Power Rangers; Space Turbo.

Chapter Six

Within a second the EMP device activated and detonated, creating a great electronic sound wave which alarmed the regiments' defences to arms, At the same time the sun began to rise.

Its light and the electromagnetic force field shined bright enough to force the defence troops to shield their eyes from the lights. After a few seconds the bright light dimmed away as rows of cyber-cogs were short circuiting completely before burning out, collapsing on the grounds of the camp right before the eyes of those within the Army's defence grounds.

Only one of the sentries was able to spot the red lightning turbo-zord in the middle of the camp, soon the army quickly realised that the rangers must have been carrying some sort of Electro-magnetic Pulse bomb which killed the army of machines.

Soon the soldiers of the Australian army were in an uproar of celebration as word of the machine army's defeat spread across until it reached the Navy ships on the Southern coast line.

When the rangers were just waking up, they could hear the news coming from the radio; an officer on the radio was stating that a red turbo vehicle had just single handed destroyed the machine army from within its camp. Realising that this was for real, Justin slide to the right side door and got out of the mountain blaster to investigate.

He saw the whole field was covered with cyber-cog bodies.

It was a sight he couldn't believe as it seemed like the first day of a hopeless year in war.

Soon the other rangers stepped out of their vehicles to bear witness to the sight of the dead machine camp, they looked at each other in confusion as they wanted to know what caused this when the Red lightning Turbo zord came driving towards their position from the camp and then stopped when it got close enough.

As soon as it stopped, the engines were shut off and the driver stepped out of the driver's seat.

The ranger team gathered around to take a good look at the driver, who approached Justin and stopped. When he removed his helmet, the team were surprised with awe as the new Red ranger turned out to be none other than Jason lee Scott's cousin; Jeremy. "G'day guys. my name is Jeremy Thirlby. Tommy Oliver and my cousin Jason filled me in on the situation. so I volunteered to be the new Red Turbo ranger."

As the others were about to come forward to welcome him, Justin was the first to speak. "On behalf of these rangers I want to take this time to welcome you into the Turbo power rangers group, so as our new leader what are your orders?"

Jeremy looked on the others who stood at ease before he spoke his methods to his new team.

"Ok, now on the flight to Australia I've found out that the point of origin is in the centre of Western Australia, that's where Prince Gasket's base is stationed. Before we move into action in Western Australia, I think its necessary to make contact with the base here and find out what allies we have in the region. so rangers I need you all to go to western Australia and meet me there, I'll contact the Army and see what info I can get before I can join you. Justin I'm putting you in charge of the rangers. Do you think you can handle it?"

"You can count on me Jeremy, just don't be too late with red lightning here ok?" Justin said, before he turned with the team as they headed back to their vehicles and drove up north to Western Australia where Prince Gasket's base was standing, leaving Jeremy to get in his car and pull out his two way radio with a speaker phone.

On an Australian base which was at a few miles from the defence line, An Australian military Colonel of the 9th Force Support Battalion, was coming into the control room after receiving news that an E-M-P device had went off at five am, destroying every cyber cog machine from inside the camp.

Once he entered he looked to the others and then asked the same question to himself and to them.
"Well don't let me keep you all from working, but answer me this anyone know who killed those cogs? Alright I want you all to send a radio message to the power rangers outside our grounds..."

It was at the minute when the Colonel was speaking, a radio frequency from one of the radios near him buzzed aloud and as soon as the operator activated it, a voice spoke out; "Command post, this is the Red turbo ranger. I have a message for the high ranking officer." Hearing this message the Colonel approached the speaker phone and spoke. "Turbo Red ranger this is Colonel Cameron Latura, are you the one who set off that E-M-P?"

"I'm sorry I was late to bring it in sir, I got hung up with Border security. I had to use my EMP weapon to give your forces a tactical chance at victory." Jeremy Thirlby responded on the speaker of his radio.

He listened carefully whilst the Colonel spoke on the other line.

"I see, let me tell you what you did was a reckless move, but I'm pleased enough to congratulate you on your bold attack. So I want you to listen to me very carefully, a US Navy ship is parked with the Australian Navy on our coast and they've debriefed me last night on the situation of your allied Navy SEAL team, do you understand that?"

