Power Rangers; Space Turbo.

Chapter Five

The command centre.

Whilst Sergeant Robert Theron and his team observed the wide open space and the details of the command centre, Justin and General Norquist showed the new recruits to the power chambers where the new morphers were sitting on a table for each person to receive as the new Turbo Power rangers.

Once inside the power chambers, Justin came forward to make a speech before the recruits. "Recruits each of you may choose your colour but I have to let you be aware of this rule; once you become a power ranger you'll be taking the oath of secrecy, keeping your identities a secret not only to protect yourselves but those closest to you at the time as power rangers, as a team we'll learn to watch each other's backs and use all skills and ideas as tools to defend earth and protect the innocent citizens of Angel grove. So choose your morphers and may the power protect you all."

With Justin stepping aside to let the recruits choose their coloured morphers, Warren and Fred stepped up to the table.

Warren picked up the Black morpher and the key that goes with it whilst Fred chose the gold Morpher and the key. Mandy followed after the boys and she choose the red morpher as she felt red was her favourite colour.

The last one to choose the white Morpher was Maria Wilde as she took a liking to the Light-cycle that goes with it. They all took the morphers and placed them on their left wrists, which attached themselves around and were locked.

Justin looked to the table and saw that there was at least one morpher left.

Seeing no time to find a recruit to take the green-teal morpher, Justin stood before them and shouted the words: "Shift into Turbo!" then Silvy and the other five kids followed en-suit, each saying their turbo names and morphing into the line of power rangers, right before the eyes of Theron's team.

Once the flash wore off, there was only a line of six turbo Power rangers standing, all with new colours.

When Theron saw the new team he gave applause to the new team of rangers as did the team.

They applaud for a short while before it died down and Theron came forward to say something to the new team.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the new Turbo Power ranger team, I would like to give you a warm welcome and hope you'll be up to the task at hand. But I'm afraid that the time for celebration will have to be cut short as we've just received word that the invasion will come the next day.

So for the rest of the day my team will give you each a four hours crash course in combat training to see how well you can fight, but I can only hope that the six of you and my team will work together to defeat this invasion. So if Justin has a training room, then let us make our way there and start the training immediately."

"Yes Sergeant Theron, right this way sir." Justin said, showing Robert Theron and the others to the doorway to the training room at the right side of the power chambers.

It was like a gymnasium with mats and mirrors for training and exercise, once they were inside the training room each new ranger was paired up with a soldier as a trainee coach whilst Theron observed the training for the remainder of the course.

For over an hour the five kids had done a long warm up, followed by a break and then individual training with each Soldier of both the Green Berets and the Navy SEAL, Warren and Fred were well combat ready whilst Maria was learning a little slow with kick boxing but was good with boxing alone. However Mandy was a fast learner with her previous dancing skills from past dance class.

After a whole hour of practicing martial arts skills, the five took a break for five minutes before they went back into practice again only this time with each other.

Pretty soon Sergeant Theron decided to participate, taking his gear and helmet off and removing his jacket to lighten the load on his shoulders before he stepped on the mat and called for Silvy. Together they exchanged a few punches and a few kicks as Theron taught her a few of his own skills in martial arts and military tactics.

As both Silvy and Robert Theron trained together for three quarters of the hour, Silvy learned so much from the commanding officer and had done so well under his tutorial instructions. But when they stopped for a water break Silvy thought of a question on her head and she decided to make some small talk with him whilst they were getting the chance to sit down a moment.

After a sip of water from her water bottle, Silvy turned to Theron and then spoke. "Sir, I would like to ask you some things about life in the military, I know I'm not allowed to say but I was only curious to know such things."

The Sergeant Theron thought it out for a short while before he finally gave an explanation to give her an idea in military life.

"There's not much to say except that basic training is hard and gruesome when under the orders of your senior drill instructor, one who has such experience in command the likes of which you have not seen in your life. The Military has a strict code of honour and strict rules which I take seriously and strive for perfection in the service. So if you fancy a career in the US Army I probably suggest you be sure that it is what you want as part of your career choice."

"Understandably sir, however my one goal was to become an astronaut. It was a dream me and my brother shared when he was still alive Sergeant Theron, he passed away a couple of months ago after he became sick. We moved to Angel grove so he could be treated but alas he wasn't strong enough to fight the virus he had inside him."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear of your loss about your brother. I'm sure you and him would have done great as NASA's Astronauts."

