We Are HTF

Chapter 9

Fliqpy leads the red haired girl back to the front of the house. Flaky continued to shake as she still feels his knife pressing up against her cold skin; the weather is in between fall and winter. They get to the doors, and he signals for the girl to open the door. She raises her hand, scared and shaking.


She wipes her tears.



“I won’t do it. You’ll kill them all.”

“No shit, genius. It wasn’t an offer. It was a command. Now open the damn door!”

She shook her head no and crossed her arms. He retaliated by ramming his knife into her arm, causing her to scream. She never was stabbed before, and was not looking forward for her lover to be the one to do it.

She shouted as she held her arm.

“Flippy! Stop it! Come back here!”

“Too late. The wuss is in here.”

He pointed to his head.

“And only I decide when he comes out again.”

Not waiting any longer, he kicked the door open. He was greeted by several Tree Friends, all either aiming guns or unsheathing their swords.

Cuddles approached him.

“Flippy? That you?”

Fliqpy shook his head and smiled.

“Not anymore… Name’s Fliqpy, bunny boy.”

Cuddles got confused, but he knew this wasn’t his brother anymore.

“State your business here.”

“Oh, I just wanted to say hello. And maybe have some fun with a few of you.”

Cuddles brought out his rifle and aimed for Fliqpy’s head.

“These are private quarters. Leave now, or we will open fire.”

Knowing he was outmatched, he backed away. Out the door. Cuddles then saw Flaky, holding her bloody arm.

“What… Flaky! What did you do to her?!”

“What I felt like doing. Now, I’ll just go. Come on.”

He grabbed her hand and started dragging her away. Cuddles, worrying for his old friend, ran after them, along with Toothy, Handy and Disco.

Fliqpy was looking for a place to kill his hostage privately. He then heard something.

“What was that for? Thought you were gonna kill them.”

“Well, you never told me you’re friends were armed.”

“I thought you knew that already.”

He dragged the girl to a dark alley, and he dropped Flaky down beside him, then brought out a pack of cigarettes. He started smoking one, next to Flaky. She kept staring at him, wondering what happened to him.


“My name is Fliqpy, Ok? Stop calling me that!”

She had to get Flippy out before he really hurts someone, but that made her wonder. This monster. If he really was a monster, why won’t he kill the Tree Friends, or even her?

“Don’t take this personal, girl. I’m not trying to be this way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I… I just want to kill and murder.”

He started staring at his knife.


“Cause it makes me happy.”

Flaky was actually having a conversation with a murderer.

“Why does it make you happy?”

“Cause nothing else does. You think that guy you keep bringing up is lonely? Well, how the hell do you think I feel, huh?! Stuck in his pussy mind, not able to have my own life… It drives me crazy.”

“You’re… just lonely?”

“I’m a lot of things…”

“So... Why are keeping me hostage, then?”

He stared at her, then grinned.

“Cause I don’t plan to let you go.”

He then grabbed her and forcibly kissed her. She felt his rough lips on hers, and somehow, it felt very pleasurable. She never expected for this monster to kiss her, yet somehow she knew he was Flippy, and she loved kissing him when they were younger.

He broke the kiss, and it left her blushing.

“Well, heh heh… Someone’s enjoying my company already!”

He heard running footsteps coming to him, and stepped in front of her. Cuddles arrived, looking angry and ready to shoot. Disco and Handy almost stabbed him.

But then Flaky stood up and stopped them.

“No! Don’t hurt him!”

Cuddles growled.

“Flaky, look what he did to you! How can you possibly defend him now, after what he’s done to us?!”

She stood up, bravely. She, herself, couldn’t believe she was standing up for a man like Fliqpy, who just stared at her, grinning slightly.

“I don’t care what he does to me! And really I should ask you this; how can YOU attack him, after what he’s done FOR us?!”

Cuddles stood back.

“Like what?”

“Cuddles, get a hold of yourself! This war… has changed us all.”

Fliqpy stood up.

