We're All Mad Here

Special Chapter: 10/6

*Decades before the start of this series*

A young man in his mid-teens sat in a tea cup boat along with his best friend. The man was tapping the heel of his boot on the tea cups floor. His arms were crossed over his chest. His presence screamed that he was very unhappy and he radiated power. While his friend just sat across from him fiddling with his pocket watch, he was around the same age as the impatient teen in front of him.

The impatient teen's skin tone was pink and he had blood red hair that was combed back. His eyes were golden that told people that they should fear him, and they did. He was wearing a golden high collared coat that had red hearts all along the trim of the coat. His long legs were covered by checkered black and white formal pants which hid most of his red knee high black boots. A golden crown sat on his head that had little red diamonds shaped like hears along the crown.

The other teen who was fiddling with his watch had silver floppy hair and he had lilac eyes which shined with innocence. He was a few inches shorter than his friend and he also had a pinkish skin tone too. He wore a white long sleeve button down shirt with black buttons which was covered by his dark purple suit jacket. His pants reached his ankles but the left pant leg had purple and black vertical strips while the right pant leg had white and purple poke dots.

"We are late," the man redhead barked.

The silverhead looked up at his friend and a sheepish smile spread on his face which showed his bucktooth teeth. "I swear, we had to go over the fork in the road," he vocalized.

The redhead squirmed and he looked away from his friend. "I told you we had to go under the fork and take the lotus flower boat to get to the garden. I still do not know why we are even going. I loathe the man!"

The silverhead puts his pocket watch away but takes out a blue invitation, "I believe this was why we are going to the party. After all she did invite you." The normally shy teen says but a hint of teasing filled his voice.

The redhead's shoulders tensed and he radiated anger. He was about to speak his peace when the tea cup stops.

"It seems like we are here," commented the silverhead.

"I'm not an idiot Irvin, I can clearly see that." Snapped the redhead, then he jumped off the tea cup and storms down the stone path.

The silverhead known as Irvin sighs to himself. "If he's going to be this snappy already I cannot fathom what he's going to do when he shows up."


"Coming your highness," replied Irvin, then he climbed out of the tea cup and jogged up the path to try and catch up with the redhead. He muttered under his breath, "This is going to be a long day."

When Irvin caught up to the redhead they continued going straight, even though Irvin kept on insisting that they had to go: left, right, under the tree, turn around, go under the river and up a tree instead of continuing on the stone straight path which actually lead to the garden. What felt like hours to the redhead they reached a horizon of hedges. The two stood in front of the hedges, and then the redhead raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. The hedges scatter out of the way of the two and they formed into whimsical shapes and figures. When the redhead saw what the hedges were hiding his scowl fell off his face and his posture straighten and a small smile graced his face.

When the hedges cleared hundreds of buffet tables, dozens of tables and chair and firefly lights appeared, but what brought a smile to the redheads face was the lone girl whose back was to the two teens. When the girl turned around to see why the hedges moved a smile tugged at the ends of her lips and her dimples popped out. "Prince Henry! Count Irvin! I'm so happy that you two could make it!"

The girl has a pale complexion, but her midnight black hair and stunning blue eyes complement each other. She was wearing a light blue dress which reached just below her knee with high knee socks and buckled black shoes on. Around her neck laid a silver horseshoe necklace and a blue headband in her hair. She petite face is framed by her side swept black bangs. She appears to be around the same age as the two teens she just addressed.

The girl runs up to the teens and she hugs the redhead known as Henry first. Henry gladly accepts the hug and they linger in each other's arms for a brief moment until the girl shakes her head and breaks the hug, then she goes over to Irvin and gives him a hug too, but she doesn't linger in his arms.

"It is a pleasure to see you again Ms. Alice," spoke Henry.

"It's nice to see you again Alice," Irvin says.

The girl, Alice nods her head at the two. "I know it's going to mean a lot to him that you two were able to make it," then she looks at the watch on a nearby table. "But I did not expect you to be this late. He's going to be here any minute now!"

Henry jabs his thumb in Irvin's direction and his face contorts into an emotionless expression. "Irvin led the way."

"Oh, well that makes sense now," comments Alice.

"Hey!" Irvin speaks up in his defense. "It wasn't my fault! I just held the map upside down."

Henry eyes his friend from the corner of his eye. "Irvin, you have lived on this island your who life and you have never left. You should not need a map to just get here and we have been here at least three hundred times before today too. It should have taken us, at the most, half an hour to walk here, but it took us four hours to get here."

Alice gasps, "Four hours?! Where did you two go?"

"This twit led us the Flower Orchestra Bed."

"At least they weren't there. If they were there they would have insisted on us listening to their new piece, then we would have really been late," Irvin buts in.

Henry looks around, "so are we the last to show up?"

