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More Than Two (IT STREDDIE)


With their ‘adventure’ in the sewers long behind them, the losers have found themselves becoming comfortable. Many accepting changes they never knew could be acceptable. However, they forget even though IT is gone, fear will remain, especially when it came to love.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

High in the sky

Despite being trapped within Derry, Maine for what seems like eternity, the losers club thrived.

For starters, Henry Bowers no longer stalked the school’s hallway looking for an easy beat up, and he no longer taunted every corner for the losers. They were freed from his tyrant ways.

Home was much different.

No matter how many fights you can have in the sewers, you can’t fix everything. Mike still went home with no parents, Bev lived hidden behind rumors, Bill saw Georgie’s closed door, Stan felt his father placing more on his shoulders, Ben melted behind his hoodies, Richie felt useless for being gay, and Eddie only felt his lungs being crushed with every pill he takes.

In the end of the day they were still losers hoping for their happy ending. The happy ending to save them from the grasp of reality and end destruction in their minds.

And according to Richie being open about being gay was a step towards a happy ending,he peddled past the houses as he soon drew near towards Stan’s house for movie night. Ready to be himself once and for all.

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