Power Rangers; Space Turbo.

Chapter Four

The next morning at the command centre.

Justin was in the control room, surveying some star maps of where the armada of ships in space were waiting for orders to make the invasion on the earth whilst Silvy was in the next room training.

They knew that the evil Alliance's plans were drawing near and that they'd have to be ready to take action when the time comes so Justin told his dad that he'd go out to see Silvy at the Juice bar. Silvy said the same thing to her mom before they both left their homes and to meet up and go to the command centre and get started in their work immediately.

Knowing that their friends would soon be expecting an attack, Justin was satisfied that the turbo vehicles were ready for action but he needed three or five more individuals to recruit into the team so they could stop this invasion.

After a while of studying the maps, Justin decided to move onto another subject which was research on individuals on the database of the angel grove school.

Walking to the computers on the other side of the control desk, he turned them on and logged into the database. He was starting to look through those in his age group when Silvy appeared from the training room through the automatic doorway and then walked towards him from behind to offer him some help.

She approached Justin when he turned around to see her standing in her gym top and trousers, Justin looked on her with surprise as she looked so handsome in her gym outfit that he thought of what a handsome woman she has become; she carries herself so well.

"Justin, are you ok?"

Regaining composure he managed to speak. "Yeah Silvy, I'm ok thanks. Is there something you want?"

She spoke. "No Justin, I just finished my work out and I thought you could use some help with your research."

"Oh, umm sure. I was just logging into the school's database to find individuals like us to recruit for the team and I was wondering...if you could help me... choose the right ones." he said nervously whilst he pushed himself back on the chair, he looked to the computer and back at her whilst he spoke.

Silvy smiled at the offer before she went to one of the chairs, brought it next to him and sat down.

Noticing how nervous he looked beside her, Silvy started to feel something stirring inside her like butterflies. She never felt this kind of feeling before and it was so strange to her.

The two started off with the list of kids in Angel grove school and another list of people in Angel grove high school, some with backgrounds in martial arts training and some in other different backgrounds.

As they spent the time looking through the lists on the computer, Silvy started to notice how good looking Justin was and how warm and comfortable she felt when with him; to her he was attractive in a way.
Eventually only two teen kids were chosen, a boy and a girl and they were well known by their friends, one of them was named Mandy Olsen, who was a friend and a former dance student of Ashley Hammond only a couple of months ago before going off into space.

The other was a former derby racer who participated in the same racer derby he was in before he saved his life when Elgar planted a bomb in his go-cart, his name was Warren Coulter.

When she turned to look at him the same time he turned, their eyes met. They giggled shyly like two kids who secretly like each other, but in the end it was Justin who spoke first.

"Silvy, I was just wondering."

"Yes what is it Justin."

"Well once this is over I heard that there's this Elementary School dance coming up."

"Uh-huh?" said Silvy, beginning to understand that Justin was about to ask her on a date, he continued. "So I was thinking if you'd want to..." he said when the alarm went aloud, cutting him off.

The two turned to the monitors to see a couple of ships flying close to earth and heading towards Angel grove, Silvy turned to Justin before she spoke.

"Whatever the question was you're asking, I promise give you my answer after we deal with this."

Justin smiled before he and Silvy stood apart and shouted. "Shift into turbo!" Both morphing into power rangers, they transported themselves towards the location of these two invading ships.

Meanwhile at U.S. Army Base.

After receiving information about the ranger's location and been given his written authorization and clearance documents signed by Lieutenant Douglas Foster, Sergeant Robert Theron went on to his quarters and got changed into combat gear for his mission before heading to the armoury to pack up a rifle, some weapons and a small bag full of ammunition as required.

Suited up in his combat uniform he strapped his padding and a bullet proof-vest across his chest.

Afterwards he went to the armoury, presenting the guard with his clearance papers along with written authorization from Lieutenant Foster that the Sergeant has permission to pick up weapons from the armoury before he went inside.

Once inside the armoury, Robert Theron went along the rows of rifles and guns.

Choosing his weapons carefully, he took up two 9mm handguns off from the bottom racks and placed them in his bag, taking a few magazines he placed them in as well before moving on to the mp5k machine guns.

