We're All Mad Here

Chapter 8: The First Island




… It has been 7 Fucking Long Days… 7 days since I've seen the Whitebeard Pirates and 7 days since I've seen any type of other human beings. The little people in my head (you) might be asking me why I haven't seen any type of human civilization in 7 days, I'll answer your little question with a recap of what happened 7 days ago.

It was the same day that Whitebeard made an alliance with me that it happened. That day the Whitebeard Pirates were throwing another part; no surprise. It was at that party that Blue Bird and I got into a quarrel. The stupid Bird was saying how I should be grateful that 'Pops' made an alliance with me because without them I would be dead on the sea, and then all his crew mates were agreeing with him. Stupid Blue Bird. As usual I got Mad and I stormed off of the Moby Dick. On my way to my ship I ran into Whitebeard and he said that it was just normal 'sibling fighting' and he laughed off my nasty protest. At that point I had been around the Whitebeard Pirates for about 2 days and a girl just can't handle a hundred drunken men for more than 2 days. In my pissed off state of mind I went to my ship and my boat was tied to the Moby Dick so that it wouldn't get lost but in my rage filled mind I cut the line that attached the Moby Dick to my little boat. But you see I'm the type of person where I LOVE to have the last word so I left behind a little note for Blue Bird. To sum up the note; I just said how he could fuck off and I would show all his stupid 'brothers' and himself how I don't need to depend on them, so half an hour before midnight I detached my boat from the Moby Dick and I sailed off. I would have been fine with that but I fucked up. You might be wondering how I fucked up, I fucked up because when I left the Moby Dick I forgot some important things. Those things were my favorite pillow and… my Log Post…

I know that having no Log Post on the Grand Line is the most stupidest thing I could have done… But I was Mad! Not mentally Mad… but I'm kinda am… what was I talking about? Oh, me being stupid and forgetting my Log Post. So because of that I have just been floating around for the past 6 and half days. I guess it's a bad sign too that I haven't seen any ship pass by at all too… I'm so screwed…

… Wait…

About… 30 miles ahead I see an island! I must have the devil's luck or something… well I kinda have the devil's blood already… but that doesn't matter! Ahead of me I see an island! How many people get to say that they reach an island on the Grand Line without a Log Post and live to tell the tale?! I will!

When I spotted the island I was outside on my deck, I set course straight for the island. I then ran inside my cabin and I see Dorothy sitting on the pot of stew that I made for lunch. She wasn't actually sitting in the stew… she was lounging on a marshmallow while rowing around in the stew with a spoon… I really hope that's a mirage and not real life…. Oh crap, it is real. I make my way over to my relaxing dormouse, "Dorothy guess what I just saw!"


"What do you mean you don't care?! I just saw an island on the horizon; it looks like a nice one anyway."

"Squeak Squeak Sque-quek."

"You know what?! Why don't you fuck off! I'm sick of all your negativity! This island isn't going to be like Kuraigana! And if you cursed me I will kill you!" I then stomp over to the nearest wall to me and I furiously knock on the wall for two minutes straight. After I finished knocking on the wooden wall I went over to my lounging mouse and I picked her up and I put her inside a tea pot and I put the top on to seal her inside. "Now you stay in that tea pot and think about what you just said to me."

I then started to briskly walk in circles around my dining table. I should have tea right now but I don't think that a cup of peppermint tea would calm my nerves. I could hear Dorothy angrily squeaking from the tea pot, but I kept on ignoring her because I have a lot on my mind and I started to tune her out. I kept on thinking about the island Dorothy and I were going to be on very soon.

I couldn't tell from the distance how the island looked, but I hope it's a nice and sunny island. I really don't want to go on a winter island, I HATE the cold. I bet there is going to be a village or two on the island too. That thought stopped me in mid-step. Villages equal normal people. Normal people are people who aren't Pirates or Marines. I haven't been around a normal person in 8 year. How should I act? Should I hide in the shadows? Should I socialize with them? How do I socialize with normal people? There are going to be big groups of them too. That thought made my face pale. I have a very fair natural skin tone, and when my face paled I bet I looked like a ghost. I might have been around large groups of people like the Whitebeard Pirates or maybe even the Humandrills. But there is a huge difference between how to act towards other Pirates and Marines and how I should act with normal people. I'm fine with acting like a Mad person with Pirates and Marines but with normal people, I can't act like that because they will get scared, and I don't want to hurt normal hard working people.

