We're All Mad Here

Chapter 6: Whitebeard

Sleep is heaven. However before you fall asleep, that time is a bitch. So once I fall asleep into my blissful few hours I hate it when people take me away from that wonderful place. That leads me to my current predicament; someone aka Marco is trying to rake me away from my blissful experience. He has been trying to wake me up for the past 5 minutes; I've determined that a Marine or another Pirate ship hasn't made contact with us… so why the flying fuck is he trying to waking me up? I would use my devil fruit power and subdue him, but I'm just too exhausted to even speak one syllable. I am currently hugging my pillow to death while my face is buried in it, and I am completely submerged in my blanket; all you can see of my body is my curly turquoise and magenta hair. At first Marco tried to call my name a few time, I guess he thought I didn't hear him but I actually did but, I ignored him. Then he tried to poke and shake me awake, which rewarded in Marco getting a low and intimidating growl from me. It has been a few seconds now since I've heard Marco call my name or try and physically wake me up… hmm now I'm really cold. I then mustered up all the energy that I have and I slowly move my left hand around my bed to try and find what is currently causing me to be extremely cold. I had a feeling it was Marco but I wasn't sure until I slowly cracked my left eye open and to my horror he was holding my super-duper soft blanket. Bastard.

"Oh good, your awake now. Yo-"

"Is there a Marine ship here?"


"Is there a Pirate ship here?"


"Is the boat on fire?"


"Is Dorothy missing?"

"No, she's in t-"

"Then you have 10 seconds to put my blanket back on me and get your feathery blue ass out of my room."










Right after I muttered 6, I felt my body being hoisted up into the air and then I felt my body being held, it feels really hard. I then open my eye… stupid motherfucking bird is holding me in his arms…at least I still have my pillow.

"Seems like you're fully awake now."

"Put me back in my bed NOW!"

"Sorry I can't do that, but now are you doing to get up and get ready or am I going to have to carry you?"

"… If I get up will you put be down?"


"… Okay, I'll get up. Just put me the fuck down…"

Marco hesitated for a few seconds, and then he put me back down on my feet. We look at each other for a few seconds and then I grabbed my blanket that Marco had on his shoulder. He probably put it there before he picked me up. I walked upstairs with my pillow and blanket in my arms. Once I got upstairs I look around until my turquoise eyes land on my dining table; Marco cleaned all the dishes off, that'll be a lot easier to do this now. I look behind me and Marco is right behind me, I'll show this bastard what happens when you wake me up! I stroll over to my dining table and I look at my table then at Marco who has a confused expression on his face. I then throw my pillow in the middle of the table and then I climb on top of the table, I finish off my performance by throwing my blanket on myself and I turn and face Marco with a smirk on my face.

"What the hell are you doing? You have to get up!"

"Well you see Blue Bird, I absolutely positively HATE being woken up and ordered around. For your information I did get up; I got up and I walked to my dining table and I converted it into my new bed. I did what you TOLD ME to do… what's the problem?"

I can tell by his expression that now he's seething with annoyance… wait for it… and… yep! His right eye just twitched. I bet he wants to kill me, but sadly for him he can't. For the little people in my head, who I've been talking to since I was a little girl let me tell you why Marco can't and won't kill me. Marco won't kill me because I have Marine Intel that he wants to know and he made a promise that I w-

"WHAT THE FU- UGHH… not this again…"

This time Marco didn't pick me up and hold me in his arms… he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. But the good news is that on the way up to his shoulder, I was able to grab my pillow.


"Shut up Dorothy! Stop laughing at me! I'm your owner, you should be helping me!"


"… Screw You Dorothy! I'm not going to make you any tea this morning!"


"What the hell do you mean you already had your morning tea?! You know what, why don't you just jump in the sea an-"

"Sorry to break up your little chit-chat ladies, but I have to take… what's your name again?"

"Madeline Hatter, or Mad or Maddie."

"I have to take Maddie and I to go and see Pops."

"Alright, but make sure my skirt is completely down."

"Got it."

Before I could utter a comeback Marco started to walk away. Then I heard my door being opened and I was blinded by the intensity of the sun when he walked outside. This is so boring. I really should have worn my pajamas, if I did then I could kick Marco in the face and then he would drop me and I would go back to sleep.

"You know, you have a cute butt."

That stopped him in his tracks. I bet his whole face is twitching now, maybe even a blush… no. He doesn't really seem like the type to blush, but y-

"You better not be hitting on me kid. And if you ar-"

"Relax Marco. You're like 10 years older than me. I was just stating a fact. But you know your butt would be a lot cuter if you pull that stick ou- Ow! What the hell!"

While I was talking to Marco, I felt wind whirl around my face; I guess he was either jumping up or he was climbing up a rope ladder. I bet he was climbing up a ladder because I felt Marco readjust his hold on the back of my knees and I heard him grabbing rope. Then I heard Marco land on some wood, probably the deck of Whitebeard's ship. After that I could barely hear his light footsteps land on the floor; then he came to a halt and that's when he dropped me. At least he dropped me on my butt; he could have just thrown me on the ground. I gotta say Blue Bird has at least some manners.

"Pops this is the girl that I told you about."

He talked to Whitebeard about me? How long was I asleep for?





While my eyes were still focused on the ground I heard a sake drinking dish makes contact with the deck's floor. Now on the floor I see the huge sake drinking dish had spilled all the sake on the deck. Uh-oh… that's not good. I then slowly brought my head up and I see about 100 men all looking ahead of me. My eyes then traveled to were the other Whitebeard Pirates were looking. Ahead of me, about 6 feet sat Whitebeard himself. He was looking at me as if I were a ghost; he then slowly rose from where he sat on the stairs of the deck… now he's coming towards me. This can't be good; I say that because of what Whitebeard just did. Whitebeard dropped his sake, when a pirate drops their alcohol that means…

…Shit is going to happen…

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