He pulled out the mp5k with a few armour piercing round magazines before storing it into the bag, and then moved on to the grenades and rifles with grenade launchers. By the end of an hour, Sergeant Robert was in full battle gear and was ready to head into battle when he stepped out of the armoury and went off to meet with his team at the meeting point so he can take them and proceed with his mission to seek out the Turbo Power Rangers and find out who they were.

His platoon of six special soldiers at the gathering point were made of three Navy SEAL; two men and a woman, and the US Green Berets; two women and one man.

Meeting with these new soldiers, Robert Theron got the names of each soldier in his unit.

After introductions Robert Theron gave them a full debriefing on the mission and how they're going proceed with the parameters of this mission.
After the debriefing, Robert Theron and his platoon boarded the chopper for deployment before it lifted off from the platform and flew off from the Base.

Flying across the grounds passing Angel Grove and heading towards their destination point outside town where Robert is sure that it's where the Rangers will be standing, the chopper flew along for almost a while as the team waited for the signal to bail out of the chopper and into the action of the battlefield.

After a long ride in the chopper, the pilot called Robert up through the headphones.

"Control to Pyro hunter: come in Sergeant Theron."

"Pyro-hunter here."

"Six minutes till we ETA of the landing zone. Better get ready for insertion."

"Roger that." Robert responded on the phone before he hand signalled his group to get ready to bail out.

The soldiers hooked their belays to the top in preparation for deploying into the landing zone which was close to where the Rangers would be standing.

Landing zone

Meanwhile in the area, the two power rangers were busy fighting off against a group of modified cyber-cogs who were coming towards the town in preparation for the attack.

After a while into the Battle, it was not going well for the two power rangers as they were tiring so quickly, that the blue ranger fell after being swept off by the cyber-cog warrior and was about to deal a harsh strike into Justin's blue ranger armour.

But suddenly something unexpected happened when the cyber-cog was shot in the front and blown away by a grenade which was shot from a distance.
Within seconds of impact, the cyber-cog was destroyed, pieces of its front armour and the inside gears and bolts of its body were scattered like leaves whilst it was flying backwards.

When it landed on the ground with a hole in its chest it never stood up.

Justin was left in shock of what happened whilst Silvy turned to see where the grenade came from.

Shortly after a few seconds, gunshots went off and the Quantrons were being knocked off their feet although their armour was not being penetrated by the bullets being fired, but some got lucky when they hit the eyes, disabling their vision.

Soon a few of the cyber-cog were starting to flee from the area as a line of seven soldiers appeared from over the next hill, and now descending towards the place where the rangers stood.

But the rest were resisting the attack by these military personnel, who were hammering them deep with rounds from their weapons before they resorted to grenades which destroyed them completely and left them in pieces.

Once the cyber-cogs were defeated, the soldiers directed their rifles on the two rangers on the grounds.
"Hold it right there rangers! Don't Move." one of the soldiers shouted to Justin, keeping his m16 rifle on his direction as he sat on the floor obediently.

Each trio of soldiers kept their rifles on the two as their commanding officer approached the blue ranger casually, seeing the ranger sitting on the floor at ease without any resistance against these soldiers. Robert looked upon the Blue Turbo Ranger for a moment, eyeing his height and his suit before he looked to one of his soldiers and gave a not to her.

The soldier near Justin approached and was about to reach for his helmet when the blue ranger pulled back.

"Blue Ranger, I am on your side and I'd like you to let my comrade remove your helmet." said Robert.

"That I cannot do sir. I've sworn to secrecy by my superior." Justin responded.
But Robert pushed hard as he came closer to Justin whilst he spoke. "My profession and rank supersedes your sworn oath as a high ranking officer on these grounds, so I suggest that you do as I say that's an order, otherwise I will have to detain you for questioning."

"I don't follow orders from you and neither does my team mate."

"Listen to me, those cyber machines could come back for us any minute, so you either take your chances with us or at the mercy of this machine empire we've heard about. I'm willing to bet that you were hand-picked by whatever superior power or force who seen you as worthy as any other in this world. Am I correct?" asked Robert, Justin stared at him for a short moment before he spoke.

"Who are you?"

"I work for the United States Army and the US government, the more things you reveal about yourself and where you come from, the more I can help you obtain your code of secrecy and aid you in recruiting new recruits for your team. So what do you say?" Robert asked, moving his hand to his gun at his side leg whilst he waited for a reflex action from the blue ranger.

