We're All Mad Here

Chapter 7: New Dreams

"… You look like shit old man…"

That stopped Whitebeard in his tracks and now he's about 4 feet away from me. I could also feel every Whitebeard Pirate's eye looking at me too. I crack my head to my left and I could see behind me that Marco is standing frozen. He has this face were he really wants to kill me, but his eyes say that he's beyond shocked with what I just said. I then looked forward and Whitebeard started to walk toward me again.

3 feet way…




2 feet way…




1 foot way…




I then looked up and Whitebeard was right in front of me, and he was giving me a hard look. Then he reached his hands out to me and he picked me up. Now I'm staring at the Strongest Man in the World.

"Didn't your Mom ever tell you that it's rude to stare at people?"

Then a wide smile painted his face; it was so wide that it looked like his whole face would be swallowed up by it.

"Gu ra ra ra ra ra! My sons we must celebrate this joyous occasion! Bring the sake and let's celebrate!"

Behind me I heard Marco ask Whitebeard, "Pops why are we celebrating?"

Then Whitebeard looked around and he made eye contact with each and every one of his 'sons'. "We are celebrating today because of Maddie, My long lost Daughter!"




"WHAT!" the crew exploded into cries of questions, happiness and bewilderment.

"Whitebeard, I'm not your daughter. You know people get the wrong idea when you say that." I then tried to look behind me; since I was still being held up in the air by Whitebeard it's hard to look around at people when you're in the air. Once I had all the Whitebeard Pirates attention I told them, "I'm not his biological daughter. Hell I don't even consider this man to be a father to me. Our relationship is the same as when he calls you all his sons."




I then heard signs of relief and laughter after I told them the truth. I swear if I was really his 'daughter' these men would never look at me the same.

"As stubborn as always I see. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." He then put me back down on the deck and he looked at all his 'sons'. "My sons, it's time to celebrate! It's not time to stand around and stare at people!" After that all his 'sons' ran around and started getting ready for a celebration… I guess. It's hard to tell because everyone is running around… scratch that not everyone.

"So you and Pops know each other. I would have been nicer to you if you told me that."

I look behind me and Marco is standing there, he has a stern expression on his face. I give him a small smile and I reply, "If I told you I know Whitebeard then you wouldn't have acted like yourself." Before he could reply I walked away. During my little chat with Marco Whitebeard sat back down at the same spot that he was previously sitting at, and I walked over to him and I sat down on the stairs to the right of him.

For the next few hours all I remember is sitting next to Whitebeard, him laughing, eating some awesome meat and someone tried to get me to drink sake. But right now everyone is having a lot of fun and Marco just made his way over to sit on Whitebeard's left side. I just finished my second plate of their amazing meat when I started to get a little thirsty. Maybe I should have some t-

I stood up from the stairs and I screamed, "MY HAT!" that got everyone's attention. Now I had all the Whitebeard Pirates eyes on me, even Marco and Whitebeard were looking at me with questionable looks, until Marco finally understood what I was looking for. While they were looking at me I was frantically looking around and my hands were searching my hair to make sure my hat wasn't on my head… nope still not there.

"My daughter what's the matter? If you want a hat we can get you one."


Now I could feel everyone's eyes widen at my sudden outburst. I would care, but I have a missing hat to find right now.

"Well you see Pops, Maddie's hat has been in her family for a few generations, so I think it's really precise to her."

"Hmm is that so. Well w-"

"MARCO!" I storm over to Marco and since he was still sitting on the steps I am eye to eye with him. When I make my way over to him I grab his purple shirt collar and I yank it towards me. In a low and intimidating voice I growl, "Marco. When was the last time you saw my hat."

"Why doe-"

In a stern and intimidating voice I muttered "Marco" while looking at him dead in the eye.

"… I saw it last when I went down to your bedroom to wake you up. It was on one of nightstands next to your bed. I know it's precise to you but still its j-"

I then released my hold on Marco and I walk to the center of the deck. As I briskly walked to the center of the deck all the Whitebeard Pirates moved out of my way. Once I reached the middle of the deck I put 2 fingers from my left hand and two fingers from my right hand and I place them in my mouth. I then made a sharp and high pitch whistle that traveled on for miles. After my whistle I removed my fingers from my mouth and I stood there just looking at the horizon, the sun was currently setting. All the Whitebeard Pirates were still frozen; I bet they are scared of me. It wouldn't surprise me if they haven't ever seen someone manhandle their second in command before, and seen someone talk to Whitebeard like how I just did. From the corner of my eye I could see one of the Pirates blink rapidly and then he shook his head. He then came up right in my face and he looked down on me. I hate it when people look down on me.

