We're All Mad Here

Special Chapter: Interactions

Garrett was a normal 6 year old boy. Both his parents were dead; he was rescued by the Greatest Swordsman in the World, Dracule Mihawk. He admired Mihawk and looked up to him; the only thing that was wrong with his life is that his big sister that he loves with all his heart absolutely loathes everything about Dracule Mihawk. It has been 6 months since Mihawk rescued Garrett and his sister Madeline, or Maddie. During those 6 months Garrett has witnessed how Mihawk and Maddie have… interacted with each other. Even right now they were having one of their everyday interactions. Today Mihawk told Garrett and Maddie that he had to leave because the World Government had summoned him to a meeting because he was a Warlord now, he had to go. As a 6 year old boy Garrett was able to understand many things like, one of those things being that he understands that when a person is ordered to do something, then they have to do it. However Maddie, 3 years Garrett's senior didn't understand that concept. What Maddie understands fully is that; her way is the right way and everyone else is wrong. Right now Garrett was sitting at the dining table with a glass of orange juice and he is watching Mihawk and Maddie interact.

Mihawk and Maddie are standing face to face with their arms crossed and glaring at each other. Mihawk is currently wearing an expression that Maddie dubbed as 'I-Need-A-Drink-Face' while Maddie's expression read that she was 100% right no matter what.

"We are going to die when you leave."

"No you won't."

"Yes we will. The Humandrills will eat us."

"The Humandrills are scared of you, they won't eat you."

"We have no food."

"There is a 6 month supply of food in the kitchen."

It was quite a funny scene. Dracule Mihawk, one of the most intimidating and powerful men in the world was giving a little 9 year old girl a stare that would bring the most powerful of Marines to their knees and crying for their mothers. While the little 9 year old girl was giving an evenly intimidating glare back at Mihawk, even when she has a turquoise dress on with a hat/tea cup on her head and a little mouse on her shoulder. If anyone who wasn't exposed to Maddie and Mihawk's interactions before today would out right laugh at this scene, then they would fall to their knees begging for his or her mom to help him or her.

Garrett has been exposed to this ever since Mihawk and Maddie had made eye contact at their first meeting. The surprising thing is that before Maddie met Mihawk she would do the exact same thing to other. But unlike the others, Mihawk wasn't one to give up on a challenge… even if it was from a 9 year old girl more than a foot shorter than him.

"I am just going to be gone for 5 days. You will survive."

"A full grown man can die if he doesn't have water in 3 days. We are little children and we will die in less than 3 days without water!"

Mihawk then exhaled a sigh and he pinched the bridge of his noise.

"…What do you want now?"

Maddie batted her eyes and a look of pure innocence filled her face. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't want anything."

Mihawk returned his gaze on Maddie. "We all know how this happens. I plan to leave and you wine and cry until we make a 'trade'. I'm on a deadline today and I'm too tired to listen to your wails today so, what is the 'trade' going to be this time?"

Maddie unfolded her arms and is now fiddling with her fingers while she hums and bounces on the balls of her feet.

Now is when Garrett gets involved… .Time…

"Weelll… you see… Garrett needs some new books."

Mihawk raised his well-manicured right eyebrow. "Garrett needs some books?"

An innocent looking smile appeared on Maddie's face, "You see Garrett is a growing young man and he needs some books to educate himself on the outside world. How do you expect him to know how to add and subtract and how to write and how to even survive in this horrible world?!... He also needs some more Peppermint tea leaves."

"… Peppermint tea leaves?"

Maddie spun around in a circle and then she faced Mihawk again and she placed her hands firmly on her hips. "Peppermint tea prevents bad breath, boosts your immune system, and eases muscle fatigue and pain. Why wouldn't you get Peppermint tea leaves?!"

Mihawk exhaled another sigh, "…Fine." Then Mihawk turned his back to Maddie not wanting to see what he already knew would happen.

Right after Mihawk turned his back to Maddie a wicked smile magically appeared on her face. Just one glance at that smile and anyone could tell that she had just won a battle. With the smile still glued to her face Maddie raised her arm and viciously started to wave at Mihawk who was leaving the room and heading off to leave Kuraigana.

"See ya later Wanna-be-Pirate! Remember if you don't get the books and Peppermint tea leaves for Garrett then something bad will happen."

Mihawk stopped walking and he slowly turned his head around to look at Maddie. A sudden dark aura surrounded Mihawk and he knew what that threat meant. One time he 'forgot' to bring back some tea leaves for 'Garrett' and when he came back to Kuraigana he was welcomed to the most horrific scene has ever seen in his life. He went to get his favorite bottle of red wine when he saw that ALL his wine bottles were smashed and the dark red liquid that Mihawk cherished more than his life had painted the wooden floor of his wine room a dark blood red.

Mihawk gave Maddie a murderous expression at her sudden 'threat' and he knows that she is more than willing to commit that heinous crime again. When Maddie registered that Mihawk was giving her his murderous and threatening warning look she replied back to his threat with a warm and cheerful smile that engulfed her face. To anyone who doesn't know Maddie they would have loved that smile, but Garrett and Mihawk knew her. They knew that smile said 'follow my orders or else say goodbye to ALL your wine bottles.'

It felt like time stopped when Maddie and Mihawk started their glaring/smiling contest… but in reality it only lasted a few minutes. After their gazes broke apart Mihawk walked out of the room and he exited the castle, he walked in large strides until he reached his coffin boat and he set sail; happy not to around the future sociopath and her sidekick that currently are his 'guest'.

After Mihawk left the castle the two children were still in the dining room. During Maddie and Mihawk's annual interaction, Garrett had finished his cup of juice and he was now currently watching his sister to see if she was going to do what he expected her to do.




Maddie then turned on her heel and she skipped way from Garrett, then in a fluid movement Maddie twirled around until she was making eye contact with her brother. Over the 6 years that Garrett has known his sister they have developed a special language between the two. Ever since Mihawk brought them to Kuraigana Garrett hasn't muttered a single word, Maddie was the only person who was able to understand him because she could tell what he was thinking by just looking at his eyes. In that brief moment that Maddie make eye contact with her brother she could tell what he was asking her; 'what are you going to do now?' Maddie flashed her brother a mischievous smile, "You should know by now what I'm going to do next Garrett. I'm going to go into His wine room and I'm going to hide half of His bottles and the other half I'm going to switch with juice. So don't drink the juice bottles until Dracule returns." Then Maddie twirled around and she continues skipping away from Garrett and on to her next source of entertainment; to make Dracule Mihawk Mad.

Now left all by himself in the colossal dining room all Garrett could think about was, 'If Maddie really wanted more books and Peppermint tea leaves then she should have just told Mihawk, and if Mihawk wanted Maddie to tell him goodbye then he should have just told her.' Garrett exhales a huge and tiresome breath, then he stood up and he walked over to a nearby bookshelf. He found the book he was looking for and he took it and he made his way to the library in Mihawk's castle.

The title of the book that Garrett took was, 'How to Communicate with Others'.

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