Seeing that he might have neither choice, nor the time in this situation, Justin breathed a sigh in his helmet and then reached up to his clasps to remove his helmet and reveal himself before the group of soldiers.

He showed himself before the Sergeant, who was in much shock as the rest of his group on the revelation, that the blue turbo power ranger was just a mere kid in a blue suit. Justin placed his helmet by his side and looked at the Sergeant when he spoke.

"My name is Justin Stewart and I'm the blue turbo Power ranger, who was chosen by an alien named Zordon."

Justin spoke plainly to Sergeant Theron, who upon getting over his shock had lifted his hand from the gun in a gesture to stand down, he spoke.

"Stand down troops."

"Yes sir." The soldiers responded lowering their weapons immediately.

Robert spoke with a salute. "My name is Sgt Robert Malcolm Theron, 75th rangers platoon assigned to Air Force Intel surveillance and this is my team, Seal team Seven."
He came close to Justin before he spoke. "You do realise that If it were up to me as chain of command I'd put you and your friend, and whoever was involved with the power rangers group, under arrest for interfering in Military business and National security situations and for playing full time vigilantes in the streets.
However it is not in my authority at all. I'm finding myself in a position that you're more useful as a power ranger, so I ask that you do not make me change my mind son."

"Sir with all due respect, my duty is much like yours which is to protect the people from enemies foreign and domestic and I agree with you that it is military business but it's much bigger than our planet. There's more that I have to tell you sir." said Justin.

Sergeant Robert Theron looked from side to side for a moment and then back at Justin with something he knows on his mind. "We know about the machine empire and as far as you know, we've also learnt of some rumours about this Alliance of Shadows or evil if you'd prefer. We weren't sure at first if it was for real."

It was then that Silvy de-morphed, revealing herself before she spoke out.

"I'm afraid it is real sir, I've seen it myself and I have to tell you that they're going to launch a full scale attack on the planet Earth."

"Are you certain they're planning to launch an attack on earth Miss?"

"Larson, Silvy Larson Citizen of Angel Grove. And yes they've been making plans to conquer earth and its inhabitants. And they know that the military and the other power rangers who pose a threat to the leaders of the alliance and the one who rules It." said Silvy, leaving the Sergeant in silence. He was so surprised with this new information for a short while before he spoke.

"Other power rangers in this world, that's very interesting that you have given me this information. Thank you Miss Larson. So you were saying that there's more that you have to tell me Mr Stewart, what do you say we discuss this whilst we're in the air?" asked Robert Theron. Justin turned to Silvy who nodded in agreement before he turned back to the Sergeant and gave a nod. Robert raised his hand to his helmet and spoke on the mike inside it.

"Hawk 4 Kellan; this is Eagle 6 Pyro-Hunter. Do you copy?"

"Standing by Eagle 6." said Kellan.

"Touch down near our position for an immediate E-vac, we have the subjects in our custody." said Robert.

"Roger that eagle 6, we're on our way to extraction point." Kellan said on the receiver leaving Sergeant Robert and his team to wait. Whilst Robert Theron stood for a moment waiting with his team and the two power rangers for the chopper to come down and pick them up, one of the female soldiers approached Silvy Larson.

The woman in uniform looked on Silvy with a small keen interest before she spoke.

"Aren't you a little young to be going into battle against alien threats?"

"Yes ma'am and I have to agree with you." Silvy responded.

"Hmm, then you must know that this is not a game for young kids or civilians like you." said the female soldier.

"I do ma'am and I'd hate to be in a dangerous game. However it's not just my mother's life, it's the lives of all others that are at stake, I had some time to think on what I'm to do as a power ranger and the responsibilities that come with it." Silvy explained it looking directly at the female soldier's eyes as she spoke.

The female soldier knew what the girl was talking about, as she had that same moment to think on things when she signed on at military school and joined the green berets after she enlisted into the army as a soldier.

She spoke after a short few seconds. "You know for what it's worth, you're a very brave kid Silvy."

"Thank you ma'am." Silvy said, raising her right hand in saluting the female soldier.

Returning her salute, the female soldier spoke her name: "Corporal Alana Price, second in chain of command, Cadet Larson."