"It's ok Sergeant Theron and thank you for your condolences it gives me some comfort, but I'm sure to continue my chance to become an Astronaut, Pyro-hunter." Robert Theron gave a chuckle whilst Silvy paused; looking a little puzzled about something and then asked him. "Pyro-hunter, Sir why do your troops call you Pyro hunter?"

"Well hunter is... just the meaning of my surname: Theron, my drill instructor in basic training saw the fire in my eyes and decided to give me the nick name, but it stuck with me long after basic training, it took me through further expert training and my two tours in solo assaults and hunting for enemy personnel in the desert grounds to be recognised in the Alpha group."

"Well I think it's a nice nickname, partially because it reminds me of a heat-seeking rocket of the US Marines sir." Sergeant Theron laughed for a short moment before he spoke. "Let's just get back to basic training, shall we?" Silvy nodded before she and Sergeant Theron went back on the mats to train a bit more.

By the end of the day they were worn out but all were ready for the battle to come, they were returned to their homes with each member of Theron's team as an escort so they can have a back story of why they did not come home when they were supposed to.

Only Sergeant was the one to personally escort Silvy Larson to her home after he called her mother Mrs Larson and explained a discreet situation. Saying Silvy helped him save some citizens from a couple of monsters who were trying to attack them she lead the hostages out of the building and into safety whilst Robert Theron picked a fight with one of the monsters and beaten him.

Once they came to her house, Silvy went up to her mother and hugged her whilst Sergeant Robert Theron stood at the door for a short moment when Mrs Larson looked up to see him approach the two. He walked up to them before he introduced himself to her as Sergeant Robert Theron, Mrs Larson introduced herself as well giving her first name as Maggie Larson, soon she and Robert Theron started talking together whilst Silvy went into the house to settle in.

They talked about his reputation as a soldier and before he became part of the US Air force.

The next day.

It was on that day when, Dark Spectre decides that now is the time for an attack on the Universe, and sends out Astronema as well as Rita and Zedd, Mondo and Machina, and Divatox to attack different areas of the Galaxy.

Zordon is brought to the Dark Fortress to watch the triumph of evil.

The Alien Rangers, Gold Ranger, Phantom Ranger, and Blue Senturion are each attacked by a different villain, and captured. Zhane leaves the KO-35 rebels, who are also under attack to bring back the Rangers. The day was just the beginning of war even though it was the calm before the storm could arise and take them.

Whilst the Astro space rangers were coming into battle from orbit, the agents of the Australian Secret Intelligence service were monitoring the skies for any signs of enemy personnel when something was picked up on radar. The Australian Defence Force started picking up the same signal on radar and they found that an invasion was coming from the skies and realising they were not of this earth, they decided to get a close look.

Sending out scout drones to investigate this invasion, they were able to pick up images of the space ships in the area of the Northern Territory, which turned out to be space Carriers carrying an army of Cyber-cogs before they were destroyed mid-flight. But only one drone returned back to base. Realizing that these robotic beings were a high potential threat, the Royal Australian Air Force mobilized the fleet of soldiers and pilots for a full scale assault on the invaders.

Meanwhile back in Angel Grove

Sergeant Theron was at the Larson's home, having decided to spend the night there he slept on the couch.

At 7am he was still asleep when his phone started ringing, which woke him up immediately.

Answering the call he found it was the intelligence division who had vital information of where Prince Gasket's invasion was setting their invasion.

He listened to the Intel personal who explained the location which was in Australia when Silvy and her mother came down the stairs and saw him on the phone, looking do grave with the information given to him.

After he received his information and hung up he sat there before he told them the situation in Australia and he was required to go out on duty and he'll need to ask Silvy to come with him. Unable to allow her daughter to come with him, Maggie asked why Silvy was to come with her, Robert was going to tell her that the reason was classified when he looked down and saw the look on Silvy's face and he nodded to her.

Looking up to Maggie Lawson, he said to her. "Perhaps it's best that your daughter should show you something first."

"Oh and what's that." asked Maggie, placing her hands on her hips. "The real reason she was out with me yesterday afternoon." Robert said, looking to her and then turning to Silvy. Seeing no choice but to reveal her secret information to her mother, Silvy stepped down the stairs and want across to a clear space in the lounge and morphing in front of her. Silvy's mother Maggie was shocked at first with the sight of her daughter being a full power ranger.

Placing her hand at her mouth in astonishment, Maggie slowly came down the stairs to approach Silvy, who took her helmet off to show her face.

