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Love At Second Sight

By touchofgold

Romance / Fantasy

The Quidditch World Cup

- c h a p t e r  o n e -

Year 4 (Goblet of Fire)

“Honestly darling, how do you maintain that hair of yours?” my mother tutted as she entered my room. I let out a squeal and turned around to see my mother at the door. She shut the door and was holding a dress. Uh oh. Not good.

“Mother, you know that my hair is already enchanted by the stylists to remain this colour until I say otherwise.” I told her, raising an eyebrow and smirking. My mother sighed and gave into a small smile.

“Get dressed into this. We’re going to the Quidditch World Cup.” my mother said smiling broadly. My eyes lit up the moment she said Quidditch World Cup. I jumped up and hugged her tightly. “Happy birthday darling.”

“This is the best birthday present ever!” I exclaimed as I hugged her. She patted my back lightly before pulling away.

“Now, we have about fifteen minutes before we meet up with the Malfoys.” Hold up. Did she say the Malfoys?

“Oh mom, now you just killed the mood.” I said pouting slightly. She scoffed lightly and ruffled my hair.

“Hon, you may not like Draco but hey, love always start out as hate.” she said with a twinkle in her eyes. I pushed her lightly and stuck out my tongue childishly. 

“Do not, never will and ew!” I exclaimed, shaking my head furiously. She laughed, her laughing lines creasing the top of her forehead. She kissed my forehead lightly.

“Be mature. From the last time I saw Draco, he looked pretty good if you know what I mean.” she said nudging me in my ribs. “Now hurry up and get dressed.” she said smiling before leaving my room. My mind instantly forgot about Draco and I ran to my walk in wardrobe to pick out clothes.

Well since my family has been around for a long time, we inherited the Pyxis Manor. It was located near the Malfoy Manor as well, give or take about half an hour to walk there and seconds via Floo. So, with the old manor comes with its perks yet cons. Perks meaning, antique furniture, rich house history and cool artefacts. Cons meaning, the creaky sounds, an odd smell emitting from the attic and literally a dungeon below. I shuddered at the thought down below although my family has never used it.

I wore the short black lace sleeveless dress mom gave and paired it with a pair of open toe wedge heels. I threw on a couple of white bangles on my wrist which clashed nicely with my light bronze nail polish. I wore a collar necklace with jewels in flower patterns. Because my muggle style annoyed Draco, I wore a daisy flower crown as well as my black ‘nerd’ glasses. I had to wear them, but I usually choose contact lenses.

Giving my hair one final brush, I walked downstairs where my mom and dad were waiting. My mother was wearing a long black dress as well, with long sleeves that stopped just above her ankle and she paired it with white heels. Her brown hair was brushed up into a half updo and she looked beautiful. My father was just wearing a suit with a white tie.

“Hey there, Colette. Excited for your first world cup?” he asked, patting my head.

“You bet dad.” I said a smile tugging on my lips. “So where are our seats?”

“Lucius and I have invitations to the Minister’s Box from Cornelius Fudge himself.” my dad said happily. The previous ministers were likeable but there was something about Fudge that I didn’t like. It was probably the name. Suddenly, our fireplace erupted in green flames and out came Lucius from the fireplace.

“William.” Lucius said with a genuine smile, he doesn’t really give that out a lot. “Sorry for the last minute plans, we thought it would be better if we came to yours instead. Our house is currently, well, going through a cleaning phase.”

The fireplace lit up again and this time it was Narcissa. And last to arrive is Draco, with an arrogant smirk plastered on his face. I can say the transformation over the holidays was very prominent. He had gotten a whole lot taller than me (I used to be way taller than him) and his hair fell loosely now. His chest seems broader and I may not want to admit but he looked good. No wonder mom said it. I must’ve been staring because I heard him snap his fingers and I blinked, twice.

“Caught staring haven’t you Pyxis?” he teased. I scoffed.

“As if Malfoy.” I rolled my eyes. The adults were chatting away so I was left with Draco.

