We're All Mad Here

Chapter 12: Mysterious at the Mansion

I'm currently standing in front of the Mansion on top of the hill and I've been standing here for half an hour thinking about how I should get inside. During that half hour I have created two plans. Plan one would be: I could search the perimeter of the Mansion until I find a weak spot and then I could enter the house through the weakest point. Plan two would be, I could just walk up to the front door and kick the door down and go all bad shit crazy on everyone in the Mansion. Both plans seem good but with option one I have no idea what would happen after I infiltrated the Mansion, but with plan two I have no idea what's waiting for me when I get inside; but I guess that can also be said for plan one too… Ughh, this is too much work. I'll just compromise. I walk up to the huge front door and I see a doorbell next to the door. I press the doorbell but I hear nothing, so I press it again and again and again… then I hear loud thuds and dragging sounds come closer and closer to the door. I run to my left and I hide behind a colossal tree. I unshield my head from the side of the tree and I see the huge wooden doors creak open. A gigantic… man comes out. The man has pasty white skin and all his features are gone, it looks like someone took a chainsaw and sawed off this man's features; he has no nose and no mouth but his eyes are different. It looks like someone took a spoon and scooped out his eyes and stitched them close. This guy has no shirt but he has a black butcher's apron on that travels all the way down to his ankles and-Holy Shit! This guy's dragging an 8 foot long cleaver behind him. I slink back into the shadows of the tree that I'm hiding behind for protection.

Okay, what do I know so far? There's a psychotic guy on this insane island who can steal people's devil fruit powers so that means that I can't use my devil fruit powers. A crazy bitch that was invisible came and stole my hat and Dorothy; so all my weapons are gone too. The natives here are nut jobs too and they worshiped a colossal stone statue that got beheaded… this island shouldn't be named Ever Green Island; it should have been named Crazy Island because of how crazy everything and everyone is.

I peek my head out of the shadows of the tree and I see that the featureless guy isn't there anymore… I wonder. I walk up to the doorbell again and I start ringing the doorbell over and over and over until I hear loud thuds and dragging sounds come closer to the door again. Instead of running behind a tree this time I straighten my posture and I try and blend into the side of the Mansion. Soon the wooden doors open again and the faceless butcher guy comes out, he's dragging his 8 foot long cleaver behind him and as he passes me. His cleaver is dragged right in front of my face, I'm able to see my reflection in the cleaver and… wow. That cut on my forehead is really big. I wonder if it's going to leave a scar. I move my hand up to my cut on my forehead to- wait, now's my chance. I look around and I see faceless butcher guy is just standing on the steps on the Mansion, I slowly stand up and I take little baby steps towards the Mansion, until my right foot kicks a pebble. I see Stitches turn towards me and he raises his cleaver and he, oh shit! I dash inside the mansion and I feel a breeze towards my back. That stupid psychopathic Butcher jackass swung his cleaver at me! He could have killed me! Inside the Mansion I see a gigantic staircase leading to the second floor and before Cleaver guy comes back inside I hide behind the stair case, it's a small and tight fit but I fit perfectly; being small sometimes has its perks. I hear Cleaver guy come back inside and I hear him drag his cleaver behind him and he closes the front door. I guess that plan of storming in here and killing everyone wasn't such a good idea, but I do have to say, ringing the doorbell and then crawling inside was a marvelous idea!