"Yes sir." Jeremy responded.

"And do you have any armed E-M-P weapons to take down the enemy personnel?"

"Armed and ready to launch another pulse sir, I can disable their defences so that your Air force can fly in to provide support, just keep those Quadra fighters off our backs whilst we're in the fight."

"Fair enough, then be made aware of this, we've been informed that your team and this Navy SEAL team are assigned to aid our forces in taking back our country. So since you're carrying a tactical weapon which can stop these machines, my superiors of the Royal Australian Army and that of Admiral Holden of the Australian Royal Navy are now authorizing you to do whatever you and your team can to aid the Australian Defence Force."

"I thank you sir, will Sergeant Theron and his SEAL team be aiding us sir?" asked Jeremy, waiting a long moment for a response when Colonel Latura called in with the news on the Seal Team:
"As we speak we've just received word that the SEAL team are now up and en-route to the Machine's point of Origin in Western Australia. Two more choppers with our two regiment teams are moving in as their back up. So if I were you soldier, I'd make tracks to that area immediately and aid in the arrival of those teams. Agreed?"

"Affirmative sir." Jeremy responded.

"Good, then I wish you all the best of luck there, soldier. Colonel out." With that Jeremy put the speaker phone away and started the engine. Soon the Red lightning Turbozord was turning around, heading north to Western Australia where the final battle will begin.

In the region of Western Australia in an area where Prince Gasket's ship stood, the Cyber-cogs were holding their grounds hard with the efforts of the power rangers as they are storming in.

Soon the forces of the Australian armies were advancing through the inner regions of Western Australia where the forces of Prince Gasket were falling back. its cogs were retreating after losing their numbers to the artillery of the Australian army and their allies, the American unit and the Turbo power rangers. Prince Gasket himself was in a temper since he received a report of his fallen army in the south, and that the Turbo Power rangers had made their appearance before the Australian royal Army.

But on hearing the report that the Princess Astronema was planning to destroy the planet he sat at the control room and sat the ship into auto-pilot mode before he made his leave from the ship to deal with the power rangers to keep them from stopping its destruction.

As soon as the ship was in the air and the battle between two forces was running through, Sergeant Robert Theron and his group dealt with each machine with their best efforts and the support of the brigades of the Royal Australian army.

It was in that moment when the end was almost at its peak Prince Gasket had come face to face with the military officer and warrior sergeant Robert Theron himself, both warriors drew their rifles and Gasket begun shooting at the military soldier whilst he evaded each shot until he took the shot.

Using his grenade launcher he shot at Prince Gasket's rifle, blowing it apart the blast knocked the Alien machine back and he fell down to the ground. Taking advantage with the prince Gasket's' defeat, Robert Theron shot the rounds from his assault rifle upon the machine Prince as it stood up on its feet.
It walked towards him until the last ten rounds managed to pierce the machine torso through, but it kept coming until it was close enough to Robert to knock the rifle out of his hands and he had to stagger back away to draw a long machete he had with him.

Gasket drew his sword as well before he and the sergeant begun the long duel together, the two warriors fought with blows and blocks exchanged along with a few punches until the rangers arrived on time to help finish off the rest of the machine armies and their departing ships.

Just as Gasket had the Sergeant Theron on the ground, Gasket raised his sword high and ready for a death blow when the Blue ranger drew his turbo and swung his sword with a side blow, dealing a harsh swipe to the back of Gasket's neck.

The deep cut caused sparks to fly from his neck as Gasket began to fall to its knees and he was left standing there frozen for a moment whilst Robert moved fast to retrieve his grenade launcher, by the time Gasket was beginning to recover from the blow and stand to make one last attack on Robert Theron, he found him standing in front of him in the distance.

Aiming his grenade launcher loaded with an incendiary grenade, Robert paused for a few seconds as he took aim before pulling the trigger, he shot the grenade at him and blew the hole in his chest wounding him deep before the power rangers too fired their plasma blast at Gasket.

When the second the shot was done, Gasket was vaporized completely.

Victory was won on that moment, the unit along with the soldiers of the Royal Australian Army had raised their weapons in celebration of their triumphant day as the Cyber-cogs along with the remaining cogs collapsed after Gasket's destruction and the ships exploded in the skies mid air.