"Making Idle chat with the power ranger, are you Corporal Price?" Theron asked approaching Corporal Price, who looked to him when he spoke and she responded. "Negative sir, I was giving this cadet a few general lessons in training in combat sir, she was just sharing a few military tactics and guerrilla warfare she learned at school sir."

"Alright but don't put too many ideas in her head Corporal she's still young, carry on." Sergeant Theron advised.

"Yes sir." said Corporal Price. Soon a Navy SEAL soldier named Logan approached and spoke, giving her some expert advice in warfare whilst they continued to wait for the chopper to come.

A while later the chopper was in sight as it approached their position and resolved to make land in the area.

As soon as the Chopper touched down on a clear landing zone, Justin and Silvy along with the platoon were moving towards the chopper. When they entered the chopper through the hatch, only Sergeant Theron was the last to step in before the Chopper lifted off from the grounds and took them back to Base for an immediate debriefing followed by a meeting with his superiors.

Meanwhile on Prince Gasket's base on the moon.

Having received word that the full scale assault on all worlds would begin tomorrow, Prince Gasket had rallied all his generals together for a hearing in which he will address his army and prepare a little toast to the victory coming within his grasp.

Now he was standing on the floors of his compound, looking into a locket he held in his left hand, the Locket contained a portrait of his beloved Archerina and himself as he held it in his hand for a while lingering on whilst he memorized her face and how she was a beautiful lady robot. But it didn't matter to him anymore for when he sees the red ranger destroyed by Astronema, he'll have revenge and he'll be the one to kneel before her as her general.

When he closed his locket in his hand, he was about to place it in the pocket of his robotic leg when a messenger approached his lord and knelt down.

"My Lord Gasket, I've just received word from the dark Monarch himself; Dark Spectre said the time has come to launch the assault."

"Brilliant, just so brilliant. Thank you, now if you'll excuse me I'm just about to prepare a little toast." said Gasket.

"Yes sir." the messenger said before he was dismissed. Gasket turned from the departing messenger to walk towards the steps leading to a platform.

As soon as he was on, the loud chants of his army greeted him, hammering their gauntlet hands together in unison to the chant whilst the platform rose to three floors. When it stopped at a good height about the grounds, Gasket raised his hands for silence which came and then he spoke addressing his army:

"Greetings robots, and machines of the Empire." the army cheered for a short few seconds before silence followed and he continued. "Together we have achieved the great impossible and we have created the start of a new era, we've maintained it, we've improved it and we have rid it of its flaws and imperfection. Not to mention rid it of the false ruler who sought to enslave our kind. King Mondo, where are you now?"

Gasket laughed and continued with his speech to the army.

"My fellow machines, let there be no doubt for this time has come for our invasion and our base is a cage no more. For at this moment the key to victory over earth is finally in our possession!" Gasket said raising his fist.

"So I say to you, attack the earth and conquer its inhabitants and I will make the universe open and available for all of us. With Astronema at our side, whatever we find in the universe, there our empire will expand and our system will blossom! Do this! Prove yourselves to me and I will be generous to you!"

A loud uproar rose among the rows of cyber warriors and robots to Gasket's words for a while until he spoke again. "Maximise efficiency. Rid the new machine empire of its imperfection! My vision is clear, fellow robots for out there is a new system! Out there is our victory! Out there is our new Destiny!" With that a thunderous uproar rose up.

After finishing his speech, Prince Gasket pressed the down button on the front table.

The platform went down until it reached the ground level and stopped there, Gasket then walked past the table and went forward whilst his army stood at ease, making his way to his new ship before he dismissed his army for a full scale mobilization to begin the flight towards planet earth.

Their destination on planet earth was on an island in the southern hemisphere known as Australia.

Inside the chopper.

As they flew far from the battle zone, Justin decided to give the Sergeant which he listened to on the whole trip; how he became a power ranger. Sergeant Theron and his troops listened carefully whilst the blue power ranger laid it all down.

Dark Spectre, Andros the Astro red power ranger, the home world he came from and the Alliance of evil's plans. It was not every day that a soldier finds out there was a greater threat to a whole universe and only a group of kids were the only ones who thwarted this evil; they took it well enough to believe it all.

