We Are HTF

Chapter 20

(Disco VS Lifty and Shifty)

Disco clashed his katana against his twin opponents. He was always known to take on more than one at a time; being a pervert, he always longed to look the most mature and tough, though deep down he hates to fight.

Lifty sheathed his sword and brought out his rifle. He and Shifty both jumped back and went different ways. They’re battle strategy was easily one of the best; they attacked on opposite sides of their opponents. Shifty usually attacked frontways and Lifty backways. Shifty is better at using a blade, either a sword or a knife, but if he needs to he uses firearms. Lifty uses firearms primarily, so it made sense to stay behind.

Shifty rushed forward to Disco, who blocked his attack, but remembered that Lifty was behind him, so he quickly turned around and dodged Lifty’s bullets. Disco had to be quick in this fight; two twins, with totally different fighting styles, were attacking on both sides. He could handle Shifty, but he had to be careful not to be shot in the back. He could go after Lifty, but then Shifty could come behind and stab him. It was a very stressful fight for Disco.

“Man. I got that dick to deal with…”

He looked behind him.

“And that dick to deal with.”

Shifty dived forward towards Disco. He jumped and brought his sword down to stab his opponent from above. Then he heard another gunshot and felt his side ache in pain. He fell back and almost fell to the floor. He was used to fighting only swordsmen; it was the deal the Tree Friends made with the Haven. He was looking down at his side, then noticed; the floor was made of gold, and he could see himself in it. He could see Shifty running towards him with Lifty aiming his rifle.

And then he got an idea.

Keeping his eyes fixed on the floor, he blocked Shifty’s attack and focused on Lifty. Lifty was about to fire, and Shifty was about to lunge forward. Disco, thinking fast, tripped Shifty with his leg, right when Lifty pulled the trigger. The bullet traveled through Shifty’s side.


Lifty scratched his head; he had no idea Disco could see him while focused on Shifty.

“Usted sólo se centran en el hombre bailando, hermano!”

“No me digas qué hacer, gilipollas ! Estoy a dos minutos mayor que tú!”

Lifty was about to yell back, but saw Disco near a device on the wall.

“Oye! Muevelo! Es por el …”

Disco smiled. His plan worked; while the brothers were bickering, he made his way to the thermostat. Kind of a bad contracting decision for a room made of gold.

“Hehe. Idiots.”

Lifty was able to scurry to a platform high above, made of steel, which can’t be melted. Good thing Disco’s boots had that steel upgrade to them. Gold, however, isn’t the same, and Shifty found that out the hard way, for his shoes were made of leather, which melted into the floor and exposed his feet to the hot gold.

Disco thought fast and brought the temperature back down to freezing. It acted fast, and soon the floor was solid again, and Shifty was stuck to the floor.

“Ahh! Estoy atascado! Ayúdame, hermano!”

Lifty saw his brother struggle and realized the truth. He was done. So he decided not to let him be a burden.

“Lo sentimos, Shifty. Pero no hay uso de una espada que lleva la estatua.”


Lifty quickly aimed and fired at Shifty’s head; he couldn’t move so he took the bullet. But he couldn’t move, so he couldn’t fall over. That is until Lifty jumped off the platform, ran over to his dead brother and sliced his brother's legs straight off his ankles.

He stared at his brother’s corpse, and smiled evilly. Then chuckled; now that Shifty’s dead, he didn’t have to share the fortune he was getting for killing the Tree Friends.

Disco was appalled. He couldn’t believe this man would murder his own brother instead of trying to save him. That’s not what he learned in the Tree Friends. Growing up, Reginald should have been happy, as he was raised by his rich parents who made money off of the stock market. But, he longed for love; his parent’s were the usually rich parents; not caring for their kids, but about caring about the size of their wallet. Reginald was walking to school one day when he was attacked by a mugger, who took all his money and his clothes, then stabbed his stomach, leaving a scar. He was left to die in a dark alley, until he was found by a young green haired boy and a shy little red haired girl, and was made a member of their family.

Disco spoke up to his opponent.

“What the hell, man?! That was your brother!”

Lifty quietly chuckled.

“Shut up.”

He raised his rifle and fired; Disco dodged it and ran to Lifty, who unsheathed his sword and clashed it against Disco’s.

“You think you can beat me, hair boy?”

“Well, seeing as you’re all alone, yeah. I think I know I can.”

He raised his sword and brought it back to Lifty, who clashed his back. The two furiously clanged their swords together, faster and faster. Disco put up more of a fight now that he only had to worry about one opponent now. He ducked a horizontal slice and raised his foot up to catch Lifty’s jaw. Lifty reeled back rubbing his jaw, then yelled furiously and ran to Disco. Disco smirked and dropped to the floor, back first. Lifty tripped over his leg and fell to the floor.

“Idiot! You’re brother fell for that too!”


Lifty grabbed Disco’s leg, took out a pistol and fired at his ankle. Disco kneeled, clutching his ankle in pain. Lifty raised himself, smirked evilly and pushed the pistol to Disco’s head.

“You’re finished.”

Disco looked up, and Lifty was confused to see he was smiling.

“Same to you.”

He raised the foot Lifty fired at; the bullet was stuck in Disco’s steel boot, not touching his skin at all. The boot connected with Lifty's chin and he was rocketed in the air and Disco jumped after him. Lifty fell on his back, then felt his heart be pierced with Disco’s katana. He felt the blood rushing from the large gash in his chest. And he blacked out, dead, but not before seeing his energetic opponent stand tall, raise his sword to the sky.

“Name’s Disco. Remember that.”

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