But the work was not yet finished for Theron's unit and the seven power rangers, as soon as the time had come, the power rangers took Robert and his group and they teleported them and themselves to the city of Angel grove where the Astro rangers were fighting the final battle for mankind.

By the time they had just arrived in a discreet area in the city of Angel Grove, a huge energy wave that came from Astronema's dark fortress swept across towards the planet and turned the evil beings to dust whilst it stripped the Astro power rangers and the seven Turbo power rangers of their powers, leaving them with nothing but their morphers.
Only Robert Theron and his group were left standing with the seven kids when they heard the distant cheers of citizens from a distant part of the town, Robert and his platoon turned and headed in that direction, leaving the rangers standing.

As they couldn't believe that they had won the battle, Silvy turned to Justin and jumped into his embrace.

They kissed in the moment whilst the other rangers watched, Fred and Mandy laughed as Jeremy went woo-woo, on the couple, but only Warren reached for Maria's hand and held it, Maria turned to Warren when he took her hand and he saw his smile at her. She gave him a squeeze in the hand before she turned to Silvy and Justin when they separated. They laughed together with their friends and huddled in an embrace for this victorious day was theirs.

But victory was short lived when they noticed the cheers had died down, looking at one another with the same suspicion they turned to where the cheers died down and went to investigate what was happening there, but Warren stopped Maria before she was about to leave and he spoke.

"Listen Maria, I was wondering that after this, do you fancy going for a smoothie with me? its the least I could do since you helped me defeat a few of those cogs."

Maria was surprised to hear that she was being asked out by a boy she only knew for a short time. Turning to where the rangers were heading and back she answered him. "Well maybe we could go for a smoothie later on today after we see what's going on. how does that sound? do you like strawberry smoothies?"
Warren simply shrugged and spoke. "Sure, I say we're set."

With that both Maria and Warren went off to catch up with the others.
It was a long while walk towards the remnants of the city until they caught up with the others and then found Astronema's dark fortress ship sitting in front of the crowd of people, from its open hatch door Andros stepped out carrying Astronema's body.

The other power rangers crowded around the two for a short moment until a miracle happened before the people, who cheered once more.

But the celebration was short lived again as Robert and his group made themselves present before the citizens.
They stepped forward to place the newly revived Karone under arrest.
Robert was the one to speak. "Are you Andros of KO-35?"
"I am Andros of KO-35, the Astro red ranger." Andros answered, looking at Sergeant Theron, who introduced himself.

"I am Sergeant Robert Theron of Special forces, On behalf of the United States Army and its government I extend you their greetings. But My superiors would like this woman to accompany me. By our authorities, She is under arrest for high treason against planet earth." He said pointing to Karone.
"What!?" Andros spoke, in a harsh tone, he and the other rangers stood arguing in protest against them but Robert overruled their protests, reciting his authority as he pressed his charges on Karone, stating that Andros would be arrested if he didn't co-operate with him and allow him to arrest Karone, who heard the charges of invasion and assault on planet earth.

Justin and Silvy, Warren Maria and the rest witnessed the argument in open streets which followed as both groups were opposing one another and arguing loudly for a short moment until Karone, decided for herself to face the consequences, she stepped past Andros, Ashley and the other Astro power rangers to present herself before Sergeant Theron and his two escorts.
She stated to Sergeant Theron, that she will turn herself over to him as she now knows what she did was despicable and wrong, on the terms of surrender that her brother Andros be spared and given a new identity as an Angel grove citizen and that she be given a fair trial within the next few days. The Sergeant thought on the condition for a short while before he made his decision.
He spoke on his headphones speaker. "Seal team 6 to command post, send a chopper on our location for prisoner extraction, three minutes." "Roger that sir three minutes." the voice on the other line responded.
"Miss Karone, on behalf of the united states government I accept your terms of surrender. Gentlemen take her into custody." Sergeant Theron spoke, and his troops moved in to take her into custody, they placed her hands in front and handcuffed her before they took her with them.

