We're All Mad Here

Chapter 11: History and a Fair Trade?

"What the hell do you mean when you called me 'Savior-sama'?"

"With do time you will understand. However I request to have some time alone with you, Savior-sama."

"… Sure, why not. Lead the way old Geezer."

"… Ka-Kayano-sama! Maddie-sama just woke up and I believe she does not feel well enough to travel!"

The old Geezer and I stop moving and we turn behind us to see a shaking Willow with a terrified expression on her face.

The old Geezer then looked Willow straight in the eye, "Is this your medical opinion Willow?"


A suffocating silence filled the room.

"Very well then." He then turned to face me. "We may talk in Willow's living area if you are feeling well enough."

"… I'm fine; my head just hurts a little."

"Alright, please meet me in Willow's living area when you feel well enough."

"… Sure."

The old Geezer then bowed to me and left the room. I glance behind me to see Willow who looks shocked and her boys are huddled behind her.

"…That's pretty impressive."

"W-Wh-What was impressive?"

"You just ordered your island's leader around, in other places I bet you would have been beheaded for that."

"W-Well you see… I am our island's top medicine doctor, and since you are hurt I thought it would be dangerous for you to travel around our village."


"I might have also thought that you would prefer to not see everyone in our village, they can sometimes be a little… overwhelming…"

I walk over to Willow and I envelop her in a hug. "Thank you."

"You should go and talk to Kayano-sama. It would be very rude to keep him waiting."

I quickly ruffle each of Willow's boys' auburn locks and I walk out of the cramped room.

Outside the room that I woke up in I see the rest of Willow's house. The rest of her house is at the most as big as my dining room/kitchenette on my boat. There is a minuscule kitchenette that has a pot of soup on the counter and there is a worn down compact couch adjacent to the kitchenette. There isn't a dining table or any knickknacks around… I wonder… I bet that the couch is Willow's bed. There's only the front door and the door that I came from in this… 'House', so the only place which Willow would be able to sleep would be on the couch or on the ground. Since Willow's the best doctor on this island, I would have thought she would have a nice house instead of this… crappy shack.

"Please forgive me; I did not realize that you would be out so soon."

To my right I see the old Geezer walk into Willow's 'house', he also has something new in his hands.

"What's that in your hands?"

The old Geezer looks down at the thing in his hands and his frown that has been plastered on his face ever since I've met him changes into a nostalgic smile. "This is our island's scroll."

"…Scroll? Why does your island have a scroll? What is the name of this dark island anyway?"

"Everything will be explained with this scroll Savior-sama. I recommend taking a seat while I explain our island's history."

This old Geezer is ordering me around while he's still calling me his superior and other bullshit… weirdo.

I hesitate for a brief second but my stupid curiosity takes over and I sit down on the far left of Willow's bed/couch. The old Geezer tosses the scroll from his spot at the doorway. I watch as the scroll rolls down the room and all that's on the scroll is… nothing. I look up and I see the old Geezer walk to the couch and he places his cane against the wall and then he sits down at the far right side of the couch. I look into the old Geezer's gray eyes and I see nostalgia plagues his eyes and mouth. After the scroll stops rolling I see that the scroll reaches from Willow's front door to the end of the room. The paper on the scroll has a yellowish tint to it and it looks like its thousands of years old.

"I will now explain to you our island's history. It all started with Moai, our island's guardian. He-"

"What's a Moai?"

"Please listen to everything I say, and if you get confused at all please look at the scroll."

What does he mean be looking at the scroll? ...Wow…

I look down at the scroll that covers the worn down wooden floor of Willow's 'house' and at the top of the scroll I see that pictures are magically appearing. It shows a colossal stone figure that looks like its millenniums years old.

"That is Moai."

I look up at the old Geezer and he's looking at the picture with affection in his eyes, I look back down at the picture and I see the gigantic stone figure, now known as 'Moai' again.

"Moai is our island's guardian. 2,150 cycles ago Moai selected me to be our island's leader; he also presented me with this scroll. Moai said that the history of our island will be documented on this scroll."