Alice goes to a nearby table and picks up a clipboard, "well let's see. The Flower Orchestra showed up a few hours ago-"

"No wonder they weren't there. They were here," Irvin whispers to Henry. But Henry jabs Irvin in his ribs to shut him up.

Henry gives Alice a sweet smile, "please continue Alice," Henry says to Alice.

Alice nods and looks back at her clipboard, "The Flower Orchestra is here to play later, Caterpillar showed up this morning, the Dodo clan showed up a few hours ago and the frogs appeared an hour ago. Hmm nope! You aren't the last to show up!"

Henry beams at Alice, "so who has not shown up yet?"

"Oh well Cheshire hasn't, but I'm guessing that's because-"

"Because I have already left Wonderland and it might take me a while to make it back home?"

The three turned their heads to the left. Up in a tree lays a pink cat with purple strips and yellow eyes. The cat stretches and it jumps down to the ground. On its way down to the ground the cat transforms to a man in his early 20's. The man has long pink hair that passes his shoulder and he's wearing a high necked purple and pink stripped sweater, cropped dark blue worn pants and purple sandals. Both of his ears are filled with multiple piercing, they start from the transverse lobe and end at the forward helix.

The man leisurely walks over to Alice and two teens. "Well you see Alice," he throws his hands in the air; "I would never miss my best friend's birthday, even if I was at the South Blue. So before I even got your invitation I started heading home weeks ago just to make sure I wouldn't miss his birthday." Then he looks Alice in the eye, "I've actually been here for two weeks but I didn't want to ruin the surprise, so I'm actually not late." Then he looks at Henry and Irvin, "so you see your highness, you are technically late." He shines his famous Cheshire grin at the Prince and the Count.

The Prince fumes.

The count drops his head and sighs knowing how mad his friend is.

Alice goes to the man and hugs him, "It's nice to see you again Cheshire! I know he's going to be ecstatic when he sees you again."

The two break the hug and the man called 'Cheshire' tilts his head to the side. "Ecstatic? Oh no, Hatter will be so happy to see me that he will pick up each of these nice little tables and start throwing them around this garden, or" he strides over to the middle of the clearing and twirls around in a circle. "He would have a heart attack from just seeing my perfect and sexy face," he turns to Alice, "which do you think he will do?"

Alice is actually thinking about the answer.

Henry is furious and he clutches his fists.

Irvin places his face in his hands, trying to hide from his friend's eventually outburst of rage.

"I told you, sneaking up on Dad and trying to replace the hat with a rock wouldn't work," an unknown male's voice says nearby.

"Well it would have worked! I swear! If Dad was just making tea then he would have never have noticed," another male's voice occupies the garden, but this voice is more familiar to the quartet.

"Dad has amazing reflexes and you're lucky he only gave you a black eye and a split lip," the unknown voice said.

Alice looked around and she whispered in a harsh voice, "He's here! Everyone get ready!"

Hastily dozens of people and animal filled the garden and the hedges returned to their earlier spots. Everyone waited, well almost everyone.

"Henry, just come over here and wait. You don't even have to say the words and you can keep that rotten expression on your face," whispered Irvin.

While everyone who was invited waited near the entrance of the garden to welcome the guest of honor, the Prince of Wonderland, Prince Henry just sat down at the end of the garden turned away from everyone else. Henry turned his head to show Irvin his scowl, "I will do no such thing. You got me her, I'm here. That's all I was asked to do."

Irvin shook his head in disappointment, even though he knew what his best friend was going to say.

'Cheshire' who was waiting with the others looks over to Henry and instead of letting the little Prince do what he wants, he acts. 'Cheshire' goes over to Henry and grabs him by his bicep and pull him off of the chair he was sitting on and the chair topples to the ground.

"What are you doing?"

"I might have been away for a year but you're stuck up personality still pisses me off, and since I'm pissed off I'm going to make the person who makes me pissed off, pissed off too."

Henry is flabbergasted, "I'm the future King of Hearts! You can't treat me like this!"

"Sorry to break this to you baby beheader, but I left this island and I'm traveling the world, so I don't care if you're my King anymore."

'Cheshire' drags the future King of Hearts to the very front of the welcome party for the guest of honor. 'Cheshire' releases his hold on Henry's arm and Henry glares at the feline while he dusts some invisible dirt off of his clothes, then everyone hears the snap. The hedges start to separate and reality hits Henry. The first person who he is going to see is him. Henry tries to turn on his heel and move to the back but it's too late.

From the hedges emerges two males, one is much older, and taller who is in his late twenties while the other male is in his late teens and is a couple of inches shorter than the man standing next to him.