"Hey just because you know Pops and you helped Marco out does't-"

"Shut up."

"What the hell did y-"

"You're in the way." I then pushed him to the side and he lost his balance and he fell on the ground. He probably drank too much, with the help of my push caused him to fall down on the deck.

Now I could feel every single Whitebeard Pirates' outraged eyes on me. But that's not important right now. I just have to wait and…

The Whitebeard Pirate that I knocked down was about to stand up when something sliced the air, which was to the right of his face. He looked behind him and there was nothing, but the object that whizzed through the air just seconds ago came towards me. I brought up my left hand and I closed my eye. The object picked up momentum, until I caught it in-between my fingers. The air around me swished around me, and I brought my left hand in front of my face. I gave a sweet and serene smile to the object that is currently being held between my fingers in my left hand.

"I'm sorry I forgot about you. If it weren't for that big Blue Bird, then I would have woken up like a normal person and taken you with me."

What I caught in my fingers in my left hand was my hat/tea cup.

I then dust off any dirt that could have been on my hat and I place is securely on my head. I look around and I see every Whitebeard Pirate, except for Whitebeard himself looking at me with their mouths open; even Marco has his mouth open. In every one's eyes were amazement and shock. I crouch down to the Whitebeard Pirate that I knocked down a minute ago and I look him square in the eye. Then I place my hand under his chin and I pull his chin up until his mouth isn't open anymore.

"You probably shouldn't do that. If you keep your mouth open to long flies will fly in your mouth and they will lay their eggs in your mouth and you will have baby flies hatching in your mouth. Do you want that?"

He was still in a state of shock, but he was able to shake his head up and down.

After I was sure the Pirate fully understood what I told him, I stood up. Now what did I want… Oh, I was thirsty! Then a note falls off my hat. Where was that? I read the note, and what's on it brings a smile to my face. I really do love Dorothy. I take off my hat in a hurry after I read the note and I look for what Dorothy put in my hat. I pull out what Dorothy put in my hat. Dorothy told me in the note how she was sorry for laughing at me and when I remember my hat I will want some tea so she made me a pot and she added in some cream. I put my hand in the hat and within a few seconds I pull out the tea pot with the tea that Dorothy made for me. I really do love that girl. I take the tea pot and I pour the tea into my tea cup portion of my hat. Then I pull out the creamer and I add the cream to my tea. I then take my right spoon earring off my ear and I stir the cream around in the tea. After I was sure that everything was perfect with my tea I clink the spoon on the edge of my hat, and then I put the spoon back in my ear and I take a sip of my tea.

"Ah… that's some good green tea."

After I took a sip from my tea I look around and all the Whitebeard Pirates are still looking at me. What did I do this time? All of a sudden they all rush up to me and they ask a million question. All I could hear was, 'were did you get that hat?' 'That's so cool. Can any of your other hats fly to you?' 'Were did that tea pot come from?' 'Does your hat have devil fruit powers?' during all the questions I wasn't overwhelmed or scared. But I was happy. I then produced a sharp whistle through my mouth to quiet down the Pirate. After they all quieted down I started to answer as many questions as I could.

Unknown to Maddie and the Whitebeard Pirates that have gathered around her, Whitebeard himself was currently still sitting on the stairs of his deck and to his left was Marco who was staring at Maddie with astonishment in his eyes. Marco quickly snapped out of his daze when he heard Pops mutter in a low tone, "That's good." Marco then looked at his captain, who he considered as a father and asked him, "Pops?" Whitebeard took his gaze off of Maddie and he directed it to Marco. "She's not scared anymore."

"What do you mean she was scared? I might have only known her for at the most 2 days, but within those 2 days I've never seen her get scared."

