We're All Mad Here

Chapter 15: Delilah's Legacy

12 years ago…

Somewhere in an unknown sea…

Delilah Hatter, Captain of the Whisper Pirates was one of the most intimidating, fierce and coldhearted pirate that ever sailed the seas. She was 5'8 with long turquoise hair. If you asked anyone who knew her they would tell you that Delilah's most striking feature were her sharp golden eyes. She was able to just give a single pointed look at The Strongest Man in the World and the Pirate King and she would silence them.

Right now Delilah was preparing to leave an unknown island that she called her base, and her daughter's home. Before she left, Delilah would always give her daughter some parting words like, 'make sure your father doesn't kill himself', 'don't do anything stupid' and 'don't grow up to fast.' But today was different; Delilah was going to leave her daughter with some parting words that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

Delilah walked over to her daughter and bent down until she was eye to eye with her five year old daughter. "Now then, Madeline do you remember what I said?"

Delilah's daughter, Madeline Hatter stood facing her mother while twirling around in a circle. "Hmm, you said that I shouldn't eat too many cookies."

"…I did say that but what else did I say?"

"… Just because a bunny is brown it doesn't mean that it's a chocolate bunny and I shouldn't bite it…"

"... I told you that last week, what did I tell you this morning?"

Madeline stopped twirling and looked up into her mother's stone cold gaze, "I don't remember."

Delilah exhaled a sigh and muttered, "of course you don't…" then she locked eyes with her daughter. "I told you don't do anything stupid while I'm away, make sure your father doesn't do anything stupid too and practice, understood?"

Madeline gave her mother a bright smile and nodded her head, "Understood Captain Mommy!"

"Captain we need some help over here!" exclaimed one of Delilah's nakama.

Both Madeline and Delilah looked up ahead to see what was going on and they saw the infamous Hatter; Madeline's father and self-proclaimed husband of Delilah dangling high in the air by multiple ropes while laughing at himself. Delilah gave her husband a blank expression and her daughter started laughing at her father.

Delilah hastily swept up her daughter into her arms as she made her way to her ship. "Madeline do you know what your father is?"

"… Hmm, Oh! Daddy's stupid right?"

"That's correct. Your father is the most ignorant man in the world; do you know what happens to people who are foolish?"


"Foolish people end up dead."

Tears started to form at the corners of Madeline's turquoise eyes. "B-but I don't want Daddy to die!" she screeched.

"Your father will not die."

"B-but you just said that 'cause daddy's stupid he will di-Owowow!" Delilah pinched her daughter's cheek, "I wasn't done talking, and it is impolite to interrupt people when they are talking, understood?"

Madeline whimpered a soft 'yes Mommy' and then her mother let go of her cheek.

"Your father might be stupid and normally stupid people die, but your father is different. Your father has me and I'm brilliant, and because of that he will not die."

Madeline started to rub her cheek trying to make the pain go away. "Didn't you say that you hate stupid people?"

"I did."

"Then why did you-"

"It's complicated… I'm smart and your father isn't. I'm rational while your father is Mad. I'm only telling you this because I don't want you to turn into your father."

Madeline buried her face in her mother's neck. "But I like Daddy, he's funny and nice. I want to be like him."

Delilah halted and she looked at her daughter. "Is that so?"

"Mmm hmm."

"Well then, I'll allow you to be Mad like your father but you can't be stupid."

Madeline unburied her face from her mother's neck. "B-but how am I going to not be stupid."

"It's simple. You have my amazing eyes, my turquoise hair color and my skin tone; on the other hand you have your father's eye color and his purple-"

"It's magenta. Daddy says that I have his magenta highlights."

"… You have your father's magenta highlights."

"… I might look like both you and Daddy, but how can I not be stupid? I think I'm already stupid. If I can't understand what you mean-owowow!"

Delilah pinched her daughter's cheek again. "Madeline Hatter you are not stupid. You will be a Mad and brilliant person. You will inherit your father's tendencies to be Mad but you will also inherit my strategic brain and be spectacular."

"… I don't really think I understand Mommy…"

"Well of course she wouldn't understand you Dandelion, she's-"Delilah threw a hidden knife from her jacket at Madeline's father. The knife sliced the ropes that trapped the male Hatter in the air and he fell down on the deck of Delilah's ship with a screech.