Silence hovered among the soldiers for almost half an hour until Sergeant Theron was the one to speak.

"So this alien Zordon of Eltar, had chosen you to be a power ranger because he saw potential and goodness within you and this Alliance of Evil has a plan to attack the universe? Well I probably can see for some reason why he chose you anyways. But I'm still sceptical."

"I understand but there's more sir, I've just learnt that the homes of our allies are under attack and only our planet is to come under it. I'm not under any circumstances allowed to ask you this but I'm running out of time, so I'm going to need your help sir." said Justin.

"Well like I said earlier, I've been given orders to aid you in any way possible, so tell me what you need." said Robert.

"We need to get to the command centre to pick up the other morphers; I know a secret doorway to it. But I need you to send a team to pick up two people named Mandy Olson and Warren Coulter." said Justin, Robert's expression froze on the mention of Warren's name being spoken. "How do you know my nephew's name son?"

"I was the one, who saved his life when a bomb was planted in his go-kart, and I figured he'd make a good leader addition to the turbo power rangers group; I didn't know he was your nephew Sergeant Theron."

"I have to say that Warren Coulter might be a good choice, I trained him in martial arts and tactics last the summer after you saved him, so I will support you in recruiting him on one condition though; in the exchange for my support, you allow me to see this command centre of yours." said Sergeant Theron. Seeing that it might be the only choice he has of recruiting his friend into the power rangers, Justin gave a nod and answer. "The secret doorway is at the Juice bar in town, Silvy and I will take you there if you can bring Warren and Mandy here at once." said Justin, Sergeant Theron nodded in agreement before he spoke into his mike;

"Eagle 6 to pilot, change course to Angel Grove Juice bar. I repeat change course to Angel grove juice bar."

"Roger that sir we're heading out." said the pilot whilst Sergeant Theron made a call to base.
"Eagle 6 to Star Base one, new mission parameters. Request Teams 2 and 4 to locate subjects Mandy Olson and Warren Coulter, once located, please have them escorted to the Juice bar ASAP for recruitment, do I have confirmation?"

"Eagle 6, this star-base One. Request reason for the extraction of subjects?"

"Star-base One, Subjects has been deputised for the Turbo rangers program authorised by commanding officer Lieutenant Foster and chief of staff. Authorization code; 2-3-1-7-8-4-6-5-2-9. Do I have confirmation? I repeat again."

A short radio silence followed for a short moment as they were approaching Angel Grove, and then Sergeant Theron received a reply; "Authorization code approved, request for subject extraction has granted. Teams 2 and 4 have been dispatch and search and pick up are on their way, next contact within one hour." the voice on the speakers said.

"Roger base one, we'll meet you there. Eagle 6 out." Theron said into the mike and spoke again to Justin. "If you're still looking for any more personal to recruit into your group, I might have one person in mind. I once worked with a student at the Washington martial arts school in Turtle cove before I was called to active duty." Justin nodded in agreement to Sergeant Theron's suggestion as they flew in the air to an unknown location in Angel Grove.

Turtle Cove.

About Twenty two miles south east from Angel Grove was a town called Turtle cove, which was where a boy who was a friend of the power rangers, his name was Fred kelman.

In the local coffee shop, Fred was sitting down playing a video game with his cup of hot chocolate on the table. The game he played was a war game and he played it for almost a while when he received a text from the cell phone in his pocket, deciding that he had enough of the game he turned off.

Reaching for his phone Fred took it out and pressed the answer button before he raised it to his ear and listened. "Yes, this it kelman."

"Fred kelman, this is Sergeant Robert Theron of the US army special forces, do you remember me?"

"Oh Sergeant Theron, I didn't expect you to call me in such a brief while. How are you sir?" Fred asked on the phone and Sergeant Robert responded on the other line.

"I'm doing fine thank you, but I must cut the pleasantries and get down to business. I need you to go to the martial arts school, a car will be waiting to come and pick you up within half an hour or so. I have a mission which would interest you, can you do that?" Fred took a short while to think on his decision to take up this mission and see it through to its end; he wondered what the mission was about before he gave an answer to Sergeant Theron who was still on the other phone line;

"I'll be at the martial art's school within the half hour Sergeant."