I stay stationary behind the staircase while I wait to see if faceless jackass comes back or anyone else comes by. After I don't hear anything for a brief moment I crawl out from my hiding spot and I walk to the front door again. I look around myself and I see that no one else is coming. I exhale a breath I didn't know I was keeping in and I finally get the chance to see how big this Mansion is. There are two hallways on the first floor; one to my left and the other is to my right. I huge staircase that could fit at least… 3 people side by side is on the far wall to my right. But in the center is another pair of wooden doors, I look around at the hallways and I see that there isn't any other doors around; at least from what I can see. I wonder if I should open those doors. The faceless wannabe butcher might se- no he can't see me. So how did he- Ooohh… he heard me. The guy might not have any eyes but he still has his ears and with one of his senses gone his other senses are amplified, so when I kicked that pebble he must have heard where I was and just swung. I won- Madeline Hatter! Right now is not a time to wonder! Right now I must focus and concentrate… even if I have never done that before in my life! I shake my head and slap my cheeks a few times to try and concentrate, and then I hear the loud thuds and dragging sounds start again. Dammit, they must have heard me when I slapped my cheeks. I look around, I probably shouldn't hide under the staircase again because I'm not sure when Mr. Butcher will leave the foyer of this Mansion. The sounds come closer and louder the more I ponder were I should go and what I should do. What should I do? What should I do? Oh! I'll do that! Let see… "eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a faceless butcher by his ear. If he tries to cut you, let him die. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." With each word I said I pointed my right hand in each direction which i could take and when I stopped talking my hand was pointing to upstairs. I looked around and I saw that two of those faceless butchers are coming at me from my right and left. A sinister smile appears on my face and I start humming to try and attract the two Butchers to me. It seems to work because they hear my voice and they come closer to me. In the corner of my left eye I see the Butcher on my left and in my right eye I see the other Butcher on my right. As they pick up their cleavers from the ground they lift them over their shoulders with full force and they swing both of their cleavers at me at the same time. But before they swung their cleavers I crouched down and I jumped up in the air. In the air I spin and I tuck all my limbs inside of myself and when gravity catches up to me instead of coming back to Earth with my feet first I come back down head first, if my timing is correction I should land on the cleavers... and my timing is right; I open my eyes and I see that both of the Butchers' cleavers have clashed together, I withdraw my arms from my body and I place them in-front of myself and my hands land first on the cleavers. The butchers seem to have suspected that I'm up to something so they try and withdraw their cleavers but I'm too fast. With my hands firmly planted on the cleavers and the rest of my body vertical I withdraw my long legs from being tucked into my abdomen and I extend them and I preform a perfect air splits. My feet kick both of the butchers in their faces and they lose their grip on their cleavers and fall backwards. Now this is my chance. I flip backwards and I land on my feet this time and I swiftly make my way over to the butcher on my right and while he's still on the ground from his fall I stand over him and I place my right hand behind his head and my left hand under his chin. In an instance I turn the butcher's head and I break his neck which results in his instant death. I move over to his little friend and I do the same thing to him and I kill him. I stand up and I look at my handiwork, I just killed two faceless jackasses that are at least double my size in height. A smile makes its way to my face. My gaze moves over to their cleavers, I walk over to them and I try and pick one up but it's too heavy. I don't know how far I'm going to have to travel to get my hat back and if his little friends or Master come here and see this they will look for someone who has a face with a cleaver. I drop the cleaver and I start climbing up the staircase.

After my fifth turn in the upstairs corridor I stopped planning escape roots. But the weird thing is that this corridor seems to run though the whole house and it's only on the left side. The corridor is narrow and to my right is a high iron railing which seems to never end and if I turn to the railing I see a formal dining room downstairs, with each turn I make I always see the same dining room or another dining room. It's quite bizarre. But to the only wall in the corridor there seems to be endless amounts of rooms and the weird thing is I don't see any more of those Butchers… maybe they can't come upstairs because they can't see the staircase or they aren't allowed upstairs. I wonder is that Demon is even here? The old Geezer never told me that he was at this Mansion; all I know is that that Bitch told me that I had to come here to get my hat back.

To my right I hear noises, I stop mid step and I look around and I see nothing in the corridor. Then I make my way over to the railing and I look down at the ground floor and I see… a body. The body isn't one of the Butchers or an animal; it's a full grown dead man on the dining table. I sit down on the floor and I cross my feet, what the hell are they going to do to him? The body is just… lying flat on the elongated dining table, his body is intact and his skin still has a pink tint to it so he was recently killed.


