We Are HTF

Chapter 18

Throughout these events, Pop realized he hadn’t gotten Cub yet. He motioned for the group to go to the Haven shelter. Pop quickly went to his wife’s shrine to get Cub, and burst down the door to the shrine.

Cub was laying on the floor; his clothes all ripped up and his body was covered in cuts and blood. And worst of all, the shrine was destroyed. The picture of Jeannie burned and destroyed, all the clothes were ripped and every trace of Jeannie’s life was gone.

Pop was so shocked, he fell to the floor. He went to Cub; fortunately he was still alive, but barely. Pop’s heart shattered; he lost his wife, and now it looked as though he was going to lose his only real child. He looked at Flippy, who got angrier and angrier, then he looked back at Cub.

“Benny… are you ok?”

Cub didn’t speak, but he smiled.

“Who did this to you, son?”

He tried to talk, but blood spat out his mouth and on Pop’s face.

“A… P-Pirate…”

Pop knew exactly who he was talking about. Russell was sent here to send of message of his own; Tiger won’t give in.

But now, neither will the HTF.

Pop got up in a rage, and looked at Flippy.

“Felix… I’m gonna murder that son of a bitch!”

“Not before I do.”

They shared a smile, and they all walked out.

They decided to spend the night there, and depart the next morning. While there, Sniffles was working on new weapons for the group. They all had to fight; it’s all they had. He crafted all kinds of weapons with every kind of technology both the Tree Friends and the Haven could spare. He finished in the middle of the night and called everyone to pick up their new weapons. They all lined and Sniffles gave each of them their weapons.

“Cuddles. This… is what I call “The Apocalypse.”

He handed him a bulky, green tommy gun.

“It uses every kind of ammo, and compresses them into a plasma base energy pellets. Also, it’s strong enough to be used as a sort of blunt instrument. Use it wisely.”

Cuddles admired his new gun.

“Handy, here are your gloves. I upgraded the fingers to be even sharper, and now they can heat up to cut deeper into your pray.

Handy slipped on the gloves, fiddled his fingers, then pressed the button. It turned a slight red color and steam flew off the blade. Everyone backed away.

“Whoa. Nice.”

“Now, Disco. These… are for you.”

He handed him a pair of metal-plated platform shoes.

“Ohhh… Nice kicks, Sniffs.”

“No. Put em’ on.”

He did.

“Ok. Now what.”

“You’re kicks are now 10 times stronger. Combined with your sword, you can really be a force to be reckoned with.”

He smirked and started dancing lightly.

“And now, Flaky.”

“Huh? But I don’t wanna fight.”

“Flaky, we need all the help we need. Plus, these are specialized daggers.”

He handed her two bright daggers.

“I call them “Angel Fangs. They're built like swords, but their light enough for even you to wield."

She looked, amazingly, at the daggers.

“They’ll feel the cuts go deeper than you’re actually making them.”

She smiled, then for the first time, gave a wicked smile. She was ready for battle.

“And finally, Flippy.”

He handed a strange looking staff.

“Is it just a stick?”

“Actually, go ahead and pull it apart.”


And he did. And it broke into a pair of dual blades.

“Woah. Dude.”

Sniffles smiled.

“Now, the shorter one has a slit in its handle, so you can slide the other one into it. Now, I have this pair of plated gloves for you, because the shorter blade can be bent to form a sort of scythe. It took forever to perfect, so use it wisely.”

Flippy looked at his weapon; this was his weapon, only made for him.

“Now then, everyone. The rest of us will use explosives and regular firearms. Any questions?”

Flippy spoke.

“Yeah. I have a suggestion; let’s spend the night training with these new toys.”

“Good idea. Pop, you got a training field?”

“Yeah. Follow me.”

They followed him down a set of stairs to a large, empty space; it was a place where everyone could play basketball and other sports. It was large enough for everyone to spar with each other. Soon enough, Disco and Handy started a sword-fight; Cuddles, Toothy, Giggles, Petunia and Pop started practicing their aim with targets on the wall. And Flippy started training Flaky to fight.

During the sword-fight, Disco used his new shoes to his advantage; he danced his normal moves, but these were intended to hurt. Handy was fast, and quickly ignited his left glove and punched the floor, meaning to crush Disco. It left a charred fist-print in the floor. He felt proud to have such a strong weapon.

Cuddles and Toothy were crackshots. Giggles and Petunia needed work. Pop barely hit anything.

Cuddles went up to him.

“Pop, here; aim with both eyes open.”

He did and soon he hit a bulls-eye.

“Great! Now keep it up.”

Pop was ready to shoot people in the face. He was that angry.

Flaky and Flippy sparred all night, Flippy trying not to be too rough. She was good, better than he was expecting. She put all her might into every swing. Soon enough, she landed a cut on Flippy’s arm, and suddenly, Fliqpy emerged and formed the scythe from his weapon, then brought it down fiercely, ripping the concrete open. She was fast enough to dodge it, but she was shaken. Fliqpy laughed, then Flippy came back and saw she was scared for her life.


“It’s alright. Save that for Tiger.”


They continued to spar throughout the night, then as soon as morning struck, they all walked out of the shelter, battle worn but ready for the real fight.

“Flippy… you sure we should do this?”

“Can’t guarantee we’ll live, so we leave nothing behind.”

He brought out a detonator and pressed the button. A loud muffled explosion was heard, and a large cloud of smoke appeared out of the shelter. Pop saw his hard earned home explode, but felt relieved that everyone was out and safe.