"Stop calling me that. You know that I absolutely detest that dreadful nickname," Delilah spat in a venomous voice accompanied by a stone cold glare at the now fallen man.

"Awww, don't be so mean Dandelion, especially in front of Maddie."

Delilah looked at her daughter in her arms and she jumped up onto her ship. After safely landing on her deck she placed her daughter down and she walked over to the male Hatter. Once he saw that Delilah was walking towards him with a scowl on her face he tried to quickly untangle himself but he wasn't quick enough. Delilah dug the heel of her right boot into the male Hatter's chest. He cried out in pain and with each struggle he made the more Delilah dug her heel into his chest.


The two parents stopped their routine fighting and they looked at their daughter. Delilah withdrew her heel from Madeline's father's chest but instead of instantly walking over to her daughter she kicked the male Hatter's side and he went rumbling and tumbling around the Pirate ship's deck until he eventually face planted into the railing on the ship.

"What is it Madeline?"

"When I'm angry at someone should I kick them just like how you did to Daddy?"

Delilah composes herself, "Why are you angry at someone? Did something happen?"

"There's this troublesome boy around here who keeps on calling Maddie bad names, right tea-cup?" Exclaimed the male Hatter who is now off of the deck and now sitting on the railing of the ship and kicking his feet around.

Delilah rotates her body so that she is looking at Madeline's father, "when were you going to tell me this?"

"I thought he stopped. I made cookies for Maddie and I told her that she should make a truce with him and give him some of the cookies and everything would be okay."

"….He threw the cookies at me…"

Madeline's parents both look at her. The male Hatter stopped kicking his feet and a rare serious expression takes over his face. Delilah walks over to her daughter and she looks at the horizon. "Understood," she withdraws her sword from her back, "I need to know this little Bastard's name, where he lives, who his parents are and where he is right now."

The male Hatter hastily jumps off the railing and moves to Delilah's side to try and calm her down, "Now now, Delilah this happens all the time. Kids will be kids and just because a little boy was being mean to Maddie-"

"He deserves to rot in hell and be killed a slow and painful death."

"… Delilah, there only 5, you can't kill him!"

"You don't have to do that Mommy…" spoke Madeline.

Both of her parents stopped their squabble and looked down at their daughter.

"… Hatter, leave."

The male Hatter looked perplexed and he looked between Delilah and his daughter, "I'm not leaving-"

"I promise I won't hurt this son of a bitch," gold eyes meet turquoise eyes, "I promise."

They hold their gaze for a minute but eventually the male Hatter backs down and he kneels down and kissed his daughter's cheek and before he leaves the ship he turns around and looks at Delilah with a loving look, then he jumps off the ship and goes off to annoy the rest of her crew.

Delilah's cheeks heat up slightly; most likely from knowing what the male Hatter meant from that look but after she clears her throat and coughs into her hand the slight blush is gone. She kneels down to Madeline until she's eye level with her child. "Have you fought with this… boy?"

Madeline lowers her gaze to the ground, but then she nods. "I pushed him once," she quickly looks up at her mother, "But he started it! He made fun of my hair and that you're not my mom because you don't stay with Daddy and I! But I know that you're my mom! You-," Delilah stopped her daughter's rant by placing her hand on her daughter's head soothingly and she started to stroke her daughter's hair.

"… It is okay to defend the people which you love and what you believe is true. You have a bit of a short temper, but that's okay. Madeline, I'm going to tell you something which is very important and you must never forget this for the rest of your life, do you understand?"

Madeline lets her mother's words sink into her little head. She blinks away the glossiness from her eyes and she gives a solid nod to her mother, "I understand Mommy."

Delilah's gaze leaves her daughter and she looks around her ship, none of her crewmates are around; her best guess is that Hatter came and forced them to participate in a tea party. Just the thought makes her exhale a heavy sigh, but soon Delilah composes herself again. She needs to make sure her daughter understands everything she's about to say, and Hatter can't distract her right now.

"Madeline, you've been a scuffle before, correct?"

Madeline nods, never allowing their eye contact to break.

"Have you won any of those scuffles before?"

