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Turned back || Mafia au -m.yg- BTS


[Book 2 of "A hitmans girlfriend"] Two years had passed and you had made your self one of the most well-known women in the mafia world. Crossing paths with Yoongi again made you think a lot. In two years a lot had changed, they all had changed but so did you. But there was one thing you could agree on. You both want the same thing: revenge. Relationships took turns and you knew what needed to be done. It may not begin how you hoped it would start but yet here you are again, in his arms. You could never stay apart, even if your life depended on it. Will your most hated rival win or is this gonna be the end to all of it? - Started: 6 January 2020 Finished: Book trailer maker: @emo.yoongi (Instagram) UPDATES: every Monday morning (Belgium time) ⚠️ CONTAINS VULGAR LANGUAGE, GRUESOME/GRAFIC SCENES AND SEXUAL/MATURE CONTENT!!!

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

Seoul |Chapter 1|

Walking into the magazine I greeted my men as they bowed to me.

Knowing it was a rather peaceful day I went to my usual spot in the back in a corner. view over the whole room.

A little cute pelat couch stood there with a few other chairs and a little bonfire in the middle.

I usually went here after I checked on everything. The younger once's usually like to join me after they were done with work.

Peacefully I sat down on the couch and took out my guitar, starting to play some songs. I loved singing, it made me relax.

Hearing my phone buzz I looked at the screen and saw a photo of me and BF/N pop up. Picking up the phone I great her with a happy tone.

'Hey, how have you been?' I greeted her as I could already hear her excitement.

'Heyy omg I'm so glad to hear you! I'm good, what about you? You have been so busy.' Chuckling I laid my guitar down on the spot beside me.

'Yeah I have, sorry about that! I'm good also, so what are you up to today?' I asked her hoping she was free.

'Nothing! Girl you better come over because Hoseok left the house for business out of the city so I'll be here all alone.' Knowing her well she was pouting.

'A trip from Daegu to Seoul isn't exactly a 10-minute drive.' I giggled making her whine. 'Didn't you hear me Hoseok is outa town so you better get your ass over here! Your organization can be run from here. Please???' "This girl isn't giving up.

Looking around I stud up. 'Fine for one night! Not longer.' 'AHHH THANK YOU!' Separating my phone and ear from each other I laughed.

'Boss!?' I hear someone call for me as I walked across the magazine. I signed him I was coming. 'I need to go BF/N duty calls. I'll text you later for the details.' Her cheery voice made me smile. 'I hope so! Byeee~' As she hung up the phone I put it in my back pocket.

Walking over to the man that called me I smiled. 'What's wrong?' He was leaning over a table with a stack of cocaine on top of it. 'This isn't what we ordered miss.' He looked up at me with panic in his eyes.

'Say what?' I leaned closer to him.

'We got this in just today and we opened one of the packs to mix it up but once I put it underneath the scope I could see it was already mixed up. I found traces of cat. In another pack mixed with vitamins.' Sighing loudly I rubbed my nose. 'What's this shit!? Someone wants war? This is from our Seoul dealers right?' Nodding at my question he started to wrap up the bag handing it over to me. 'Good thing I need to go visit there anyway.' I hissed. 'Call in Hyun-wook, I need to talk to him and call Goo.' 'Yes boss!' He bowed as I took the bag and walked away.

Stepping into my car I started the engine. Heading over to the office.

Arriving at the entrance I parked my car and went inside, bag thrown over my shoulder.

Walking into my office I saw they arrived already.

'Jack, Gloss~' I greeted them smirking. 'Boss.' They reply with a smirk as well.

Trowing the bag on the table they eyed it. 'What's in it?' Hyun-Wook asked making me sigh. 'Betrayal, that's what's in there. They gave us already mixed up cocaine.' He lifted a brow and sat down on the couch. 'Yeah that was my reaction too.'

Goo opened it up and took it out with her small gloved hands. 'They made sure we couldn't see from the outside.' She nodded and put it back in. 'What now?' She stood back up and removed the gloves from her hands. 'I'm going to pay a visit in Seoul.' I smirked making them smile.

Stepping onto the plane I saw I was sitting next to a young girl around my age.

Smiling at her I asked her if I could squeeze through because I had the window seat. As she stood up for me I thanked her.

Knowing it was a short flight I only packed my book, earphones and a power bank.