“Don’t mind me, you seemed to have changed too.” he said eyeing me up and down. Puberty hit us all over the holidays. I grew slower this time, well, private things are changing about my body and I suddenly realised what Draco meant. I lightly smacked his shoulder. “Just become a Beater already.” he said rubbing the spot I hit him.

“Well, the Beaters position is unfortunately taken by Fred and George Weasley so I am stuck with Chaser.” I said. “And how did you even become a seeker?!”

“I have skills, remember?”

“Right. Skills of a troll.” I joked pulling out a black box. Just because I share the same birthday as this insufferable git doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart. “Happy birthday Malfoy.” I said passing the box to him. It was a bottle of cologne which my dad helped picked out. It was my favourite scent, mint with a musk like scent. I don’t know what it was called but my dad said it smells good so I bought it.

“Always the first aren’t you Pyxis?” he smiled. “Thanks and happy birthday to you too.” he said passing me a box wrapped with pink and red crepe paper. Because with us being like kids on Christmas day, we opened our presents, immediately. Inside the box was a beautiful set of jewelry. A ring, bracelet and necklace. “Wear the ring,” he said, sniffing the cologne bottle. “It looks nice on you.”

The ring was a silver band with odd twirls and an emerald stone. I smirked to myself. Even on my birthday he had to relate it to Slytherin. It was something I never really told anyone.


“Colette Pyxis.” McGonagall called my name. My hair was a normal colour back then. A few students snickered at my name but one stern glance from McGonagall shut them up. I took slow, composed steps and sat on the stool, nervous. Which house will I be in? What if the hat couldn’t sort me into a house?

I sat on the creaky stool which was warm, Merlin, how many students have sat here before me. I held my breath as McGonagall placed the ratty and tattered hat on my head and to my utter surprise, it began talking.

‘Why! Another Pyxis! You Pyxis sure have a long family generation going. Ah, Colette. I remember sorting your mother and father. Mmm yes, you do have many talents. But which house to put you in?’ it drawled. ‘You are intelligent, mm, very intelligent but Ravenclaw isn’t really the best house for you. Yes, you are patient indeed, and hardworking. Hufflepuff would be the house but something doesn’t seem right.’

‘Hmm, it brings me down to Slytherin and Gryffindor. Wonderful houses really, your parents were from each. Ah, Slytherin. You are cunning, mmm, yes, and very sneaky and cunning. The perfect Slytherin.’ it spoke. Well, Slytherin sounds cool, how about Gryffindor? ‘Gryffindor huh? Well, you sure are a brave one for asking that question, no doubt. You are a daring one, got a bit of nerve in you, but I think Slytherin sounds perfect for you.’ But I don’t want to be in Slytherin.

‘So you don’t want to be Slytherin? Are you sure, you will rise to great power and there are others just like you to help you along.’ it said. Well, they would be there to help me with power but what happens once I’m weak? They wouldn’t give two shakes about me once I’m weak. ‘Got some nerve in you for saying that, I’ve got to give it to you. You would make the perfect Slytherin princess. And I know which house to put you in.’

“GRYFFINDOR!” it yelled loudly and cheers erupted from the Gryffindor table. I hopped off the stool, relieved that it was all over.


“Oi Pyxis.” Draco said snapping his fingers in front of me. I blinked twice.

“What Malfoy?” I snapped.

“Nothing. It’s just that we’re leaving now. The Cup will start in about an half an hour.” he said, extending his arm. “Shall we?”

“Because I’m a nice person.” I said rolling my eyes and held onto his arm. I saw the adults giggling like gossipy students but I ignored the blush creeping up my cheeks. “We’re going by Floo right?”

“Nope. Apparition.” he said.

“Well we’re not seventeen are we.” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“Hold on tight kids.” Narcissa said, winking at me and took Draco’s arm and Apparated.

I had experienced side Apparition before, many times. The feeling was always different compared to Floo. It was quick and easy and within seconds, we landed on the grassy field where the stadium was. I stumbled a few times, along the uneven grass and was pleased when we were in the stadium.

As we walked along the stands, I heard a familiar voice.

“Blimey dad, how high are we?” Ron’s voice echoed from above.