Madeline halts, but slowly she shakes her head to indicate that her mother is right, once again..

"…You know that I'm a seasoned fighter, correct?"


"Do you know why I'm a seasoned fighter?"

Her daughter shakes her head as a no to her question.

"I use my face."

"I don't und-,"Delilah tenderly holds her daughter's cheeks in her hands, "facial expressions give away what you're thinking, and if your enemy knows what you're thinking then you're sure to die. No matter what, you are not allowed to die."

"… I don't really think I understand. I think Daddy's right, I'm too young for these talks Mommy," Madeline lowers her eyes and she's looking at the ground.

"Preposterous!" Delilah furies her brow, "you are my daughter and you're never too young to understand how to strategize in battles and as my only daughter I'm telling you how to have an advantage in future battles."

"But Daddy-"

"You're father's been feeding you nonsense about being a pacifist and how fighting is wrong correct?"

Madeline nods.

"Well don't listen to his lies. It is true that fighting all the time isvery bad, but when someone challenges you, you must never back down from a fight and if you do it shows your enemy that you are weak. Are you weak Madeline?"


"Good, I expect you to never be weak. Since you are not weak, people will challenge you. Do you remember what I said that you have to do when you are challenged?"

"…I accept their challenge."

A ghost of a smile appears of Delilah's mouth, "yes, and in order to win you use what?"

"My weapons."

The smile vanishes, "that and what else?"

"…my brain?"

"…What else do you have to do in order to survive a fight?"

Madeline's face knits up, she's searching her brain trying to find the answer to her mother's question… but, "I'm sorry Mommy, but I don't remember." Her gaze travels back to her feet.

Delilah exhales a sigh, "your face."

"… but I still don't understand how I can use my face in a fight?"

"There will be many times in your life where you will have to fight someone to survive," Delilah closed her eyes, she's trying to shield her pain from her daughter, "As much as I fear that day, I know that you must concur those challenges and to do so I need to teach you as many tricks as I possibly can. Are you ready to hear about my most prized trick?" She opens her eyes and locks her gaze on Madeline.

"Yes Mommy."

"My most prized tricks are my eyes and my face. Since you are my daughter you have inherited these traits and I must teach you how important these traits are." Delilah removed her left hand from her daughter's cheek and she started to trace her index finger around her daughter's left eye, "The eyes are the gateway inside a person's soul. Our eyes are able to see inside another's soul and we are able to figure out what that person will do and what they think; however, there will be a few exceptions in your life."

"Exceptions? Have you ever met someone who was an exception?"

"Yes, your Father was my exception. Even so, that's another story for another day. Madeline, this trick will be very important in battles because if you're able to predict what someone will do, then you can counterattack your enemy faster and you will survive and win. Understood?"

"… Our eyes are important. We can tell the future…right?"

Delilah exhales a slight chuckle and she removes her right hand from her daughter's eye, "in simpler terms then yes, you are right."

"What about our faces?"

"Oh, that," Delilah removed her left hand from her daughter's cheek, but then she picked up her daughter and she started to make her way off her ship. "Your face is very similar to mine thankfully; unfortunately I have dreadful news Madeline."

Madeline scrunches up her face, "what is it Mommy?"

"You have a very expression face."

"Isn't that g-owowow!" Delilah pinched her daughter's cheek for the third time that day.

"Having a very expressive face is not good Madeline. Your father has an expressive face and I will not have you inherit one more thing from him." Delilah released her daughter's cheek, "an expressive face in battle is a disadvantage. Your enemy will be able to understand what you think with your fascial expressions... I will allow you to keep your expressive expressions in daily life, but in battles you must learn how to wipe your emotions off your face. If you don't show any emotions in a battle your opponent will become confused, do you understand Madeline?"

"… It is okay to be expressive in life, but in bad situations I must have a face like Mommy's, where I don't show any emotions."

The ends of Delilah's lips curl up into a small smile, "excellent," then she kisses her daughter's forehead.

"But Mommy, I don't really understand how those things will help me?"

"In due time you will Madeline, but for now you must never forget them, understand?"

Madeline shines a beaming smile at her mother, "okay!"