Before Dracule took Garrett and I, we lived on a normal island like everyone else. It wasn't our birth island because we were born on a boat, but after Mom died, Dad moved us away from the island that I grew up on. The island that Garrett and I were on I think was Dad's home island. I remember all the wonderful colors and laughter. Garrett and I used to run around the streets and we would say hello to almost ever resident, and when we got hungry we go back to Dad and he would give use little sandwiches and tea for lunch. My pleasant memories of my past brought a sad smile to my face. It was different back then because I was a little girl and people let me get away with a lot of things that I did. But now if I messed up the normal people in a village might hunt me down and hurt me. After I acquired my devil fruit powers I made a promise to Dad, I would never use my powers to hurt normal hard working citizens. I would only use it against bad people, Pirates and Marines. How I got my devil fruit power isn't a crazy story like how I won it in a contest or I saved a Princess and her parents gave me the devil fruit. I sat down at one of the dining table chairs and I closed my eyes. Let's see if I can remember… it was a long time ago.

I was skipping through town and my turquoise curly locks with my magenta natural highlights and ends were bouncing up and down as I skipped. I went to the Candy store earlier and the owner, Candy gave me an orange lollipop. It was really yummy, tasted just like a real orange. I stopped skipping when I faced Daddy's shop. Daddy's store is really cool, it looks just like a giant top hat with a bunch of crazy shaped windows on it, and it's called Hat-tastic Wonder and Tea. I walk up to the door and right before I opened the door the door flew open, in a startle I fall backwards and I fall on my butt. "Oh I'm so terribly sorry! I didn't see you a- Oh Maddie! I'm so sorry! Are you hurt?! I am so-""It's okay Mr. Simmons. In not hurt, I was just surprised." I then stand up and I brush off my skirt of my turquoise dress. I then flashed Mr. Simmons a bright and cheerful smile. "Are you sure? I am terribly sorry. Here let me open the door for you." I was about to say that I was fine again but Mr. Simmons had already opened the door for me. I huffed at him, how rude. I was going to say something to him but he had already opened the door and is encouraging me to go inside. I eye ball him as I walk inside Daddy's shop. I see Daddy standing in front of one of his doll- opps… it's not a doll. Daddy said that it's not a doll, it's called a manikin; but it still looks like a doll to me. Daddy's really tall, like as tall as a giant. But Daddy said that he's not a giant because he's only 6'3, to be a giant you have to be over 10 feet tall. Daddy has mainly black hair but just like me his highlights and the tips of his hair are magenta colored, and we both have the same colored eyes; turquoise. Mommy always said that we look a lot alike but Daddy said that I look more like Mommy then him, and then they start to fight. It's okay though because Mommy always wins because she said that if Daddy doesn't follow her orders then she'll take me on adventures. I would love to go on adventures with Mommy but Daddy said that I'm too young and once I'm older then I can go with Mommy. Mommy has gone off to another adventure again with her Pirate Crew with Baby Garrett. Baby Garrett is my new brother! He's around a year old so he's too young to stay with me and Daddy. "Your spacing out again Lil' Tea Cup. Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?" I look up and Daddy is right in-front of me. "Daddy! I was just talking to the little people in my head again. I was telling them that you're not a giant and how Mommy always wins in your fights with her." "Okay, make sure you tell them how I look. I am the most fashionable person on this island!" Then Daddy spins in a circle and he sticks a pose. Today Daddy is wearing his favorite clothes: he's wearing his olive green coat with his checked pattern dwaitscoat underneath it and an orange dress shirt underneath his waistcoat. His pants are capris that reach just below his knees and they have stripes on them, and on his feet are his favorite floral socks and his orange pointy shoes. He also has on his favorite bow tie that is super-duper big and long and it has picture of tea cups on it. Then on his head is the hat that Grandpa made, the Tea cup Top hat. "That's not what Mommy says. Mommy says that you have a bad sense of fashion and I shouldn't dress like you." Daddy then lost his balance and he falls on the ground. Daddy falls over a lot; Mommy says that he falls over so much because he's a klutz. "Your Mom really said that?" "Yep-E-Do-Deli-Do!" Then Daddy stands up and he signs. But he then looks at me with a smile on his face. "How's your day been Lil' Tea Cup?" I run over to him and I turn in a circle just like how Daddy just did a few minutes ago and I show him my lollipop that's in my right hand. "It's peaches and cream! Ms. Candy gave me this lollipop today and it taste just like a real orange!" Daddy then took the lollipop from my hand and he sniffs it and then he licks it. A shocked expression appears on his face. "This is Hat-Tastic! It does taste just like an Orange!" I then jump up and down in the air. "Daddy, Daddy! I want my lollipop!" Then Daddy sets my lollipop out of my reach. "Lil' Tea Cup, when you want something what do you say?" I stop jumping and I look up at my Daddy. "Can I please have my lollipop back? Please Daddy." Daddy ruffles my turquoise and magenta locks and he gives me a bright smile, then he gives me my lollipop back. I was going to take a bite out of it when Daddy spoke up. "Lil' Tea Cup, its lunch time and I made sandwiches. Why don't cha have lunch and then eat your lollipop." I lower my hand and I look up at Daddy. "Did ja make tea too?" "Do I have wings?" "N-" Then Daddy turned his back to me and he points to his back and magically white feathered long wings appear on his back. "Yes!" "Then yes I did make tea!"

