We Are HTF

Chapter 19

(Handy VS Nutty)

The two clashed swords and began swinging their blades towards each other, both of them dodging each others swings. This was especially hard for Handy. Because of his metal gloves, it was hard to swing his sword. Nutty stabbed forward, and Handy jumped to the side and spun his sword around, hoping to decapitate Nutty, who quickly ducked and jumped back. The two panted as they held a stare-down.

“Nutty… Snap out of it!”

“Truffles! Me Truffles!”

Nutty ran forward to attack Handy. Handy jumped and brought his sword down for a stab, with Nutty rolling forward to dodge it. Handy fell and quickly lunged forward and swung his sword, this one clashing against Nutty’s sword. Suddenly, the upper part of Nutty’s sword shattered into pieces.

“Ha! Tough luck, pig boy!”

“We not done yet!”

Handy saw as Nutty stuck out his tongue out and ran it along the length of the blade. He was shocked to see it extend back to it’s original state.

“What the hell? What kind sword is that?”

“Lolli-sword. Made of sugar.”

Nutty smirked and ran forward to slice Handy, this one actually hit and threw Handy back against the wall. Handy felt as his back smacked against the wall and he groaned. Then, he realized he couldn’t move. The Lolli-Sword had rubbed it’s sugar off on his body and melted to his back, causing him to stick to the wall.

“Oh… No.”

“Now you stuck. Now you DIE!”

Nutty took off one of the suckers on his shirt; a red one. He bit down on it and felt it shatter and melt in his mouth. Suddenly, he felt his body get stronger, with his muscles contracting and his arms growing slightly larger. He looked as if he’d worked out his arms for a year. Then, he ran to Handy, with his sword over his head. Handy struggled to get unstuck, when he felt his arm escape the wall. He quickly formed his glove back into a hand and pounded the wall, launching him off the wall, just escaping the wall and Nutty’s attack. He was so strong that his sword cut through the wall.


Nutty laughed hysterically as he stared at Handy, who quickly scampered away. Nutty freed the sword from the wall and ran after Handy, who jumped and tried bringing the sword down on Nutty. Nutty dodged and stabbed forward, with this one hitting Handy in the leg. He knelt down in pain and felt his leg. Nutty panted as his arms went back to normal.

Handy grabbed his leg.

“What… the hell are you?!”

“Sugar addict. Love sugar so much it come my life support. I eat it, become stronger.”

“That’s Nutty’s strength. What’s Truffles’ strength?”

Nutty chuckled.

“No strength. Me use other’s strengths as own.”

“Ahh… Flippy told me you were an attention hog.”

He slowly got up to his feet.

“Well… I’ll give you credit for inflicting damage to me… but this ends now.”

He pressed the button on his glove and it glowed red and started to steam. Nutty saw as his opponents weapon got stronger.

“Now… feel this!”

Handy ran forward and swung his sword. Nutty was too fast to be hit by him, but his sword was not. The fire-bathed sword cut right through it and left it as red and white goo. Nutty tried to lick it to make it longer again, but to no avail; it was cut from the bottom of the blade.

“You… lolli-killing bastard!”

Nutty ran forward and tackled Handy to the ground. He pinned him to the floor with Handy thrashing his legs around. Nutty grinned evilly and ripped the purple lollipop out of his hair and popped it in his mouth, hair and all. Handy was disgusted.

“That is so gross...”

Nutty’s arms got stronger and bigger as he pressed the button on Handy’s glove to put out the fire, He then grabbed the gloves and slid them off Handy’s nubs and threw them to the far end of the room. Handy stared at his gloves as he continued to thrash about. Nutty then wrapped his fingers around his neck and squeezed the air out of his neck. Handy, choking for life, had to act fast.

He remembered a trick Flippy showed him when they were kids. He lifted his legs, bent his back towards him and wrapped them around Nutty’s head. Then, quickly, he brought them down bringing Nutty’s head top first into the ground. Handy gasped for breath as he scuttled across the room to his gloves. Nutty, recovering, got up and ran toward him. Handy finally reached his gloves, quickly slid them on and, without hesitation, spun quickly and gave his opponent an uppercut. Nutty flew upward, his jaw broken and his nose bleeding. Handy extended his fingers on his right glove.

“This is for your own good, Nutty.”

Nutty fell back down to feel his body be cut in half from his waist. He felt his head hit the ground and saw his legs do the same. Handy panted as he felt exhausted from the fight. He walked slowly to Nutty, who miraculously was still alive.

“Ha. Heh heh. H-Handy…”

Nutty gave a short smile; somehow being near death snapped him back to normal.

“I… I did good, didn’t I?”

Handy didn’t make a move.

“Tell Flippy… a-and everyone…”

A small tear fell from his eye. This wasn’t Nutty speaking, or Truffles. It was Timmy Anderson, the boy behind the candy.

“I... love them.”

He closed his eyes and exhaled… for the last time.

Handy saw his old friend die; for being his killer, he felt guilty. It was obvious he didn’t want to attack Handy or the Tree Friends. It was Truffles spirit, obviously working with Lammy, that corrupted his mind.

Handy stared at his old brother and let out a slight sigh.


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