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You're My Enemy ~ 🐰💜🐯


~Ongoing~ This is my 5th Book.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

I Hate You


“May I know why you are here?” yoona asked the person who was literally standing on tae’s way to stop him from getting in.

“The same reason why this lollipop is here”

The next seconds guk regretted for what he said “He is in his first period, are you also? As your mother I’m sure you were not born with a special gender, or I missed to notic..” guk cuts her “Just for that you should not bring him here MOM” says between his gritted teeth low tone, but tae heart broken by hearing those words clearly 💭 Does he hate me that much? 💭

Yoona grabs tae’s fidgeting hand and trying to take him left side upstairs, but guk stopped them again “No mom, please don’t do that”

“I’m your mom, I know what I’m doing” yoona lips curved in smirk.

Tae really can’t understand their hidden conversation, he is standing between them with total discomfort. Now he misses his room so badly.

“You are doing this purposely mom” he yells and tries to stop her again from going to his secret room on the first floor, “Yeah, that’s right. Now move away don’t make me call your dad” yoona equally yells at her son. In an uncomfortable mood tae says to yoona softly “Aunt, please don’t fight for me, however jinnie hyung will come..” yoona cuts him “You are not going anywhere baby. You should stay where you BELONGS” she says the last word strongly but looking at her son.

“Fine, he can stay here, but not in any of my rooms, mom”

“You are not in the place to decide that, okay”

When yoona tried to drag the uncomfortable boy upstairs, this time guk stepped to the side to stop tae “Hey lollipop, you also don’t wanna stay here right?”


“You don’t like to stay here right? With me?” guk asks again not caring about yoona’s small hits.

💭 With you?!!! Of course not 💭

With an unknown hesitation tae very slowly shakes his head, before even saying that loudly guk immediately lifts him up in bridal style “Good lollipop, let’s go” effortlessly taking him and heading outside.

“Yah, where the hell are you taking me, you idiot?” tae yells at guk’s sudden attack but wrapped his hands around guk’s neck safely.

“Of course to our room, where else” guk says casually and takes his steps very long like jumping, tae cutely curled and bouncing onto guk’s manhandling style.

Behind them yoona literally running and screaming to catch her stupid son “You brat, he is in his first period you should not handle him like this, aishhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Guk successfully takes him out of the main home door, but he instantly stops when he sees a much stronger person than him standing in front of him with a questioning eyebrow.

Tae stopped staring at the person’s face, in whose manhandle he is literally lying like a baby, when his eyes following by guk to turn left he doesn’t know that his cute left hand travelling down towards guk’s shirt to clench it lovely.

Chang wook without lifting down his raised brows he asked again in sign ‘What is this?’ guk instantly takes off his hand “Dad?!” utters himself in little shock, thankfully tae already clenching guk enough tightly to not fall down so it has helped him now to manage and stand steadily.

Yoona also stopped running and comes front to take a look “Thank goodness you are here on right time honey, I can’t manage your stupid son anymore” while complaining about guk, she wents to her husband and gives her as usual welcome love chu on his lips, chang wook also accept her chu with soft hug in their own way.

“Finally he decided to visit home, why are you encountering him that quickly dear? Then he won’t visit us for months” says between his handsome smile, while examining the new person who is standing next to his son and trying to hide himself behind guk’s massive body.

“What? Do you think that brat decided to visit home? It will happen only In your dreams, honey. He was here only because of him..” she says while pointing at tae “..Cause of Kim Taehyung, he is here right now, and trying to escape with him”

Chang wook smiles widened when his doubt got cleared by his wife’s statement “Kim Taehyung?! My dear baby, come here” he opened his right arm widely to catch him, but in tae’s cute shyness he takes his step toward him very slowly. When he meets yoona’s teasing smile he jumped in their both hug “Uncleeeeeeee”, chang wook chu on his softy hair before hugs him protectively.

When they all headed into home, yoona took that small amount of time to tell everything what happened today, it was a very short time but she made it; she can’t wait until they all gathered in to discuss. And guk knows what will happen next, so he silently prepares his mind to answer. Of course, Chang wook is a friendly father, but not when he sees or hears that guk is hurting someone. That’s the main reason yoona not telling about any of guk’s behavior toward others. If she does, guk and chang wook can’t be in their friendly zone anymore. So practically yoona saving their dad and son’s bond. But Chang Wook is not a fool, he knows about his son! He is acting in front of them like he doesn’t know and being strict with guk’s few matters.

“I have to go, see you later” when guk tries to run away chang wook stopped him “You can go after our little talk, my son” gestured him to go living area 💭 It going to be long day 💭 with a deep sigh guk went to sit on the sofa, where yoona excitedly sitting along with tae.