“I never told you this, Cuddles, but Sniffles and I studied Flippy while he was unconscious and we found something strange. We discovered something was… affecting his mind. We think it's some kind of hormone. And whatever this hormone is… we believe the sights and sounds of the war are exaggerating it, making it mutate in his brain. We don’t know exactly, but we believe this may be a form of the mental disease, PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That must be what you are, Fliqpy; a human form of the hormone.”

Fliqpy just looked at his feet, knowing now he was just a hormone, nothing more.

“We wanted to tell you before, but you never gave us the chance.”

Cuddles and the two other boys were confused, yet somehow relieved. Cuddles went to Fliqpy and shook his hand.

“You’re not well, but we won’t let you suffer alone. Please, come home… Fliqpy.”

Fliqpy’s eyes widened and turned green again, and his teeth to normal.

“Cuddles… You’d take care of a monster like me?”

“Of course. I don’t call you brother because I like the way it sounds.”

Flippy started to get teary eyed.

“But… The Haven. They’ll be coming after me.”

The boys all got together.

“They’ll have to get through us.”

“AND US!!!”

Flippy looked behind Cuddles to see he wasn’t alone. All members of the Club were behind him, all armed with guns and swords, ready for battle.

Flippy never felt this way; scared but hopeful at the same time. Knowing he was still loved by people who would fight for him made him the happiest man alive.

“My… family.”

He started crying, as Flaky joined him.

“My family. Thank you all.”

“Of course! Now, let’s go back home and get ready for ba-”

All of a sudden, a loud alarm rang. It sounded like a storm warning siren. It meant something was coming. Something hostile.

The Tree Friends all scurried back to the house, all eagerly wanting to fight; they hated the Haven for not letting them live like normal people. The Haven was just simply Tiger’s special task force, the only people he trusted with his special weapons. The Tree Friends were afraid of these weapons so they never bothered the Haven, but if it involved their friend, they would fight with all they had.

They burst through the door, all preparing for the fight of their lives. Cuddles went to the roof, with Flippy following him.

“What’s going on, Cuddles?”

Cuddles looked through a pair of binoculars, and saw a horrible sight. It was The Haven, every member together, and all holding heavy assault rifles. Some even held rocket launchers. And even worse, was Pop, riding in a large jeep, with soldiers at every side of him.

“It’s Pop… Look out there, Flippy!”

He gave him the binoculars and pointed forward.

Flippy saw the sight, lowered the binoculars and gave a shocked look.

“My god… Cuddles… I won’t let you guys die for me. I’m going out there and I’m gonna surrender.”

He grabbed his wrist.

“No. You won’t. I’ll force you to stay here if I have to.”

“Cuddles! Look out there! You know what that is? That’s hell, and we’re about to face it, and you’re saying we’re gonna fight it?!”

Cuddles grabbed his shoulders.

“I’m saying you’re not gonna walk into it! You’re our friend, and you risked you’re life in a war already, and we’re too grateful to let you do it again! I’m sorry, but you’re not leaving here. Not while I’m still alive.”

Cuddles backed away and signaled Flippy to follow him. He obeyed and was led to Flaky’s room, where he was pushed in and locked in.

“Flippy. You stay here.”

Flippy pounded on the door.

“Cuddles, don’t do this! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Cuddles ignored and loaded his rifle.

“Cuddles! Please! I love you all too much to let you die!”

Cuddles went to the door, with Disco, Handy and Toothy in tow. Giggles and Petunia manned two sniper positions on the top floor. Flaky stayed behind, waiting to heal wounds. Sniffles was on the roof, armed with his own weapons, special made fireworks.

“Cuddles! Please!”

Flippy couldn’t handle it. He pounded on the door, harder and harder. Only to realize; it was barred on the outside for extra precaution.

He let the longest stream of tears dowse his cheeks, as he visioned the worst. It was hell he was in, his best friend against his father. He saw his family divided. His life was worse than he ever imagined.

Cuddles busted down the door and the Recon Team marched forward. All Flippy could do was cry.


All he heard afterwards was gunfire.

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