Power Rangers; Space Turbo.

Chapter three

Meanwhile on the dark moon.

Prince Gasket was standing in front of a window of his headquarters which stood at the top of his base on the moon, surveying the readiness of his armies, which stood at ease with their weapons at arms.

Smiling at the marvel of these brilliant new soldiers he will conquer the power rangers and win the war in his favour and when he has won, he will hope to conquest for and take the hand of Astronema as his new second wife.

Outside the headquarters the thousand lines of newly formed machine warriors were on the march in alphabetical order, marching in rows of a newly trained regiment of human soldiers ready for battle.

Gasket stood at the front of a window with his hands behind his back, lingering for a long while when he received a visit from one of his generals who came forward to deliver his report.

"My lord Gasket, I have come to report to you that the generals have made the final preparations for the invasion on earth, what are your new orders sir?" asked the general.

Gasket turned away from the window to the general before he spoke; "We wait."

"Sir?" The general asked, approaching the Prince in question of what his intentions were all about.

"We'll wait until Dark Spectre gives us the signal to make the attack upon the planet and then we'll make our move, we can't attack whilst the Space power rangers are still in defence on earth. Once all other forces are attacking them immediately we'll make our attack."

"As you wish." said the general, before he went off to deliver his answer to the others.

After the general was gone, Prince Gasket walked off to the table in his office and looked upon the list of evil warriors including Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's forces and smiled, marvelling on the numbers which will keep the power rangers and all other forces in the universe occupied for the time being whilst he makes his move.

"Soon it will be my time again to rise upon the machine empire and take my place as its new King." He said, speculating on the moment for his greatest glory.

At the garage part of the command centre.

It was a long while that Justin spent working in the garage; he was coming to the command centre on finishing his work on the Mountain Blaster when got a call from his dad on the phone, saying that he'll be at the office all night. As assurance to keep him from worrying about him He told his dad on the phone that it's ok as he's doing some after school work so he'll get his dinner later on and be home afterwards.

After a talk with his dad Justin hung up when Silvy came in.

"Hey, that was just my dad. He's working late at night so I'm free to go out for dinner. Anyways I hope I'm not being too forward But might I ask have you thought about my offer for you to become a power ranger?" asked Justin.

Silvy was silent for a moment with her answer playing about in her head before she decided to give an honest answer; she came up to him and spoke her heart. "Justin, I have thought about my decision for a while and I've made up my mind. But before I do make my decision, I must ask if I may choose a colour that suits me?"

"Yes of course, I mean you're welcome to choose a colour from each ranger car I have chosen in the workshop." said Justin. Silvy nodded in agreement with her mind now made up and she gave an answer.

"Then Justin my good friend, I can think of nothing better than to join the turbo power rangers, so I accept your proposal in becoming a power ranger." Glad to hear of her answer, Justin spoke in earnest.

"Well that's great but I have to warn you, being a ranger can be a difficult challenge and I can think of nothing short of your commitment and loyalty in keeping your turbo power ranger status a secret and to defend this world against the forces of the evil alliance. I wanted to ask you personally if the metallic purple colour would suit you best?"

"I say the colour metallic purple will be better for me, so I will take it and become the purple Turbo power ranger." said Silvy. Justin smiled and spoke. "Very good then Silvy Larson, for I say welcome to my world and the world of the power rangers." Extending his hand to her, Justin offered it as a gesture of embrace.

Silvy extended her hand and took it with pride and joy for a moment before he took her through the command centre to the next room where the new Turbo morphers and the turbo keys were sitting on a pillow, waiting for the chosen individuals to come forth.

The Turbo Chambers

Entering through the chambers, Justin showed her to a large chest containing the Turbo morphers and their keys.

"Silvy here stands the chest of the Turbo power rangers where the Turbo Morphers and its keys stand." said Justin, presenting it to her before he approached and opened the lid of the chest.

Inside the chest were Turbo Morphers and its keys, each one was as the same colour as the vehicles in the Garage. Seeing the Metallic purple Turbo Morpher sitting on the pillow before her, Silvy looked on it for a moment with cold feet, she turned to Justin, who smiled at her and he spoke.

"Go on and take the morpher Silvy, it was what you wanted, isn't it?" taking Justin's words and turning back to the morpher and gazing upon its shining colour, Silvy raised her right hand and reached for the morpher.

She breathed slowly a little with hesitation as she got close to taking the morpher. When she touched the metal of the purple morpher and held it in her hand, it was unbelievable to Silvy that she had a morpher in her hand and it was such a special chance in her own lifetime.