Daddy went to put the closed sign on the door and we both sit down at a nearby table to have out lunch. Daddy looks at me once we sit down at the table. "Ready for the show Lil' Tea Cup?" I smile and I shake my head up and down really fast, but I have to stop soon because my head starts to feel dizzy. Daddy sees this and he chuckles at me. I give him the stink eye. He puts has hand over his mouth to cover his chuckles. "Sorry, sorry. Let the show begin!" Daddy then raised both his hands in the air and he clapped them together and he said, "Fly". In an instant all our tea pots and food from the kitchen counter grow wings and they fly over to use. My laughter fills the whole shop as Daddy and I watched our tea cups, tea pots, saucers, and tableware grew wings as they fly high in the huge shop and they are performing little tricks. Sadly the show ended and they all landed on our table and Daddy took his sandwich and he took a bite out of his sandwich, he then snapped his fingers and wings grew on our tea pot and it started to pour tea into my tea cup and Daddy's hat. I took a sip from my tea and I look up at Daddy, he was taking another bite out of his sandwich. "Daddy?" "What is it Lil' Tea Cup?" "Were do your wings come from?" Daddy then dropped his sandwich. "You are able to grow wings on your body and on other stuff, and then they disappear. Why?" Daddy then coughed into his hand a little. "I ate a devil fruit when I was younger." "What's a devil fruit?" Daddy then pointed his finger at me. "Listen well Lil' Tea Cup because this is very important. Do you understand?" I shake my head up and down, then daddy cleared his voice and he looked at me. "A devil fruit is a special fruit. It allows the person who eats the fruit first to gain special powers. Th-""What type of powers?" Then Daddy placed his pointer finger on his lips to indicate that I have to be quite. "No interrupting, okay?" "… Yes Daddy." "Where was I?" Daddy then started to tap his chin with his pointer finger. "… Oh I was there!" Daddy then cleared his voice again. "A single devil fruit provides the eater with only one type of special power, but it depends on how the eater uses their new powers." That bought a questionable expression to appear on my face and Daddy gave me a soft smile. "Here's an example… hmm, Oh! If a boy finds a devil fruit and he eats it he discovers what special power he has right after he ate the fruit. Let's say that the devil fruit made the boy's body turn to rubber. Do you think that's a powerful power to get?" "Hmm, not really." Daddy takes another bite from his sandwich he swallows, after his throats clears he speaks again and a smile appears on his face. "Your wrong Lil' Tea Cup. That power can be very powerful if he trains. Let's say he becomes a pirate and one day he's cornered by a group of Marines. The boy could make his legs become springs and he could jump away from the Marines and run away. Now doesn't that sound cool?" I guess so. But what's your devil fruit Daddy?" He puts his hand in the air, "I'm gettin' there, just listen. There are three types of devil fruit powers. The three types are: Paramecia, Zoan and Logia. The Paramecia type can change the eater's body, manipulate their area, or produce things; an example would be the rubber boy because his body changed. A Zoan changes the eater into an animal, and Logia changes the eater into elements like fire or ice." "What type are you Daddy?" "My devil fruit was a Paramecia, the one that I ate allows me to grow wings on any part of my body or on other objects. I would have eaten our family devil fruit bu-""Our family devil fruit?" Then Daddy froze. It seems like he wasn't support to say that to me. I then look at Daddy with my biggest puppy dog eyes, Daddy looks at me and he turns away and he signs. "Our family, the Hatter family have our own devil fruit. My Dad, your Grandpa ate the fruit and after he died the devil fruit's powers transferred to another fruit. But since many people in our family know what the devil fruit looks like it's easy for us to take it and save it. The devil fruit is intended for the user's eldest Grandchild, and you're the only Grandchild of Grandpa Hatter that would mean that you would get the devil fruit." "Then can I have it?" "NO." "Why?" "Let me tell you somethin'; since Daddy's missin' a few strings in his head I decided I would go and find the devil fruit myself. Then I finally found a devil fruit, I thought it was the one that your Grandpa had so I ate it… turns out it wasn't and my brother found it instead. So I ate a devil fruit that I had no idea what it was and now I can't eat Grandpa's devil fruit." "… but why can't I eat it?" "Because you're too young." "NO I'M NOT!" Now I'm standing on my chair with my hands on my hips. "Daddy I'm almost a grown up! I can eat a devil fruit and I will!" Daddy looked up at me with a blank expression on his face. "Madeline Hatter please tell me how old you are." I huffed and I stomped my right foot on the chair. "I am 4 Years OLD Daddy! I'm almost a grown up! Now I want the devil fruit!" Daddy is still giving me that blank expression. "You're just like your Mom you know that?" "DEVIL FRUIT!" Then Daddy signed and rubbed your face. "You have to be over 6 to eat the fruit Maddie. It's the family's rule." "But Daddy you and Mommy don't follow the rules so that means that I don't have to follow the rules too!" Then Daddy signed again and his hands covered his face. But then his fingers separated and his left eye appears through his fingers. "Your Mom and I only not follow the Government's rules because their stupid. Once you're old enough you can chose not to follow them, but now you have to follow our rules." "BUT DA-""In the rules it says that you can't eat it unless your over 6, but it never says anything 'bout how you can't look at it." "…" "…"