The older male has an almost white complexion and has untamable orange curls that can't stay under his green top hat with pink ribbon around the hat. The man has intense green eyes surrounded by long and curled orange lashes. He's wearing a large brown bow-tie with multicolor full flowers printed on it, along with a dark green suit jacket. His dress shirt is a light brown while his waistcoat is brown with white poke dots. His pants end just below his knees and they are also dark green, just like his suit jacket. He has brown boats on and his socks are non-matching, color and design wise.

The younger man has more color to his face; his complexion is more of a dark beige color. He has a mop of curly hair which could be tamed, but is most likely not, by choice, most of his hair is black while the tips are magenta and there are also multiple streaks of magenta all over his hair. He has big round turquoise eyes which scream curiosity and defiance. He also has on a top hat but this one has a tea theme to it; all along the hat are images of tea pots pouring tea into tea cups, all the tea pots and cups are different size and shaped on the hat. The hat is also slightly taller than the other man's hat, probably to try and make the owner look taller. He's also wearing a bow-tie but it's dramatically larger and they have images of tea on it too. His suit jacket is checkered colored, while his dress shirt is white but his waist coat is brown. His pants are cropped and end just around his knees and he's wearing brown sandals over stripped blue and green socks.

When everyone saw the younger male, they all exclaimed, except Henry, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HATTER!"

The younger male, called Hatter took in the sight of all his friends and his split lips stretched into a big goofy grin. He ran to the group and extended his arms, wanted to give a big huge to his target.

His target saw his enemy coming with his big goofy grin and he tried to run but Hatter's arms trapped him in a bone crushing hug.

"It's so great to see you again Henry!" shouted Hatter.

Henry's face contorted into disgust and stiffens. "GET YOUR TENTACLES OFF ME YOU TEAHOLLIC!"

"Aw, I missed you too buddy!"

After some carousing, Hatter finally let go of Henry, and after a firm talking to from Alice, Henry finally stopped trying to decapitate Hatter. Hatter gave a big hugs to all his friends as the party finally begun.

Now, the party is in full swing and the birthday boy was performing the Hatter clan's famous Futterwacken dance. At the side of the party, sat Alice and Irvin both drinking a cup of tea at a table. "Does Henry really hate Hatter?" Alice asked Irvin.

Irvin looked up from the rim of his cup and thought about his response, and then a small smile filled his face. "I don't think so. You know Henry, that whole spoiled little prince act is just a mask. After all, he is the heir to the stone cold Hearts family.

Alice giggles.

"Oh, what's so funny, you know I absolutely hate being left out of a good joke~"

Alice and Irvin looked behind them and there stood 'Cheshire'.

"Hello Cheshire, Irvin just said that Henry has to be stone cold because of his family and I thought that's quite silly since his surname is Hearts and when you think of hearts you think of passion. It's quite contradicting."

"I guess that's true, don't you think so Ren-owowowow!"

'Cheshire' now known as Ren Cheshire, pinched the poor floppy haired boy's cheek.

"Bunny, you do know that I hate it when people call me that horrible name," he hissed out.

Alice chuckled again, "Oh don't be so mean to him Cheshire, and it was just a slip of the tongue, right?"

"Yes! Yes it was! Please release my cheek! Owowowowow!"

Slowly but surely, Ren, aka, Cheshire released Irvin's cheek.

"I see you still hate your first name, Cheshire."

The trio looked in front of them and there stood the man who came in with Hatter, also known as Maddock, aka, Hatter's older brother.

"It's quite a boring name, after all Cheshire just rolls off your tongue," he leaned in closer to Alice, "right Alice?"

Alice nodded in agreement.

Cheshire leaned back and raised his arms up high in the night sky, "see! Even little Ms. Perfect Outsider Alice agrees with me, so I'm right!"

"I can see where my brother picked up his dramatic tenderizes from," pipped in Maddock.

Cheshire frowned and lowered his arms.

Irvin smiled at the little exchange.

Alice gave a sad smile at her tea cup.

"When does he leave?" she chimed in.

The quartet stopped their friendly bickering and a silence fell in between the little group.

"I know we all have been avoiding the subject all day," she continues, "I want to give him his present and give him a proper farewell before he leaves." She tightened the hold of her cup.

"I see now," commented Irvin.

The other three member at the table looked at him with questionable expressions.

Irvin coughs into his fist, "well we all know how Hatter feels about his birthday, and he doesn't celebrate it."

"But my brother celebrates his 364 Unbirthdays each year, but when his birthday does roll around, if he even remembers it, he just makes tea and biscuits," Maddcok added in.

They all nodded in understanding to Hatter's strange and Mad tendencies. "That's what confused him," Irvin continued.

"Who was confused?" asked Alice.

"Henry was confused about why we were all celebrating Hatter's birthday, he normally doesn't even tell people about it," Irvin answered.

