We're All Mad Here

Chapter 2: Dorothy and My Lucky Day

It has been 32 hours since I have left Kuraigana, also known as the darkest and gloomiest island that was ever created. After Garrett's silhouette disappeared from my eye sight I became overwhelmed with one emotion, which was…boredom. I'm not stupid like some other pirates are; I know the difference between the Grand Line Sea and the other 4 seas. In the Grand Line Sea I have to have a log post, while the other four seas don't need one. A normal compass doesn't work on the Grand Line because the islands on the Line produce special magnetic waves, and a normal compass can't take in all that information. So because of that, Wha-La! The Log Post was created. The Log Post measures the magnetic wave of the closest island to you and the little line in the Post points to the direction of that island. In summary, normal compasses don't work in the Grand Line because they aren't smart enough while Log Post are super-duper smart and can handle the hard conditions of the Grand Line. I personally don't have my own Log Post, so the most logical thing for me to do was to steal His Log Post. When I left I took a lot of His stuff, to mostly piss him off… and to survive. I took Dracule's: Log Post, money, food, a couple of Jewels, His favorite Cross, and His hairbrush. I needed all those things to survive of course because; The Log Post can tell we were to go so that I don't get lost and die, money and food to survive, jewels just in case I run out of money and I can pawn them for berries, while the Cross and hairbrush were just to piss Him off. Worst comes to worst… I can sell them and say that they are the 'World's Greatest Swordsman's Favorite Cross and Hairbrush'! I knew that He was a freak but I didn't know how much until I saw that Hishairbrush had real diamonds and jewels on it. I never pegged Dracule to willingly rime stone His stuff, I tried it once and He got super-duper pissed off. But anyway I have been on this boat for 32 Fucking Long Hours!

In the first few hours at sea I unpacked all my belongings on my boat. After I unpacked I fully explored my boat. The boat has the common deck area with the mass and other boring stuff but inside the boat it gets a little bigger. Inside there is a tiny kitchenette to the left and if you walk forward a few paces a full bathroom is there. To the right are the dining room/ living room that has the helm in it. Then the cool part is that there is a downstairs! Who knew Humandrills knew how to build a good and sturdy ship? I didn't. So downstairs is just a big room around maybe…26 by 16 feet. But that's just an estimate, I really should have checked to see if the Humandrills made a floorplan or something for my boat. Oh well… I already left that past behind now it's time to be a Pirate!

So as a new Pirate, I have been doing the responsible thing, following my Log Post and steering my ship in the direction it points me to. But that only takes a few minutes to accomplish… so for the last 30 hours I have been so bored that I feel like I could just die of boredom. In the first 12 hours I was so bored that I thought about turning back and return to Kuraigana, but if I did that Dracule would seriously kill me… and I already decided that I can't die yet. Wow, the first thing I thought about as a Pirate is Dracule and Kuraigana, now that's seriously depressing. I got so bored that I feel asleep while outside on watch… yeah not the smartest thing I have ever done. So now I'm a bored Pirate with bad sunburn… that's not a very good combination. At least I still had on my outfit from when I left Kuraigana which was; a crazy dress that reaches to just above my knees. My dress has purple colored straps that fall on my shoulders, and from the waist up it's a solid tannish color. At my waist is a super-duper cute turquoise bow that distinguishes how small my waist is… but the madness begins with the skirt of my dress. The skirt of my dress has crazy poke dots with pictures of tea being poured on it too, the main color of the skirt is purple but the hem is black and the tea pots are all turquoise. Then I have turquoise gloves on with white poke dots on both my hands that end at my wrist. I also have leggings on that are white with turquoise poke dotes on them. I have knee high combat boots on that are turquoise with the laces being white. My earrings are gold and they look like spoons… actually they are real life small versions of spoons. Then there's my Hat-tactics Hat! The hat fits perfectly on my head and it's shaped like a purple tea cup with gold swirly designs on the side of it. It even has a handle on it! Most the time when I have my tea I use my hat/tea cup and one of the earring/spoons. It's very particle… and it's harder to lo-


"Wha-what's that sound… Oh I can't believe I forgot about you! I knew I was forgetting something. Sorry I didn't see you earlier Dorothy, but I was in the middle of having a conversion with myself because of how bored I am… But with you here now I'm not bored anymore!"

The little creature is my cutie pie Dorothy, a small gray dormouse. She's just so cute; she even has her own mini hat/tea cup just like me on her head. She usually sleeps in the tea pot in my tea cup set that I got from my Dad when I was five…know those were good memories..

"Squeak-squeak. Squ!"

