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Of Royalty and Ice

A Flashback, an alarm, and a Confession

I still own nothing. Not even my brain-that belongs to the internet.

Long story. Another day, another time.

Anyways, Enjoy!

Finn sat on top of Jake, who was currently stretched out to fit Finn, and the girl that they brought from the castle. She was sitting next to him, watching the world go by like he did, often after a long mission. Now, however, he was just watching her instead of the land itself. He didn't even know her name, and he still let her come back to his (and Jakes') house! He still had no idea how she convinced him to let her come with them back to the Tree House…


"Take me with you."

He stared at her; her voice startled him more than any action she could have done. Her voice was high pitched, like a girl, but it sounded so much like PB, like when she was aged backwards. It wasn't exactly the same, but it was really close.

"W-what? Come with us? Why would you want to do that?" He asked. He had no idea how four words managed to throw him off. No one has ever done that before!

"I said take me with you. Please?" She asked again. Her voice slightly trembled as she spoke. The tone she used threw him off again; it was a pleading, desperate sound. No Princess, even Old Lady Princess, sounded like that.

Before Finn could even think about what he should respond with, Jake came back around the corner.

"Finn, come on! We need to get home before the knife storm!" he said, and then he noticed the girl in the doorway, "Um, do I need to come back another time or…?"

The girl looked at Jake with pleading eyes, which startled him a little. The girl then said, "Can I come with you? I… please?"

Jake stood silently, and then approached the still-frozen Finn at the doorway. Putting a hand on his brothers' shoulder, he asked, "Are you ok, dude? I mean, I'm fine with her coming over if you are… are you?"

Finn stood for a little while looking at the girl. He felt her eyes digging into his being; it was an odd sensation that he hated and wanted more of at the same time. He felt weird and opposed to the idea of her coming over, but he found himself agreeing.

*End Flashback*

He was still looking at her when they arrived at the Tree House, and would have fallen flat on his face after Jake shrunk back to his normal self without warning, if it weren't for the girl. She caught him before he fell, and set him back on his feet. Jake was quietly snickering at his brother, Finn was sure his face was on fire, and the girl was smiling at his expression.

Before anyone could say anything, Jake pulled them both into the Tree House quickly with his arm, unintentionally putting them both together. As he released them both, they stepped away from each other awkwardly after a moment; now the girl was just as red as Finn. Jake turned back to his brother and laughed at their expressions.

Finn was angry Jake was laughing at him, but before he could even respond, Jake pulled them both upstairs to the living room, and sat them onto the couch. "Now," Jake said, "is anyone else up for dinner, or is it just me?"

At the mention of food, both Finn and the girl's stomachs growled. Jake laughed, and then said, "I'll take that as a yes. I'll just make sandwiches."

Jake then went into the kitchen before either could say anything, leaving them, yet again, in awkward silence. Finn just sat silently, while the girl mirrored his actions again, sitting in a similar position to him. Finn was about to say something to break the silence, when BMO walked into the room, singing happily.

Both Finn and the girl stared at the little machine; Finn in annoyance, and the girl in confusion. BMO, however, was oblivious to either, and thought both Jake and Finn were at the Candy Castle to wait out the storm. When he looked up finally, all he saw was a stranger sitting on the couch with a similar expression to his own.

BMO, in his confusion, started to blare the 'INTRUDER' alarm, which scared the girl (off the couch and onto the floor), and surprised Finn into action. Finn grabbed BMO and imputed the code to shut the alarm off.

Jake came out of the kitchen, a half-eaten sandwich in hand, causing everyone to freeze. He was about announce dinner when he saw the scene: the girl sprawled out on the floor, and Finn holding BMO.

Staring at the scene, Jake held up his hands (even the sandwiched one), and backed out of the room, saying, "Sandwiches are done whenever… this… is resolved."

A few moments after Jake left the room, Finn finally saw the girl on the floor. He set BMO back down on the floor, and went over to help the girl up. Reaching down a hand, she reluctantly took it, and Finn immediately felt something. What he felt, he couldn't quite place a name onto, and it felt as if he felt electricity through their contact. The first time, with the hand on her shoulder, felt oddly similar, but he just thought it was static. Now, however, it felt… different.

When he helped her to her feet, she let out a shaky 'thank you,' and went into the kitchen, avoiding his eyes. Finn stared after her as if glued to the spot, and watched until she disappeared into the kitchen. Finn sighed, and followed after her. BMO, still curious, followed closely behind.

They ate quietly. At least, Finn and the girl had; Jake had finished his sandwich after leaving the living room, and was now watching them eat; the girl ate as quickly as Finn did when he was starving.

After they were done, they sat there silently for a while, but BMO had wandered off because they were only eating.

Jake watched them both for a while, before remembering a question that, in hindsight, probably should have been asked from the beginning. "So, uh, what's your name? I completely forgot to ask, and apparently Finn did too."

Finn looked up at the question, and then to the girl who stared at Jake with a confused look. He was also curious as to who this girl was.

"My… name?" the girl asked

"Yeah, you know, I'm Jake, he's Finn, and you are?" Jake said prompting the girl.

"Oh, um…" the girl mumbled as she looked down to the ground. Finn noticed, and thought it quite odd that she had to think about what her name was. Then again, he thought, she probably didn't have to use it before, being in that room and all. Hey, wait…

"And why were you in that room? I mean, was that your room? Who are you?" Finn asked, quite confused with what he knew about the girl.

The girl looked up to his face sadly, and, after a moment of staring, looked back to Jake. She sighed, and looked down again.

"I don't have a name."

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