Seeing that Silvy might need some help with putting the Morpher on, Justin decided to show her.

"Here let me show you." he said, taking the morpher from her right hand her turned her to face him and took her left arm before he placed it on her arm and it clasped around her wrist.

The power of the morpher flowed into her like a jilt of lightning only it was less painful, and Silvy felt much stronger than she'd ever known and became so powerful.

Justin stood back to look upon Silvy with approval. She looked in marvel at her new morpher, and then she looked on the key and reached for it. Taking it from the chest she turned to Justin and then asked.

"What do I do with this key?" Justin smiled and then said to her. "I'll show you."

He took a couple of steps and shouted in a clear voice. "Shift into Turbo!" he said, performing a few moves in the transformation he then shouted aloud. "Mountain Blaster, turbo power!" within a few seconds he was transformed into the Turbo power ranger standing in front of Silvy, who then did the same thing, shouting;

"Shift into turbo!" she moved like Justin as she morphed into a power ranger.

After shouting; "Wind Chaser Turbo Power!" aloud she was morphed into the first purple Power ranger, which was so amazing even to Silvy and Justin, the moment she saw her new suit she was ecstatic.

"Wow, this is so amazing. it's so unbelievable that it's the best thing that has happened to me, as good as finding that Carlos was a ranger!" she cried out, jumping in joy for a short while before Justin took off his helmet and spoke to clarify a rule that comes with her new found power.

"Indeed I can agree with you, But Silvy you understand that with this great power; comes a greater responsibility. Meaning you can't tell anyone else about your new status as a Turbo power ranger, not even your parents, but you can tell only a few fellow rangers who share the same secret."

"Yeah, I guess." Silvy said, feeling a little let down but understands the responsibilities that her gift carries.

Taking off her helmet Silvy showed her face, looking a little down but then looked up to Justin as if needing to make a confession; "Justin, I need to tell you that I have no fighting skills or any martial arts skills of any sort, so do you think you could teach me a few moves so I can learn quickly how to act?"

She asked whilst Justin was walking to one of the desks in the command centre and placing his helmet down on it, he spoke whilst he did this and turned to her.

"Yes of course, I figured out that you weren't the type who has any skills of combat but might have the potential to fight. in fact I could give you a few pointers now if you'd like." Silvy smiled but realised that her mother might be wondering where she might be.

She looked for her watch under her suit whilst Justin watched her, chuckling a bit before he spoke. "Look just say power down, and you'll revert back to your own clothes, watch. Power Down!" A flash came and Justin's power suit reverted back to his clothes to Silvy's amazement before she did the same.

Once back in her own clothes Silvy looked at her watch and realised the time.

She looked up to Justin and then asked him. "Um, Justin can I ask if you have a phone, I'd like to call my mom."

"Sure, the phone is right here so you can call her." said Justin, directing her to the controls where a portable phone lied at the side of the controls.

Silvy went to the phone and then dialled the number for her house whilst Justin watched. After a few rings her mother picked up: "Hello."

"Hi mom, its Silvy."

"Silvy, where have you been? Dear I was a little worried when you didn't answer the phone." said Miss Larson

"I'm ok mom I'm just calling from the payphone near the Angel Grove Juice bar, I decided to do a little bit of studying and I must have lost track of time. But I'm not alone I've met a friend, his name is Justin, Justin Stewart." Said Silvy.

"Justin Stewart?" asked Miss Larson.

"Yeah, he's a boy I just met at school and he offered to help me do some studying, we just became friends and he's here with me." Silvy said before handing the phone over to Justin who said, "Hello, Mrs Larson."

"Hello Justin Stewart, I thought I might have recognized your voice, I just wanted to tell you thanks for keeping an eye on my daughter, but next time have her call me before she decides to go running off with friends somewhere. ok?"

"It's not a problem Mrs Larson, my dad sometimes has me call him to make sure I'm ok, listen I'm just going to pass the phone back to Silvy and let you talk more, it was nice meeting you. Here." Justin said and handed the phone back to Silvy who spoke. "He sounds trustworthy, doesn't he?"

"Well personally, I would like to see him first before I recognize him and make my right opinion on him though. But he does sound like a good guy."

"Yeah, um Mom can I ask you something? is it ok if I can invite him to have dinner with us? Its Friday night, You can pick me and Justin up at the front door of the juice bar."

"You haven't had dinner yet? Hmm, Ok but I'll tell you what. I'll be coming over to the Juice bar in thirty minutes as I'm only a couple of blocks away. so I'm thinking after come and I pick you and Justin up we can all go out for Chinese at the local restaurant down town, how does that sound?"