After hearing his son out, Whitebeard moved his gaze back to Maddie. Right now she just took the last sip of her tea from the hat and she handed the tea pot to one Thatch. Then she put her whole head in the hat. Whitebeard could only think that she was showing his sons how amazing her hat is. He remembers years ago when she did the same thing to him. "You see my son, Maddie was scared. When she is scared she tends to stick next to people she is familiar with and just observe her surroundings. But when she finally determines she is safe and everything is okay, she shows everyone who she really is." Marco looked at his father, and then he looked at Maddie. She just pulled out 12 tea cups and was throwing them at Thatch and Teach. "I don't really understand what you're saying Pops. She acts like herself all the time." From the corner of Whitebeard's left eye he looked at Marco. "She shows people how mad she is. After all it runs in her blood." Marco still didn't understand what his father was saying but once he saw the loving smile that appeared on his father's face when he looked at Maddie and his sons, Marco just couldn't utter another word. He determined he'll ask him all his questions later. After all, Pops did say they were celebrating. It would be rude to ruin the good mood that fell upon the Moby Dick with all his questions.

It was around 11 p.m. when all the Whitebeard Pirates all called it a night, also known as passing out in their bunks or on the deck. I was currently sitting on the Moby Dick's figurehead. I haven't had this much fun in years, I only wished Garrett was here. I was about to go back to my little boat and call it a night, but I looked up and I saw the nighttime sky. No matter what, ever since I was a little kid I would always look up at the stars before I go to bed. I determined that I would stay out here for another 5 minutes.


I heard my name being called so I looked behind me. I thought all the Whitebeard Pirates were asleep. Scratch that, seems like someone is up.

"What's up Marco? I thought you would be asleep now."

"Since everyone here can't hold their liquor, I have to take over Thatch's job tonight."

"Who's Thatch? What was his job?"

Marco rolls his eyes at me and he brings up his right hand and he points his thumb over his shoulder. "Thatch is the guy who you hit your tea cups square in his face with. I swear if he isn't snoring right now, I would have thought you killed the guy. He was supposed to be on watch tonight, but since he's passed out someone has to take over his job. And I'm the only sober one here to take over his job."

"HA! You sober, that's funny. I swore I saw you drink at least 2 bottle of sake an hour ago."

"…Shut up. I'm the only one who hasn't passed out so that automatically makes me the only one who can be on watch tonight."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say Blue Bird."

"Stop calling me Blue Bird. Oh yeah, Pops said he wanted to speak to you."

"Well I call you Blue Bird because your devil fruit causes you to turn into a big Blue Bird. Hmm… Whitebeard wants to speak to me? Did he say why?"


"Hmm… alright all go and speak to the old guy." I stand up and I brush off some dirt that's on the skirt of my dress. I walk pass Marco and I'm barely tall enough to clap my hand on his shoulder and I say to him, "Now don't go and fall asleep on watch. Nobody will let you live it down, Mr. Second in Command." Marco swats my hand off his shoulder and he scoffs at me. "Yeah, whatever. Better not keep Pops waiting."

I walk away from Marco and I head toward Whitebeard's room. It was a good thing his 'sons' gave me a tour a couple of hours ago. When I finally reach Whitebeard's room I didn't knock on his door. You see I don't like to knock on people's door because from the time I notify the person that I want in to the time they finally open the door, the person could be hiding many things from me. And I ABSOULETY HATE LAIRS and people who HIDE things or info from me. Maybe that's why Dracule and I never got along, He was always the silent type who doesn't like to voice His opinions and that drives me crazy. Anyway when I open the door I see that Whitebeard is on his bed and he's drinking sake again. If I look back to my time spent with Dracule, I think He doesn't drink as much as I thought He was drinking or He has a really high tolerance to alcohol.

"Maddie you could close the door."

Oh yeah, I have to talk to Whitebeard. I completely forgot I was in his room too. I really need to do some memory training. I closed the door, then I walk over to a nearby chair and I sit down in it.

"Marco told me you wanted to talk to me."


"C'mon, you can just spill it out. I swear with your old age you are getting soft Old Man. Just come out and say it."

"… I just hope this doesn't bring up any bad memories or feelings…"

"Ughhh. I'm not a little kid anymore Old Man, I'm 17 and I'm becoming a Pirate. I can handle whatever you throw at me. "

"Why are you still alive?"

…Crap… he wants to talk about this.

I quickly turn my head away from him and I interlocked my fingers together.

"I have no id-"

"Madeline. For the past 10 years I thought you were dead. Is your brother still alive too? What happened to you too?"


I hear Whitebeard exhale a large sign. I can't believe he's bringing this up.

"…I know this is a difficult topic to talk about so you don-"

"… There was a fire…"

I could feel his intense stare directed to the side of my face that he can see.

