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Jealousy Pt. 1 - JJK x Y/N


You and Jungkook have been dating for a few years, and everything was great. Until now.

You were mad at Jungkook. Why? Because he hasn’t been giving you any attention lately, and his friends and PS4 seem to be more important. He also has been having an attitude with you, and this made you pissed. He seemed to have forgot how important you are to him, so you decided to remind him.


“- and then i told them i wouldn’t participate.”


" Hey, are you listening”

Jungkook stared at the screen like his life was on the line, not blinking an eye. His fingers moved aggressively over the controller.

a/n~ Just going to leave this here

He was clearly not paying attention to you, so you got up in front of him, and covered the TV screen.

“Move out the way, I’m going to lose.” He said, moving from side to side trying to get a view of the screen.

“No, stop ignoring me.” You replied, refusing to move from your spot.

Jungkook got up and angrily shoved you from in front of the TV. You were pushed onto the floor, a small gasp leaving your mouth. You couldn’t believe he just put his hands on you like that. You sat there, waiting for an apology, but Jungkook just threw another tantrum for losing.

“You are so annoying, you made me lose my game. Why are you always bothering me when I’m playing games and embarrassing me in front of my friends. Stop being so clingy and annoying, and leave me alone, damn”

You felt tears forming in your eyes, so you lowered you head in embarrassment. You got up and left the apartment, and Jungkook went back to playing.

You were furious, so you decided to get back at him.


You grabbed your phone and dialed a number. The phone rang for a few seconds, and then a person answered.


“Hey, it’s me, Y/N. I was thinking about the offer you told me earlier and I changed my mind. Is it still okay for me to take up the offer.”

“Yeah, I’ll inform the others, come in tomorrow at 8pm to discuss this further and began.”

“Okay, thanks”

You sat down on a chair, smirking to yourself.

I’ll show you, Jungkook.

*Time skip sponsored by your cute ass ;)*

- The next day-

You have been ignoring Jungkook all day. You are pretty sure he didn’t even notice that you have been giving him the silent treatment. You laid in your bed for most of the day, until it became 7. Once it turned 7, you got up and began getting ready.

You took a quick shower, applied some makeup, styled your hair, and put on your cutest workout outfit that made your ass look nice.

By the time you were done getting ready, it was time to go. You left your room and walked to the front door, passing Jungkook.

You felt Jungkook’s eyes on you as you walked past him. You knew you looked cute.

Jungkook spoke up, ” Where are you going?”

“Somewhere” You replied nonchalantly.

Jungkook studied you before continuing ” And since when did you were makeup out?”

“Since today”

You watched as Jungkook’s face grew irritated and what seemed like a hint of jealousy.

“Yeah, I’m going to perform with Eunwoo, I’m so excited” you said, jumping up and down in excitement, trying to anger him.

Now Jungkook looked mad, he pressed his tongue against his inner cheek, looking away, his eyebrows furrowing.

Fuck, he looks so hot.

You turned back around, unlocking the door, and exiting the apartment. You hopped in a cab and drove off.


When you arrived at your location, you got out of the cab, and entered the big building. You went to the practice room, and walked in.

“Y/N, there you are, now that you came, let’s start stretching until the dance instructor comes”.

You and Eunwoo greeted each other then started stretching. After stretching for a few minutes, the dance instructor arrived, and began teaching you guys the choreography. It was challenging, but you were always up for a challenge.

*Another Time skip brought to you by Jungkook’s thighs*

- A few weeks later-

You have been making Jungkook jealous and irritating him all week. All you talked about was how much of a good dancer Eunwoo was. You were surprised he didn’t combust yet, or kill Eunwoo.

Today was the day of the performance. You were excited for this, and it was finally time to do what you have been preparing for.

Your hair and makeup was done, now the outfit. You grabbed your outfit and went to the dressing room, and put it on. You looked and the mirror, and you looked hot.

After taking a few cute photos, you left the dressing room. You watched as everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at you. You smirked inwardly.

Jungkook is going to lose his shit.

You met up with Eunwoo near the stage, and started a conversation as you were waiting for your turn to perform. NCT Dream was currently up there performing their song ‘We Go Up’. You heard the song coming to an end and walked up to the stage. You watched as the NCT Dream members stared at you.

Is he getting a boner? Damn, Jungkook is going to kill me.

They left the stage, and you and Eunwoo got into position.

Your performance:

You made sure to make eye contact with Jungkook while you were performing as much as you could. He glared at you with so much jealousy.

Every time Eunwoo placed his hands on you, you saw Jungkook furrow his eyebrows and stare angrily at where he was touching you, almost like he was trying to rip his hands off you with his eyes. At one point Jimin even shouted your name, and Jungkook gave him the scariest death glare you have ever seen.

You finished the performance, panting, next to and exhausted Eunwoo. You left the stage and glanced at the audience once more. You noticed Jungkook was no where to be found.

- - -

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