That day Delilah taught her daughter a few very important lessons like: she might be a Mad little girl but that doesn't mean that she can't be Mad and smart at the same time, in a fight you must always have the advantage, you must not fight everyone you meet, her eyes are a tool for her to use and in battle you must never show emotions and underestimate the power of your enemy. Madeline always remembered everything her mother and father taught her. It wasn't until 12 years later when she had to practice everything she was taught.

Present day, on Ever Green Island, Grand Line.

Maddie's POV

I unfold my arms from around my chest and I look up into Asura's face. He seems slightly confused with my actions and he locks his brown murky eyes with me. Asura: Very important member of the Death Pirates, has a devil fruit power that can steal other devil fruit powers, stole the Forest-Forest Fruit from the old Geezer and the old Geezer said that it was stolen when he touched him… hmm I wonder…

I stride over to him; I look up into his repulsing face and I smile at him, "hello I'm Skyla," then I extend my hand out to Asura. Immediately he takes my hand and he grips it with extreme strength. But I don't back down. I squeeze his hand too; it's as if we're comparing how strong the other is; which might actually be true. After about a minute or two of comparing our strengths we let go of each other's hands… my hypothesis was right.

My hypothesis was that Asura uses physical contact to steal people's devil fruit powers, or anyone's strength in general. So to test the limits of Asura's powers I put my devil fruit powers on the line and I gave him my hand (not for marriage) and my guess was right because I still have my devil fruit powers. It might still be true that he uses physical contact to steal powers of strength from his victims but when he grasped my hand I don't think he noticed that I have my poke dot gloves on. Now I know that he has to have skin on skin contact with his victims in order to steal from someone's strength or powers.

"Name's Asura," he spoke in a deep and intimating voice.

But I wasn't intimidated. I was actually quite happy, but I didn't let my emotions show on my face.

With my smile still on my face, "well it's a pleasure to meet you Asura." I moved away from him and I started to walk past him. This isn't a smart idea but I need to see his reaction.

I bet as I turned my back to him and walked away from him he became pissed. Having a pissed off Cannibal isn't always a good idea. And when I feel the air around me shift I predict that he's going to grab my arm so I twirl around until I'm facing him. My prediction was right, he was about to grab my arm and possibly kill me but now I'm facing him with a smile still on my face. I messed up. I showed him that I have quick reflexes and now he probably took note of that; I want to frown at my own stupidity but I can't. I need him to know that: I don't know anything, I don't know the history of this island and I don't know who he is.

"Where do you think you're going?" he growled at me.

"I was just going to look for something to eat. I haven't had anything to eat for a days and I'm famished."

He walks over to me; he's so close that we're less than six inches away from touching each other. Right now I want to grab my hat, immobilize him and then torture him until he's screaming for me to kill him. But I don't do that. He's over a foot and a half taller than me and it'll be impossible for me to go on my tip toes and just whisk my hat off his head.

I need to get way, but how?

Who gave you permission to leave?"

I flutter my eyes a few times and then I tilt my head to the side, "why would I need your permission? Is this your island?"

"IT IS." He's getting angrier. His voice is rising with every word that slips his tongue.

I gasp, "Oh, I'm so terribly sorry! I had no idea. When I washed ashore after my ship sunk at sea I thought this island was deserted."

He eyes my body very slowly. I feel disgusted but I need him to know he's in control. "Ship wrecked huh? Your clothes don't seem tattered and you're not wet?"

… crap. I mentally take a deep breath to calm myself. Relax Maddie; everything's going to be okay. The only way he would suspect that I'm lying to him is if he saw me when he was with his… 'Meal'. I close my eyes, "yes I was. Everyone I know is dead. I was able to take the only life boat on the ship and I left. I was out at sea for a day or two and then I saw this island, just before I got close to this island a," I start to choke up a bit, "a sea king got to close to me and he sunk my life boat. I was able to jump off the boat and somehow I swam to shore and now I'm here. I have been walking around this whole island for days trying to find someone to help me."

He seems to buy my lie, but I can tell that he's skeptical of my story.

He smirks, and I see flesh stuck in his teeth. It takes everything I have not to cringe and throw up at the sight. "You're hungry? Well I have some food back at my house. Come with me and you can have some."

His food that he has must be the man's body that he was eating, and I bet if I go with him he'll kill me and eat me alive… at the very least.