"After Mom was killed Dad… moved Garrett and I down to his home island…. I think it was his home island. It was a long time ago and I wa-"

"I understand. You don't have to go into detail. I just heard that the two of you…"

"Died?" I then turn my face to Whitebeard so that he could see my whole profile. I then give a small forced smile. "I'm alive right now s-"

"Why didn't I know? Why didn't Shiki or Rayleigh know? We all thought that after your Mother's death that you two died too."

"After Mom died, I think Dad kept us in hiding. You know the children of a world famous Pirate would be executed on the spot. It wasn't until I think… 2 years after Mom died that it happened." I then looked down at my interlocked fingers; they were bleeding a little because of how tightly I was holding them and my nails are digging into my skin. "I didn't know Mom died at first. I was accustomed to Mom leaving for months and months so I just thought she went to another island or something. Then after the first year that she didn't come back at all I asked Dad where she was…" In a heartbeat I looked up into Whitebeard's face. His face was filled with sorrow. "Dad said that Mom took some time off and went on vacation and I won't be able to see her for many years. I then gave him a big smile and told him that I would go on vacation too and I would meet Mom there and we could spend our vacation together." I could feel tears forming in the corners of my eyes. "Dad then looked at me and he gave me a big hug. I will always remember the feelings of his tears on my shoulder and how hard he hugged me." While I was telling Whitebeard this I unlocked my fingers and I gave myself a tight hug. I could feel myself shaking a little. While I was going this Whitebeard kept silent and he listened to every last syllable I said as if his life depended on it.

"You were a young child, you didn't know any better. You just wanted to see your Mom again."

I then stopped shaking and I unwind my arms from around myself. I looked into Whitebeard's face with hatred.

"It was horrible that I lost my Mom but it was His entire fault that I lost my Dad."

Whitebeard looked at my face with a questionable expression.

"Who are you talking about?"

"If it weren't for this Him, He wouldn't have brought the Marines with Him and they wouldn't have discovered us. It was because of Him that my Father sacrificed himself to save Garrett and me."

"Who is it Maddie?"

My hatred expression on my face grew to a look of pure rage and malicious. My hands subconsciously grabbed onto the rimming of my hat.

I spit out, "Because of DRACULE MIHAWK my Father is dead today!"

I saw that after I told Whitebeard that, his eyes widened a few centimeters.

"Maddie I think you are mis-"


Now I was agitated and outraged. I started to pace up and down in his room.

"Maddie, it-"


It has been over a decade since I've used my nickname of 'Uncle White' for Whitebeard. So I wasn't surprised to see when I stormed out of his room a shocked expression was painted on his face. When I stormed out I slammed his dorm shut. I started to run to my boat and on my way there, I saw that a few of the Whitebeard Pirates were waking up and I heard Marco call my name. But I ignored it all, what I need right now is to be alone and to cool off. Talking about Him always pisses me off. I can't believe I thought thatDracule was an okay guy for a few days. For the rest of my life I will hate that man.

I can't believe Maddie thinks Mihawk killed her father… as I sit in my bed I still can't get over the fact that she blames him for everything. Just by seeing her today was a shock. I thought Maddie and Garrett died the same day their mother died. I exhale a heavy sign that I didn't know that I was holding in. I then looked up into my ceiling. "…Delilah you were right. Your daughter does have her father's Mad mind. But I just can't believe you never told her about Mihawk…" When Maddie finds out the truth she's going to be outraged. But to think, Mihawk had them both for all these years. "I just hope your daughter doesn't try and become like you Delilah. After all you always wanted her to be more like her father. But you should be proud. She's a strong and fierce little girl… just like you." I exhale another sign; I swear these Hatters always drain me of my strength. I close my eye then. Nothing good could come out of confronting an outraged Hatter. I'll try and talk to her tomorrow.

Once I got back to my boat I went straight to my bed, I even ignored Dorothy when she tried to ask me why I was so agitated. I jumped on my bed face first and I landed on only a mattress… oh yeah. I lost my favorite pillow on the Moby Dick and I left my blanket on the dining table. I could either go find my pillow and blanket, or I could move to another bed. I got up from the bed that I slept in last night and I went to the bed to the left of it. I got to the bed and I landed face first on a pillow and a blanket this time. Ughh… I shouldn't have talked to Whitebeard like that. I then stood up and went to my bathroom and I took a shower, changed into my tea cup pajamas, brushed my teeth and washed my face. It had to be at least 2 days since I took a shower. Too bad I couldn't take a longer shower, stupid devil fruit. Whenever I'm in contact with water I have to be extremely careful, because water drains all my energy from my body. But over the years I have grown a small tolerance. I'm able to take a 10 minute shower without falling down and maybe drowning, I can stick my feet in a pool of water and I'm even fine with washing the dishes. Those little things might not seem like a lot to a non-devil fruit user, but to someone who has eaten a devil fruit those little things are big accomplishments.