Daddy then stood up so fast that his chair hit the floor then he started to run to the hidden door, and I was trying to run after him. It's really hard when your Daddy's a giant and you're a small litt- Grown Up! Daddy opened the hidden door and he ran inside it, inside the hidden door is a staircase that leads to our house. The hidden door is one of tons and tons of doors that are on our walls of our shop. Since there are so many doors in the shop it's a little hard to find the door at first but after a while I start to be able to recognize the shape, because the shape is very special. The hidden door is shaped like a huge tea cup. I finally catch up to Daddy and I run to the hidden tea cup door and I open it and Daddy is already climbing the staircase that leads to our house. The staircase is all windy and at some points the staircase gets really small and then super big, it's really cool, but it's really long and hard to climb up. I made it less than halfway when I had to stop because of how tired I am, it's hard for a 4 year old grown up to run up a huge flight of stairs. Then I felt myself being picked up, I looked up and Daddy had run down the stairs and picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. Daddy then started to tickle my side and that caused me to explode in fits of laughter, then I heard Daddy laughing with me too. Once we finally reach the top of the stairs Daddy throws the door open. He was still running and he ran into his bedroom and he dropped me down on his bed. I was still having fits of giggles until I saw that Daddy went to his closet and he took out a medium sized box that looks really old. I stopped giggling and I got off the bed and I crawled over to where Daddy is. I sat down next to Daddy's right side and he looked at me and then the box. "This is the Hatter family's most sacred treasure." "What does sacred mean?" "It means something very important." Then Daddy took the top off the box and inside is a very weird fruit. "That's a devil fruit?" "Yep. But not all devil fruits look like this because they all look different. Their size, color and pattern depend on the power of the devil fruit." "Can I eat it?" "No. Wait a few more years then you can eat it." "So what's the special power of this devil fruit?" "The Hatter's devil fruit power is the B-"

"What are you two doing?"

Daddy and I turn around and Mommy is there. I stand up and I run over to Mommy. "Mommy! Welcome home, did you get me any presents?" "I swear presents are the first thing that you think about when I come home." Daddy then made his way over to Mommy and they hug and kiss-Blah! While Mommy and Daddy are seeing 'hi' to each other I got bored. Daddy always said that it's bad to have a Hatter bored, so I went over to see the Hatter family devil fruit. It looks really weird. Its white with black strips that go down and red strips that go side to side, but it's kinda weird how none of the lines touch. Then an awesome idea comes into my Mad head. Daddy said that I had to be 'over 6' to eat the devil fruit. I look behind me and Mommy and Daddy are still talking to each other. I look around me and I see a piece of paper and a pen on a nightstand. I have to make sure they don't see me, but that's going to be super-duper hard because Mommy says that she has 'eyes as sharp as a hawk'… whatever that means. I crawl low to the ground and I slowly approach the nightstand, good thing Mommy has her back turned to me. I finally make it to the nightstand and I quickly take the piece of paper and pen from the nightstand and I quickly crawl back to the open box. Once I reach the open box I turn around and see that Mommy and Daddy haven't noticed what I just did. I quickly try and write the best 6 I can on the piece of paper, it looks a little sloppy but you can tell it's a 6. But I do have to say, it looks like a good 6 coming from a 4 year old. I place the piece of paper right in-front of the box and I stand on the paper, then I take out the devil fruit and I hold it in my hands.

"Maddie what are you doing?"

