Tainted Legacies: Villains Don't Live Happily Ever After

Chapter 2


“Thank the narrators, he actually left!” I whispered, my door rumbling shut

.Tossing the book that was entitled “Tiaras or Crowns?, What every Queen Needs to Know” upon my floor. I sprawled out across the the ruby leather. Allowing myself to get lost in the music that escaped from my headphones.

Trying to regain some sort of sanity, after this horrific evening.

No, matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to hate Raven for destroying this night.

Sure, I haven't thought of anything else, but that moment since Nursery Rhyme School began, but I also just couldn't bring myself to blame him.

Raven, had always been a book I couldn't read, but what he said about his actions being for me. I just can not even phantom what could be taking place inside of that head of his.

Whatever it is, I hope he proves me wrong for wanting him to sign so badly.

I hope he makes the rigid path were about to embark on worthwhile, because just like his decision to not sign the “Storybook of Legends”, his decisions following his rebellion will also reflect how I will have to live my life.

That is, if we do not vanish because of his arrogance.

Not wanting to imagine what sort of things I was going to have to address in “Royal Student Council”, I cranked the music higher.

Settling on beauty sleep would have to be the answer to all the pulsing thoughts that shook me.

It has been two weeks since “Legacy Day”, and I swear by the narrators that “Ever After High” is still a mess.

Everyday more and more students are questioning what Grimm has taught us to embrace.

Everyday more and more of those same students, stand by Raven. Promoting and idolizing him. like he's some mighty and wise being for his choices to be rebellious.

Which let's be honest, we royals know that they're wrong and that they just don't understand the bookbinding of our civilization. In which would allow them to hear how idiotic they sound.

How can anyone want to risk destroying the very ink blots that allow for our society to run as it does?

Speaking of rebels tainting everything our school represents, I’ve heard the most shocking news as of late!

Ashlynn-Ella, whose one of my "best friends forever after", has become the main star of local gossip in the Castleteria.

No, it is not your norm gossip or petty talk.

It involves something about her dating the less than worthy Hunter Huntsmen.

Who is Hunter you ask? Well, tall tale short, hes next to be the next huntsmen in both mine and Cerise Hood's stories.

I honestly do not know a whole lot about him, other than the Charming's are pleased with the Ella's for allowing their daughter to get mixed into this sort of drama.

This could explain the lack of communication that has been going on between us.

Briar Beauty(my other best friend forever after), claims Ashlynn perhaps hasn't tried telling me because everyone in the realm knows i’m very pro-destiny when it comes to following what legacy has written out for you.

Which is whatever after when it comes to my friendships. I may not approve of their choices, but I don't want towered out.

I, never even got to hear what Ashlynn thought about the whole "Legacy Day" melt down.

Speaking of "Legacy Day", do not even get me started on Daring and how he's been since Legacy Day, because oh sweet pumpkin spice.

He’s been acting so odd since.

My mother, made the remark that perhaps he's feeling insecure about all this mess, but something tells me that the porridge is too cold for that to be accurate.

Daring, has been almost overbearing for being the same person,who claims there's no need to push us as an item.

For example, while he's normally at "bookball", I attend "Art" in the woods. A class set to help students unwind.

Which with all this "Legacy Day" stuff going on, it is really nice to sit and doodle, because it doesn't require me to have answers or to have to focus about things I can not control.

Anyways, Daring, though he hates painting, went with me and just observed my work without a word on why he was missing what he has always proclaimed to be the most important thing in his life.

Then at Teaspiration, which is an elite royal tea party hosted once a week in the O’hair’s dormitory. We were interrupted and picketed for our pro-destiny viewpoints.

Whatever happened to respect and manners?

Whatever happened to allowing people to share why they believed what they stood for?

I've been more than patient listening to their rambles, and putting up with them destroying potentially what could be our future, but here they were labeling as a “compassion-less dictator”, who has no agenda,but to promote my own.

No,I am not heartless! No, I am not bitter about the hours I spent on that Legacy Day speech! No, my crown isn't entirely too tight, and no, I do not get paid to support the narrative agenda.

It all ties to this line “Apple White, daughter of--”. Of course everyone in the realms knows to complete this statement with “-Daughter of Snow White and King Roland”.

Oh, how I wish I could tell them that they're being fed a big lie.

Even with evidence of my locks of sunshine clashing with my family’s natural traits of ebony, society remains happily accepting that I am the heir of the White family.

Actually, if you ever are granted the wish to listen to an “Royal Student Council” meeting, you would be graced with Headmaster Grimm’s oh so famous speech of why the next “Snow White” story lays in deteriorating pages,beyond the fact I am its next carrier.

All because one special day, destiny gave the realms a new storyboard to work with.

That day was November, 25th!

The very day that Raven Queen was a born a male rather than a female.

However, the headmaster never wants to share with the student council board, the other half of what really makes the next Snow White story even more tainted.

It could be because it would sound treasonous against the great King Roland.

I, however as a survivor of the truth, that stands in the shadows of the great King, will tell you that the hero of the last Snow White story ended up an coward who killed millions of innocent people in the name of defending his land in the Great Troll Wars.

Tall tale, or buried truth?

The answer is it's Ever After’s biggest buried truth.

Maybe I should take delight that my future people are so quick to cling to their tall tales.

I mean if we were really honest about these sort of things, the realms know that Daring would not marry just some non royal maiden, even if she was the fairest in all the lands.

It’s also not like Duchess Swan(The girl who wants to snag a better happily ever after) needs more fire beneath her feet to take over mine.

Then we add in, if we were to be honest about things would I even hold value to my adoptive parents? Or would they banish me to the woods to die?

These are reasons why I will continue to keep my ruby lips shut, despite it being hard to shake my past as just a mere peasant girl.

Did I Apple White, admit to being nothing more than an adopted peasant girl? I just certainly did.

“I am Apollonia,rising form from the ashes of Naomi, great herb healer of Cersis.”

“I am Apollonia, adopted Princess, and fill in for the next Snow White story.”

“I am Apollonia, the girl who is still afraid of her parents, and worries what will happen if her story does not take place.”

“I am Apollonia, the girl who will push the narrative agenda, even if it makes everyone who encounters me, gnash their teeth at me.”

“I am Princess Apple White, the sole student who will fight for tradition, future legacy days, and against those who spit upon the backbone of our society.”

As lesson two of the Golden Book claims “If the shoe fits, then wear it.”
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