"I Know I'm sorry I keep talking to myself in my head! I've been doing it for hours and now I'm just used to it! Wait! If I'm talking to myself maybe that means I'm REALLY going Mad? NO! I'm too young for that! Dad said it would only start wh-"

"Squeak-squeak! Squeak, squ, squeak!"

"Sorry I went a little Mad on you again… Wait, I'm always mad! Hahahaha! But anyway your right I have to stop not vocalizing my crazy thought, if I don't vocalize my thoughts people won't want to join my Pirate crew…Where have you been? It would have been nice if you popped up like 20 hours ago."


"You were sleeping? Really? I thought the longest you could sleep for was 20 hours. Anyway now that you're awake let's have a… TEA PARTY!"

We then both went to find our tea cups, tea pot, and anything else we need for the tea. Then once we both but all the cups and pot on the dining table we both heard a loud crash from outside. It both scared us so much that I jumped on the table and grabbed anything that was closest to me to use as protection… a tea cup. Wait I can't use that to defend myself… I might hurt the tea cup. Then Dorothy ran inside the Tea pot/her house, to hide and offer me as a sacrifice to whatever is outside. Isn't she just the bravest little dormouse you're ever seen, sacrificing her owner to something that could kill her…Oh peaches! I can't take it! This is my ship and I'm the Captain I have to protect it from anyone that tries to hurt it! So I slide of the table and I cautiously make my way to the door. Once I get to the door that separates me from the unknown assailant that could kill me and the safety of inside my cabin, I slowly crack the door open. As I turn the knob to crack the door open the stupid motherfucking door makes a sound as I open the door. You know that sound in suspense and horror novels were the protagonist opens the door to see if the serial killer is outside or not, while you scream "Don't open that door you stupid bitch! The guy's their and if you open the door he's going to kill you!" That's the sound the door made, not you screaming but the door creaking sound. So as I cracked the door open I peeked out to see something that swept me off my feet. I'm so ecstatic that I feel like jumping up and down and squealing, but I didn't because if I did then they would come in here. I think fast and I grab my hat/tea cup from the dining table, and I place it on my curly dark turquoise and dark magenta hair that hovers just above my shoulders. I grab a few knives, guns, ammunition, and my trusty twin Katans and I quickly stuff them all in my magical hat/tea cup. You see my hat/tea cup is quite special, it has been in my family for about three generations and what I know is that my Great-Grandpa was able to feed the hat/tea cup a devil fruit. The devil fruit made it so that my now hat/tea cup has endless room. I can even fit myself in the hat/tea cup to hide from people…. But that's not saying much because I'm a really short person.

With all my equipment I might need in my hat/tea cup I tell Dorothy to stay in the boat and make sure nobody takes anything from the boat. After she agrees I make my way to the door and once I open it I'm welcomed to what I saw through the crack in the door. And once I stepped foot on my deck I was greeted with…

"Hello Miss. We are sorry to have disturbed your journey but we were wondering if you have seen any Pirates around."

I was greeted by a huge ship full of Marines… I must have been born under a very lucky star if on my first journey as a Pirate I am greeted by a ship full of Pirates… today is going to be a good day.

…Time to cast my bait…

"I'm so sorry Sir, but my late parents always told me not to talk to strangers. The last time I did… well let's just say I'm lucky to say I'm alive." I spoke in the most scared voice I could produce while showing the Marines my big bright and shiny light blue eyes.

…Wait for the 'fish' to bite…

"Beg my pardon Miss, my name is Captain Pierce Justice, and I am the Captain of my ship; the Artic Wind. I'm sorry to hear about your parents passing, but do you mind if I inquire about your name Miss. And why are you lucky to say you're alive?"

"It's nice to meet you Captain Justice; quite fitting for a Marine don't you think? And thank you for your condolences for my parents' murder. My name is Madeline Hatter. And I was imprisoned to Pirates for the last 8 years and just yesterday I was able to escape… but sadly I don't know where I am."

"Damn bastard, excuse me for my language. These seas are very dangerous for a little girl like you sailing the Grand Line. How about you come on my ship and I'll drop you off at the nearest island, and I'll take your testimony against those filthy Pirates that held you hostage for the last 8 years, and I'll track them down and personally send them to hell."

Once I started to talk to the Marine, known as Captain Justice, I pulled my saddest 'little innocent girl' face, I even had fake tears in my eyes. But once he told me that it was okay for me to board his ship my face blossomed into the 'cheerful little girl who is thankful to her hero' face.

"Oh that would be lovely Captain Justice. I have some of my personal belongings on my boat so if you could… please bring my ship with you? It might be a lot to ask but this boat is very personal to me, and…"

"I understand Ms. Hatter. My crew will drop anchor and we can become for equated with each other. And please call me Pierce."

… 'Fish' captured…

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