We Are HTF

Chapter 17

Flippy woke up in the double bed he passed out in after his long night of love and passion. His clothes were lying on the floor, where Lammy laid last night. Sometime that night she woke up, walked out the door and walked out the shelter. No one knew where she went, but she came back in the morning.

Flaky was still sleeping, nuzzled deep into his chest. Her flowing blood red locks were draped over his chest, which had several battle scars from the army. Last night was possibly the best night of both of their lives. They declared their love for each other, and they shared their love with each other.

Flippy smiled and gently pushed her off, then stood up and pulled his pants back on.

“Mmm… morning.”

Flaky was up, rubbing her eyes. Flippy blushed at the sight of her naked body, as he handed her her underwear.


“What’s wrong?”

Flippy looked guilty.

“I… hope I didn’t hurt you”

“Don’t worry; I felt nothing but joy and your love last night.”

“Well… still. Last night was… amazing.”

“I know! But…”


Flaky blushed.

“It… was my first time.”

“Don’t worry. Was mine too.”

“It was?”

He nodded and put on his jacket.

He helped her out of the bed and they both put on their outfits, both admiring their features.

They walked out the door, hand in hand. For the first time, two people were showing their love in the shelter. And they showed their love all throughout the halls, holding hands and kissing each other and exchanging “I love you's” to each other.

Today was the day that they and The Haven would return the Tree Friends home from Tiger. They knew where they were; the maximum security prison, known around the world as the Big Blue, on account that blue was the color of the tiger army. They knew it would be easy; they had The Haven’s technology, and if things got rough, they had Fliqpy.

The group departed for the Big Blue in one of Pop’s spare vans. Pop was driving the van, with Lammy in the passenger, with Nutty and Mime in the middle seats. Flippy was in the back, with Flaky by his side.

The group traveled for nearly 12 hours, occasionally stopping for food and the use of the bathroom. Around 11 at night, Flaky looked to her fiance, and started giggling as she saw Flippy sleeping. She imagined he was dreaming about her and smiled, then grabbed his arm and rubbed her head into his arm.

But really, he wasn’t dreaming about her; he was dreaming about war.

As he rode, Flippy had thoughts of murder and war in his head. He felt his heart race; he was getting excited for battle. Sooner or later, he fell asleep with the vision of strangling Tiger with his intestines on his mind; he and Fliqpy both hoped this vision will come true today.

He discovered himself back in his own mind, facing Fliqpy again. And for the first time, they shared a smile.

“We’re finally gonna beat the hell outta that tiger asshole!”

“Yeah. And I’ll let you strangle him if you let me rip out his intestines.”

“Heheheh. Deal.”

“Now then, you wanna tell me what you did to Flaky?”

Fliqpy remembered the previous night.

“I didn’t do a thing to her. I thought I was about to have sex with that sexy lady, Lammy, and then you came back.”

“You aren’t gonna have sex with Lammy, Fliqpy. She probably remembers last night and how you knocked her out.”

Fliqpy laughed softly.

“Yeah. She can take a hit.”

He placed his hands on his heart and sighed. A very strange, almost love-struck sigh.

“What a woman.”

“Sure. Sure.”

“Well, more of a woman than that Flaky girl, anyway.”

Suddenly, Flippy wanted to punch him for putting Flaky down again, but stopped and chuckled.

“I ain’t gonna hit you. Your words don’t make me angry anymore.”

“What? Why?”

“Because… being stuck with you for so many years… I think I’m starting to like you. I mean, I still don’t think you’re a good person, but… I guess we’re on good terms. For now.”

“Why? What’d I do?”

Flippy remembered the night before last night, with him trying to save her after she was hurt.

"Thanks for trying to save her. It means a lot."

Fliqpy scoffed and fainted, usually what he did when he passed out.

The van came across the huge prison. It was a large, dark blue prison packed with large spotlights and and barbed wire everywhere, and tiger soldiers everywhere armed to the teeth.

Flaky woke up Flippy, and showed him the prison. He gasped at first, and then he smiled.

“Well, we can’t just walk in. Let’s sneak around, look for a special entrance inside.”

Pop agreed. And everyone put on black garments and black face paint. They all slowly walked out the van, armed with silenced pistols and sniper rifles, as well as knives. Flippy whispered for the girls to stay behind with the sniper rifles, while him and Nutty and Mime went inside. Pop stayed behind and drove the van away from sight with the girls. They arrived to a small hill, where Lammy and Flaky got out and manned the rifles.

Flippy led the boys around, until they found the entrance they were looking for; an open window, which they slowly crawled through. They snuck around, slowly and quietly. Flippy planned every kill with his old friends. Mime used his knives with ease, and Nutty, too jittery to use anything, simply was a lookout. Flippy was the best shot, so he easily shot and killed several soldiers. They came across a lone soldier, who found them and was about to alert the other soldiers. They all surrounded him, and he was about to scream. Flippy covered his mouth and stared him right in the eye. A rampage wasn’t what they needed, so he struggled to keep Fliqpy inside his head.

“Listen, you piece of shit, we’re just here for the Tree Friends.”

“Tree Friends? I don’t know any Tree Friends.”

“Quiet, or you’ll see why they call me Flippy!”

He shut himself up.

“Thomas Hopper, Hector Fixit, Reginald Carlson, Nathan Buck, Jessica Bowie, Jefferey Seymoar, and Laura Pedal. Where are they?”

“I won’t tell you.”

He motioned for Mime with the knife.