This old Geezer can talk to magical colossal stone figures? And I thought I was Mad…

"Moai told me that our island will be taken over and a man with sleek black hair and a wide grin will appear and save us and he will have the honor of naming our island. Just as Moai predicted 30 cycles ago our island was terrorized by evil men who called themselves 'Pirates', but then the man with the sleek black hair and wide grin appeared. He chased off all the 'Pirates' on our island and to thank him we allowed him to name our home. The man named our island, Ever Green Island, he said that he named it that name because he wished that this island will always be bright and green for the rest of time. We hosted a festival for our savior, we celebrated for 4 cycles and during those cycles we had learned that our Savior's name was Gol D. Rodger. We asked him to stay, I Kayano Ōsug; leader of our island, even offered him my position as island leader. Unfortunately, he decline. Gol-sama said that he could not rule us because he was going to be the 'King of the Pirates'. We accepted his decision as long as he come and visits us, and he agreed he would. True to his word over the course of dozens and dozens of cycles Gol-sama did come, however 10 cycles ago Moai told me that Gol-sama would not be coming back to us, ever again. "

… if my Mad mind is working for once in my life… does that mean that I was asleep for a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR?!

"However, two cycles after Moai told me that Gol-sama would never come back he told me that our island would be invaded again; however this time the invader would be much more powerful. Moai also told me that a savior would come and same us, she would be short and have blue and purple hair."

… I technically have Turquoise hair with natural magenta highlights…but I bet these islanders just picked me because I was the first person who came by who fit that description.

"Just as Moai predicted you came and you will save us all. S-"

"What's the threat this time? Some more Pirates came? Why did Rodger name this place Ever Green Island anyway? The surface of this island is covered in pure darkness and what's with the sun not coming out?"

I must have hit a nerve or something because the old Geezer stopped talking and his gazed traveled down to the picture of 'Moai'.

"… 2,280 cycles ago I ate the Forest-Forest fruit. It was because of the power that I gained from that devil fruit, I became the island leader. I let our island flourish with vegetation and many animals thrived here. Our island was known as the greenest island on the first half of the Grand Line. I, along with Moai; we made this island green and spectacular."

… He's speaking in past tense. 'Was' instead of 'Is', why?

"… Many cycles ago, a 'Pirate' came. He terrorized everything and everyone. At first he started to kill our wildlife. A little girl in our village, she went to go and harvest some apples, she did not find any apples; what she found was a dead body… It was not any dead body though."

The old Geezer shot his head up and his gaze locked with mine. His onyx gray eyes show pain and regret in them.

"We had many predators here. It was common to find a few dead bodies of animals every once in a while, but this time was different. This time the girl found a baby bunny. I heard her scream so I went to go and help here, what I saw was absolutely horrible… an animal would not be able to do what happened to that baby bunny… only a demon could torture, terrorize and destroy that poor innocent bunny…"

The old Geezer cleared his throat; I could tell that it's really hard for him to talk about this. His eyes are glassy now; he's trying not to cry too. If he's this affected by that scene then… I wonder how scared that little girl was.

"… He killed off all our animals. Every single living animal that had meat on it was killed; including the predators. He would take the bodies away so after all the animals were killed all that was left was blood. Blood soaked our precious ground… some of the villagers complained how their crops were starting to taste like blood instead of their natural flavor. After all the animals were gone we survived on our crops, but that did not last long. Soon after the animals were killed, he started to destroy our crops. He set fires, pulled up the roots and even poisoned them too. A group of our villagers had had enough of this 'Pirate'. One day that group of villagers went to where they suspected that he was living… the group of villagers were never came back alive. A cycle after the villagers went missing, we all woke up to ever villager who went missing's heads on the ground. Their families, wives, children, mothers and fathers saw their sons', father' and husbands' decapitated heads in-front of their front doors. Up until that point I wanted to stay peaceful with the 'Pirate', but after he killed that group of 30 men, I had had enough. I went to him to try to chase him off our island… but then he…"

"…What did he do? Please tell me, I have to know."

"… He stole my devil fruit power."

"What?! That's impossible… how?"