"Yeah that sounds good and you'll get to meet Justin, so I'll see you in the car park in thirty minutes? Ok I'll see you in thirty minutes, mom. Bye." Silvy said and placed the phone back on its panel by the controls, she turned to Justin and then asked him. "So Justin, do you fancy Chinese take out tonight?"

Justin simply shrugged and answered. "Sure Chinese sounds good to me, so we'll go out the same way we came? or I could show you the other ways in and out of the command centre."

"Whatever way we could use to get to the front door. come on." said Silvy before she and Justin went out of the Command centre through the tunnel, they took another sliding door and went through to another tunnel which was a short way and had lighting along the way.

Then took the one door at the end, leading to the side entrance of the Angel grove fire escape.

Once they were out they went off to the front doors so that they can meet with Silvy's mother coming to pick them up and then take them out for a Chinese dinner together.

Thirty Minutes Later

When the car pulled into the driveway of the Angel Grove Juice Bar, Silvy and Justin came to the car and Justin opened the door for Silvy to go inside. After entering the car he saw Silvy's mother in the driver's seat

When she spoke. "Everyone inside? Ah Mr Justin Stewart,"

"Yes Mrs Larson It has been a long time since we met in class, it's nice to see you again."

"Hmm, I thought It was your voice I heard on the phone a while ago. I remembered that you were in some of my classes before you had to leave, your dad said that you had to move from Angel grove."

"Yes that's true Miss Larson, but I do come around Angel grove for a visit now and again. But luckily my teacher had to leave on business and I had a free day to myself."

"Ok, so shall we head off?" Miss Larson said, before she drove the car around and out of the car park, taking Silvy and Justin to the Chinese restaurant called the Singapore Rose dragon.

It was a half an hour's ride until they got to the restaurant and got table with three seats together and there they ate Chinese meals together, Miss Larson got to know Justin, who gave her some details of his live before his father gained a job opportunity outside the town of Angel Grove.

Hearing of his dad's job offer, Justin knew that he had to move further away from Angel grove, but was able to visit anytime he wanted without any problem together, and he did visit as a tutor or a student volunteer. They had fun having a terrific Chinese Meal for almost an hour whilst they talked together and shared their Chinese cuisines before Justin had to go home for the night

It was a great night for Justin and Silvy, who said their goodbyes after Silvy's mom dropped him off at his house and then drove back home themselves. But before he went to his house, Justin asked Silvy if she was doing anything this weekend.

Silvy replied saying she had not much to do tomorrow, and Justin offered to give Silvy a little lesson in kung Fu martial arts as part of combat training in being a power ranger. Silvy smiled before she told her that she'd be happy for him to come over and teach her a few lessons.

After she gave Justin her home address and directions to help him find her own house.

Justin smiled on Silvy before she turned and went back to the car.

Then when they got back to her house which was an Idyllic place, driving up the drive way, Silvy and her mom turned the ignition off and they got out of the car. The two went from the car to the porch before going through the house's front doorway. Once inside the house, Silvy's mom went into the lounge and took a seat in her couch whilst Silvy closed the door after her.

"So Silvy tell me about this boy Justin." she asked, as Silvy walked into the lounge and sat down before she spoke. "He was a former student at Angel grove school before he got transferred into high school on the account of his getting an achievement on the SATs exams."

"Really? That's interesting to know this and I must admit he's very handsome for a boy a year older than you." Silvy's mom said giggling with Silvy blushed with a chuckle and the cheeks of her face went red.

Before she could get more embarrassed, Silvy spoke. "I think I better get up stairs and do some homework." With that said she turned and went up stairs, her mom saying goodnight to her as she went to her room and closed the door.

Once in her room upstairs Silvy turned and dropped her bag on the floor. She raised her wrist up to look at her new morpher for a short moment, marvelling on the shape and size of it and smiled at the knowledge that she's a ranger. After the time of marvelling her new status, she turned to get her bag and take out her books so that she can get to work on her homework.

Meanwhile at Justin's house

Getting into his house Justin closed the door after him and went to kitchen where his dad was sitting down, doing some paper work when he heard his son come in.

"Hey Justin, I was wondering when you were going to get home, so how was your night? You been out with your friends or something?" he asked Justin, who came to the table and placed his bag on the chair before he sat down and spoke. "Oh, I was just out on a date with a friend from high School."

"A date? who did you go out with?" asked Justin's dad.