"Mom, don't be frightened. I know this is scary stuff but you're going to have to trust me."

"Trust you, Silvy Larson you've been lying to me and risking your life. I mean when did this whole thing start?"

"Look I know you want to know more but this is not the time to discuss this." said Robert.

"And you, you knew about this?" Maggie asked frantically.

"Mrs Margaret Larson listen to me, we have a national security situation. Unless you want to be responsible for the destruction of this whole country, you better put aside your feelings and focus on helping us out. Look, Maggie I know you're frightened, I'm frightened as well, so I'm asking you right now for your help.
Now I just learnt that an invasion is going on in Australia and I'm going to need Silvy's help to stop this invasion."

"But there can't be an invasion; I mean the power rangers should handle this."

Maggie said sarcastically in fear until Robert spoke out to make it clear to her that he's serious.

"There's a whole armada of malevolent forces standing outside our planet and entering through our atmosphere, and I can bet on my salary that there is or there will be an invasion, the power rangers can't handle this alone. These forces will be upon the skies of our planet none the less and the clock is ticking, so what do you say? Are you willing to help us save this planet?"

Left unsure with this information, Maggie turned to the stairs and sat down for a short moment to regain her thoughts.

Seeing that she needed some time alone, Silvy and Robert were about to turn and head for the back door before Maggie looked up and spoke.

"Wait, Sergeant Theron. Can we at least have breakfast together and get dressed first before we head out?

Realising he had nothing yet; Robert looked to Maggie and spoke. "Yes, I think it's a good Idea Mrs Larson, especially after this surprise. And I think we'll need to have a chat about what's going to happen next over breakfast, do you agree?" Drawing a small smile, Maggie nodded in agreement whilst Silvy de-morphed to go upstairs and get herself changed into some normal clothes. Maggie then went down the stairs and approached Theron with a warning. "And Robert, if anything happens to my daughter, I will break your neck myself. Do you understand?"

"I won't let anything happen to your daughter and with all due respect Mrs Larson, she is a good fighter and I have some faith that she won't let you down. I know because I've been training with her yesterday afternoon at the high school gym and I know there's hope within her. I will watch over her."

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Maggie.

"I obeyed my orders from my superiors on missions and I fought against this threat, so I'm well aware of their skills and capabilities in battle and how to defeat them in battle, but through each of these battles I've lost some men a few times whilst fighting against these monsters.
One of them was my commanding officer named Major Chris Baldacci, who died defending the other power rangers. I should never have let that happen and I'm starting to see Silvy as a reminder of a soldier whom I was under command, who fought to let me know the world would never end.
I swear to you, I won't lose another soldier to the wrath of the enemy as long as I live."

Maggie gave a sigh of relief after Robert looked her in the eyes and gave her his word of honour as a soldier; no harm will come to her.

Passing Robert to head for the kitchen, Maggie started making breakfast as Silvy came down stairs.

Together the three talked for a while as they had breakfast together, from Robert Theron Maggie learnt a lot about how he became involved with Silvy who became a power ranger, and more she found out that Carlos was a power ranger as well. Her mind was set at ease after that morning which was a shaky time.

After wards Robert Theron took his phone and made a call to all the Newly recruited Turbo Power Rangers, giving them the same information the his counterparts at Headquarters had passed onto him. After the wall was made, Robert turned to Maggie, who stood in front of his side and he asked her.

"How would you like to be a guest on a US Navy carrier Mrs Larson?"

Maggie took a short while to think before giving her answer: "Since my daughter is coming with you to this carrier I'd say that I'm scared to be on a warship. However under different circumstances I'd be honoured Sergeant, just let me get some things together." She turned and went to the stairs so she can pack a bag for the trip, but she stopped to say.

"Oh and Sergeant, please call me Maggie." Robert smiled before he said: "I will do Maggie, if you'll call me Robert." Maggie nodded and went upstairs, leaving Robert to wait for the girls to come down and get packed up.

After about half an hour, the girls came down with their packed bag, meeting with Robert they went to the door where an army Jeep was waiting for them. They placed their bags in the Jeep whilst Robert got into the front and Maggie and Silvy went into the back before they drove off.

Soon as they got the call that Prince Gasket's invasion is posted in Australia, the teens left home immediately with Military escorts taking them and their families to the choppers, from the choppers' bases, Warren and Maria, Fred and Mandy were on their way to the Forward Operation base at a seaside warehouse where a US Navy Carrier was waiting on the coast whilst their families were taken to secured locations elsewhere.