Once I make my way to the bed that I'm sleeping in tonight, I pull over the blankets and I climb into bed. I look at my nightstand; which is to my right were my hat is currently at. A small smile graces my face when I look at it. No matter what I've been through in a day or week or a year, my hat that Dad gave me always makes me feel better. After looking at my hat for a few minutes it eases my wrecked nerves from when I talked to Whitebeard. After some time I feel my eyes slowly close and I enter my blissful dream world.

For the first time within about 8 years I woke up all by myself. It feels amazing when you wake up to nobody calling for you, poking you or shrugging you. I look around and I really truly make sure nobody is here… yep nobody's down here. All that's down here are all these beds, my clothes, my hat and I. I just sit in bed for an extra half hour trying to summon up all my energy so that I could get the day started.

Once I summoned up all my energy needed to get ready for the day, I climbed out of my bed and once my feet landed on the wooden floor I stood up and I stretched my whole entire body. I heard a few cracks come from my back, legs, and neck. I then made the journey to my kitchenette; it was a miracle I made it up because I fell at least 3 times. Once I reached my kitchenette I screamed, "DOROTHY!" I looked at the dining table and an instant smile graces my face. I really do love that mouse. On the dining table is a steaming cup of green tea with mini blueberry muffins to the side. Over the years I have taught Dorothy how to make tea and how to bake. Garrett praised me for being able to teach Dorothy how to make food, while Drcaule said that teaching my rat how to cook is a food violation. In a heartbeat a scowl was painted on my face. Stupid Alcoholic Bastard… Dorothy is a Dormouse, not a Rat. Ilook down and I see that Dorothy is looking up into my face with a worried expression on her face. Soon my scowl disappears and a small smile appears on my face. I take my pointer finger on my right hand and I start to stroke Dorothy's head with it. While I was stroking Dorothy, I put a lot of milk in my tea with my left hand, swirled the tea around with a spoon and I take a sip out of my tea cup. I look back down at Dorothy and she's asleep on the dining table. I swear, just the simplest things causes her to become ecstatic or fall asleep. After I finished drinking my tea I pour myself two more refills and I eat 5 muffins. After I finish my breakfast I stand up and go and wash my dishes, once I finish washing all the dishes I leave out some cheese for Dorothy to eat when she wakes up and I leave a cup of tea for her too. I then make my way to my bathroom; I took a quick 10 minute shower, washed my face, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. My hair naturally has loose curls but when I sleep my turquoise and magenta locks come together and form knots, and once my hair form knots it takes forever to undo them. After I finish unknotting my hair I walk out of my bathroom and I go back downstairs. Downstairs I determined I shouldn't wear my dress anytime soon. I'll be traveling a lot and wearing a dress will just get in my way, so I decide to wear my chiffon polka dot pattern blouse with puffy long sleeve shirt top; the background is turquoise while the polka dots are gold, the sleeves reach all the way to my wrists with an oval shaped neckline. My pants are perfect fit straight-leg pants in black. I also put on my combat boots, my spoon earrings and my gloves. I finished off my look by putting on my hat/tea cup. Now I feel ready for the day to start. I walk upstairs and I go over to my door and I slam it open, then I heard the door slam into something.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?!"

I look to my right to see that the door didn't slam open and hit the wall. The door slammed open and hit a person square in their face, and it's not just anyone.

"Good morning Blue Bird." I then walk over to where he is currently sitting on the ground and holding his noise. "Is your noise alright? We don't need your face getting uglier." He rubs his noise and after a couple of seconds he stands up. "I'm fine just a little blood on my sh- what do you mean my face getting uglier?!" I briskly walk away from him, it is best not to anger the endanger Blue Bird specious. If you do anger the mysterious Blue Bird he might burn you… literally.

"Hey get back here Maddie! For your information I have a beautiful face!" that comment caused a small giggle to escape my mouth, but I was quick to cover my mouth with my hand before I could fully laugh at him.