"Well I went out for Chinese with a girl named Silvy Larson. Silvy and her family moved to Angel Grove for medical treatment for her older brother, Troy. But despite the doctors' best efforts, Troy passed away some time ago. You see Silvy's mother is a teacher who teaches at Angel Grove High School and Silvy hadn't made any friends in Angel Grove, but she met my old friend Carlos at the Surf spot and they became friends. She hung out with him and his other friends now and again."

Justin explained which intrigued his dad's interest, on seeing his son growing up and talk about this girl he met he decided to give him a heart to heart honest talk. "Wow that's interesting, she sounds like quite an interesting girl. You sure seems so lucky to find a girl you have something in common with, so I hope you're being careful with your feelings for her I mean you shouldn't rush into anything like relationships and such."

"Actually I can assure you that its different dad, we're just friends for the time being, honest. Anyways I might probably ask her to the school dance as a friend. She's a really nice girl, even her mom trusts me to being with her as a friend and at this moment I don't know what might happen between us. Anyways I asked if I could come to her house to give her a few lessons in martial arts so she could learn to defend herself." said Justin.

"Ok, That's assuring. But I hope you know what you're doing son. Anyways I'm glad you had a good Friday night to yourself, so I'll just let you go up and get some homework done. Tomorrow you can give me her address and I'll drop you off at her house, ok?" asked Justin's dad.

"Alright dad, and thanks for the pep talk on relationships." Justin said, taking his bag before he left the kitchen and went upstairs to get started on his homework, leaving his dad alone to finish most of his paperwork for his big important meeting tomorrow morning.

The next day on Saturday morning.

After getting dropped off at Silvy's house before his dad went off to his meeting, carrying his gym bag, Justin walked up to the front porch of Silvy's house and went up the stairs to the front door. He knocked on the door and waited.

When the door opened, Silvy's mom was there to answer; "Oh hi Justin."

"Hi Mrs Larson, is Silvy here?" asked Justin.

"Yes Justin, she's just upstairs. Why don't you come inside I'll just call her down." Answered Silvy's mom, turning she opened the door to allow Justin to enter, which he did.

Once he was in the house, Silvy's mom closed the door and looked to the stairs.

"Silvy, come on down honey, there's someone here to see you." she called out, and went off to the kitchen.

Within a minute Justin saw Silvy coming down the stairs in a t-shirt and a pair of track pants, she smiled as she saw Justin and spoke. "Hey Justin, so have you got your stuff ready for training?"

"Yeah, in my gym bag. so shall we go outside or shall we train in the living room?" asked Justin.

"I think the backyard would be the best place to train. Come on, I'll show you." Silvy said, taking Justin's hand and leading him through the hallway to the kitchen where Mrs Larson was just fixing some lemonade for the two encase they get thirsty during the day time. They then took the back door outside to the back yard which was surprising and so wide.

All in all this was a good place for the two kids to train.

They got started with a bit of a warm up to start the training off before they got into the basics in physical training, starting with punches. Using a pair of punching pads and punching gloves along with pairs of padding, Justin and Silvy worked on her hard punches and kicks for almost a few hours through out the day.

They both took a five minute break after each half hour for a chance to catch breath and for a drink of water, Silvy was doing alright for a beginner but she still had a lot to learn from the teachings Justin was giving her.

Whilst they trained together in Martial arts for beginners, Mrs Larson brought a tray with a jug of lemonade and two glasses for them and then placed them on the table nearby. She watched as Silvy was using kicks and tumbles with Justin.

They continued on until the end of the day and both were so exhausted, so they finished up for the day.

Justin's dad Mr Steward came to the house to pick up Justin a while later, meeting Mrs Larson at the door before she invited him in and the two had a small chat together before he and Justin felt it time to leave.

He said his goodbyes to Silvy and said that she'll see him later before he went into the car with his dad and drove back home for the night.

But both he and Silvy knew that a war was coming but didn't know how long it would be until they had to go into action.

U.S. Army base. Location: Classified.

The same day when Justin and Silvy were training together.

In a United States Army military base outside the town of Angel Grove, a US Air force military officer, in full uniform, was sitting down in his office, looking through a series of photos taken by hidden surveillance cameras in street parts within the town of Angel Grove and outside it.

His name was Sergeant Robert Malcolm Theron of the 75th Rangers unit, assigned to Air Force intelligence.

People in the army corps, sometimes call him the Pyro-Hunter because he was a warrior on fire as his instructors and his last officer Major Oliver Hayward, described him in their training reports, and to them he was a promising soldier of the unit; the best of the best in the service as they say and he followed his instincts and his training like most of his brothers in arms.