Back in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Shortly after the invasion had just started, news reports about the invasion had spread world-wide.

With the authorization for a full scale attack given by the Air force and the Australian government, Squadron of Royal Australian Aircraft fighters were taking off in the skies.

Entering the beginning of the battle against prince Gasket's army which landed in the Northern territory of Australia.

As soon as they entered the open grounds of the Northern Territory, a full air battle broke out between the Quadra-fighters and the Air fighters of the Australian Air force, which both forces lost a dozen ships and aircrafts in the conflict. As the invasion was progressing world-wide, the battle against the forces of Gasket's Machine Empire in Australia was escalating higher and wide.

The Forces of the Australian military and those of the British military forces posted nearby as well as those world-wide were in full scale battle with the invaders of their whole planet, each allied forces using their own special artillery weapons and firearms against the cyber-cogs in the Air and Land.

Setting up battle fronts, they took down cyber-cog lines coming towards them on sight, their armour piercing rounds proved to be almost as effective as various rounds.

In the skies the Military's defences ranged from their variety of improved rocket launchers and machine guns to a series of new and improved rail-guns. With each shot from their defence weapons, they took down dozens of Quadra-fighters in mid-air, pretty soon more Quadra fighters started coming down from space and hammered the Australian defence forces' weapons. By the end of the day the lines were broken.

The invaders started forward marching through the northern region of South Australia, cutting Western Australia off from the other side whilst its military regiments fell back with their forces to start secondary defence lines deep middle in that region in the country.

Their hopes was to keep a small gap in Adelaide and the Great Australian bight open so the Australian Navy reserve can support the defences and allow more regiments to form and solidify the defence line and an assault line to take back the region of South Australia and Western Australia.

Back in the command Centre in Angel Grove.

The control room of the command centre was quiet and empty for hours since the rangers left for Australia and at that morning it was empty until a shadow passed through the darkness, entering the power chamber the stranger himself approached the red morpher.

The shadow person picked up the red Turbo Morpher and went to the Garage where the Red Lightning Turbozord was waiting when the stranger approached it. the Red Lightning Turbozord was about to set the alarm and sent for Justin but it recognised the Red turbo Morpher and the chosen person wearing after opening the door of the Red Lightning Turbozord, it started up and raced out of the entrance to an unknown destination.

Whilst the mysterious stranger was driving the Red Lightning Turbozord away, the few mechanics of the Navy crew on board the carrier, were keeping Turbozord vehicles well secured as the whole ship was heading full speed in the ocean towards their Destination at the Harbour of Australia.

Down below the a couple of the rangers, Fred and Mandy were relaxing for the time of the voyage whilst Justin and Warren were sitting down in the lounging area, both were watching the news about the events of the Invasion in Angel Grove unfolding.

Citizens of Angel Grove begin what appears as a normal day until Velocifighters attack, blasting the city building by building. A myriad of Quantrons and Piranhatrons land and begin capturing civilians whilst the Astro Rangers were in space defending themselves and trying to get to earth at the same time, Warren was feeling a little edgy about what he was seeing in his neighbourhood and the things that were happening in the streets. Widespread Panic and all forms of great chaos.

Even Justin could feel the same tension as his father is somewhere else whilst all this was happening back in Angel Grove. Warren continued to watch the news for a short while when Maria approached and sat down beside him. "Hey guys I just thought you could use some company whilst I'm here, oh and Justin."

"Hmm?" asked Justin. "Miss Larson asked if she could see you in the next room." Maria, which shocked Justin. "What, you mean Miss Larson is on the ship as well?"

"Yeah, she told me that she knows that her daughter is a power ranger, and she'd like to have a word with you." said Maria. Seeing that he'll have to face the music, Justin stood up from the chair and went to the next corridor leaving Warren and Maria in the lounging area alone with each other. Maria turned to Warren and spoke. "Hey Warren I have to say that everything is going alright, I never told anyone this but I'm afraid for my home."

"Listen, I know that it's hard to believe people when they say I know how you feel. But I actually do know how you feel as I am afraid for my folks at home and how things are turning so bad." said Warren.

"Yeah, but on the bright side the carrier's making progress and we'll be on the Coast of Australia by the evening." Maria said trying to lighten the mood between them.