"Come," he commands. Asura turns his back to me in one sharp turn and he takes huge strides back to the Mansion. When he's about 10 feet ahead of me he turns his head to him, as if he's waiting for me to follow him. And I do. I start to walk to him without making a sound. Have your ever tried walking through a forest without making a sound? It'svery difficult, but I've had a lot of practice. On Kuraigana when I used to piss off Dracule to much I would go and hide in the forest for a few days… maybe a week or two. There were times when He would come and look for me in the forest but Dracule could never find me, and after I got bored I would come back to the Castle and He wouldn't be as pissed off when I come back. So I've had experience in hiding from powerful people in forests.

It originally took Cataria and I about… maybe 6 hours to the spot that Asura found me and now I think I've been walking behind Asura for maybe an hour. I would have just jumped for the trees and hid but we're surrounded by trees and since he has the Forest-Forest fruit I'll be captured and killed if I made a break for it now. I could use my devil fruit powers on him, but that's just too risky right now. I don't know if he has any weapons on him, but my best guess is that he doesn't. He seems like one of the types where he would rather strangle instead of shooting his victim in order to kill. I can also tell that with each passing minute he's becoming more and more suspicious of me, if I want to escape and form a plan for myself I need to get anyway from him… but that wouldn't work. He'll know my face and he'd hunt me down in this forest.

With each passing thought or idea which I have, I just keep on coming to the conclusion that he will win and kill me. But I have determined one thing; if I'm able to get my hat back I'll have at least a fighting chance.

I smell roses; it's a very distinct smell, it's as if I'm trapped inside a tornado made out of hundreds of rose petals… I've only smelled this once before, and that was when I was in the presence of…

"So what are you going to do now? Let him eat you?" spoke a whisper in my ear.

Cataria Cheshire.

I don't bother to look to see if she's here, since she knows that Asura is about 3 feet away from me she doesn't have the guts to appear in front of me and say those words to my face. I slow my pace and I wait until I'm out of Asura's ear shot… at least I hope I'm out of his hearing range.

"You've got some guts feeding me to the Cannibal and then leaving me alone," I hiss at the invisible woman.

"I'm really and truly am sorry about that. You have to trust me!" she pleas.

"I'm not a very trusting person when someone turns their back to me and leaves me for dead," I spoke in a firm yet soft tone while looking at Asura's back to see if he's hearing anything we're saying, and thankfully he isn't because if he did hear anything we said he would have either tensed up or his ears would peak up a bit to try and hear what I'm say and to who.

"If I was going to leave you for dead I wouldn't have come back to you. I would of just takin your boat and sailed off."

I try as hard as I can not to have a murderous look come over my face, but I think a little bit of my emotions did slip onto my face for at least a second. I close my eyes and regain my composure. If Asura turned around and just happened to see my face for that one second then he would have found out that I'm lying. I would run, he would track me down and killed me. It's as simple as that.

… But she's right. If she really did throw me to the Cannibal then she would've taken my boat. So the million beri question is; why the hell is she still here at talking to me?

"Why are you here? Do you want to see me die?" I question her.

"I know that either of my plans went according to plan but," there's hesitation and sympathy in her voice, "I'm here to follow our plan. Remember what we agreed on, we'll both leave this island and you get your hat back."

I don't know what to do. If I follow Asura back to the Mansion he'll kill me, if I try to run from Asura he'll kill me and if I trust Cataria again she'll probably throw me into Asura's arms … or I could use my devil fruit powers.

I eye Asura's body to determine if I'm even able to use my powers on him, then I realize we're inland of Ever Green Island… God Fucking Dammit! Now no matter what I can't use my devil fruit powers on him and I'm left with shitty option number 1, suicidal option number 2 and the 'best choice', fucked up option number 3… I fucking hate my life.

I close my eyes to try and calm myself. Once I'm sure I have my composure again I open my eyes and instead of looking at Asura's back I look around him. There's a good chance that Asura has felt my gaze on his back- this is a game. This is all one big fucked up version of cat and mouse. Asura thinks he's the cat and he's toying with me, the 'mouse'. But that Bastard doesn't know what I'm going to do to him when I get my hat back.

I've made up my mind.