“Let’s put it this way, when it rains, you’ll be the first to know.” Lucius said to Ron above. Draco chuckled but I scowled at him which made him stop.

“Hello Ron!” I said smiling at him. He gave a smile and waved back, so did the twins. They were here with Harry and Hermione. Great! “Hi you two!”

“Hi Colette!” Hermione said happily.

“Father, Colette and I have seats in the Minister’s Box. Personal invite of Cornelius Fudge himself.” Draco boasted. I nudged him hard in the ribs and his father poked him with the cane. Ron smirked a little at me.

“Don’t boast.” I said in a low voice.

“Don’t boast Draco. You two go along first.” Lucius said waringly.

“See you guys at Hogwarts!” I waved at the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione. They waved back as I walked with Draco.

“I don’t get why you even mix with them.” he said with a sneer of disdain in his voice.

“Because the rest of Gryffindors are either airheads or numbskulls.” I said.

“That’s new.” he chuckled. “Usually you would call them, bimbos and prats.”

“Well, those two are still true.” I replied snarkily. It’s true. It may seem like Gryffindor is like the perfect house, but even as a true loyal member, we have a lot of flaws. First of, half the girls in Gryffindor gossip about fashion and the cutest boys in other houses (I hear alot about Draco which disgusted me) and the boys were all ‘macho’ and arrogant. Save Harry and Ron.

“C’mon, let’s go get our seats.”


My first Quidditch World Cup, checked off my bucket list. And what made me even happier was that I had always rooted for Ireland to win and they beat Bulgaria! Even though Bulgaria caught the snitch, we still won! Poor Ron and his undying love for Krum.

“IRELAND!!!” I screamed proudly, annoying Draco. He rolled his eyes at my childish behaviour.

“C’mon, Bulgaria was pretty good too.” he said in defense. I knew Draco rooted for Bulgaria to win.

“Only because you support Krum.” I said cheekily.

“He’s not just a seeker. He’s the Seeker.” Draco retorted.

“I think it’s love.” I gushed airily, waving around a sheer scarf mom lent me. Speaking of, I haven’t seen them since the match ended. I draped the scarf around Draco’s neck. “You’re in love with Krum!” I said in a dreamy voice and swung it around, dragging Draco.

“Stop it Colette. People are watching.” he commanded but his tone was still joking. I soon spotted mom and dad from a sea of people. Suddenly I heard sparks and explosions and green lights. Draco and I got scared. Like serious scared.

“Draco. Narcissa is looking for you, go!” my mom shouted over the voice of wizards, witches and children screaming. Draco nodded and sprinted away. “Colette, hold on, we have to go, now!” my mom shouted. I held on to her hand tightly and the three of us Apparated away.

Once we landed firmly in the Manor, both my parents collapsed onto the black leather couch, rubbing their foreheads. “I apologise Colette for such an abrupt exit. You better have a rest.” dad said. “And be up early tomorrow, I want to see how well you have mastered the butterfly strokes.”

“Understood father.” I said and headed up to my room. I took a peek from the stairs and watched my parents talk away hurriedly and worriedly. My mother’s forehead had these rare creases, worry lines, and so did my father. Needless to say, they were talking about something that isn’t that good. I could feel it.

Entering my room, I found presents lying on my bed. They were from Harry, Ron, Hermione, the twins, Ginny, the Weasleys, Blacks and a good friend of mine at Hogwarts, Lacey. I opened them slowly, not wanting to spoil the wrapping which looked beautiful on the girls.

I received a jar of homemade caramel toffee from Molly and Arthur and an elegant black dress which had a sweetheart neckline decorated with green and silver accents and stopped just above the ankle from the Blacks. Harry and Ron both got me my favourite candies from Honeydukes; lemon sherbet and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Hermione got me two muggle books and a beautiful notebook. Ginny gave me a box of scented candles and the twins gave me a big box of tiny vials of perfume. And lastly, Lacey gave me two framed prints; one was the Gryffindor crest and the other was the whole Diagon Alley, mapped out and hand drawn. I always knew Lacey was great at art.

I can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts.


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1. The Quidditch World Cup
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