As the crowds cleared the path for Robert and his soldiers who were escorting their prisoner, Karone looked back and told her brother to stay back as this is her fight alone, but Andros shouted his protests whilst Ashley and Carlos held him back from running towards them to protect his sister.
Ashley spoke to keep him calm. "Andros, these people have the authority to arrest her. Please don't do this otherwise they'll arrest you too and detain you for questioning. do you understand? They'll have you incarcerated, so please let them go." Andros looked at her in anger, but calmed down when she saw the pleading in her eyes and then decided to just let it go.
After a short moment when the platoon was walking away to the landing zone, Justin stepped forward from the crowds to meet with his friends.

"Hey guys." Justin said, and Ashley and her friends turned to see them standing there before they greeted them. "Justin, what are you doing here. and why is Mandy and Silvy here?" Asked Ashley, when she saw them. Justin spoke. "Ashley you wouldn't believe what happened out in Australia."

"What do you mean? What happened in Australia?" Ashley asked, whilst TJ, Cassie and Carlos were speaking with Silvy and the other teens, who introduced themselves as the new Turbo power rangers, much to their surprise. "Well I enlisted Silvy, Mandy and Maria, along with the other two boys into the Turbo Power rangers group." Justin explained, which shocked Ashley as she spoke.

"You did what? Justin how could you do this?"

"Ashley, you and the others were busy fighting Astronema, Prince Gasket came back from exile to conquer earth with his army. so I had to enlist Silvy and five more teens to form the team so we can defeat Prince Gasket before he could conquer the continent of Australia completely.
And there's another thing; that military officer you had spoken with, and had arrested Karone? Sergeant Theron knows that I'm a power ranger and he's the one who aided us in defeating Prince Gasket, but don't worry he swore to keep it to secrecy. so in his own words, the identity of the power rangers is completely classified."

Ashley turned to where Sergeant Theron and his team, along with Karone were standing as a huge chopper was approaching the landing zone before descending from the air. Soon the chopper touched down on the ground, its engines still running as the side door opened.

A female gunner stepped out of the side door and jogged over to Robert Theron whilst Karone, followed by two soldiers had approached the side of the chopper and entered it with her escorts who sat at both her sides for her own security. As the rest of the platoon boarded, the gunner met with Robert Theron who spoke. "We have the enemy leader known as Astronema in custody."

"I've alerted command, Sir." said the gunner.

"Very good, then let's move out." Robert said before he and the gunner boarded the chopper.

Ashley watched the platoon board the chopper for a short moment before the door closed and the chopped started to take off from the grounds of the wreckage. Soon it was flying back to its military base with their prisoner.
She then turned to Andros who could only watch it fly away, though he was angry with what has happened, he hoped that things won't be harsh. When he looked down he saw only one soldier left in the area where the chopper had landed, standing by; it was corporal Alana Price, who turned and went up to where the two groups were standing. When she finally approached the two groups, she spoke to the Astro rangers.

"Which one of you is Andros?" she asked.
Andros approached Alana and then answered. "I am."

"Andros of KO-35, I am corporal Alana price, second in command. I'm here to inform you that we'll be holding a trial within the next few days to determine your sister's fate." said Alana.
Andros stepped forward towards her and spoke. "If you hurt her in any way I will make an attack on you."

"And that would be a criminal violation to national security which will bring about another war, shall I inform my superiors that another war will come on the horizon because of this power ranger's love for the enemy?" the corporal warned Andros who remained silent.
Only Carlos stepped forward and answered. "We don't ma'am,"
The corporal nodded in response to Carlos' answer and then spoke on. "Since this has been settled, there's more that I must say: Sergeant Theron is going to take the time to hear her side of the story. The courts as well as the board will decide from there after he passes on his full report on Karone along with some evidence of her innocence. He expects the rest of the Astro power rangers and the Turbo Power rangers to attend as witnesses to the hearing of this trial."

Only TJ was the one to come forward and answer the invitation. "We will be there Corporal Price, thank you for informing us."
TJ then raised his right hand in salute, which the corporal returned.
She then looked to Ashley and the rest and then said one thing before she left. "Well done power rangers." With that said, the corporal turned and went off leaving the two teens alone as the crowds started applauding the two power ranger groups for their efforts in saving the world, Justin and Silvy slipped away to go on a date together.