"Good, then we'll see you in Angel Grove soon enough. Good bye for now." the sergeant said.

Fred hung up after saying his goodbyes to the Sergeant, who hung up as well.

He looked around him before he gathered his things and went out the coffee shop to hail a cab to take him across the town towards the martial arts school.

The cab he entered took Fred across the streets of the town until they came to the martial arts school where a jeep with a couple of military soldiers and a commanding officer were waiting. Seeing that his escorts were present, Fred told the cab driver to pull over at the sidewalk and he paid him in full of the price at the toll.

Afterwards Fred stepped out of the cab and walked from the cab to meet the military troops.

Down town in Angel Grove.

In the east of the grounds near Angel grove high school, the chopper carrying the power rangers and their escorts were coming to an east empty cross road space where a few military vehicles had blocked off the streets with roadblocks to make the area a landing zone. Whilst the east cross road was kept clear a few military jeeps just coming through the south street end was coming towards the high school to drop off their VIP personnel and bring them to the front door of the High school before leaving them in Sergeant Theron and Justin Stewart's company and care.

Receiving confirmation that the cross roads was clear to land, the pilots hovered the chopper over the empty cross roads for a short while to avoid hitting the traffic lights before making a descend down into the landing zone, slowly and easily it went until it touched down firmly.

Once the chopper had landed, Sergeant Robert Theron opened the doors and stepped out of the chopper with two of his soldiers following him.

As soon as Justin and Silvy were out of the chopper with the rest of Theron's team, they moved away from the landing zone as the chopper rose up again to find another landing zone.

By the time they had arrived at the Angel Grove high school the military jeeps pulled in at the front grounds and parked itself, the driver and front passenger stepped out of each jeep first before each one opened the doors for the back seat passengers to step out.

After a soldier stepped out of the side door, Warren Coulter followed the soldier out the door before he walked with his military escort to the front doors where Sergeant Robert Theron, Justin and Silvy were standing. Following Warren and his escort, Mandy Olsen and Fred Kelman were escorted as well and with the two kids was a girl named Maria Wilde; she was once a bratty girl who had some encounters with the power rangers when she was abducted by Rita Repulsa.

All four of them went towards the front doorway of the high school, Warren moved forward to Maria's side before he spoke. "Hi there, how are you doing?"

"I'm ok thank you." Maria responded, feeling a little awkward with him approaching her.

"Listen I don't mean to bother you but do you knows why we've been brought here?"

"I've not a clue but I might want to find that out myself and get out of this before we go any further. So who are you again?" asked Maria.

"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Warren Coulter. I was a former derby racer and rival of that boy in the blue t shirt. Nice to meet you miss..." said Warren, extending his hand in greeting her whilst she walked on. "Well I never seen you in a derby race anyways and I'm only interested in finding out this whole thing. Its Maria, my name is Maria Wilde, how do you do?" She said taking his hand and shaking it whilst Warren responded. "Good thanks." The two walked on with the other two and their escorts until they met with the three waiting for them, Sergeant Theron was the one to speak.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sergeant Robert Theron, US Special Forces. I'm sorry we had to pull you all out from your homes at this time but bringing you to this high school was of a matter of National security and it was..." Maria raised her hand up to speak whilst Theron was speaking but stopped to ask her. "Is there something you want to ask Miss Wilde?"

"Yes Mr Theron, I wanted to ask you to cut to the chase, why were we brought here without an explanation?"

"That's what I was going to explain to you, so please hold your questions. Now you all have been chosen to be a part of a special program, we have been informed of a possible invasion and that a space alien sorceress named Rita Repulsa may be involved with an Alliance of evil which is behind this invasion." The mention of the name had left Maria with a cold chill down her spine whilst Mandy and Warren looked at each other in confusion, but Warren laughed a bit.

But stopped after seeing that the military Sergeant was not joking with them at all. Once silence was in motion, he spoke again. "I hereby leave the rest to Mr Justin Stewart to brief you whilst we're inside the school, shall we?" asked Sergeant Theron, opening the doors for the kids to enter.

Seeing they had no choice, the four entered the high school with Theron and his team whilst the military escorts stood outside on guard duty.

