We're All Mad Here

Chapter 3: Bye Captain Un-Justice

Three corridors total. One floor devoted towards all the crew mates. Six rooms on the Crew mates' floor along with 6 bathrooms. Usually four Marines occupy one room, so about 24 Marines on this ship… that's a lot smaller than a normal marine ship's crew. Second floor houses the kitchen, dining room, the helm room and the Captain's quarters. That's odd, most of the time the Captain's quarter is on the third floor… Oh the third floor is the deck. I saw that the deck has a small room south of the main mass; that must be Captain Justice's office. If that's the office then why is he showing me around the whole ship? The Marines were most likely just in a fight with a strong Pirate crew. Dracule told me that Marine ships usually house at least 20 low ranked marines and at the most 50. I bet he's showing me around to show me how strong his crew is. Bastard most likely thinks he's going to get laid tonight to, scumbag. I swear the only difference between a Pirate and a Marine is that Marines believe in 'Justice' and bull-crap. While Pirates throw 'justice' and consequences to the wind and give people the middle finger. But the only thing wrong with most Pirates are, they don't plan for the future, they only believe in living in the moment. That might seem like peaches and cream but in reality they have to live the rest of their life running from everyone. Oh, Mr. 'I'm-superior-to-you-and-your-just-a-damsel-in-distress-and-were-going-to-have-sex-tonight' is looking at me.

"I'm sorry Captain Justice; I didn't hear what you just said. I was just too captivated by how amazing your ship is. I was wondering why there are so few men on your ship. I always thought Marine ships had about 200 marines on them."

"It's fine Ms. Hatter. I was just saying how we ran into the Whitebeard Pirates yesterday. We suffered many losses, but I was able to save most of my men and we were at least able to capture one of Whitebeard's most trusted men. Usually a marine ship can hold at the most 50 people, and when I left HQ two months ago I had about 48 people including myself on the Artic Wind. And I would prefer it if you called me Pierce not Captain Justice."

"I'm so sorry Capt- I mean Pierce. I'm not used to being on first name basis with many men."

"It's quite alright I understand. And now on our tour were going to visit my office. It's on the deck. It used to be the Captain's private quarters, but I prefer to do my work watching the waves and watching my men work."

Bull-crap, He put his office there because he doesn't trust his men.

"I understand. Your men are very lucky that they have a Captain that looks out for them so much. I was just wondering where most of them are. I have only seen a few marines walking around."

"It's about dinner time, so their most likely in the dining room. Are you hungry? We can go to the Dining room instead of my office."

"Thank you for the concern, but I don't have much of an appetite. And I haven't been around a large group of people in many years; I fear that if I'm around all your men I might faint!"

"That's fine, I understand. Here we are; this is my office. It's not a lot since I just became a captain three months ago, but make yourself comfortable."

The room is pretty small. Maybe around 8 by 9 feet long. I sit down at a small love-seat that is parallel to his desk. He does seem like a young man, maybe in his mid-20's. He must drink a lot, because his face is all puffy and his face has sunk into his head; no he's an alcoholic. I thought Dracule was bad but this guy is so bad that I wouldn't be surprised if he has liver cancer. Oh the scumbag Marine Captain is making his way over to sit next to me.

As 'Pierce' sits down next to me I see from the corner of my right blue eye that he's slung his arm to the back of the love-seat and our thighs are touching. This guy's going to put the moves on me? I've only known him for less than an hour… pathetic. I swear there really is an ultra-thin line between being a Marine and a Pirate.

"Madeline… you see since I'm your savior I think you should at least give me something as an award. I don't know if you can make it to the next island with my crew and me if you don't pull your own weight. If you catch my drift…"

This dickhead wants me to sleep with him for food, shelter and a free ride to the next island?

"I understand Pierce. I just am really thirsty and if you have anything to drink I would very much appreciate it. I would prefer alcohol if you have any."

"What a naughty girl you are. Your underage and you want to drink some booze. Well… I guess I can't say no to your pretty little face. Hold on a second I have some inside my desk."

Wow. A Marine who's going to give alcohol to a minor and he's even planning on sleeping with that some underage girl to. He's just asking for it isn't he?

As Captain Scumbag stands up to get the alcohol I watch him make his way toward his desk. I wonder what I should do. Make it painful or just get it over with? I'll just get it over with, and then I can play with his crew. As he's going through his drawers, I stood up slowly without making a sound and I take off my hat/tea cup and I set it on the love-seat.


"What is it Mad-"


He never finished his sentence. Halfway through his sentence I killed him. It was simple and very fun to watch. I saw his head peak up from the desk and once I muttered that one word and snapped my fingers, he was dead. It was very clean any simple, if a doctor were to come in right now and check on Captain Pedophile, he would conclude that the Captain died from a heart attack. But in reality I just literally… broke his heart.

Now that he's out of my way things are going to get a LOT more FUN around here. I walk around his office in a leisurely way and check to see if he has any Den Den Mushis; it's a known fact that the Captain's office contains all the communication to HQ and to the rest of the ship. In my search I found six Den Den Mushis. Let me guess; one's for HQ, another's for the Dining room, two are for the corridors, the fifth one is for the kitchen and the last one if for the Helm room. I quickly disconnected them so that when the marines get a 'little' scared they won't be able to contact another marine ship or HQ. I might be able to take down a whole ship of marines, but the Captain I just killed had almost zero experience and his crew is weak and exhausted from a previous fight with the Whitebeard Pirates. Captain Scumbag said that they have one of the Whitebeard Pirates' best men. I should 'play' with these Marines first, and then I could release the Whitebeard Pirate if he's willing to cooperate with me.

I then went through his drawers to check to see if he had what I saw searching for. Oh! There it is…aw but he only had about 10 of them. Oh well, a girl can't be too picky the first time she searches a dead man's belongings. I picked up all the new 'treasures' I found in the now dead man's drawers and I put them in my hat/tea cup. Then I looked down at the now dead body of Captain Justice. He had this shocked expression on his face, and in his eyes you could see a little hint of fear. Mom always said that a lady's job is never done until she sees fear her victim's eyes. Then I picked up Captain Justice's legs and I dragged him to a nearby closet. I would have thrown him overboard but I have a petite figure and I don't have a lot of upper body strength. By the time I put the Captain's boy in the closet, I was out of breathe. I knew I should have done a lot more strength training on Kuraigana instead of spending all my time on cardio training. I then made my way over to the Captain's desk and I sat down at his table. Where is it… oh, there it is! I found a piece of paper and a pen and I started to write down what I needed to do. Dracule always said that no matter what I do as a Pirate, I should NEVER leave behind a paper trail. You know what Dracule should do? He should Fuck Off! Then I started to make my list. My list consists of all the wonderful things I plan on doing on a Marine ship... and maybe on other Marine ships in the future. Maybe I can make this a common habit too? Now that sounds like fun. I bet I can even do all these things on an enemy Pirate's ship. I have so much to do with so much time... I guess I should try out my list on these Marines first to make sure it works.

How to Have Fun on a Marine Ship

1. Know the layout of the ship

2. Determine how many Marines are on the ship

3. Get the Highest Officer alone

4. Kill the Highest Officer

5. Eliminate communication to the Outside World

6. Search the Highest Officer's personal belongings. You Never know what treasures Marines have hidden away

7. Seclude all the living Marines to one area

8. Mentally torture the Marines

9. Physically torture or Kill the Marines

10. Steal all the money and food on the ship

11. Find any Prisoner that are on board

12. Determine if the Prisoners will be my enemy or ally in the future

13. Release the Prisoners that are will to become my ally

14. Torch the Marine ship

Now it's time to Play!

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