"This isn't funny! My face is perfect! I really don't see how this is funny!" Uh-Oh, the mysterious Blue Bird is chasing after me. There is only one place which I could go to, to fully escape the rage of the Blue Bird.

Now I am currently running to the starboard beam of my ship, I quickly turn my head around to see that Blue Bird is still chasing me, and he's gaining speed. I quickly jump off my boat and I grab onto a rope ladder that is on the Moby Dick, I start climbing up the ladder as if my life depended on it… and it might. Once I made it to the top I turned around and I see Blue Bird jumped off my boat and he's currently flying through the air. Crap, he's going to land right here. I then turned around and I started to run as fast as my little legs can carry me, I'm currently looking for the one thing that will save my life… There he is! I turn around for the third time and I see that Marco is about 2 feet away from me, I really shouldn't have underestimated Blue Bird, after all he is the Second in Command of the Whitebeard Pirates and he's a bird so he has to be quick and flexible. I then finally reach my safe heaven and I run behind him and he just looks at me with a questionable look, until he saw Blue Bird chasing me. Once he saw Blue Bird he let out a deep and happy laugh, that stopped Blue Bird in his tracks and he skidded to a stop on the deck of the Moby Dick; two feet away from my savior and me.

"Gu ra ra ra ra!"

I then look out from behind Whitebeard's broad back and I give Blue Bird a sly smirk. "Blue Bird, I think you might be a little too old to run around."

"S-shut up! Pops what are you doing?"

"My son, I think it's quite a joyous scene when a father watches his son and daughter play together."

"I'm NOT your daughter!"

"I'm not 'playing' with Maddie! She slammed her door in my face and she called me ugly!" Whitebeard then looked at Marco then back to me.


"What?! I opened my door and Blue Bird j-"

"Stop calling me Blue Bird!"

"Marco don't interrupt Maddie. Maddie you may continue." From the corner of my eye I could see Blue Bird sulk from what Whitebeard just told him.

"So I opened my door, and I think I opened it a little too hard because I heard the door slam against something. When I walked out of the doorway I saw Blue Bird on the ground and he was holding his noise while whimpering. I th-"



"… Sorry Pops."

"So when I saw Blue Bird on the ground I asked him if he was alright and he said he was fine."

"That doesn't excuse the fact that you called me ugly!"

"I just said how 'we don't need your face getting uglier.' I didn't say that your face was currently ugly and I didn't say that your face was beautiful too."

Blue Bird and I stared to compete in a staring contest. What he doesn't know is that I used to compete in staring contest almost every day with Him. Because of my past experiences with staring contest I am an expert at them. Have you ever had a staring contest with a person who only blinks about 6 times in a day? It's nearly impossible to win against Him.

Whitebeard laughed again, that caused Blue Bird and I to look up at him with questionable looks on our faces. "Gu ra ra ra! Children I understand now why you two were playing." Whitebeard then looked at me. "Maddie, apologies to Marco for implying that he was ugly. All my children are beautiful" Then he looked at Marco, who was giving me a snide smirk. "Marco, my son you must apologies to Maddie for causing her trouble by chasing her around. Understood children?" We both looked at each other and we signed. At the same time we spoke, "Understood."

I then came out from my hiding spot that was Whitebeard's back and I walked over to Blue Bird until we were face to face. "I'm sorry that I implied that you were ugly."

"I'm sorry that I caused you trouble by chasing you." After our half-hearted apologies we looked Whitebeard dead in the eye.

Whitebeard gave us both delighted smiles. "I'm so happy that my children have made up now."

Someone behind Blue Bird and I called for Blue Bird. He excused himself from our presence. Now I'm left here with Whitebeard… alone. This is kinda awkward after what happened last night.


In a split second I was bowing in front of Whitebeard. It has been years since I last bowed to someone, but my Dad always said that if I'm in the wrong, I have to make it right. So with determination in my eyes I bowed down to Whitebeard.

"Whitebeard, I am extremely sorry for my outburst last night. Please accept my apology!"

"Madeline, rise."

I did as I was asked. Once my eyes landed on Whitebeard's form I say that he had a gentle smile on his face. I swear whenever I see this man he has some type of smile on his face.

"I forgive you, but only on one condition."

"…What's the condition?"