For the small part of the Voyage, the two spoke together about their families and how they were such troublemakers growing up, they covered how she had some encounters with the Earth power rangers and more. Justin at the moment was with Silvy Larson and her mother, discussing with them the events of the past when they encountered the Power rangers and how he came to be a power ranger and served the earth well longer. Whilst the Carrier was heading further on with its voyage, The Astro Megaship arrived in Earth's air-space, and while Zhane piloted it and engaged the Velocifighters in the air, the other Rangers morphed onto their Galaxy Gliders and travelled through the planet's atmosphere to Angel Grove.

Initially, the fight goes in their favour, but then, Darkonda joined the fight and attacked Ashley, the Yellow Ranger. Andros, the Red Ranger, saves her by activating his Red Battlizer Ranger mode, but is shot down by Ecliptor. Then Ecliptor and Darkonda combine their energies and blast Andros and Ashley, who are forced to demorph simultaneously.

The other Rangers are doing just as badly.

Zhane boards his personal Zord, the Mega Winger, but it gets badly damaged by an onslaught of Velocifighters and crashes into a building. Carlos, T.J. and Cassie are also forced to demorph and go into hiding as Quantrons round up the citizens as prisoners.

By the time night was falling upon the bed of the ocean and the sunset had come down in plain view the carrier was streaming along in the Coral Sea and was getting closer to the coast of the Solomon Islands, which was only a short distance away from Australia in the south East.

When the carrier was close enough, it stopped on the coast of the Solomon Islands.

Seeing the coast as the best place to park for an operations base, the Carrier's captain went on speaker to call a gathering of the crew and its military passengers on board for a meeting. As soon as the announcement was made, Sergeant Theron's unit and the Turbo Power rangers were called up deck in the mess hall.

Once the mess hall was full, the captain gave a brief address to the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I've called for you all as I have an announcement to make. After travelling across the farthest ocean through the west, we have come to the coast of the Solomon Islands which is a close enough range from the coast of Australia. We won't come any further to the country than where we are at the moment." A loud chatter amongst the soldiers in excitement but it died down before the Captain spoke on.

"We'll make contact the Royal Australian Army force and inform them that we have arrived to aid them in the affair with their enemy. And once we inform them of our presence, we'll inform them that we have brought a few Special Forces to aid them in the battle. Hopefully they'll allow our forces to enter Australia and make the attack on the enemy. But its best to stay open minded for the time being as the Australians will need some time to think.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned."

The next room behind the mess hall.

After the meeting was over and the captain headed off to the radio room to make contact with their liaisons in the US Embassy and the generals of the Royal Australian Navy and army, Warren and Justin called for a meeting with the other power rangers.

In private they spoke about the situation and how they'll have to leave immediately if they're to make the attack on Prince Gasket's army before it gets any worse than it already was.

That night when it was lights out and the halls of the ship were dark enough to walk about, the six rangers snuck out of their dormitories and headed out to the garages down below so they can retrieve their vehicles and make their way to the main land of Australia.

Seeing that there's no time to wait for authorization and support, Fred and the others agreed to the same thing and went with Justin to head for the garage for their vehicles. Moving quietly through the decks of the ship they snuck past guards and sentries until they were at the first doors of the garage.

Fred was the first to enter whilst the others waited and then entered after him. Each of them moved forward to their coloured vehicles, Maria looked on her white cycle with her eyes swelling with tears that she thought of the White Light Cycle so beautiful before she raised her leg up and climbed aboard the cycle.

The two other teens Fred and Mandy were moving towards the sides of their vehicles before climbing in to the driver side of each vehicle whilst Warren and Silvy looked upon their vehicles for a moment.

Justin was about to enter as well when he and Warren, Silvy and Maria heard footsteps at one of the doors at the corner. Suddenly the light was turned on and at the doorway was Sergeant Robert Theron.

He was standing at the doorway whilst his troops were outside when he saw Justin and the Power rangers begin to enter their vehicles, Robert moved forward from the door whilst he spoke.

"Planning on going out to the Aussie lands without your passports? Or were you just waiting for us?"

"We've decided to go out alone; we can't sit down and wait for authorization. We must hit Gasket whilst they're still unaware of our presence and turn the tide of this whole war in our favour." said Justin.

"Now that's something we can agree upon Justin. So since you'll need your passports I and my team will be coming with you as your second team to help repel these machines." said Robert.

"I'm not sure if we could allow you to do that and get into trouble with your superiors Sergeant Theron." Justin said as Robert came up to him and stood before he spoke.