Oh no… I have to hurry and…

"Blah, that taste really bad! Daddy why didn't you tell me that devil fruits taste really bad?"



Daddy and Mommy ran over to me and Daddy looked into the box and his face turnes really white. Then Mommy came over to me and she opened my mouth. Then Mommy got really Mad.

"You just had to tell her about the devil fruit?!"

"She was asking questions! I told her she couldn't eat it until she was over 6!"

"But Daddy I am over 6!"



"Sweetheart you're not over 6, your 4 I know how old my own daughter is. After all it was the most pai-"

"Wait." After stopping Mommy from talking Daddy came over to me and he picked me up. "I'll be damned…"

"Hatter, don't curse in-front of Maddie! What is i- oh...Oh…"

"Look Mommy and Daddy! I stood over a piece of paper that says 6 on it. So it was okay for me to eat the devil fruit." Then I flash a huge smile at Mommy and Daddy. "You both have devil fruit powers and now I do! So we are all the same now!"

Then Mommy looked at me and then at Daddy and Daddy did the same thing as what Mommy did. "Hatter, you didn't tell her about the weakness did you?"

"…I was getting' to that. You do know its weird that you still call me that when we're m-. "

Then Mommy grabbed me from Daddy's arms and she looked me straight in the eye. "Madeline."

"Yes Mommy."

"You think devil fruit powers are great right?"


"They might seem great right now there is a weakness to eating a devil fruit."

I tilted my head the side and a questionable expression appeared on my face. "What's the weakness?"

"If you touch water you will die."


"What its true… somewhat…"

I was jolted from my memory when my boat violently rocked, I tried to grab onto the dining table for support but I fell out of my chair before I could grab the dining table. I guess I might just be a klutz just like Dad. When I picked myself up I saw that Dorothy is on the dining table with a worried look on her face. "Sorry Dorothy, I was thinking about Mom and Dad. Guess I forgot to let out of the tea pot." I stood up and I dusted off my pants. I remember after I ate my devil fruit what Mom told me scared me so much that I refused to touch anything liquid for weeks. So once I got really stinky from refusing to take a bath for weeks Dad told me that if I stay in water a long time, then I would not die and I can't die from having a single drop of water touch me. Mom was always bad with her words… crazy how she based her whole pirate career off of talking and sharing information.


Oh right, something happened. If it's another Sea King then it'll be as easy as drinking a cup of tea to kill it. I just hope it isn't a Whitebeard Ship, I'm still a little embarrassed from what happened 7 days ago. I'm not embarrassed about being angry; I'm embarrassed about leaving my Log Post. Marco wouldn't let me live this incident down if I see him any time soon.

I make my way towards the door to see what the mystery ru- Oh! I bet we landed on the island! Oh this is so exciting! I quickly go downstairs and I grab my hat and a few necessities that I might need and I stuff them inside my hat. I then run back upstairs and as I was about to run past the kitchenette I stopped in my tracks. I might get lost so I should bring some food too. I grab some canned food and a still ripe fruits and I put them in my hat and I throw my hat on my head and Dorothy jumps inside the tea cup portion of the hat. Then I run straight to the door and I swing it open. When I open the door I see the island, and it's…

...You have got to be Fucking Kidding Me!

I walk to the bow of my ship and it's stuck in the beach. Once I reach the bow of my ship I jump down and I land on the beach of this… island…

I take back what I say about having the devil's luck. I am the must unlucky person alive…

You see little people inside my head, I HATE darkness with all my soul. That's why I hate Kuraigana so much… besides being the home of Dracule. I'm the type of person where LOVES light and bright colors… this island is the exact opposite of what I LOVE. Hell, I would even take a winter island over this fucked up place.

I stand on the beach of a dark island. I'm not saying that it's actually dark out; it should actually be midday right now. The sand on the beach is pitch black and the trees a few hundred yards ahead are the same dark hue. In the sky I could see dark clouds only covering the perimeter of this island. I turn around and I see that the Grand Line's sea has no dark clouds in sight… there's not even a single cloud in the sea but this island is bathed is dark and thunderous clouds. I can't even finish a full thought before hearing thunder in the distance, and it seems to be getting cl- strike that. A tree about 300 yards away from me just got hit by lightning and the tree is on fire… since all the trees around it are dead they caught on fire too and now everything in my visual horizon is either pitch black or is ablaze. I look behind me again… I wonder if I could still survive if I just leave this island and just wonder the deadly sea of the Grand Line until I find another island… Crap… I face the Dark island again and a stare at it with hatred. I'll just look for some civilization and I'll buy any Log Post off a merchant… I'll buy it off of a Marine if I have too.


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