We Are HTF

Chapter 15


She kicked the chair away, crying so hard her face was red. The only man she’d ever loved, truly loved with all her heart, betrayed her and kissed another girl right in front of her. She never felt so sorry for herself; for so many years she felt so ugly and useless, like no one cared for her like was a beautiful girl. But then, someone did and she fell for him, only to see him cheat on her. All she wanted was to die; it’s what she felt the world wanted.

Flippy dived forward with all her might, tackling Flaky and landing back first on the bed in front of them. Flaky fell on his chest, with the belt still wrapped around her neck, but then it was forcefully taken off and thrown to the side. She was so angry; she wanted to die. More than anything now, after what she just saw. She retaliated the only way she could.

She reached her neck out and bit Flippy on his arm.

He reeled back, holding his arm; it was bleeding. She bit down with all her might. He saw her scramble for the belt, wanting to finish the job.

“Stop, Flaky!”

“Leave me alone!”

She grabbed the belt and wrapped it around her neck, but Flippy got up and took it from her. She got up and started punching his chest, which he retaliated by holding her arms to her side and forcing her to look at him.

“Flippy, I don’t want you here anymore! Leave! Leave and don’t ever come back!”

“You don’t mean that…”

“I do to! I never want to see your backstabbing face again! Just leave me here and let me kill myself!”

Flaky had so much rage in her, she shouted as loud as she could.

Flippy was shaken. For the first time in his life, he felt unwanted by the only girl that was just as depressed as he was. But she didn’t blink. She continued to grit her teeth, as she meant everything she said. She was finally standing up for herself. In the one situation she didn’t want to do it.

Flippy nodded and turned around. He was choking on his tears, feeling as though he was alone. Again.

He then decided enough was enough. He fell to his knees, turned around and brought out his bowie knife, the one he kept from the army. Then he grabbed Flaky’s hand, and placed it in her hand. She was so emotional that she had no idea what he was planning. He then reached out his arms, like he was basking in the sun.

Flaky was confused and shaking at the same time. She never held a knife, other than a scalpel.

“Flippy… what-”

“Do it. Cut me.”


“I know you want to, and I want you to make me feel what you feel right now.”

“Why… why this?”

“If you wanna die, Flaky… I wanna die with you.”

She felt so disturbed; this soldier in front of her wanted her to kill him, with his own knife. She never killed a person before. And she didn’t want to start now. But there was so much rage inside her that she actually considered it.

“Flaky, listen to me. If you really want to kill yourself, then your gonna have to kill me first. Because as long as I’m still alive I’m not gonna let you die. I told you before I promised that I will always protect you, and I’m not gonna break another promise to you. But, if this is truly what you want, I’ll let you kill me, then you can kill yourself.”

Flaky wiped her tears and gritted her teeth again. She saw the look in his eyes when the other girl kissed him, and remembered that he looked almost guilty. He didn’t force her to kiss him; she just jumped into him and kissed him herself.

But she still felt so used, and she hated to feel like that. So she raised her hand with the knife, and let the blade point at him. But she began to cry again, and started to bite her lip.

“Flippy… are you sure?”

“Only if you are. I love you too much to let you die, so kill me and then yourself… or we can talk about this and forget killing ourselves. Your choice.”

“But… I don’t want to kill you.”

“Well, unless you tell me you want to live, you’re gonna have to.”

She felt so shaken and disturbed. But so angry at the same time. She wanted to kill him for betraying her again, but she also loved him. But she wanted to make him feel the same pain she feels. So she raised the knife again, but continued to shake as she saw

Flippy close his eyes and bow his head, allowing a quick kill to his spinal cord.

This was the worst moment of her life; having to decide on killing Flippy or living herself for even considering it. She noticed a mirror on the wall and saw her reflection. She was so ashamed of what she saw; a young lady about to stab a young man.

Then she looked at her reflections face in the mirror across the room. She saw her red eyes were yellow; a very ugly looking yellow. And her teeth; she’d seen those razor sharp white triangles before. She saw herself as what she was most afraid of.

She had truly become a monster herself.

She was so scared of herself now. She trembled violently and her knees grew ever weaker. Her face was lined with tears, and her head filled with horrible sights and sounds. She looked at the ceiling and let her emotions fly out her mouth.

"Oh... Oh my god..."

