We Are HTF

Chapter 13

It was starting to get dark, as the rain kept falling. The dim light of the moon behind the clouds was the only light. The wind began to blow a force, with piercing screams blowing on it. There was no way to tell where you were heading, or whether or not it was safe.

And Fliqpy was alone, with a dying girl in his arms and a critically injured leg as his burden.

The pain shot up his spine with every step he took. His arms started to get tired as Flaky was starting to slip, and every two minutes he had to hoist her higher to keep her from falling. He got her blood on his clothes and felt it on his skin. He wanted to quit; to just lay down and let nature decide their fate.

But he had a mission; to save and protect the girl in his arms. So he pushed forward, for what seemed like 3 hours.

“Damn it! It’s dark, I can’t see anything, I feel sick and cold. And my leg is killing me!”

He started shaking, but couldn’t handle it anymore. With the last of his strength, he placed Flaky down, took off his jacket and placed it on her. He then fell back, almost blacking out. He stared at the dark sky, feeling the rain drop on his face. His eyes turned green, as his evil side finally passed out.

“Ha. Heh heh.”

All he did was painfully laugh. He turned and saw his angel, still alive.

“I’m… so sorry. I can’t… save you. I… I’m not strong enough to get you to the hospital. Not on my own. Gotta… call for help.”

He remembered the last time he was like this. He felt her leg, and felt a small cylinder shaped object. He reached into her pocket pulled it out, and saw a small button. He pressed his thumb to it, and heard it beep and flash a bright light. He felt his arm give out as he dropped it to the floor.

He then placed his hand on her cheek.

“My… dear Flaky… if you can hear me…”

A tear fell out his eye and down his cheek.

“I… love you…”

His hand fell to the ground as he passes out…

A black boot stepped to the side of his head as two shadowy figure pick up the fallen friends and carry them into the darkness.

Flaky wakes up first. She felt her head bandaged up and throbbing, and her ribs broken and bandaged as well. She found herself in a small room, which seemed like a tent. She turned to her right to see her soldier friend, so damaged that he looked as though he was dead. She started to shed a tear.

“Oh good. You’re alive.”

Flaky saw in front of her to see another soldier, a black haired young man wearing his army trousers and a black muscle shirt, as well as two dog tags and a black eyepatch on his left eye.

“Who… are you?”

“Oh, sorry. My manners suck. Max Goodwell.”

He reached out his hand.

“I’m a friend of his. We were good buddies out in the war.”

She shook his hand. It was strong, like a soldiers grip should feel.

“How are you feeling? Better?”

“No… I feel so horrible.”

“Why? You’re injuries weren’t that bad.”

“No, not that. Max, are you here for a reason?”

“Not really. I just saw a bright light and went to check it out, then I saw you and Flippy lying unconscious, so me and my partner brought you back here and healed you up.”

“Your partner?”

“Oh, right. Hey, Chris! Come on in here.”

A tall, light brown haired man came inside the tent. He had a slight moustache and was wearing a black bulletproof vest and jeans. He had small muscles, but they were popping out his arms. He spoke in a slight country voice.

“Hey. I’m Chris.”


“Yeah, I know you. Flip’s talked about you nonstop back in the war. I always wanted to just punch his lights out to make him forget it. But now I can see why he always thought about you; you are fine, miss.”

Flaky blushed slightly.

“So, you were saying, Felicia?”

She bowed her head in shame.

“I… Before he came back, I had to get money for the group, but I hated to steal, so…”

“So what?”

She looked up.

“I decided to work for… Tiger.”

“What?! When?!”

“I worked for his right hand man, Russell. I was just a cabin girl, cleaning his battleships.”

Flaky was so ashamed.

And that’s not the only thing…”

She grabbed her head. And hoping Flippy didn’t hear her, she shouted through her shameful tears..

“I did everything! I told them what they wanted to know! I told them about Flippy and him being alive after he escaped! And if wasn’t for that tracker, I’m sure they would have forced me to give the location of the house away! I doomed the Tree Friends! And now, I doomed The Haven!”

Max and Chris knew she felt horrible, and they really couldn’t blame her; she was too afraid of Tiger and his army to try and fight so she did the next best thing. She worked for them.

Max patted her head.

“Don’t worry. You didn’t do a thing you we didn’t know already.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“We were waiting till we saw Flippy again to go through with it. But I didn’t think we’d find him risking his life on one leg to save some girl. Guess he really cares for you, Felicia.”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right.”

Flippy started stirring. He quickly sat up and saw his old friends.

“Max. Chris. Flaky.”

Max smiled and shook his hand.

“Hey Flip. You were pretty banged up there, but we got you fixed good as new.”

“I see. So everything’s still going good? The plan still going?”

“We got it set up for you, buddy!”

Flaky was so confused.

“What’s going on, Flippy?”

“Flaky, while I’ve been here, I’ve been setting up a plan. A plan to end this war and bring Tiger down.”

“You mean… you’re actually gonna fight Tiger?”

“Yup, and now I think we’re ready.”

Flaky wanted to know more.

“See, the plan was first to get myself captured so The Haven would bring me to a tiger army base, which they did. While I was there, I got…”

He reached into his pocket and brought out a blueprint.


He rolled it out and started to talk battle strategies.

“When I got the blueprint, I then needed to get some extra help, so I convinced Pop to help us take down Tiger, and I’ve been communicating by phone with these two to set up supply drops and get some technology ready.”

He pointed at the high point of the base.

“Now, this is where Tiger will probably be at, cause it looks heavily armored and guarded. So we gotta borrow one of the army buses from you two, then we’ll all storm the place together.”

Chris stood up.

“What about the weapon?”

“You mean the “ultimate weapon” that everyone keeps talking about?”

“Yeah. It sounds like his trump card.”

“Well, then we’ll have to fight hard and fierce.”

Flaky then stood up.

“What about the Tree Friends? Tiger captured them with that weapon. They won’t survive long.

“Well, we just get The Haven and take them back!”

“But we don’t even know where The Haven is.”

Flippy then remembered where Pop always use to go. Whenever he was sad or distraught.

“I know where Pop is. You guys get some supplies ready. Flaky, we gotta go and get our reinforcement ready. You ready?”

“Wait! You’re leg…”

Flippy grabbed a nearby stick, long enough to use as a cane.

“Problem solved. Let’s go.”

They waved goodbye as the soldiers began their work.

The two walked slowly along the plains. They found out they were on the outskirts of town.

“Flippy… can I tell you something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Well, I was thinking and well, I’ve been meaning to tell you; Flippy…”

She started hiccuping. Again.

“I… was a spy… for Tiger while you were gone.”

Flippy stopped. He looked her in the eye. But instead of rage, there was joy in his eyes.

“No problem. As long as you’re still here.”

“What? You’re not mad?”

“Course not! Why would I be mad at you? You’re too sweet and cute for anyone to be angry at.”

Flaky blushed violently.

“You… really mean that?”

He placed his hand in hers.

“I did. And I mean it when I say this. Flaky… you’re the one person I can’t live without. In fact, after the war…”


“Flaky… Will you marry me?”

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