Then his smile blossomed into a smile that expanded to both his cheeks. "Join my crew and become my dau-"

"I won't join your crew and I won't be your daughter." I spoke in a hash and firm tone.

His smile slowly faded from his face but a knowing look entered his eyes. "I knew you would say that…"

"You knew? How?"

"About 20… maybe 25 years ago I asked your Mother to join my crew and she said the same thing that you just said."

I then quickly looked down. "You're getting really old you know that? If you can't remember how long ago you asked my Mom to join your crew. Your once long girly blond hair is long gone too."

Whitebeard then looked up into the sky. "It seems so…"

"I have a proposition for you Whitebeard."

He then looked back down at me. "Hmm, what might this 'proposition' be?"

I then brought my head up high and with determination in my eyes ago I announced, "Edward Newgate, Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. I want to form an alliance with you!"




"Gu ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!"

A questionable expression formed on my face. Why the hell is he laughing at me?!

"Just because I just became a Pirate a couple days ago doesn't mean that I can't be useful! I just ha-"

"My dear daugh-"

"I'm not your daughter."

"My dear child, I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at how similar you two are."

"What? You're not making any sense Old Man!"

A sweet and tender smile formed on Whitebeard's face, even his eyes had nostalgia in them. "Right after your Mother declined my offer to join my ship, she wore the same expression that you just wore and she also asked me to form an alliance with her."

…I guess I'm more like Mom then I thought I was…

"Madeline Hatter, I will form an alliance with you."


"B-bu-But! We haven't negotiated on what our alliance will be, or how I could help you!"

"We don't need to do any of those things. I just have a request, that's all."

"What's the request?!"

"I want you to not follow in her footsteps."



Before I could finish my reply Whitebeard raised his left hand to me. It was the sign that many Pirates and I think people in general use to shush the other person or people who are around them.

"I know you will become an amazing Pirate just like your Mother. But your Mother was her own person. She was the leader of the Whisper Pirates and she was a spy for all Pirates. All I ask is for you to make your own decision and to follow your own dream. I'm fine with you wanting to carry on your Mom's legacy and idolizing her. However, you don't have to become your Mother."

I don't know what to do… ever since I was little I always wanted to be like Mom and to carry on her legacy.

"Do you know what my dream was Whitebeard?"

"No I don't."

"My dream was to be exactly like my Mom. But now after what you just told me I changed my dream."

"What is your dream now?"

"… My dream is to find the next Pirate King or Queen and to help him or her find One Piece. I don't want the One Piece. But I will help anyone who will accept my help; I will help them avoid the World Government. I will gather my own crew of nakama and we will cause trouble for the World Government! But my only condition is that they have to be good Pirates. And to accomplish my dream I will form many alliances and friendships! I know some will betray me, but that's where my nakama come in. My nakama and I will face all our demons together and we will kill them! I am Madeline Hatter and I will accomplish all my dreams!"

"That sounds like a wonderful dream that I know you will accomplish. It sounds like you offer a lot to the table when you form other alliances."

"… I have one condition on our alliance!"

Oh? What might that be?"

"You can't call me your daughter anymore!"

"Then what shall I call you?

"I would prefer it if you called me by my name, Maddie or Madeline. But knowing you… I'm okay with you calling me your Niece…"

Another smile bloomed on Whitebeard's face. I wonder if he ever gets cramps in his face from smiling so much.

"Madeline Hatter you will become my first Niece."

"So… do we have an alliance?"

"Yes, we do have an alliance."

Then Whitebeard offered his right hand to me; a handshake to confirm we have an alliance and that I am his Niece. I gladly accept his hand, and as my little hand is inside his humongous hand in our handshake I know day was the first step that I took to accomplishing my dreams.

"… What did I miss?"

After I release my hand from my handshake with Whitebeard, I turn around and Blue Bird is there.

An evil smile appears on my face. "Guess what Blue Bird! I just formed an alliance with the Whitebeard Pirates!"

"… What…"

I skip all the way over to where Blue Bird is standing and I clap my hand on his shoulder. "You are going to see a LOT of me for the rest of your life. So you better get used to seeing this beautiful face!" I then skip away from Blue Bird and Whitebeard. I have to celebrate this joyous occasion with some Tea! On my way back to my boat I heard Blue Bird exhale a frustrated sign.

For the rest of my life I will keep my alliance with the Whitebeard Pirates… Just to frustrate Marco, aka Blue Bird.

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