Once inside the High School, they walked further through the hallway until they stopped at the centre of the hallway, where an old man named General Norquist was standing in the centre. Sergeant Robert Theron greeted the general with a handshake and they started to talk, discussing the events of earlier on today whilst Justin stepped forward and turned to the group to give the full disclosure to the four clueless teens.

"Hello, as for those who don't know me, my name is Justin Stewart, I'm part of this special program but it is actually a very special team which I'm sure we're familiar with." "Uh Justin, what are you talking about?" asked Warren.

Silvy stepped forward to speak. "Perhaps it's best that we show them Justin."

"You're right Silvy, let's do this." Justin said, and stood back with her before they shouted "Shift into Turbo" and morphed into power rangers together. Within a flash of light energy the two kids had transformed into Turbo power rangers to the four teens' amazement; even Warren was impressed with this as he stepped forward.

"Justin, you're a power ranger?" Warren scoffed. "Well that explains a lot, especially to the reason you chickened out on that derby race that day." Justin gave a nod of acknowledgement before he removed his helmet and spoke directly to the four standing teens.

"Well yeah, I had ranger duties to perform and this is why I asked for you guys here; I'm inviting you and the other three for the honour of becoming a part of the new team of Turbo Power rangers. My friends the Astro power rangers are in deep trouble and I'm going to need your help."

The four stood in shock and awe after seeing Justin and Silvy transform into power rangers, but when they heard that the two needed their help in this situation they were silent with shyness until it was Mandy who came forward to speak to Justin.

"So you're saying you brought us here because you need us to join the Turbo power rangers' team in an effort to help the other rangers fight the invasion coming from this alliance of evil?"

"Mandy Olson I know that you might not want to but unfortunately Alliance of Evil has begun its campaign to conquer the planet earth, and with all due respect the clock is ticking."

"He's right Mandy, we've been chosen for our potential to help protect the world." Fred Kelman said as he came forward to speak for himself, he turned to Justin before he gave him an answer.

"Justin Stewart, my name is Fred Kelman and I've once wanted to be a part of a power ranger's team. So you can count me in as your team mate." Fred said, saluting Justin with a military salute.

Justin returned the salute as did Sergeant Theron.

Soon Warren came forth to stand with Fred, making a right hand salute he answered:

"I'm in this as well Justin; I owe you for saving my life. Also I have some experience in martial arts and I've done some time working with teams and groups. Besides Black is my colour you know so I'll take the black ranger. You have my skills."

"Good for you Warren, it would be a privilege to have you on the team." said Justin.

Moved by Warren's courage to step forward and volunteer as a power ranger, Maria walked forward to stand with him as Sergeant Theron and General Norquist watched her come and, she spoke.

"I volunteer as a power ranger too, you hold the fate of the world in your hands Justin, and seeing that you believe this team can help this world then I'd rather see it done." Maria extended her hand out in the circle between her and Fred, Justin, Silvy and Warren. "Partners?" she asked.

After a few seconds Silvy stepped forward, extending her hand she took Maria's: "Partners."

Soon after Justin placed his hand on top of the handshake between Silvy and Maria and smiled at Silvy, Fred did the same and Warren followed to form the circle, they placed their hands on top of each other.

Only Mandy was left standing outside the circle when Justin and the rest looked to her.

"What do you say Mandy, are you willing to join us?" asked Justin.

"Um, I'm not sure if I'm up to the task. I can't..." Mandy spoke nervously until Fred left the circle to approach her and spoke. "Mandy, I understand that you're scared but being a ranger is a great opportunity for us all to do something great. I know it's nothing but I believe you can do this.

You need us and we need you, we both have seen what's to come and things are going to get worse if we don't join the Turbo rangers and help the Astro rangers.

Ask yourself what would one of your friends say to you if he or she was here?"

Mandy turned away from Fred and thought it over for a moment before she spoke.

"If my friend Ashley Hammond was here, she'd say do what's right for your friends and follow your heart all the way. I'll do only this one time." She said before walking forward to join in the circle and placed her hand on top of the groups.

With that settled the kids separated, Justin, Silvy and General Norquist led the kids and Sergeant Theron, along with his team to the secret doorway which Justin opened before he let them down the tunnel.

It was there that they entered a whole new room which was the control room of the command centre, Sergeant Theron was mostly impressed with the technology of this place and how well organised it looked.

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