We're All Mad Here

Chapter 9: Mouse-napped

This is all Dorothy's fault. If she didn't say that we were going to be on a dark and gloomy island I bet this island wouldn't have been like this. When I stepped on the beach of this island I felt hatred for it and I felt like killing Dorothy. But I didn't kill her, as much as I wanted to. I didn't kill Dorothy because she gave me an amazing cup of tea when she saw how Mad I was. Previously I thought a cup of tea wouldn't have calmed my nerves… but I was wrong. So after I had my tea I calmed down a little bit; now I feel like giving this island the middle finger and cursing at it instead of killing everyone here and sending this island to the sea's bottom. So after Dorothy and I had tea she encouraged me toexplore this island. I would have walked straight ahead but that would be kinda hard since… all the trees in my visible sight have caught on fire. It seems like they were spreading to other trees in the forest. I walked to my left on the beach to see if there were any openings to the forest. As I walked I saw that the flames were spreading to each tree I passed, as if it was blocking me from entering the island. Now this island is gettin' really interesting. I walked for about an hour and I finally come upon a spot where the blazing trees stopped burning… it was a delta. It connected the main river of this island to the sea. I've only seen pictures of deltas in books but I never would have imagined one would have looked like this. The delta's soggy ground is pitch black just like the sand on the beach and there are small skeletons of dead animals on the ground and some in the water. The pure whiteness of the animal's bones illuminated the path around the edge of the river and a path inside the island. I walked over to the delta and I peered into the water. The water had this dark tint to it too, and the current isn't going out to see. The current of the river in the delta is going up, into the island. This island keeps on getting weirder and weirder. I then turned to my right and I walked at the side of the river and I started to walk inside the depths of this island. It was like the river and the bones were guiding me to somewhere or someone. I walked for about half an hour when I saw them appear. When I first entered the island by following the river there were no trees around me, but now that I'm about a mile and half into the island I saw the trees appear around me again. To me it felt like the river and the bones were guiding me but the trees were trying to suffocate me and stop me. It was then that I face my first problem which I'm sure won't be my only problem on this island.

Right now I am inside the island and its pitch black. Before I had the sun from the beach to guild me, but now the dark and thunderous clouds have enveloped every single spec of light this island could provide me and the skeletons aren't on the ground anymore. I can't even see my own hands because of how dark it is. I always prided myself in my intense turquoise eyes; I have always been able to see at least a few miles ahead of me because of my eyes. I inherited my Dad's irises but I inherited my Mom's pupils and her intensity. I swear with just a glance my Mom was able to make a Giant curl up in the fettle position and whimper for his Mama, I never saw her do that but she tells a lot of stories like that. I think Mom and Dad might have met because of Mom's eyes… seems like a familiar story Dad might have told me.


I tilt my turquoise orbs up to see that Dorothy is leaning against the cup in my hat and she's looking down at me. "What is it this time Dorothy?"

"Squeak. Sque-Sque-k."

My eyes leave Dorothy's form and I look around at my surroundings. Oh yeah, I'm in this fucked up island. I must have been daydreaming again. I really have to sto-OH! I could use that and it could help us! I stretch my hand out to right in-front of Dorothy.

"Dorothy, can you go on my hand for a sec? I need to get something from inside the hat."


Dorothy complies with my request and she stands on my right hand, then she walks all the way from my right hand to my right shoulder and she sits on my shoulder. I take off my hat and I put my hand inside looking for what I need to solve my current problem. Once I find them I pull it out of my hat back on my head. Dorothy jumps on the rim of my hat and she hastily climbs back inside the tea cup portion of my hat. I take one of the two objects that I retrieved from my hat and I toss it on the tea cup portion of my hat.

"Squeak! Sqe-ak!"

"Your fine Dorothy. The flashlight didn't hit you, don't be such a drama-queen."

"Squeak?! Squeak Sque-ak."

"Well it was your idea that we explore this island, so it's only right if you help me explore too. And I don't mean you just sitting in the tea cup and falling asleep. I'm just asking for you to look around and if you see or hear anything, then squeak."

