We Are HTF

Chapter 22

(Flaky VS Lammy)

Lammy stared furiously as she saw the Mr. Pickles attempt to stab Flaky with one of her knives. But that’s not what Flaky saw; she saw the furious, lavender-haired girl with her teeth clenched and her eyes rolled in the back of her head, furiously swinging her knives at the scared redhead. Flaky was fast enough to dodge the girls knives, but she was also scared enough. She felt the knives go into her legs and stomach, as she felt the pain grow deeper and deeper, with how many wounds she gained.

This was too much for her; she didn’t want to fight.

She continued to tremble as she continued to roll out of the way of her opponent. All Lammy did was watch as Flaky ran from Mr. Pickles; that’s what she believed she was seeing, as she thought she herself was enjoying a coffee. Flaky had to fight back; she remembered what Flippy taught her the previous night.

“Flaky! You gotta calm down and fight back!”

“But what if I’m too scared?”

“Then use that fear; you wanna stop being scared? Get rid of the thing that makes you scared! It’s called bravery; be stronger than your fear!”

Flaky finally stopped rolling and dodging, then readied her wrist and thrusted her dagger forward. It hit Lammy in her arm; who finally snapped out of it. She saw the redhead with the dagger in her arm, and she felt the pain.

“Oww! Hey! Where’s Mr. Pickles?”

Flaky looked confused.


Lammy looked around and found her pickle on the floor on the outside corner.

“Oh! There you are! Bad boy; you were supposed to kill her!”

Lammy ran to the pickle, picked it up, and threw it back at Flaky, who dodged it and ran to Lammy. She looked blood-thirsty. Lammy kicked her foot forward and it hit Flaky in the jaw; she knelt to the floor, rubbing her jaw. Lammy saw as Mr. Pickles peeked out from behind Flaky’s head, then grabbed the strings of her sweatshirt, wrapped them around her neck and tightly pull them. Flaky gasped for air as she felt Lammy’s hands on her neck. She quickly retaliated as she brought her head back and slammed it into Lammy’s nose. She let go and rubbed her nose, which leaked red water. Flaky cartwheeled backwards. She knelt down, as she panted and gasped for air.

“What is this girls problem? I think she’s seeing her pickle toy do the work, but I see and feel her doing it.”

Then, she remembered something important; this was almost exactly like Flippy’s condition. And remembered why Lammy fell for him.

“I understand now.”


Lammy dove forward as Flaky got out of the way.

“Now I get it; I gotta get rid of that pickle toy!”

She ran to Lammy, who jumped back and threw her pickle to Flaky; this was her chance. She closed her eyes and waited for the right moment. Then, thinking it was now, sliced her dagger horizontally. It worked, as Lammy saw Mr. Pickles split in half and fall to the floor, and saw Flaky’s face covered in cotton and green fibers and seeds.

“Ahh! No! Mr. Pickles!”

She ran to her fallen friend.

“My precious…”

Lammy then saw her hands, covered in Flaky’s blood.

“What… What happened?”

Flaky, thinking she won, went to Lammy.

“I understand your problem. It’s a mental disorder, right?”

“How… did you know?”

“I’m a doctor, and plus…”

She held her beating heart with the memories of him clouding her mind.

“I’m in love with one just like you.”

Lammy remembered that incident; she remembered seeing Flippy turn into Fliqpy and smack her in the head with the butt of her shotgun. She remembered blacking out, and waking up to see her love in bed with the redhead. She remembered the heartbreak. She remembered walking out the bomb shelter, traveling to a phone booth, and calling a general. She remembered offering her services and pledging her allegiance to him, only out of jealousy.

“Oh… my god.”

Lammy started to weep.

“I… I did this… I… hurt people…”

Flaky actually felt sorry for this girl. She knelt down and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Hey. Listen. I understand your pain. Probably not as much as him, but I understand it. That’s why you fell in love with him… isn’t it?”

Lammy nodded, still weeping.

“Well listen… we can help you. We can make you better. We can… take you away from here… and give you a home where you’ll be loved.”

Lammy raised her head and stared into Flaky’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that this girl, who minutes ago she was trying to kill, was now suddenly comforting her and offering her a spot in the Tree Friends family. She felt loved again.

“Oh… Ok. Are you sure?”

“Yes. We’ll help you. But no monkey business, or I’ll sick my monster on you!”

“No. Not anymore. I understand you love him… and now I know he loves you back. Guess I’ll just have to find another… but what man would like me? I’m a freak…”

Flaky couldn’t help but cry with her.

“You are not a freak; you’re a scared girl who just needs a family and love.”

Lammy looked up and, out of desperation for love, hugged Flaky. Flaky, at first, didn’t like this girl; in fact, she wanted to kill her. But, after finding out her true motif, decided to hug her back, welcoming the new Tree Friend and hoping Flippy will let her in.

Now only one remained.
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