"I am not sure how he did it, but what I do now is that I tried to grab him with a tree while using my devil fruit powers… and then he touched me. After he touched me I was unable to use my powers again… but he was able to use my powers. After he stole my devil fruit powers he killed a quarter of our island's population and he captured another quarter of the population too. As the island leader I only had one choice, I had to make sure to rescue as many of my people as I could."

"… What about your guardian, the big statue guy that you could talk to? Why didn't he help?"

"… I had my fight with this 'Pirate' in-front of Moai. When I tried to grab him with the tree, I was distracted. He distracted me by… I am sorry I just…"

"…Kayano Ōsugi, please tell me what happened."

"He beheaded Moai. I was… I just did not know what to do… Moai is- was my best friend, he gave me the chance to help our island and… when he beheaded Moai I was shocked, it was during that time that the 'Pirate' touched me and stole my powers. The only thing that I could do was save at the most half of our island's people and evacuate them to where we are hiding and trying to survive now."

"Where are we?"

"When our first ancestors came to this island, they created an underground travel system. The travel system has dozens of entrances and exits. Nobody knows why they were created but my best guess was that our ancestors hid their treasure and money from 'Pirates' by storing them down here. When we first came down here, there was just stone, some rats and some running water that was available for us to live on, but as time came and went we were able to, on good days travel to the surface and steal some supplies. Many villagers gave their life sacrificing themselves to gather tools, clayand what little wood we had left."


"After Moai was… assaulted, our island started dying. The once bright and cheery ground turned dark, our large and wise trees turned dark and with just one touch they would crumple and die."

Every word Ōsugi has told me, every scene he told me about was shown in picture on the scroll. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Willow and her boys were listening to everything Ōsugi and I had just talked about.

In less than a heartbeat I stood up off the couch and I stared at the wall that's in-front of me. I could tell I startled Willow, her boys and Ōsugi because I can hear shuffling and I can feel eyes looking up at me.

"You see, I'm a pirate too. I just became a pirate less than 2 weeks ago, but I'm still one. I'm not going to kill you all like how that Pi- no. He has no right to be called a Pirate. The man who murdered your people and killed your island, he is a Demon. I am not this Demon, in order for me to defeat this Demon and keep my pride as a Pirate I need to make a trade with your island."

"We will give you anything you want! Money, treasure… my people, please! You can have anything you want, just help us! Please Savior-sama!"

I eye ball Ōsugi for a long moment then my eyes traveled over to Willow and her boys, they are looking at me with hope.

I tear the bandage off my head and I throw it on the ground. I then stretch all my muscles and bones until I hear many pops and cracks coming from my body. I leisurely walk over the scroll and past Willow and her boys, I make my way to the front door and I open it and I stand in the doorway with my back facing the 5 people in Willow's 'house'.

"Wye, Mingo and Mercer. Where exactly did you find me?"




After a brief pause, probably because the boys weren't sure if they should answer my question, but after the pause I hear, "If you go right and keep walking until you find a hole in the wall to your right. Go into that hole and that is where we found you."

I swing my head over my right shoulder and I give the three boys a thankful smile. "Thank you."

I put my hands behind my back and I turn to my right and I skip down the path in the underground travel system where these people live. I started humming a small and cheerful tune to myself; I could see that what surviving people were giving me strange looks as I skipped past them. Up ahead I can see the hole that the boys were talking about… at least I hope it's the right hope.

"Wait! Savior-sama!"

"Maddie-sama, please wait!"

I stop mid-step in my skip and I look behind me to see Ōsugi and Willow following me. A normal person would stop and wait for them… but since I'm Mad, I'm not normal at all. With my decision made I continue skipping until I come in-front of the small hole in the wall. The hole looks to be about 3 and half feet tall and a foot in width, with my petite statue I can easily fit, so I just crouch down and I crawl in. Inside I see soft material, moss and a mattress in the circular room that I entered. I bet that mattress was the reason why I didn't break my skull and back when I fell… but why would a- never mind I have other stuff to worry about, like how the hell am I going to get back to the surface.


Ohhh, seems they have joined forces against me. They just told me to 'WAIT!' together… Oh! I could do that!