“Let’s head out, everyone. We have a date with destiny.”

They all boarded a bus, belonging to Max and Chris, who agreed to drive them there but refused to fight with them, on account that they don’t want to get the military involved in this fight. On the way there, they all got ready; they donned their club colors. Cuddles wrapped a yellow bandana around his head. Handy got on an orange jacket. Disco put on purple glasses. Flaky put on a red sweater, replacing her brown one. Nutty put on a light green jacket and multi colored baseball cap. And Flippy just brushed off his dark green clothes, and shined his dog tags.

The bus was approaching a large gate, and Max hit the gas. They burst through and all the gunmen fired at the wandering soldiers. Surprisingly, Pop was the best shot and landed the most kills, probably out of rage. Flippy, Flaky, Cuddles, Disco, Handy and Nutty all got off the bus.

“Pop, Mime, Toothy, Ladies. Keep the foot soldiers away from the base. We left you with plenty of ammo and explosives to use. Good luck and be careful!”

They reached the main fort on foot, finishing off the rest of the spare soldiers. Flippy broke the door down, and standing before them were were five figure; a rough looking pirate, two twins with swords, a girl with a green pickle on her shoulder and knives in her hand,

and behind them a ominous general, wearing a black coat. He took his lit cigar out of his mouth.

“Heh heh heh. Well, hello there.”

Flippy gripped his weapon.


“Well then, this is a surprise! Felix Vetern, and his little band of little bugs.”

“They look ready to die, yarr!”


Lammy looked at them all.

Flippy looked at her lividly.

“Lammy, you backstabbing bitch! What are you doing?!”

Flippy was ecstatic. To think he used to have feelings for her…

She didn’t say a word.

“Now then, since you so rudely have caused chaos to my land and killed several soldiers, I must say… I’m impressed. It takes more than just a group of rebels to destroy my buildings and kill several hundred soldiers. But you’re all really trying to stop me?!”

He started laughing.

“Well then, let’s see what you all got!”

The group all went off, except for Lammy, who stared at Nutty. He was so unintelligent that his mind became blank and he lunged for the Tree Friends with a sharpened candy cane striped sword, his own signature weapon. He went for Handy, who retaliated by sharpening his gloves fingers and clashing them against the sword.

“You guys go! I’ve been wanting to beat the hell outta this guy since he stole my lollipops as a kid.”

“Right! Good luck, Handy!”

Handy stared at Nutty, who was all jittery and his eyes were clouded.


“Me not Nutty. Me Truffles!”

“What?! Truffles is dead! Lammy, what’d....”

She was gone.

The four remaining Tree Friends all went up a set of stairs, where they were met with four separate rooms, with the one in the middle of the hall covered in fire. Flippy pointed to it.

“That’s gotta be Tiger’s room. He’s mine. Ok, let’s all take a room. There’s gotta be one of those assholes in every one of them. Let’s hope we each get what we want. Flaky, I suggest you go after Lammy, since you probably got a bone to pick with her, right?”

She nodded and smiled.

“Disco, you take that room…”

He pointed to the left.

“Cuddles, take that one…”

He pointed to the one next to Tiger’s.

“Flaky, she’s probably in there…”

He pointed to the room on the right; it was bright and pink.

They all went to their assigned rooms, and Flippy marched towards the middle door on fire.

Cuddles broke into a room, and found it several feet deep and flooded, as well as several frozen platforms He couldn’t swim well, and plus it was teeming with sharks.

“It’s Russell's room. No doubt.”

“Ye be correct!”

He was standing on a frozen platform, carrying two medieval pirate pistols and with a captains sword sheathed to his side.

“Alright, pirate boy! Let’s go!”

He ran across the ice aiming his rifle.

Disco broke into his room to find it completely gold with mountains of coins around him.

“Whoa… I’ve never seen so much loot before.”


He saw where the voices came from to see the two twin gangster cousins armed with katanas.

“Fellow swordsmen, huh? Wait a minute, you’re the punks that hurt Flaky, aren’t you?”

“Maybe.” “Which one’s Flaky again?”

“The red-head.”

“Oh yeah!” “Though she was a dude at first!”

Disco growled.


He brought out his sword and ran to the twins, who clashed their swords with his.

Flaky scardely went into the room. Turns out Flippy was right, Lammy stood before her, cradled in a ball against the wall.

“L-Lammy. I-I’m here to k-kill you.”

Lammy looked up. She walked up to Flaky, who quickly got out the angel fangs and looked ready to fight. She retaliated by cupping her hand and letting Mr. Pickles stand on her palm.

“Mr. Pickles..."

Flaky readied for impact.

"I want you..."

She paused, then stomped her foot.

“To kill this girl!”

She threw the pickle at Flaky, and Lammy saw it come alive, with hands and feet and a look of murder.

All Flaky saw was Lammy coming toward her.

Flippy went into the room to see Tiger, standing alone looking out the window. The same way he stared out the window when Fliqpy escaped him five years ago. Flippy brought out his hatchet, flipped it and was about to fire, but Tiger did already. Flippy was fast enough to dodge it. Tiger towards above him.

Flippy growled and brought his weapon to Tiger, who caught it with his metallic claw.

“You’re going down today, Tiger.”


The group was about to fight their most powerful enemies yet, some once their closest friends, some their mortal enemies.

And they will have to fight for themselves, as well as the people they love.

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