"…I'm only going to trust you one last time. If you break my trust again I will kill you. If I wind up dead, I will haunt you for the rest of your life and then an ally of mine will kill you," My head's telling me that this is a bad- horrible idea, but my gut is telling me to take the leap of faith and gamble my life.

"I have a plan."

When I heard the word plan come from Cataria's voice I couldn't help but roll my eyes. That has to be at least the third, maybe fourth time today- did all of this really happen in one day? Did I really fall down a well, meet some weirdos, trusted a complete stranger, confronted a Cannibal and the worst yet… did I really go over 6 hours without my tea? Did I even have my morning tea? No, I didn't have any tea. I think I was asleep for a day at least, so I've gone at least 12 hours, maybe even more without my precious life source.

"-I just need you to create a distraction."

Aw, crap. Cataria was explaining her plan to me but I was to occupied with the knowledge that I haven't had any tea in a LONG time… tea…-NO! Time to focus! I must focus, if I don't I'll die! Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus- wait what did Cataria tell me to do? I was too focused on focusing that I forgot what she told me… I think I have to do something… you know what little people in my head? Fuck this!

"Fuck it." I bolt.

Holy Motherfucking God! I can't believe I just said that! I left the scene of the crime before I could see what Asura's reaction was. I'm dead, so fucking dead. I'm so dead that he's going to chop my limbs off and roast them over a fire and then he'll make me eat my own limbs, yep. I can see it now, my impending decapitation, my flesh being eaten and then he'll kill me… if I'm luck, he'll do at least that to me.

I run through the Forest of Ever Green Island, I run as if my life is one the line- wait! It is! Hahaha! I just keep on running and running. I keep on searching my surrounding. I look at the trees, the ground, and any shadows that are up ahead. He must be following me. But I don't think I've pissed him off; since I haven't pissed him off he's probably going to play the cat and mouse game with me.

The corners of my lips stretch upwards, and I can tell I'm smirking.

If this Bastard thinks that I'm going to play along with his little fucked up game then he's going to get bitch slapped in the face until he realizes that isn't going to happen!

"Asura is a Motherfucking asshole and a complete idiot~," I start to chant. "Asura is a Virgin who can't even sleep with anyone because he's too ugly~ Asura is a Bastard and he was abandoned by his crew because they hate him~, Asura is a Cannibal who can't even kill his own victims!" Asura is a~"

Long, thick and powerful tree branches come at me; I guess he really does have the Forest- Forest devil fruit power after all. I jump on top of each branch and as more and more come at me I twist, turn and flip in the air fast enough so that all I can do is land on the branches for a few seconds and then I'm off in the air again. But I'm at a disadvantage now. I'm too distracted with keeping the branches away from my body that I don't know where Asura might be. However I can use this against him.

The smirk on my face never vanished, on the contrary; it keeps growing and growing.

"Asura is a weakling who can't kill people himself so he has to steal power from others~" I start my chanting again, but this time I amplified my voice so that all I can hear are my own words. I know this is bad, since I can't heard the twigs on the ground breaking; if someone comes near me I won't hear them. But I need to make Asura Mad.

And making people Mad is what the Hatter family does best… beside make awesome hats and tea of course!

"Asura the wannabe Pirate is unwanted by even his own crew~"


He's close. I look behind me and I see tree after tree being lifted out of the ground and being thrown at me, but I dodge them all. We continue our little dance until I reach a bolder and I sit down on it. I wait for him.

Less than a minute after I situate myself on the bolder Asura shows up with a murderous expression on his face.

I control my wide smirk. Now it's only a small teasing smile.

"It's so nice to see you again Mr. Douchebag!" I express with fake happiness.

"You Bitch! Ima gonna kill ya!" he roars at me.

I don't dare break eye contact with him, but I plea with myself; I reason with my brain that he won't kill me. Cataria won't let him kill me. But my brain's contradicting me by saying: 'where is Cataria?' 'She left you once with empty word, why wouldn't she do the same right now?' 'She's just toy with you?'

I know all of those questions are reasonable; they have evidence to back them up, but… Dad always did say people could change and always provide a person with a second chance. I gave her that chance, I just hope she realizes how I'm waiting for her and-

The wind is knocked out of me. I gasp for breath but the more I plead for it to come to me, the more it seems to run away from me. I'm stunned, dazed, confused and left wondering how? When? Was it her? Where did it go? How stupid can I be?

