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“I’m rotten, daddy.” “Baby, the only thing you are is spoiled rotten.”

Romance / Drama
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Taehyung had a big, very important office job. Yoongi wasn’t too interested in it. Yoongi was interested in his own job. He worked at a diner, just because he didn’t want to sit at home, or sit at the office all day.

So he was a waiter at a diner, and when he was done, his driver would pick him up and bring him to his lovely caregiver.

His daddy, Kim Taehyung. Chairman of Kim Technology Companies(KTC), the biggest tech company in Asia, and a best seller in other countries as well. They made computers, cameras, phones, music equipment, and much more. They even dabbled in vehicle motors as well.

They were lifelong friends, since they were in daycare , and in high school, they both came out to each other as gay. It didn’t take too long for them to get together after that, to which Taehyung’s parents celebrated.

Yoongi came from a massive family of eight kids. He was the youngest. Usually, the youngest would get treated like royalty, but he was ignored. His parents were too occupied with his older siblings. They were smarter, prettier, more handsome, going more places in life. He simply wasn’t given a chance.

Taehyung was his savior.

Not long after high school, Yoongi started slipping into little space. He was confused, but he trusted his relationship with Taehyung to research it with him. So they did, and got tons of information on little space, and caregivers.

Once again, they talked it over, and decided to venture into it together. The reason Yoongi would slip into little space was stress, and his own forgotten childhood.

Taehyung was still in college then. They were somewhat struggling, but made sure they were both comfortable. Yoongi simply wasn’t in the right state of mind to go to college. Which was fine, but he worked more often.

Which was also fine, because he came home to cuddles with his daddy.

Not long after college, Taehyung started his company, and he’d only been going up since then. By twenty six, he made his first billion. He was now twenty eight, and Yoongi twenty seven, and they were living lavishly.

Not that it was super important to them. All they wanted was to be together.

They lived in a penthouse, with no need for a mansion. They had a couple maids, just for general cleaning, and Yoongi had a driver. Their staff was paid well. That was all. They cooked themselves, always including the maids, or sending them home early.

But, back to Yoongi’s job. He was nearly done with his shift, but he had one last table to attend to. It was the end of the lunch shift.

The three ladies have been sitting there for a few minutes, having shooed him away after he gave them their drinks. Finally, they called him back.

“Hi! I would like the chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette.”

“I want the chef salad.”

“I want.. the vegan pizza.”

Yoongi nodded, writing down the orders, and walking to the kitchen. He gave them the orders, and in a couple of minutes, they were done.

Weird girls and their need to look skinny in front of each other.

While he liked salads, it wouldn’t be the only thing he would get when eating out.

His daddy simply wouldn’t let him.

And the vegan pizza made him want to vomit. Whole grain crust, red sauce, and some spinach and peppers. That’s it.


He set the plates at their places, and smiles, “If you need anything, please wave one of us down.”

Yoongi wouldn’t be waved down, he was leaving. And about time, too. He could feel himself starting to slip. It had been a long day.

He barely made it two steps when one of the girls called out to him.

“Excuse me, waiter! You got my order wrong!"

Yoongi was getting shaky.

"I-I'm sorry.. I don't think I did. You ordered the chicken salad with.. b-balsamic vinaigrette, right?"

"Yea, but it tastes weird. Different than the salad I had last time." She made a face at his stuttering.

"M-miss.. this is the only salad, besides the chef salad that we have here."

He felt like he was going to slip at any moment.

"I don't care! Make me a new one!"

"You will have to pay for that, miss."

"No! I'm not paying for that!"

"I do-don't make the r-rules." He said, and took in a deep breath.

"You can pay for it. You messed it up, you dumbass!"

Yoongi hated being called names.

He felt something warm slide down his cheek, and quickly moved a hand to wipe away whatever it was.

A tear.

"Aw~ did I make you cry? What a stupid, weak, good for nothing waiter! You'll never be anything better!" The girl sneered.

Now, Yoongi knew that was wrong. He worked this job, just for something to do. However, that didn’t make it any less hurtful. Yoongi swallowed back his tears, and put on a tight smile, knowing that the moment he got in the car, he could break down.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. Maybe you’re pregnant, that could be why your salad tastes different. I know for a fact that your salad was made correctly, please do refrain from taking it out on wait staff.”

She looked appalled, “The audacity you have-“

“No, the audacity you have. I know for a fact that you will never make it to my level. I work this job for fun, I do not need a job. I live a very comfortable life, in Gangnam. Now please, enjoy your meal and take my advice.” He said, and quickly walked away from the table. He made it to the back of the store, where he quickly changed.

He wore what he came in this morning. A black turtleneck, tight black jeans, rolled at the ankles, black dress shoes, a wool coat, and his black Louis Vuitton hat. He walked through the front of the store, knowing the girls were looking at him.

Yoongi knew he looked hot. However, he was too upset to look anything but mad. He didn’t want to look hot right now. He wanted to be cute.

Just a few more steps.

He reached his drivers car, a matte black g-wagon. As soon as they pulled away, Yoongi burst into tears.

His driver reached over to grip onto the littles hand, in support, taking the tears as a cue to get to the offices faster.


For reference,

KIM TAEHYUNG: black hair

MIN YOONGI: lavender/silver hair

PARK JIMIN: black hair

KIM SEOKJIN: blonde hair

JUNG HOSEOK: red hair

JEON JUNGKOOK: black hair

KIM NAMJOON: light brown hair

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