She dropped to her knees, hiccuping violently. She cupped her hand to her mouth and dropped the knife. She felt nothing inside as she started wailing. She never felt so horrible in her life. So cold hearted.

But then, she felt her heart be warm again.

Flippy was hugging her. Almost exactly how they were when he left five years ago.

“What… are you doing, Flippy?”

“What you waited five years for me to do.”

Back then, she was crying as hard as she could in his chest, hiccuping just like she was now. And Flippy had his head rested on top of hers. His right arm were holding her just on her lower back, about 2 inches from her waistline, and his left palm was clasping the back of her head.

And that's what he was doing now. He kept his promise after all.

She felt her body become clean of all her evil thoughts and her desires for death, almost as if all she needed to keep her alive was for Flippy to keep his promise. And now that he did, she felt complete. She felt loved again. She felt her trust returning to him.

She felt her life was beginning to get better.

She nuzzled her head into his chest and wrapped her small arms around his body, feeling protected by him again. She felt foolish to believe he would want to leave her.

“Please don’t do that again, Flaky. I’m serious.”

She nodded in his chest.

“Yes. I promise. Never again.”

“See? I kept my promise. Now please keep yours.”

“I will.”

He then sat her down on the bed.

“Now, can we please talk about this?”


He grabbed her hands and stared into her eyes.

“First off, I hope you know that meant nothing.”

“I know. I saw it in your eyes. Plus, she did kiss you kinda forcefully.”

“Yeah. And, no offense, but I always wanted you to kiss me like that.”

She widened her eyes and smiled a dirty minded smile.

“Oh yeah?”


She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. Flippy was shocked at first, but then he closed his eyes and let her kiss him longer. And he snapped his eyes open as she opened his mouth with her tongue and let hers swirl around his mouth, with his just laying on the floor of his mouth, not knowing what to do. She stopped after about 2 minutes. And Flippy looked like he just got off a roller coaster.


She giggled; she never felt so naughty before.

“How was that?”


“Good. Now then, what are we gonna do about the tree friends?”

He was still lost.

“Flippy. Flippy?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry. My head’s still spinning.”

She giggled again.

“So you like doing stuff like that?”

“Well… it was the first one I had with… you know the moaning and the tongue and everything…”

“Really? I thought you would’ve had girls all the time back in the army…”

“What?! No! Never!”


He put his hand in her hand, and stared back at her eyes.

“Because no girl would ever replace you.”

She felt like melting in his arms.


“Of course. I might like naughty things, sure, but I just now found out that you’re the first one I ever kissed… you know, with my tongue and all, and I’m really glad you were my first. So… Thank you, Flaky.”

She blushed at what she just actually did.

“And plus, you’re the most adorable girl I’ve ever met.”

“Huh? You… think I’m cute?”

“Let me prove it.”

He rubbed his nose on hers, and she giggled. Almost like a five year old would or maybe the kind of giggle you’d hear out of a teddy bear.

“Now that’s the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.”

“Come on. I’m not that cute.”

“And look at this.”

He brought out something he held dear to him; a picture he kept in his pocket. It was of the two of them, as children. He pointed to her; she had her red hair cut short to her shoulders. And she was wearing a rainbow colored headband. She was holding his hand and kissing his cheek. And Flippy had several bandages on his arm and face.

“Remember that day?”

“That was the day you gave me a haircut.”

“Yeah. I love this picture, because just seeing you smile like that when you kiss people, it just brings a smile to my face, much like yours.”

She blushed as she smiled again.

“See? Just like that.”

He smiled back at her.

“Ok. So I guess I am kinda cute.”


“Ok, fine. I’m adorable, alright?”

“Yes. And… you’re beautiful.”

She looked at him in scolding.

“Ok, now you’re trying to flatter me.”

“Is it working?”

She smiled, then gave him a loving kiss on the cheek.

“A little bit.”

“So you feel better now, right? No more suicidal thought?”


“And you love me again?”


“Ok. Good.”

“No, Flippy. I mean… yes.”



He then realized what she was saying.

“You mean…”




They both jumped up and hugged each other. Flippy felt happier than she did.


They then pulled themselves together for a kiss, but then felt a tremor as the door was knocked down.

Lammy stood before them, with murder in her eyes and a shotgun in her hands.

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