Whilst the crowds were congratulating the rangers, Warren and Maria slipped out of the crowds to head off as well, heading to the smoothie bar for their first date, after Warren bought two smoothies for himself and Maria the two sat opposite one another and shared a day's peace together celebrating the moment of victory. The day itself was a special one between Warren and Maria as they enjoyed each other's company through out the day.

A week later.

It was later within the week that the trial took place at the court room of the Washington Court house in D.C., where the Astro power rangers and the Turbo rangers were present along with Sergeant Robert Theron who was in dress uniform as well as his superior Lieutenant Douglas Foster and a few other generals, Colonels and commanding officers who were from the Australian Army and the Navy. Some of them acted as representatives of the US Government, who came to witness this event as it represent the rule of justice for all mankind.

As soon as General Norquist and a few foreign generals from across the countries of the world entered and sat behind a long desk to act as the board of judges and Karone was brought before the courts, the trial began.

At the early stage of the trial, Sergeant Theron stepped up before the courts and began by addressing the charges before the Generals and the attendants, but also made a statement that Karone was under the influence of mind control thereby saying that she was a victim of the war criminal known as the Dark Spectre who was killed in battle by one of his former allies.

After the charges were heard the board of generals asked for Karone to speak for herself.

On standing up, She began to express her own regrets for doing the wrongs in the past in her own words, saying she couldn't do enough to erase her crimes and wishing for a second chance to do whatever the courts decide and in more, do other good things once more to atone for them.

With that being said the board took a moment of silence and went into a recess. they went into the next room for the discussion of the case.
The discussion went for a short while as the debate between the generals was followed by a vote to democracy. Eventually the decision was made in a compromise. After a short while the generals stepped back into the court room.
All rose and stood as General Norquist stepped up and spoke, addressing the court, its witnesses and the attendants:

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, After much debate with my colleagues we've finally reached a compromise and have discussed the verdict: I and the board of Military Generals find this woman, the defendant guilty of all charges against the countries of planet earth and its citizens, she has pleaded guilty in her testimony to the crimes she stands accused and even my colleagues have admitted that she could not do enough good to erase the evil she has done."

Andros became crushed by those harsh words, Ashley held his hand for comfort whilst TJ and Carlos looked at one another uncertain of what will happen next but they continued to listen to the declaration that General Norquist was giving out for the record before the public:
"But yet she says that she is more than willing to try and follow our terms, for the sake of peace and co-operation between two great worlds, the planet KO-35 and our planet, Earth. As general to the United States government and chosen chair person of the board chosen by the president of the united states.
I and the generals and representatives of the world governments, do hereby sentence the subject, the war criminal known as Astronema, princess of evil and destroyer of the human race... to death..."

Andros rose to protest after hearing his sister's sentence whilst Karone lowered her head in sorrow.
But he stopped when General Norquist called for silence in the court and allow him to continue his statement which brought hope to Andros as he and Ashley and their friends listened further.
Even Karone had raised her head up when she heard General Norquist's last statement.
"So that Karone and her brother, Andros of KO-35 may live and be known to the world, as Andros and Karone Phoebus, citizens of two great worlds. However if choosing to live in her home KO-35 or on planet earth, Miss Karone Phoebus will be released on her own recognisance for a six-month period of psychometric probation to include monthly review by an I.A. psychiatric technician, and a final psychological evaluation by the end of this year and she'll receive full citizenship. I now hereby declare the terms of this Court are concluded and these proceedings are closed."

With that being said, Karone was set on her course and all was resolved, she went to Andros who came forward to embrace her after a long week of being separate from one another. The generals and attendants of the courts proceeded to leave the courtroom whilst the two rangers stayed for a short while.

They stood for the time congratulating Karone on her freedom when Sergeant Theron and Lieutenant Foster came around and approached the two power ranger groups. Lieutenant Foster was the one to speak.

"Rangers, I am Lieutenant Douglas foster of Air force Intelligence and I am Sergeant Theron's superior officer. I'm very honoured to meet the famous power rangers of whom I've heard so much about and as you're aware that we've deemed your identities as classified to all who are not aware of your presence."