"Your team and my team share a common goal in this fight, the weapons we have will make it easy for us to defend ourselves against the cyber-cog army and to hold them off as long as we can. Also my mother was an Australian citizen. Which makes the Aussie country a home worth fighting for, and I desired the chance to meet this Prince Gasket and show him the skills and wits of a Military combat warrior."

Seeing that the Sergeant was serious about fighting Gasket in battle, Justin simply lowered his head down and raised it to speak. "You can ride in the front and two others can ride in the back."

"Good on ya, soldier, now you better get this vehicle started." Robert suggested.

"Yes sir." Justin said saluting him before he turned to his vehicle and climbed into the driver seat whilst Robert called for two troops to the Mountain blaster. "Alright Troops, lets saddle up and get ready to move! We have ourselves a mission to complete, now let's go!" He shouted before he went around the front to the other side. Two troops carried their gear and ammo to the Mountain blaster, loading it into the back before they went to the side doors, opened up and took their seats in the back of the blue truck zord.

Soon three other soldiers took their seats in the gold dune star Turbozord truck whilst the last one, Corporal Alana price went in the passenger seat of the metallic purple Wind Chaser.

Once all were in their vehicles, they activated their teleportation system which powered up within forty seconds. It was when a female navy officer walked into the Garage investigating the lights there, the turbo zords built up a static electric field, creating an electro-magnetic force shield around each vehicle before they disappeared in a flash of light in front of her very eyes. When she light dimmed away the Navy officer found the whole garage now empty of the turbo Zords.

She stepped back, turned around and headed off to call her superiors of the situation.

East side of the Northern Territory, Australia.

The night was young and silent in the empty valley of the Northern Territory as Gasket's forces were still on the move in the occupied areas on the borders, all seemed so normal but suddenly when a flash of light appeared in the air, the six turbo zord vehicles appeared on the grounds and they drove on through the valley towards one of the occupied areas where a small battle was taking place.

A regimental army of cyber-cogs were marching on an armoured outpost in the western line of Queensland,

Defences were the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment of the Royal Australian army. The regiment itself was starting to ware itself down as ammunition was starting to get low and reinforcements was coming on slow with passageways being blocked. The Battle lasted for almost five hours with the number of cyber-cogs piling up but only the functioning upper torsos still kept coming.

Soon only one part of the wall on the east side was being breached, dozens of cog warriors were coming towards them with cyber ships following from behind. It seemed that the situation was dire and defeat was inevitable for the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment and they'd have to move back to their operations base in the major cities in Queensland and form a final stand with the Army brigades in New South Wales and Victoria.

It was then that when a Quadra-battleship was beginning to fly towards the military compound, a plasma blast was shot into its side, breaching its hull. Suddenly more shots were fired out on its outer wing before the entire ship went into self-destruction and exploded completely in the air.

Dust and smoke was all that was left as pieces of the ship fell on the grounds.

The soldiers on the upper levels of the compound were left clueless with what had just happened to the ship whilst those at the front were preoccupied with the cyber cogs at the front, and then they heard vehicles coming towards their location from a distance.

As the dust cleared the sentries at one of the towers were able to make out six vehicles standing in the fields, it was the vehicles were that of the Turbozords which belonged to the power rangers.

The mountain blaster turbo zord moved forward at the same time a soldier peeked out of the roof, armed with a rifle he aimed at the rear of the cyber-cog lines and started firing shots at the ones climbing on the compound's wall, shooting each one down at full speed.

When the Uber-commander of the cyber-cog army turned and saw the power rangers in the area, he ordered the army to turn their attentions on the Turbo power rangers at their rear and destroy them.

The Cyber cogs turned and went after the Mountain blaster when two other vehicles came running through the lines. Blasting their way into the front of the base, they were able to take down the third of the army easily without breaking a sweat.

Soon the three more vehicles moved in to the battle, flanking the front lines of the army with their laser cannons they were able to allow the Australian army to finish off any surviving cog on the wall.

Within the hour of the night before sunrise, the siege on the Outpost was finished.

And all Cyber cogs and normal cogs were vanquished whilst some had retreated to their base after escaping the battle zone, the soldiers in the turbo zords were able to breathe easy enough to vacate the vehicles and move towards the front gate of the compound to speak with their commanders whilst the Rangers waited.