"Isn't it simple? Because of what number he's turning today," Cheshire explained.

They all knew how old Hatter was today. 17.

"For the past ten years he talked about nothing but how he's going to leave this island once he turns 17," spoke Maddock.

Cheshire chuckled at the comment, "Whenever I come back, and even today, Hatter always talks my ear off asking me how the outside world is? What's it like?"

"When is he leaving?" Alice asked again.

"From what Henry told me, it seems like the royal family will give Hatter a small ship, big enough for one person so that he could leave the island tomorrow morning," Irvin responded.

"My Dad said that he was going to give Hatter a couple hundred thousand berries so that he wouldn't cause too much trouble while he's away and before he leaves," Maddock said.

"I was planning on leaving tomorrow morning with Hatter in my boat," Cheshire answered.

All three males looked at each other in bewilderment.

Alice smile at what all three them said, "That's good."

Maddock turned to her. "What's good?"

"Well you see I was worried about him. Hatter doesn't do so well by himself and it's the least I could do after all. He rescued me, and when he leaves I just want to make sure that he'll be okay and he will come back and tell us all his wonderful stories, and I'm going to miss him so very much." She said to the others.

"I think everyone here will miss that troublemaker," Cheshire snicker.

"I'm not so sure about my family though, they didn't come to this party because they're throwing their own party in celebration of Hatter actually leaving, not for his birthday." The others looked at Maddock, wondering if it was really true, what he just said. Sadly, Maddock nodded his head.

"Well it's well known that Hatter is the Black Sheep of Wonderland," Irvin pointed out.

"Hey! I have black hair too!" Alice tried to defend herself, "That doesn't make me a sheep to… right?"

"You're not a native to Wonderland, so you don't really count Alice," Maddock informed her.

"And," Cheshire continued, "to be a 'Black Sheep' in Wonderland just means that you have black hair. There is only one in a zillion chance of a Wonderian having black eye or black hair, even if its highlights or just a streak in his or her hair."

If you are a Native to Wonderland then its highly unlikely to have dark features at all, it's very rare in general to have features similar to your parents too. Similar to Fishman, an offspring of two Wonderians often don't look like their parents, they might share a few traits but most of their appearance and/or personality will stem from an ancestor. Even if one of the parents isn't a Wonderian, the chance of their child looking like them isn't highly possible.


"Oh Henry, perfect timing! I was just about to dance the samba, wanna be my partner?"


The quartet looks over to where Hatter was just dancing the Futterwacken dance, but now he's laughing at Henry, while Henry's screaming his head off to Hatter and demanding for him to have his head cut off.

"Do you think, Henry's going to miss Hatter," Alice asks.

The group stays quite for some time, deliberating the question while they watch the two people on Wonderland who have never and most likely will never agree on anything argue, well Henry have a one-sided verbal battle with Hatter.

A smile breaks Irvin's face. "I think he will."

Maddock nods in agreement while Alice and Cheshire glance between the fighting duo and Irvin. "What makes you say that Bunny?" Cheshire asks.

"Henry remembered it was Hatter's birthday, and that Hatter usually doesn't celebrate his birthday." Maddock answers Cheshire's question.

"Henry might say that he hates Hatter, he wishes he would go die in a hole, curses his name every day, insult his family-"

Maddock clears his voice and give Irvin a pointed look. Irvin gives Maddock an apologetic smile.

"Sorry," he says, "but no matter what Henry will say, we all grew up together and we will all be friends until the day we die. I might not care so much for Cheshire,"

"Right back atcha White Bunny Rabbit!" Cheshire purrs out an agreement to Irvin's comment.

"But no matter what, I will always worry about him. Is he okay? Are pirates hunting him right now? Did he get caught stealing something? I will always care about this guy, even though he isn't my best friend or I hate him sometimes." Irvin finishes.

Maddock, Irvin, Cheshire and Alice all agree to what Irvin just said. They might hate each other sometimes; they might laugh at each other when the other feels embarrassed but they will all stay friends and will always care about each other.






Maddock quirked one of his orange eye brows, "I just asked him a question and he thinks that I withdrew." He chuckled. "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED YOUNGER BROTHER!" the more rational, as rational as a Hatter could be, got up from the table and made his way to his idiotically Mad little brother and trapped Prince of Hearts.

Irvin sighs to himself. "I was having such a good time too. Alice do you care to join my over there to the 'dance off' and make sure Henry doesn't kill a Hatter today?"

Alice giggled and she nodded in agreement. The two make their way over to the 'dance off'.

Cheshire looks at his best friend with his childhood friends. "Hatter Hatter, the boy who was named after his own family, the boy so crazy that he befriended his family's sworn enemy." He looked up into the sky. "Look out World Government, a boy is coming and he's going to cause Madness and distraction in his wake."

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