“Now you see baby, he can’t say no to any of his dad’s speech” yoona whispers against tae’s ear secretly with so much excitement. If I say tae is not excited like yoona then I’m lying, he is also equally excited to watch guk getting scolded by his uncle, it’s been years after all!

Chang wook removed his coat before settling on the sofa comfortably to have sweet family talk.

“Yes Jeongguk, tell me what’s your problem?” enquiry started from chang wook.

“Problem? No, I don’t have any” instantly backed away.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, dad”

“Then great, Taehyung is going to stay in your room and you can take your 1st floor..” guk cuts him “No dad, please not my room”


“Please dad”

“I asked the reason”

“No reason, just I don’t want..” chang wook cuts him “No reason then no arguments, that’s it. Anything else?” asked looking at yoona, yoona shakes her head with a wide grin and double thumbs up.

To show his open anger guk punched the sofa with a tight fist “I want my card” asks between his gritted teeth, not lifting up his eyes on the floor.

“It’s in our room” tae murmurs softly, being like a good boy in front of his aunt and uncle.

“I want it RIGHT.NOW” guk glares at the person who is totally enjoying the scene.

“He didn’t say it’s in the room, he will give it back when he wants” yoona reminds him that it’s up to tae’s wish.


Chang wook takes out his own card and shows in front of guk’s angry face “You want card right, here you go”

“I want my card, dad”

“Sorry” says simply and places his card in front of guk.

💭 Why are they being so stubborn about this matter? They definitely know I’m keeping that lollipop’s small, small things in my room, so why the hell are they doing this to me? Waeeeeee? 💭

“Fine, I need 10 minutes to clean my room until no one should not enter my room” with that guk heading upstairs and he didn’t forget to take his dad’s card with him, not caring about yoona’s yell “I cleaned your both of room already” all he wants to do right now is hide his untitled feelings, which is disturbing his heart since the day he landed his eyes on the boy, 💭 Lolita 💭


Main Character Short Introduction:

Jeon Jeongguk - Age 12 years old - Rich Family

📢 I can’t able to find JK’s 12 years old photo so adjust with this one 👇

Kim Taehyung - Age 10 years old - Typical Normal Family

📢 Same here I can’t able to find V’s 10 years old photo so adjust with this one 👇


Tae stops playing when he noticed his enemy entering the park, with a huge grin he ran towards him.

“Taetae where are you going?” his elder brother jin yells at the direction where his little brother ran.

“To greet my enemy” tae respond back.

Then jin noticed guk entering the park with his mom yoona, he sighs “Ohhh god no, not again!” he runs behind his naughty brother, who can’t control his mouth in front of his so-called enemy.

“Hey taetae babe” yoona welcomes the cute baby with her usual bright smile.

“Hello, Yoona aunty” bowed at her quietly with respect.

“Awww how cute boy you’re, come my babe” yoona opens her arms for a warm hug, tae runs to it with a happy smile.

“See jeongguk, this is how you welcomes your elder people” yoona teaches her attitude and stubborn son, who keeps trying to burn the cute boy by his death glare “Stop glaring him, he is 2 years younger than you but look how he’s behaving to others, try to learn from him” while yoona scolding her son, tae smiles secretly in victory. Actually he is naturally sweet to everyone, but he will give more respect and sweet to yoona and her husband jeon chang wook, so that his enemy will get scolded by them.

“He is doing this purposely mom” guk said between his gritted teeth, while tae gives tongue out pose in victor and the next seconds acts like a good boy in front of her and his enemy “Ugly lollipop” guk murmurs between his gritted teeth in irritation.

“Good evening, aunty yoona” jin comes to the perfect time to stop yoona scolding her son.

While jin and yoona chatting tae turns to his enemy “I heard you are leaving the city, idiot” tae asks between his huge smile on his face and his puppy doe eyes widened in excitement behind the large specs, it’s clearly showing how much he loves his enemy going far away from him.

Guk face immediately changed into more happy than others “Yeah! Hereafter I don’t have to see your ugly lollipop face EVER again, thank god” guk said with equal, no no extra happiness.

Tae gritted his teeth in irritation “Don’t call me lollipop” said between his fist small hands.

Guk smirked in success he knows very well tae don’t like call him like that, but guk loves to see him with an angry face “With those ugly lollipop specs you looks ugly, do you never see your ugly face in front of the mirror?..” guk smirk widens to see tae getting more anger “..My one last request lollipop, if you want others to be social with you please never ever remove that lollipop specs, if they see your real ugly face they will run out from you permanently” guk satisfied with tae’s red angry face.