“Alright! Alright! They’re in the cell on the far end of the building; the one with the chains.”


He used his knee to knock him out.

“You heard the man. Let’s move out.”

The three made it to the cell. Flippy saw his friends and used his knife to pick the lock, as well as a small hair clip, belonging to Flaky. The cell door opened, and the Tree Friends were freed. They all embraced their saviors, and Cuddles hugged Flippy more tightly than ever.

“Thanks, bro.”

“Course, bro.”

The group all escaped together, walking slowly through the halls, avoiding lights in fear of being spotted. Suddenly they heard a sharp noise; an alarm. Someone tripped the alarm and soon more and more tiger soldiers came around them. They fought all they could, but all they had were knives and silenced pistols.

Throughout the fight, Flippy continued to message to Pop and the girls.

“Emergency, we’ve been spotted! We need snipers now!”

But nothing happened. No sniper shots were fired.

The Tree Friends continued to fight, and soon enough, they were able to steal their enemies rifles and fight back harder. Every tiger soldier was dead, and Flippy and his friends burst out the doors, all covered in blood and cuts all over their bodies.

They all ran towards where Flippy saw Pop drive the van off to. They came to the hill, and saw the van was gone, with Flaky and Pop laying unconscious.

Cuddles spoke.

“Oh man. What happened, Flippy?”

Flippy thought about it a minute, then remembered who wasn’t there.

“Lammy. Lammy happened.”

They woke up their fallen friends, and Flippy brought out his transmitter, the one Cuddles gave him. But this one was special. It was painted in camo colors and when it beeped, it lit a blood red color. This was his army transmitter he used to call his friends back when he broke his leg. He called for Max and Chris, his only friends left from the army. Almost immediately after the transmitter went off, they heard the sounds of helicopter blades. A large, black helicopter landed before them, and Max and Chris waved for them. Everyone boarded the copter, and they flew off.

“Thanks for picking us up, guys.”

“Hey, you’d do it for us, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, for sure.”

Cuddles wanted to meet them.

“Everyone, this is Max and Chris, my old army friends. Guys, these are…”

He pointed each of them out.

“... Thomas “Cuddles” Hopper, my best friend ever and the vice pres, Hector “Handy” Fixit, my grouch cousin and the head contractor, Reginald “Disco” Carlson, the head trainer and the perv of the group…”


“... Nathan “Toothy” Buck, the head forager of the group, Jessica “Giggles” Bowie, Cuddles girlfriend and the secretary of the group, Laura “Petunia” Pedal, the head maid and Paul “Pop” Benson, the former pres.”

He posed in front of everyone.

Flaky blurted out.

“We are HTF.”

Everyone was confused.


“The Happy Tree Friends.”

Cuddles looked at her a bit confused.

"Flake, don't you think people'll make fun of that name?"

Flippy grabbed her and looked at a knife in his hand.

"Anyone got a problem with that, they'll get a knife in their eye. Name's great, Flaky."

She closed her eyes and smiled a cute smile. They all met with Max and Chris, who dropped them off at the Tree House.

Everyone went inside to see it destroyed; every table was broken, every bed was broken, every piece of food gone, every window broken, everything was broken.

Everyone looked shocked; their only home was destroyed. The girls were about to cry, and the guys all looked angry. Flippy walked further…

…and just laughed. Harder and harder.

Cuddles thought he was crazy.

“What’s so funny about this?! Our home is gone!”

“Sorry, it’s just so hard to believe that a general of an army, an army so powerful that it can take over a town and run it as a dictatorship, would think this…”

He pointed around.

“... would make us surrender.”

Everyone looked confused.

“Listen, everyone, when I got back, I wasn’t looking forward to soft beds, or nice house or good food. I was looking forward to seeing all of you. It didn’t matter what happened to the things around me; as long as you’re all OK, nothing can hurt me.”

Cuddles agreed and went to him.

“He’s right. We shouldn’t let this affect us.”

Flaky spoke up.

“Well, what do we do? They know where we are now and they’ll stop at nothing until we’re dead.”

Flippy looked at her, then at the ruined house. Then he got an idea.

“Well, then let’s tell him what we think.”

That night, Flippy walked into the top floor, followed by the Tree Friends along with Pop and Max and Chris. Everyone held gas cans, and continued to lather the floors with gasoline. They soaked the entire first floor, then traveled down the stairs, into every room and soaked them all in the intoxicating liquid. Everyone soaked the entire building, with Flippy leading a trail outside, with everyone behind him.

Everyone had a different reaction to what was about to happen. Cuddles looked ready for war. Giggles looked worried. Disco looked happy. Handy looked grumpy, like always. Petunia looked disturbed; she has Overactive Compulsive Disorder, making her freak out when everything wasn’t perfect and clean, making her the obvious choice to be the maid of the group. Toothy was ecstatic. Pop looked relieved. Flaky looked scared.

Flippy looked like nothing affected him anymore.

He took out a cigarette, lit it, smoke a puff of it, and then threw it on the trail. It ignited and led itself into the house, and almost suddenly the house burst into flame. The Tree Friends watched as their house went up in fire and smoke. Flippy led them away, feeling proud.

The Tree Friends had sent a message to Tiger the only way they could; they were ready to fight. Nothing mattered to them anymore. They weren’t fighting for anyone or anything. They were fighting to save themselves so they can live like they wanted to. And now… Now they had nothing to lose. This was a real fight. No restrictions, no regrets.

Just them. Fighting for them.

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