We Are HTF

Chapter 21

(Cuddles VS Russell)

The blonde haired gunman leaped across every ice covered platform. It wasn’t easy to do as the ice was slippery and hard to stand on. It was even harder to aim “The Apocalypse”, as it’s bulkiness made it hard for the young, skinny man to lift. Russell fired his two pistols, and the bullets broke through the ice, breaking it and causing Cuddles to scarily jump to the next one. He panted as he continued to run to the pirate, still having yet to fire a bullet. Russell fired the pistols again, nearly hitting the bunny-boy. Cuddles jumped up onto Russell’s platform, who unsheathed his sword.

“Man. You don’t play nice, do you?”

“Nay. Not really.”

Russell rushed towards Cuddles, who remembered that Sniffles said his gun was strong enough to use as a melee weapon, so he brought it up to his head, letting it be caught by Russell’s sword. Russell brought his right hand over to Cuddles’ side; he was a pirate, so he had a hook for a hand. Cuddles held his side, which dripped with blood. He ignored the pain, and finally brought up his gun and started firing. Russell’s peg legs scurried across the ice, which was hard to do so he took a few bullets in his stomach. Cuddles smirked as he saw his opponent reel back. Russell looked up, angry and craving blood. Then, Russell himself gave an evil smirk, as he stepped back, and grabbed the wall behind him, then raised the wall to reveal a large hole, which contained a cannon.

“The hell? What is this place?”

Russell laughed heartily as he grabbed a small string leading to the fuse of the cannon.


He pulled the string as a black cannonball launched out in a puff of smoke, hitting Cuddles in the stomach and launching him in the water. He felt his body be flooded with water as he felt the air in his lungs start to leave. But soon, he saw a giant shark rush towards him, hungry for the blood leaking out Cuddles’ side. Cuddles screamed underwater, and quickly tried swimming, but to no avail; he never really learned to swim. Russell watched as the shark opened it’s teeth, then saw Cuddles quickly firing his gun into the sharks mouth, killing it. Cuddles tried to claw his way to the surface, avoiding another shark. He gasped for breath, as he saw Russell’s silhouette readying another pistol. Cuddles got up and ran off, avoiding the bullets as he ran faster towards the pirate, who was laughing and pointing behind his opponent.

“Yar har har harr! Look behind you, lad!”

Cuddles did to see another shark, nearly three times as big as him, rise and open its mouth. For being only one room in a fort, this room was rather huge.

“Holy shit! That thing’s huge!”

Cuddles ran fast to just avoid the sharks bite. He fired at the shark, barely hitting as the platforms were shaking on the waves of the water. Russell reloaded the cannon again and aimed. Cuddles saw, with a worried look, as the pirate was about to fire. Then, thinking fast, he jumped as the cannon launched, flinging the cannonball into the shark’s face, killing it instantly. Russell raised his pistol angrily and clenched his teeth. Cuddles finally made a leap to the platform and fired away, hitting Russell in his rough looking body. Russell unsheathed his sword, weary from blood-loss and ran forward. Cuddles kneeled down, also weary from blood-loss. Then, thinking fast, he swung his gun up to meet Russell’s sword, which almost immediately broke off. Russell looked shocking at his broken sword, then angrily at Cuddles, who fell back from the impact.


Russell raised his pistol to Cuddles forehead. Cuddles had to think fast, so he did the best thing he could, being pinned down with a gun to his head; he raised his leg for it to meet Russell’s nether regions. Russell squealed as he rubbed his groin, crying in pain. Cuddles quickly got up, ran to his opponent, then with all his strength, raised his gun up to meet Russell’s chin. He flew up, already knocked out, as he flew through the air. Then, to prove a point, Cuddles let his gun fire multiple rounds at Russell, tearing him apart bullet after bullet. Russell’s corpse, full of holes, fell into the water, as the sharks proceeded to feast on Russell’s bloody, delicious body. Cuddles saw his opponent being feasted on, then with pride and victory in his eyes, raised “The Apocalypse” and shouted.


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