'Are you gonna visit someone?' The girl beside me asked. Looking at her I nodded. 'Yes my best friend, she lives over in Seoul so I'm stopping by. What about you?' She smiled brightly. 'I'm going to visit my boyfriend. He lives in Seoul so we have a long-distance relationship.' I Smiled. 'Awe I hope it works out until you can maybe move in together?' Nodding she thought the same. 'Yes I hope so too!'

After that small chat I put in my earphones and fell asleep against the window.

Being woken up by the sweet girl next to me I stretched. 'We are gonna land in just a second, I thought I should wake you up.' She said honestly. 'Yeah thank you. I'm glad you did.'

Getting off the plane we said our goodbyes and I went to get an uber. BF/N couldn't pick me up so I just ordered a cab.

Telling the man behind the wheel her address he took off. It was about a 40-minute drive so I paid him way to much but tipped him anyway because he was such a nice guy.

Rolling my suitcase into the elevator I pressed the button for the top floor and entered the entire code.

As the doors opened I walked in and looked at the view. It was amazing.

Texting her I was here I get a reply back pretty fast.

As she was gonna be here in ten I hear my phone go off again.

'Jimin?' I muttered to myself.

Picking it up I cleared my throat.

'What are you doing here Noona?' I could already imagine the smile on his lips. Making me fold my arm, holding it onto the other I chuckled. 'I an visiting BF/N.' I pushed the inside of my cheek with my tongue.

Hearing him giggle I smiled. 'Wanna go out for a drink tomorrow night?' He asked with a cocky voice. Making me smirk I couldn't resist.

"This trip will take longer than one night."

'Where?' I asked sitting down on the couch and dimming some lights. 'I'll pick you up, send your address.' 'Grand Seoul hotel. Pick me up at 10.' Chuckling into the phone his chuckle made me smile more. 'See you tomorrow Noona.' Hanging up the phone I smirked.

After a year he still hadn't changed.

Putting some music on I leaned back on the couch and closed my eyes for a split second.

"How did he know I was here?"

'Let's go out for dinner!' BF/N suggested making me smile and agree. 'Barbecue!' I yelled as we both cheered.

As we came back we dropped by the store to get some ice cream and headed back to the loft.

Sitting cozy on the couch with her was the most relaxing thing I had done in a while as we were chatting.

'So after two years back in Seoul, how does it feel?' She asked me smiling scooping some ice cream out of the cup. Nodding I answered. 'Good! I missed this city. Also how has everyone been? After a year the contact fell into water so are they good?' I looked curiously at her.

I was broken I didn't talk to them anymore but I couldn't keep it up with work.

'Hmm yeah they are all doing well, they ask after you from time to time. Especially Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook.' Smiling from ear to ear I kinda saw it coming.

'I want to visit them!' Looking at the bucket of ice I licked my lips as the thought crossed my mind.

'How's Yoongi been?....' The question burned on my tongue as I saw her head snap up with big eyes.

'Uhm well.' She clears her throat. 'He's been in jail for four months.' Almost choking on my spoon I sat straight. 'He what?' I cough as the thought couldn't cross my mind. 'Yeah they found him staked with cocaine and molly in an alley, drunk.' Feeling my heart turn cold I couldn't believe it.

'No way?' 'Yes way.' She sounded sad. 'He hasn't been himself~ the organization has fallen deep, The three oldest tried to get us back on track since he went to jail. We aren't the biggest organization anymore.' Almost chocking again I covered my mouth. 'Well I got word in Daegu but I didn't know it was this bad.' Pausing I look at her.

'How long is he out for?' She wiped her lips with a napkin. '2 months now.' Nodding I stuffed my face. "What the actual fuck!?"

'What happened when I left? You know I came back a couple of times to talk but we only fought~' She nodded. 'He started to drink.... a lot. Hoseok, everyone tried to talk to him but he didn't listen. He is broken over you F/N.' Lowering my head I felt my heart break all over again.

'Don't you miss him?' She asked.

'No.' I looked up with tears streaming down my face. 'The lie he had hidden from me was bigger then I could bare.' She scooted closer. 'Oh F/N.' She cups my cheeks and wiped away the tears.

"That was a lie... I missed him so much. My head hates him but my heart loves him. I linger for his touch whenever I think of him."

'Do you wanna talk to him?' She asked making me look into her eyes. 'I would hurt him-' 'You're hurting yourself more.' She interrupted me.

Sobs escaped my lips. 'I just miss my family.' As she pulled me into her chest I cried. 'Why haven't you come back sooner?' Laying her head on top of mine she comforted me. 'We missed you.'

Book trailer: https://youtu.be/2u3sV_S6lkI

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