decision of becoming a power ranger, she thought of the things she'd do for the team and how much she wanted to do great things like her friend Carlos did. Justin decided to leave her to think on what step she wanted to take.

"I'll tell you what, I'll leave you to think it over for a while and you can tell me later. You know I've heard a quote from a book I read about a fallen hero who once said; 'Ask not what your country can do for you, But what you can do for your country.' I thought it might help with your decision." Justin said before he left the kitchen to do some work on the mountain Blaster, leaving Silvy alone to speculate into her own thoughts on her decision for herself.

As she sat in the kitchen for a while, her thoughts of the experience she'll gain in becoming a power ranger which might help her become an astronaut as she always planned to be in her future.

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