The gray brick stones that make up the walls of the circular room have bricks that extrude from the walls. I still have my gloves on so my hands won't get hurt… and if I scale the walls I should be okay. The walls look like they are about… hmmm… 50 feet at least, the worst case scenario is that I fall and hit my head on- Oh! That's how I got my cut on my head. I must have hit my forehead on the wall and that must have caused my blackout too. I bet these boys were at the bottom of this well playing and trying to be normal boys, it must have been funny seeing the boys' faces when I fell out of the sky.



Their voices are getting closer so I should get going and scale this wall. I start by grabbing onto the nearest extruding brick and I calculate how far I should move and when I should start to move to the left or right by looking at the bricks up ahead. My strategy is working out well enough until I make it past the half way mark, just a little less than 25 feet to go now.



I look down and I see Ōsugi and Willow on the ground… and they're nagging about me to coming down and if I don't them I'll hit my head and die and blah, blah, blah. I used to climb the trees on Kuraigana all the time, and the trees there were nothing compared to scaling this well.

"Will you two just shut up! If you two keep running your mouths it's going to distract me and then I will fall."

… That shut them up real quick.

I grab the final brick and as I pull myself up I feel the bricks that have supported my feet collapse and fall and I'm left dangling on one little flimsy brick while the rest of my body is in midair. I can hear Ōsugi and Willow screaming my name but I don't care. I'm not scared or worried that I will die. I have been in a situation similar to this before in the past, but unlike this time I don't have someone under me in case I fall.

I guess this is what Blue Bird meant when he told me that I should gather a crew soon, that there will be situations where I would need someone to watch my back. But right now I can't think about that, I just have to do what I have been doing all my life. Pull myself up and don't look back.

I focus all my strength in my body into my arms and I pull myself up until I'm sitting on the edge of the well.

"Savior-sama are you alright?!"

"Maddie-sama are you alright?!"

I causally kick my feet up and down at the edge of the well and I look down on them… literally. "You two worry too much." I then travel my gaze to Ōsugi. "Hey Ōsugi, I have a question for you."

Ōsugi straightens his old and crinkly back and he stares straight at me. "Anything you need Savior-sama you can have."

"I have no idea where that came from but thanks. But my question is why didn't you call the Marines? Isn't that what normal people do when they're in trouble."

Ōsugi and Willow look at each other and then they stare back at me. "We did ask the Marines to help but they ignored us, they said that it is out of their jurisdiction."

A confused expression appears on my face, why would Marines ignore innocent civilians, these people aren't Pirates. I thought their job was to help people not ignore them.

"What do you mean by 'out of their jurisdiction'?"

"I told them what the 'Pirate's' flag looked like and they said they could not help."

"Geezer listen to me. WHY did they say that?!"

"… The 'Pirate' who came here and destroyed our island is a part of a Warlord's Pirate Crew."

… Now that makes sense. The Marines stay away from Warlords.

A nice and cheery smile turns my frown upside down. "A Warlord you say? That's just perfect. Well I have to go stay safe and don't come up here until I come back." I then stand up from the edge of the well and I start to move away from the well's edge.


"Ughhh… What is it now…"

"What do you want to trade?"


"Yes! You said you will only help us if we make a trade with you, what do you want?"

… Oh yeah… I did say something about a trade…didn't I?

"Do you really want to know what I want?"


"I want you to make me a map of Ever Green Island."




".. Please wait a second Savior-sama I can make you that map in a few seconds, just wa-"

"Hold on there Ōsugi, I want a specific map of your island. I want it to have all the features of your island, all the rivers, paths and I even want it to have the underground travel system too. I want every little detail written and drawn on that map. I don't need it right now so when I come back I want it to be ready, got it."

Willow and Ōsugi look at each other and then at me, "Is that all you want?"

I place my hands on my hips… what else would I want… "Nope, that's it. I better get going. See ya later and make sure the map is perfect and ready when I come back." I turn my back to them and as I walk away from the well I can hear them yelling at me to come back, but unlike the other times I don't turn back and talk or see them. I continue walking.

I'm not just doing this because this Demon killed this island and half the natives here… I'm going to kill this Fucked up Bastard because he has my hat.

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