I just realize that my tea cup hat isn't on Asura's head.

My mind comes up with instant solutions, but my heart and gut are saying she did it. I look into the tree lines while completely ignoring Asura. I look for her smirk, her grey emotionless stormy eyes, her teal hair, her striped blazer. I look for Cataria.

Asura could easily take me right now and slash my throat open, but I wouldn't stop looking. I need to know that Cataria, for the first time since I've met her today or was it yesterday? Maybe it was last week? When I met her doesn't matter, but what I need to know is that she came to help me.

I raise my left hand in the air and I don't register my movements until Asura stops cursing my whole existence.

"How the fuck did you get my hat!?"

I blink a few times, trying to let what he just said flood my brain. I didn't see Cataria in the tree line or anywhere in front of me; until I register that something's in my hand. I look at my out stretched hand that's above my head, and inside my hand is….

My purple tea cup hat with its enchanting swirls on the side; I admire its texture as if I haven't seen it for the last 20 years. Each swirl is still elegantly carved all around it. The tea cup portion of my hat has no nicks or cracks. The handle is still firmly fastened on the side along with little baby swirls dancing on it. Then there's it hue. The purple is true to its name; a brilliant mixture between a lovely blue and a fiery red. I trace my index finger over every inch of my hat. It's my way of reclaiming dominance over my most prized treasure in this world.

If I had a choice of having the One Piece or having my hat; I would pick my hat without batting an eyelash.

I lovingly flick my hate over so that now I'm looking at the inside of the base of my hat. The pure pitch black darkness which holds all of my belongs; my weapons, some of my favorite snacks and some medicine keep the darkness filled with warmth. I put my hand in searching for what I need. It takes me about a minute to find them but once I do I pull them out.

I face Asura now with my belongings in hand and I give him a murderous smile. "Your hat? Ha! Just for saying that I deserve to kill you!" I spat at him.

I put my hat on my head; its rightful place in life. Then I take one of the dozen tea cups that I took out and I put in in my left hand. In my right hand I have my tea pot and I don't break my murderous gaze with Asura's equally murderous gaze as I pour myself a cup of tea. I don't know how long I've gone without my true love but once I take my first sip I feel the warm liquid kiss my mouth as it sails down my mouth and finally giving me a big bear hug before it travels down to my stomach. Even in my stomach I can feel its loving flavor fill my body with energy and happiness. I don't waste much time before draining cup after cup, and before I knew it I've drunken a whole pot of tea.

I feel like I'm drunk on tea.

With now a pleasant mood taking over me I start laughing. I laugh at the trees, the ground, myself and finally at Asura and he looks so pissed off that with just one more of his roars he might be able to create a tsunami with just his voice.

I have a fighting chance now. With tea in my stomach, my hat back and the knowledge that I have an ally; I know I can kill this Bastard.

I take the tea cup that I just drank my tea from and I throw it at Asura. Since he wasn't expecting it he didn't catch it or stop it so it collides with his head. I hear a deep and Earth shattering growl emit from him. I start pointing at him and laughing at what I just did to him. Inflicting pain on others can be just so much fun! I take the other tea cups and throw them at him to. He catches a few but I don't stop, I throw one after the other so in order to catch another one he had to drop the ones he caught. During this while time I was laughing right at him.

After all my tea cups that I pulled out of my hat were gone I looked at Asura. Blood was exiting his head and arms while an even more intimidating growl left his body.

I stand up from my perch on the bolder and I'm able to control my laughter down to little giggles then they stop completely. "I'm a Mad Magician! Did you know that?!"

I earn a grunt and another growl from him as an answer.

I twirl around and I start humming. "I can pull anything out of my hat!" then I look up into the dark and unchangeable sky. "Do you know what today is?"

Asura makes his way closer to the bolder and he growls deeper this time.

I spin around until I'm facing him and I chuck my tea pot at him. Asura takes a few steps back, unprepared for what I just gave him. His brown blood lusted eyes lock with my magical and intense turquoise eyes.

I fling my arms up in the air, "Today is the day that I'm going to kill you!"

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