The flashlight that I threw at Dorothy is a little bigger than her but not big enough where she can't move around in the tea cup. I hear Dorothy grumble for a few seconds but I hear the flashlight being moved around in the porcupine cup. Then my path is illuminated by the flashlight that Dorothy is using. I look up and I see that Dorothy has angled the flashlight where it's easiest for her to move it if she has to and she's keeping a look out for anything that would danger us. She might be a little rough around the edges but I wouldn't trade my little snippy dormouse for any other animal. I then turned on my own flashlight that I retrieved from my hat and I turn it on. With the pitch black dirt path in-front of visible now, I continue to walk into the depths of this mysterious island.


"I used flashlights instead of a lantern right now because if I dropped the lantern this whole forest would to ablaze because everything is dead on this island. And the flames would engulf you and kill you. Would you like to be engulfed in flames today and die?"


"That's what I thought."

I do wonder why the rest of the island's trees aren't on fire though. The blazed trees from the beach looked like they were spreading but now that I'm inside the island none of these trees are burnt, there just all dead. I'm not getting a good vibe from this island even if it might be dark and gloomy. Kuraigana is a dark and gloomy island but it never gave off this type of dark and evil vibe before. I just hope we find civilization soon and get a Log Post.

I continued to walk for another few hours; it must be around dinner time now. But I can't tell what time of day it is today with the dark clouds and suffocating feeling these trees give off.


I hastily look around myself and I see nothing.

"I don't see anything Dorothy. What is it?"


I do as Dorothy asks and I listen around myself. Sure enough I do hear something, it's very faint but with a trained ear someone can hear it. It sounds like someone's jumping around in the trees because I can feel the change on the wind direct and I can hear something very light; like a squirrel jumping around on the dead tree branches. And the tree branches are breaking a li- no it's not breaking, the tree branches are being crushed by a silent force. I look around myself without moving my head. If this assailant is traveling by trees them he or she has a perfect view or Dorothy and I since we are surrounded by trees. The sounds are coming closer and closer but I don't move. I can see that Dorothy is whipping the flashlight around like a Mad mouse, but within five minutes the sounds all stop. If I took a step right know I know my footstep would echo around the whole forest. Then a slight breeze from ahead of me brushes right in-front of my face. This breeze is very different; in this breeze I can smell something. It doesn't smell like death, blood or earth. It smells like someone just stuck a blooming rose under my nose.

"That's quite a wonderful hat you have on our head."

That voice. It wasn't mine or Dorothy's. It sounded like a females voice, but the tone is quite predatory and a hint of sultry in it if I heard right. The smell of roses is getting stronger too. I don't run, because if I run I would be showing her that I am afraid of her. Just because I can't see her doesn't mean that I'm scared. It's quite the contrary actually; I'm not scared of her. I'm intrigued by her. A slow smirk appears on my face by this mysterious woman.

"Ohhh. That's quite a nice face you have. But I like that hat better."

Out of nowhere I feel a breeze brush against my face and a weight being lifted off of myself.


That weight being lifted off of myself is my hat being lifted off my head.


"Ohhh, what a pp-retty hat you have, it even has a cute little snack. Hmm…How about we play a game. If you can get this hat then you win. Ready…"


"Go!" The sultry voice exclaimed.

I watched as hat was hovering a couple of feet away from me, but after the voice said 'Go!' my hat went whizzing through the air; as if someone threw my hat as if it were a Frisbee.

I muttered a few curses under my breath, and then I chase after Dorothy. I run as fast as I can but it seems like the hat is traveling close to the speed of light. As I run after my hat I hear fits of wicked laughter next to my hat. I was about to grab my hat when my hat takes a sharp turn to the right. I almost collide with a nearby tree as my feet skid on the ground as I try to repeat the same sharp turn as my hat just took. I see that Dorothy is holding onto the edge of the tea cup and she's squeaking her head off; that causes me to grit my teeth. I'm fine with this bitch picking on me but she can't mess with Dorothy or my hat. Messing with both Dorothy and my hat crossed the line from playing around to me wanting to kill you.

I'm about less than a foot away from catching my hat and once I'm close enough I'll reach out and grab it. I reach out as far as my little hands and arms would allow me to reach. But the next step I take the ground from under me collapses and I fall down as the hole expanses to the size of a well. On my way down I see that my hat is sited just on the edge of the hole and Dorothy is looking over the rim with terrified eyes.

"If you want this back come to the mansion on top of the hill. You better get there soon or I might just get hungry" Exclaims the evil sultry voice.

As I fall I just remember that I have to get Dorothy back, my hat and kick that bitche's ass when I reach this mansion she told me about.

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