Ashley Hammond was the one to come forward to speak. "Well thank you Lieutenant, we all appreciate what your superiors have done for Karone and Andros, he thought that..."

"We were going to have her executed? Well after Sergeant Theron's report on her our superiors merely decided on a compromise to allow her to live, which was a harsh gamble but in the end it was worked out reasonably. And I'd have to advise Andros here, to use the last name Phoebus as part of his citizenship declaration on earth." Lieutenant Foster explained, handing a folder over to Ashley.
She opened it to find some legal documents along with two IDs and passports inside the folder.

"Its a gift from our governments for our two new citizens of Planet Earth to have, in exchange that Andros will allow Sergeant Theron along with a group of military technicians and escorts to be stationed in KO-35 to act as a Liaison to its community, would you accept Andros?"

Andros looked at the Lieutenant, approaching whilst he thought it over and gave an answer by offering his hand to him. "Sure, we'd be honoured to have him on our planet. My ship leaves the day after tomorrow then."

Standing with her group Silvy Larson was left in shock on hearing that Robert Theron was leaving earth for another planet and she won't be able to see him again, which made her sad. Accepting Andros' hand shake Lieutenant Foster "Good then its settled, I hope you'll be ready to leave by then."

"The ship is always ready Lieutenant." Andros responded.

"Very good Andros, but its best that you call me Major Foster. Sergeant Theron and I have received a promotion for our best efforts on the field. I heard they need a new Captain so he's been chosen for a special promotion for the position. So what do you say, do you want the Job Theron?" said Douglas, looking to Theron who was surprised to hear this. Regaining composure, he stood before the Major's side and then answered.

"I'll take it Sir, till I get killed or that you find some one better." said Robert.

Glad for the newly made Captain, Andros approached him and gave out a comment. "Well done Captain Theron."

"Thank you Andros, carry on squad leader." said Robert.
"Yes sir." Andros said, giving a right hand salute to the newly promoted captain, the two ranger groups did the same to the humour of the Major and the Captain who returned their salute and then left the court room together with air cleared out and affairs put to rest.

The day of the departure.

Robert Theron was at the clear airfield where the Astro megaship was docked, he was standing there having a meeting with Maggie Larson and Silvy Larson whilst his group were busy loading their supplies into the ship.

As part of the agreement, Theron and his unit along with a few science consultants would head off to the planet KO-35 to set up a military installation and help the colony there to rebuild their new world and share their knowledge and resources with one another as a start of building a bridge of prosperity and co-operation between the two worlds.

Whilst they chatted, Robert shared his desire for Maggie and Silvy to come and join him on KO-35.

But Maggie had her own reasons to stay as she spoke. "I'd really like to go Robert, however I don't think living on another planet in such a short time would work for me really, but I'm glad that I met you in these dark times.

"I'm glad too, no matter what happens I'm truly relieved that I shared my secrets with you." said Robert.

"Well those secrets did surprise me at first but I say that it was good that you shown me." said Maggie.

"Yes, but I wish we had some more time to get to know each other, so we could end up together." Robert said moving close to Maggie who smiled at the thought for a short while before she spoke and deduced.

"It probably would never have worked out for us anyway."

"Why not? asked Robert.
"You're a captain of a new United Space command, so there probably won't be any room for the two of us. Besides you must have been chasing the stars since you were a kid, so its what you want." Maggie explained.

"Yeah you're probably right, I have a start in a new career and it'll need me full time." Robert said, looking on her, He looked down to Silvy and then crouched down to speak to her.

"Silvy I wish I could take you with me."

"Yes and so do I, but I couldn't leave my mother alone and I still have high school to go through and a boyfriend here, so I guess we have to face those facts."

"Well I'll tell you what Silvy, I'll have NASA space camp take you and a friend in, and as soon as you graduate I'll also see to it that NASA takes you in for training to become an astronaut. Then once you've passed I'll enlist you as part of my new team in space. How does that sound?" Robert asked Silvy who was a little gloomy but lightened up when he spoke to her about getting her into Space camp to fulfil her dream to become an astronaut.

She smiled as she spoke. "I say it sounds great Robert. I'd be happy to take you up on that offer." She moved in and gave her a hug, which he returned. They shared the embrace for a short moment before they separated, Robert stood back up, took his bag and his weapons bag he then turned to leave for the Megaship.

