We Are HTF

Chapter 1

After 5 years away from home, Felix was ready to be home again. The only thing he did for hours while on the bus was stare at his bracelet, a gift to him from the club president, Pop. Pop was like the father to everyone. He did the shopping, he gave the allowances, he raised them all. He did for, now hopefully, 20 years. While still the club president, he met the love of his life, married her and had a baby boy, who he protected like a mother bear and his cub, so everyone called the baby “Cub”.But, about 7 years ago, his wife died of cancer and he had to raise Cub on his own. Now, Cub must be, at the most, 8.

The bracelets were the color of it's owners hair. Felix had a green one for leadership, an honor he holds dear to himself. He stared at the bracelet long enough to not notice his old town. It was decimated, looking like it was in the middle of a nuclear explosion. He never saw the area until he got up to leave the bus. His eyes met the town and he was greeted by... nobody.

Felix was different then when he left. Before, his body was scrawny and almost pathetic. Now, he had muscles, Not many, but noticeable ones. He didn't wear casual jeans and t-shirts like he used to. Now, he wears a black t-shirt, his camo jacket, his special dog tags and, of course, his boot camp beret. He looked around, saw the neighborhood as it really was. Then it hit him. Fearing the worst, he ran for where he remembered was his home; the big tree he lived in. He reached it, only to find the tree dead, and made into ashes.

Felix then felt a series of memories; his childhood, his friends, Flaky. Then, imagined it all being burned.

"My god..."

A single tear ran down his face.

He decided to drown his sorrows, by taking a small walk. Seeing all the old sights, all of the old buildings and houses, all buried beneath rock and rubble, made his heart sink. He continued to cry, with the memories of his friends being his only thought for some time as he continued to walk. He knew where he was going; a special place where only the tree friends knew about. It was deep within the woods that ran along the outskirts of the city. Luckily, barely any trees were gone. Which made Felix realize; there wasn't an explosion. The city was attacked. When and why and by who, he had no idea, but he feared the worst when he remembered the only tree that was burned was the tree he used to live in. He made it to the special place, a sparkling lake with a small waterfall along the edge of the far side of it. The tree friends discovered it years ago and made it their own place for parties, rituals and even just for talking to each other personally.

He remembered, this is where he told Flaky that he loved her. He began to weep. His heart began to break into tiny pieces, one for each moment he had with Flaky.

"Hey! Who's there?" He heard a voice yell, obviously centered at him.

He figured it was either a girl or a really young boy. Felix remembered what his drill seargant told him once.

"Stand your ground, or else it'll break underneath yah!"

Luckily, Felix always carried a handgun. He made sure it was loaded and aimed it at where he heard the voice. He hoped he wouldn't have to use it. A young, bright orange haired boy came out of the bushes, holding what looked like a rifle. Felix looked confused at such a young child knew how to use a gun, but looked seriously at the young boy. He was wondering why, but the boy slowly lowered his gun. He then ran for Felix, with what looked like tears in his eyes. He hugged Felix tightly.

For a young boy, he had quite a grip.

"I'm so glad you're back, Uncle Felix!"

Felix couldn't remember the boy, yet no one ever called him "Uncle Felix" before. He then released the boy, knelt down and examined him, very slowly. Nothing seemed recognizable, except for one thing; a small beanie on the boys head, with a propeller on the top. Felix couldn't believe it, and he quickly hugged the boy back.

"Cub. You're alive. Thank the lord."

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