As soon as the doors opened up, a host of troops stepped out and surrounded them before a commanding officer, who was in his late thirties, stepped out after them and spoke. "You should know how relieve I and my group are to see you all have managed to make your way here especially when we've just received word that our lines in the east were being blocked off, and we couldn't send anyone out to get help."

Robert stepped forward and on saluting the officer, he spoke. "I'm sorry that we weren't able to get here sooner, as we've just reopened the roadways twelve clicks east of here and sent word for your reinforcements." The Officer in charge looked at Robert in confusion with that statement before he asked him.

"What do you mean soldier? Were you not sent by our command at Victoria Barracks in Sydney? Which of you is ranking officer of this platoon?" Robert stood firm before the officer before he introduced himself.

"My name is Sergeant Robert Theron, U.S. 75th rangers' platoon assigned to Recondo unit, my team here is US Navy SEAL alpha team assigned under my command. We've recently had to enlist the power rangers as we were assigned to target the machine army in Australia. So what is your name officer?"

"I am Captain Stanley Paxton of 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment, second in command. We were assigned to this outpost for defence to allow our convoys to cross over." said Captain Paxton, saluting the Sergeant who returned the salute. He then extended his hand for the Captain to take.

"It's an honour to meet you Captain Paxton; you should be made aware we were not authorized to be in this area. However it was a calculated risk we had to take as the south defences was close to being overrun. So I would like to ask for permission to allow the Turbo power rangers authorization to fly in and destroy those advancing lines."

The Captain looked upon the six rangers who stood at ease for a moment before he turned back to Robert Theron and then to one of his officers. "Lieutenant Hilton, inform AF Command in South Australia that they'll be receiving support for their lines from the Turbo Power rangers and have their regiments ready to advance."

"Yes sir." said Lieutenant Hilton, who turned and headed off to deliver his orders. Theron turned to the Power rangers and nodded to them in confirmation, with that the power rangers turned and went back to their Turbo zords before they drove away from the compound for their mission to destroy the advancing Cyber-cog armies.

Once they were gone, Robert Theron turned to Captain Paxton who spoke.

"Perhaps you could use a place to stay Sergeant. It's the least we could do after you saved our necks."

"Yes sir, we'd be happy to accept." Robert replied and he walked to the front gate with Paxton with his team following them. Whilst they walked on Robert asked. "Captain, I must ask where's your commanding officer?"

Paxton looked to the sergeant and spoke. "If you're referring to Colonel Mathers, it grieves me to inform you that he's dead. He was killed along with a group of five of his best soldiers when he tried to reopen the lines."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Robert said as he entered the compound through the gates before Paxton.

Soon after they were inside the compound, Robert Theron and his team were escorted to their bunks for rest whilst Captain Paxton went to the control room to report to Command.

Whilst Robert Theron and his team were resting in the compound, the turbo power rangers' vehicles were in auto-drive to the region of south Australia where the defences of the Royal Australian Navy and the army have amassed all regiments together for final stand against the cyber-cogs preparing to attack at daybreak.

Inside each vehicle the rangers were taking time to rest for the night as they'll need their strength for the oncoming fight, which they'll have to partake to save the regions of Australia and its people. The vehicles drove long and fast in turbo mode for two hours in speed until they were close enough to the machine camps.

Soon as they were in range the Turbozords stopped and shut their engines down for the attack.

But whilst the Turbozords stood down before the camp, a Red Lightning Turbozord vehicle was standing on a short hill in the distant west, overlooking the automated machine camp as it was mobilizing more troops for battle.

The driver in the Red lightning Turbozord wore a red shirt under a black leather jacket and on his head he wore a red helmet with a black cover to hide his face, he surveyed the whole camp for a moment before he decided to take this chance to launch a special attack.

At the back seat of the car was an EMP device designed to disable any robot or cog within a twenty mile radius which seemed big enough to shut down the entire army with a powerful pulse.

Just at the moment the sun started to rise, the driver turned its vehicle and drove down the hill before it turned towards the camp. The turbo-zord made a charge straight towards the machine's camp when the cog sentries started shooting at the coming vehicle. At full speed the vehicle drove across mushrooms of grounds made by the plasma blasts from the cog's weapons, it continued on until it went straight through the cog entrance.

It got so close to the middle of the camp as gusts of soil flew in the air and then it stopped, shutting down within minutes before it opened its hatch to raise the EMP device on top within a few seconds before it detonated.

To be continued on Chapter Six.

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