But he stopped at a couple of steps to turn and look at Maggie, who was about to leave, he called out to her and spoke.

"Maggie, before I depart there's something I forgot to mention, Silvy and I weren't permitted to reveal all of our secrets to any civilians."

"You're not?" asked Maggie. Robert sighed before he spoke "Well actually I am, but to military personnel and only to one civilian."

"Who is that?" asked Maggie.

"The school teacher of Angel Grove I will hope to see within six months time, that is if she sees me worthy and hopes to see me as well." Robert answered, Maggie turned to face Robert when he was referring to her.

"And what if she doesn't see you worthy and refuses you?" asked Maggie.

Robert simply chuckled and then simply lamented. "Well then I say its absolutely up to her, but she'd be a fool to pass on an opportunity of seeing a great hero. after all no one refuses the captain who saved a nation."

Maggie chuckled, turning her back for a short moments pause before she turned back and went straight towards Robert. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she locked her lips with him whilst Silvy watched them, giggling at them.

They kissed, his hands now empty held her for a short while before they separated.

Maggie smiled, her left hand caressing his face as she looked on her new boyfriend she hopes to see soon. she says her last words to him. "Goodbye Captain."

Afterwards she stepped back from Robert who picked up his bags, turned and walked off towards the Astro Megaship whilst Maggie turned and walked off to meet her smiling daughter, who giggled.

The two then walked away from the area as Robert stepped on board the Astro Megaship, placed his bags into the cargo hold and went to take his seat before the ship started to take off, Setting its course for KO-35; Andros' home world.


Some time later, on KO-35. After settling down on the planet with a series of Base camps and facilities being built for the Technicians and their staff, Captain Theron's group and the rangers, helped the inhabitants to rebuild their world in exchange for letting them stay as part of a liaison group to Planet earth.
Captain Robert Theron decided to take the chance to visit the Astro rangers as they are about to take the Megaship to Earth. However, Andros, Zhane and Karone are staying, Ashley tries unsuccessfully to persuade Andros to come with them.

As the Rangers board the Megaship, with Ashley upset that she has lost Andros. Robert watched them from the distance, saluting them as they boarded before he turned his head to look at Andros.
Deciding that the red ranger needs a push from a superior officer, Robert turned and walked over to Andros' side.
Seeing that Andros was looking so sad, Robert spoke out. "Andros Phoebus, you are a human being aren't you?"

Andros looked at him before he answered. "yes I am."

Robert shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.
"Good, so I hope that you understand why I am telling you that for one with a superior mind and all, you are the first total Moron I have ever met on this planet for letting a beautiful woman like her go back to earth without you."

Andros then turned his head confused but started to understand why he called him that word, he spoke.
"Ok Captain Theron, just don't rub it in on me sir, you're not my father you know."

"Well of course I'm not, and I won't rub it in but if I was then answer me this; how many Ashley Hammonds do you think there are in this part of the known galaxy?" Robert said to Andros, who looked at his friends walking up the entrance of the Megaship and back at Captain Theron's face.
"Sir, you know I can't leave KO-35, Its a home that have to help rebuild..." Andros spoke, explaining to the Theron his reason but he stopped him looking at him with a stern look on his face, he said to Andros. "Andros, as far as I'm concern I'm not a too smart being like your people, but as human as they are I know in my heart that your place is with Miss Hammond, she want's you.
Look, you home is in the heart. There will always be a place on earth as will be this planet."

Andros looked at Captain Theron, who looked at the Megaship, he was about to argue his protest when Theron spoke first to him. "Take it from an earthling, Andros Phoebus of KO-35. Don't you dare make this big mistake or you'll end up wasting your life in regret, so I'm urging you as an officer to go on that Megaship and go to earth with your girl. this is the last order I give you."

"Thank you sir for your encouragement." Andros said to Robert, who simply gave a nod before he ordered him with raised eyebrows.

"Now get on that Megaship and get off this planet before I put you on." Taking his order, Andros saluted the captain before he turned to the Megaship and then rushed off towards the entrance to board. Soon after a few seconds, Karone and Zhane followed Andros.