Tae wasn’t ugly as guk described, he is really damn cute with those large specs and his pouty lips. Everyone loves tae’s cute side, expect one and only person that’s none other than Jeon Jeongguk. Both are living in the same area in Daegu city. Without any reason both are hating each other at the core ever since they met. Tae doesn’t like a person to hate anyone, but since when guk described him as ugly behalf cute like anyones. That’s their fight starts, tae wearing specs from the childhood age due to eyesight problems. When others praise him with cute words ‘You looks so cute in specs, taetae’ ‘Awwwwww, my babe damn lovely with his new glasses’ ‘You looks cute in everything, taetae’ like these kind of praise get, he heard the exact opposite one from his enemy ‘Finally you found one huge lollipop to hide your ugly face? Hmmm it’s better to not see your ugly face directly though’ this is what he gets from his enemy guk. Actually tae loves lollipop, but he starts to hate it since his enemy compared him with that. If someone gives it to him, he will scream in hella mad.

“I’m warning you one last time idiot” tae says between his gritted teeth and fisted small cute hands.

“Or what?” guk mocked back as he’s ready to fight with that silly boy.

“I will punch your ugly bunny face” tae lifts up his fisted hand.

“See who is calling that, ugly lolli..” tae doesn’t let him finish the word, gives a strong punch on his face. Guk missed his balance he doesn’t really expect the sudden attack from that skinny boy. When he removes his hand from left cheek he sees a little blood on his inner palm, his eyes are getting darker while fist his right hand ready to attack the person who looks like lost his confidence “You ugly lollipop” with his gritted teeth guk jumped on the skinny boy to attack him.

When jin and yoona come back with ice cream, they saw guk and tae rolling on the dirt “Ohhh god” with that both drops the ice cream and ran over to them “Guys stop fighting” yoona runs to guk, while jin runs to tae “Taetae, stop it”

Yoona pulls back the boy who is sitting on the skinny boy “You are the one ugly, ugly, ugly lollipop” guk yells between yoona’s grip and trying to release himself, still he didn’t let go of the boy “You are the one who looks ugly with that ugly bunny teeth, ugly, ugly, ugly idiot” tae yells back equally while trying to release his tiny finger got stuck between guk’s tight held.

“Jeonggukkk” “Taetaeeee” with each others full force they successfully separated them.

“I.HATE.YOU. Just get out of my life” tae yells between the pain.

“I’m going to go anyway, I don’t want to see your ugly lollipop face in my life anymore” guk yells back with equal mad, not care about the blood on his left cheek.

“Thank.you. That’s what I want in my life, just go away”

“Goodbye, lollipop” guk says between his gritted teeth and huge mad.

“Goodbye, idiot” with that tae runs away from there.

Guk also went back to the opposite direction.

Jin and yoona facing each other with the usual sigh and head shakes “I don’t know when they will stop their silly fights. I’m sorry for my taetae, aunty” jin bowed at her with sincere sorry.

Yoona shooks her head as no “I thought at least they will leave peacefully but see what they did! And we knew it’s because guk kept teasing him and calling lollipop” she sighs with a little disappointed.

⏮️ time skip @ next day ⏭️

“Jeongguk, get out of the car and say goodbye” chang wook calls his son with a strict tone, but guk keeps sticking the car seat with his crossed hands “NO” guk said with a cold tone, refused to meet his enemy family. He just hate tae only, but in case if he meets his enemy he doesn’t know what he will do to him. Because of his enemy now he got a wound on his handsome face.

“Jeongguk..” yoona calls him for the last time with a warning tone, but it’s nothing worked out in front of their stubborn kid. With usual disappointing sigh they left him in the car and heading to their neighborhood/friend home.

Meanwhile baekhyun, “Babe, come and say goodbye to your auntie and uncle” calls his son, who is refused to get out from his room.

“No mama” tae said with a cold tone while hugs his heart shaped plushie tightly.

“Only auntie and uncle come, your enemy didn’t come with them, will you now?” baekhyun gives enough information of what his son really wants.

The next seconds tae opened the door happily and went to greet and say goodbye to his favourite auntie and uncle.

After small chit chat with chanyeol’s family chang wook family heading to the car, of course tae runs to his room refused to go outside and meet his enemy directly.

Tae went to his room window for curse his enemy with indirect contact, he can clearly see his enemy from here “You ugly idiot, just don’t come to my life ever again” while tae cursing him cutely he suddenly stopped in little surprise when his enemy exactly turns the direction of where he stood.

“Ugly lollipop” guk murmurs between his gritted teeth and angry face.

“I hate you, idiot” tae yells between his gritted teeth, of course it won’t reach anyone.

“You’re My Enemy” both said unison, before the life separates them.

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