My gaze travels from the dead body to a pair of wooden doors that have just been opened and a man walks through them. The man looks almost… feral. I don't think I will ever forget his face when he saw the dead body; his mouth started to water and his eyes filled with excitement. The man bolts to the dining table and I thought he would sit down at the table but he doesn't. He straddle the body and sits on its lap, he starts to drool while he traces his index finger up and down the body's chest. After a few minutes the man stops his little… act and he's now placing both of his hands on the dead body's chest and he- OH MY GOD! He penetrates the body's chest with his fingers and he slowly digs his entire hands into the chest of the man and then a ferocious expression engulfed his face. My eyes travel to his wrist and I see that his wrists that are touching are starting to move apart. Suddenly the room is embraced by the sounds of bones breaking, tearing of flesh and demonic crackles. The body's chest is soon opened by just the Straddler'shands. The Straddler takes his hands out of the body, he eyes the body once more before thrusting his hands back into the body and this time when he extracts his hands he has… the dead man's sternum. The assailant starts humming a jolly tune while putting the sternum that he extracted on a nearby plate. He repeats his actions over and over again by extracting the rest of the body's: costal cartilage, all his ribs and his lungs.

"There you are sweetie."

A cold chill runs down my spine after hearing the man's voice. My eyes travel to his face to make sure he isn't looking at me, and he isn't; he's still looking inside the dead body's chest. Why would he call the guy's chest 'sweetie'? What else could be in the chest? He already took out the rib cage, the lungs the only thing left is the flesh, thoracic vertebra and the- oh my god. My eyes transform to the size of chocolate chip cookies when I see the man dig into the body's chest another time and this time I know what he's going to take out.

A heart. The heart sends blood throughout your body and it provides your body with oxygen and nutrients; without a heart you would die. The man has the dead man's heart in his claws; the attacker examines the heart with his brown eyes. He traces each of the coronary arteries on the heart then he grips the heart with both of his hands. H-He can't do than can he? Panic washes over my body, I don't know if he would do what I predict him to do but he's already straddling a dead body and opened the rib cage of said dead body with his bare hands.

He takes a chunk out of the aortic arch with his fangs. I can feel the little color that I have in my face drain, I watch in horror as the… the BASTARD chews and swallows a human heart. I know I should turn my gaze away from him and leave this island and just set sail… but I can't. I can't tear my once innocent turquoise eyes away from him, I see blood cover his chin and coat his sharp fangs with blood as well. I can't even blink; my eyes are locked onto his mouth as I watch him finish his meal.

"It is such a shame that humans don't have more than one heart, they just taste soooo good! I could have his lungs next buuut, lungs just taste soooo dry and bland."

The Cannibal strokes his bloody chin as if wondering what he should eat next off of his meal. Hatred and disgust bubble up from the depth of my soul and I feel like just snapping his neck- no that would be to painless for this de- this is him. This is the guy that terrorized these weird natives; but at least now I have a legit reason to kill someone. A demonic smile embraces my face. A Mad person doesn't need a reason to kill. I stand up off of the floor of the corridor with revenge in my eyes; I know exactly what I'm going to do to this bastard. I raise my right hand up about to say my command when I see it. The bastard has my… hat.

Blank. My face is frozen. My body is frozen. My mind is frozen. I'm not frozen from being cold, I'm frozen with rage. I can't believe I missed seeing my hat; my beloved tea cup hat sits on his disgusting charcoal hair. Time moves slowly for me, it feels like a millennium before I can change my once demonic smile into a snarl and change the revenge twinkled in my eyes to murder. I am going to break every fiber of this Demon's soul and body, how dear HE TOUCH MY HAT! Once I can control my mouth again I lick my lips and I prepare to curse at this man with words that even the Devil himself wouldn't use. I open my mouth and as I mentally know I'm saying the words I don't hear the words leave my mouth and I don't see the Fucked up CANNIBAL turn to me.

It takes me 30 seconds to realize that there is a hand over my mouth and I'm being dragged away, I don't yell at the person or try and free myself from my Capturer's clutches. All I can do is look at my hat and on the Cannibal. I don't hear a door open but in my peripheral vision I can see that I just went through a door way. Before the door closes I can see the Cannibal leave the heartless body and he tackles an ambled Butcher. He rips the head off the Butcher and he threw the head on the ground, then he started to jump up and down on the head while crackling. I can hear the bones in the now dead Butcher's head break and turn to mush. As the door closes my view of this Psychopath I only tell myself one thing. I'm going to kill this Demonic Cannibal.

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