Standing with a small grin on his face, Captain Theron watched the three board the ship within a moment before it took off from the grounds and then went off into space. With all the farewells given and all were returning to their work, Robert turned around to head back to the compound so that he can oversee the construction of the new Military base and the rebuilding of the world on KO-35.

A year Later.

It was almost a year long since the battle for earth by the end of 1998 an alliance was built between Earth and alien planets such as Eltar, KO-35, Aquitar, or Triforia, and it was dubbed the Galactic Space Alliance.

Within the beginning of the new year, scientists and researchers from each planet have come together to build a gargantuan spaceship which could house and carry several hundred thousand people from all over the world across the galaxy to an unspecified "new world". once it was fully operational, it was named the Terra Venture.

The purpose of Terra Venture was to escape the constant monster attacks on Earth and find a new home for innocent civilians. Most of the inhabitants are actually from Angel Grove, the centre of the alien attacks over the past several years. Equipped with five engines, each with four rocket exhaust ports, with a core that contains living quarters and a café, and a large city held in the dome at the ship's top; while the city was somewhat uninhabited, it was meant to be the shining capital of the new world. Above this dome is a comparatively small observation deck inhabited by the ship's captain, crew, and scientists, and there are several passageways that branch off from the ship's main body and end in shuttle docks or smaller domes that contain landscapes, such as oceans, deserts, or mountain.

During that year on earth, after retiring from ranger duties Justin and Silvy's relationship grew close.

They've been dating for over eight months at the time.

Throughout each month they were able to achieve wonders in their enrolment, becoming the new students of the Galactic Space Alliance training school and they both passed each test with good grades in their training.

Even though they were together, both were going on different paths, Silvy as an astronaut and Justin a science officer and professional inventor which turned into a new field of work which collided with Silvy's field of work.

But through those tough times, they managed hard to stay together.

As Justin's relationship was slowly passing through the struggles of life, Warren and Maria have also been dating for over eight months before Warren asked Maria to marry him, which she happily accepted. After they were married a month later they left Angel Grove together. two months later Maria became pregnant with their first child.

Fred and Mandy went their separate ways after he joined the Galactic Space Alliance, Fred and Mandy's brother Bobby enrolled as a soldier and a computer hacker for the Terra venture science academy where he hoped to see the new world and become apart if it whilst Mandy stayed on earth and went on to become a professional dancer under the tutoring supervision of Aisha's old friend Shawna Hilton who became a teacher at the royal dance academy in Reefside.

As for Captain Robert Theron, having returned from KO-35 after six months in active duty on the planet, he started dating Silvy's mother Maggie, going out with her for over the next seven months until the two eventually decided to get married, Theron proposed to her on her favourite place in the Angel Grove park.

She accepted his proposal on the condition that he takes her to KO-35 and they start a new life there together, which Robert agreed to. A month after the Terra venture was launched; they were married in a private ceremony with Silvy as her maid of honour and Carlos Vallerte and Justin Stewart as the best men. A couple of days after they were married, Maggie and Robert moved to KO-35, where they found an area to settle down with the colony.

Whilst there, Maggie continued her teachings, educating the children of KO-35 about the morals and values of planet earth and Robert helped her what way he can whilst working with scientists in building bio combat suits for field combat encase another war was to start and they'd be prepared for whatever comes in the future. But a couple of months after moving to KO-35 Maggie became pregnant with Robert's first child, seven more months later, the two were then blessed as Maggie had given him a beautiful baby daughter, they named her Chyler Hope Theron.

When Terra venture had started its maiden voyage across the stars, Justin and Silvy were present to witness its blast off into space and over the year they heard of a new team of power rangers from their friend Carlos and the other Astro power rangers, who helped them defeat the Psycho rangers.

At first when Justin heard that Karone had joined the new Galaxy rangers, he didn't like the idea but then he warmed up to it after hearing that she faced her demons in the version of her alter ego in order to save Galaxy ranger Leo Corbett.

After that whole exciting year he and Silvy graduated from the academy and Justin asked for Silvy's hand in marriage, which she accepted with pride and honour. But that's another story yet to be told in the future.

The End

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