In his hands were photos of the very Power rangers who had been spending a few years defending the city and the world, which was something that annoyed him as it was his job and the job of the Military to ensure protection of the city and the country itself from enemies foreign and domestic.

He felt that those rangers were taking away his job as a soldier, but his superiors disagreed with him as they knew and agreed that their fire arms and the artillery they possessed, wouldn't be of any effect against these different kinds of monsters.

Therefore they decided to leave fighting the monsters to the Power rangers.

Still he just felt they were taking away his chances of glory in battle.

And he also wanted to know who they are and whether or not they were human, he hoped to find a way to gain their trust so that he can either have them arrested and detained for interfering in combat missions or allow them to continue their work as power rangers and help them in keeping their secrets.

Though he wasn't the only one who felt useless, all the others in the unit felt obsolete and only one of his commanding officers named Major Garret Baldacci, once tried to find out who the original Mighty Morphin Power rangers were but was killed by the machine Prince Gasket himself in a battle after he had just succeeded in infiltrating one of their battles and had identified the individuals behind the masks almost a few years back.

Their identities were never revealed as he fought to protect the rangers and thus had died trying. He remembered that since he was at the scene under the rank of corporal before he got promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Since then he thought of the rangers as nothing more than a group of masked vigilantes working for an unknown Alien life form or an intelligent alien race of some sort and nothing else.

But when he flipped to the next picture, he stopped and looked on the picture of Prince Gasket in full body, wielding his sword about like he was showing off his sword style and he thought of the moment that one day he would be able to challenge the prince in open combat and thus beat him down for good.

He lingered on for a short while before he heard a knock on the door and looked up. "Come in." he said.

The door opened and a commanding officer entered with a folder full of documents inside it.

When the officer who was ranked a Lieutenant with the bars on the arm of his uniform, came to the Sergeant who stood up and saluted his superior officer who returned the salute back and spoke. "Sergeant Theron, I am Lieutenant Douglas foster of Air force Intelligence. Here to replace your superior Major Oliver Hayward who has been transferred to Europe, and I have an assignment which might be of some interest to you."

"Go on Sir." Sergeant Theron replied and the lieutenant went on with his debriefing.

"Our intelligence analysts have discovered that a major invasion is amassing on the outer reaches of space, the whole military have been mobilised as we speak encase of a hostile attack from the invaders ensue. And there's another thing, we think that this machine Life form known as Gasket is amongst those in league with this mobilizing invasion and we thought you'd give us some insight on this alien."

Lieutenant Foster handed the fold over to Theron, who looked into it and saw photos of ships in outer space and details on paper. He looked up to the lieutenant and then spoke. "Sir, From what knowledge that I've gathered in this time, all I can tell you is that this Prince Gasket is a machine organism and with that being said, I believe he might be defeated by the weapons we possess now, but I can't be too sure about that and in any case I'd rather that we find these power rangers and see if they know anything else about Gasket."

"Which is another reason why I'm here to personally ask you if you're interested in taking on a secret operation." said Lieutenant Foster. Sergeant Theron looked up to the lieutenant in question. "Sir does Major Hayward, and the chief of staff or the board of command know about this secret mission?" asked Theron.

"As far as you're concerned they prefer to keep it off the record at this time and as much as you know, they're on consideration of trusting these power rangers to help fend off this invasion so that we can prepare a secondary offence against these monsters. We've already started mobilizing the lines of defence should they fail in their duty, and with the way things are going the government are at the moment creating something special. I want you to find these turbo power rangers, find out who they are and provide them with any possible aid you can to help them stop this invasion, provide them with a couple of soldiers or anything they wish. And if you should have any problem with these original rangers I don't want you to go on some kind of vendetta, avenging Major Baldacci won't bring him back from death." Lieutenant Foster explained.

"Yes sir, yet command didn't get him killed during our last mission." Theron retorted.

"Neither did you or anyone else, he followed his orders and so did you. So don't make this personal. You'll head out on O-Seven hundred tomorrow morning, full uniform and battle gear if necessary that's it." Foster said, before giving salute he turned and went to the door to leave. Before leaving through the door, Foster turned back to Theron who sat back down on his desk, he said.

"And Sergeant." Theron looked up to Foster who said one last remark before he left. "Come back alive this time and you might receive a commendation." With that the lieutenant closed the door behind him.
Sergeant Theron walked away from the doorway, heading down the hall to change into gear.

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