We Are HTF

Chapter 23

(Flippy Vs Tiger)

Tiger raised his foot to meet Flippy’s chin. Flippy reeled back, rubbing his jaw. He disconnected his swords and ran towards Tiger, who retaliated by throwing his claw downwards, aiming for Flippy’s back. Flippy dodged by rolling to his side and quickly rising to meet Tiger’s stomach with the handle of his sword, which caused Tiger to bend forward, leading Flippy to raise his knee up and clash against Tiger’s nose. He reeled back, panting and bleeding out his nose. Flippy ran forward, wielding his dual swords. Tiger smirked and reached into his jacket, pulling out a pistol and firing at Flippy. It stopped him in his tracks as it flew into his stomach. He panted as he held his abdomen.

“Heh heh. Should'a figured you brought a gun.”

“Hmm. Figured you’d bring one.”

“I don’t need one. I’m just fine with what I have.”

Tiger scoffed and fired again, but this bullet missed and went into the floor, as Tiger aimed wronged after Flippy stabbed him in the leg. Tiger growled and brought his claw down to meet Flippy’s arm. If he clamped it down, Flippy wouldn’t have an arm anymore. Flippy wriggled out of his clutch, and jumped back. Then, he disconnected his sword and adjusted the blade of the small one to form the scythe. With his weapon in his hands, he ran forward and brought it down from over his head. Tiger dodged it and it went into the concrete floor. Tiger raised his big boot and kicked Flippy’s head to the side, causing him to fall back, but he quickly cartwheeled the same direction, landed on his feet and swung his scythe horizontally, slightly slicing Tiger’s side. They both were in pain and exhausted, so they both stood back and caught their breaths.

Flippy stared into Tiger’s evil eyes and soon felt scared; this man was the toughest fighter he’d ever met. He was becoming too much for the young soldier. I didn’t say a word, but he laid his burden in his head.

“This… is way too much. It hurts so much, and it seems he gets stronger with every hit he takes.”

Then he remembered a conversation he had in a dream he had with Fliqpy on the ride to this very battle.

“Fliqpy… this is it. This day marks the end of this hell known as war.”

“What are you talking about, wuss? War is never over until everything is amended.”

“Maybe, but it’ll at least be the end of our war, right?”


“We’re both just aching to kill Tiger, right? That’s our goal. But what happens when we go through with it?”

“Nothing. Nothing will change between us. I’ll always hate you, and you’ll always hate me.”

“I don’t think so. I think something will happen between us. But… not until I’m done with Tiger.”

“We agreed to take him down together, remember?”

Flippy stood up and looked away.

“Fliqpy… I don’t want you to interfere with this fight anymore.”


Fliqpy was furious. He stood up and marched to his other side.

“Fliqpy… listen. This… really isn’t your fight. It’s mine. Tiger didn’t torture you. Tiger didn’t make your family turn against each other. Tiger didn’t ruin your life.”

“You don’t call creating me in a test tube and putting me in your pussy mind torture?!”

Flippy was confused.

“I wasn’t allowed to have a family, you ungrateful ass!”

“You never even tried to have one. You could have made a family out of mine. Instead, you tried killing them and you made them go against me at first. This is not your fight, Fliqpy. End of story.”

Fliqpy growled furiously.

“You honestly believe you can beat Tiger on your own?! You need me!”

“Maybe. And I’ll find out when either I kill him… or he kills me.”

“You’re just going there to die, aren’t you? You want to die, don’t you?”

Flippy didn’t say anything for a second.

“If it’s gonna save my family. Tiger’s only after me, and I don’t know why. But once I’m gone, maybe he’ll back off.”

“You can’t believe that! He’s a monster!”

Flippy was about to wake up when he spoke his mind briefly.

“You are too. So shut up and let me fight my own battles.”

Flippy found himself back in Tiger’s war room, with blood gushing out of the hole in his stomach, and his head still throbbing. But he didn’t feel any pain on his body; instead he felt guilt. Fliqpy wanted to help him, but he wouldn’t let him help out of pride to fight his own battles.


Tiger recovered and rushed forward, wielding his own sword, which he unsheathed silently. It was a large generals sword, one that a proud leader of a large army would wield.

He brought it down to Flippy, who retaliated by clashing his scythe against it. Tiger’s teeth were bared and ready to bite Flippy’s head off. Flippy quickly jumped and pushed Tiger backwards, but the general was fast enough to jab his claw forward to dig it into Flippy’s shoulder, which caused Flippy to freeze in midair and fall back to the floor. Tiger, laughing evilly, punched Flippy’s head from side to side, then when he finished kicked his stomach to send him flying against the wall. Flippy got up and ran to Tiger, who quickly jumped back, but Flippy, thinking fast, jumped forward and lunged his sword forward, which stabbed Tiger in the abdomen. He reeled back, screaming in pain as he felt his blood leak out fast. Flippy quickly smirked. But his smile faded as Tiger also smiled and laughed.

“Well, you’ve proven worthy to be an equal challenge, rookie. So… allow me to repay the favor.”

Tiger reached into his coat; Flippy thought he had another weapon, but instead, Tiger brought out a syringe, filled to the brim with a neon green substance.

“Remember this?”

Flippy stared, frighteningly, at the syringe. He remembered everything; being bound up, Tiger shoving it into his chest, the bright blue light that filled the room, and seeing himself maim and slaughter everyone he saw. He instantly began to tremble.

“I see that you do. You’ve proven that this stuff works… so let’s make my dream a reality. Heh heh.”

Tiger stepped back and pressed a button. Soon, the same blue light filled the room, and Tiger, still chuckling evilly, jammed the syringe into his own chest. Flippy looked on in horror as he saw the general get stronger; his muscles began to bulge, his skin turned a darker color, his hair turned into a shade of dark grey, and he opened his eyes to reveal their evil yellow color. Flippy heard his voice grow deeper and more evil by the minute as his opponent completed his transformation. He marched forward, making the building shake and rumble with every step. Flippy wasn’t trembling anymore; he was shaking fiercely.

“Prepare for your doom, Felix Vetern!”

Furiously, Tiger quickly began throwing punch after punch and kick after kick at the already wounded soldier. Flippy felt every single hit feel deeper and deeper. He was against the wall as Tiger still assaulted him, without a rest and growing more and more giddy with every hit. Soon enough, the wall soon broke and Flippy flew out of the room. Tiger, ready to end it, jumped up and landed his large boot on Flippy’s chest, causing the floor beneath them to break.

Soon, the whole building began to shake as it came tumbling down. The electrical equipment all shorted out, causing a large fire on the pile of rubble. Luckily, every member of HTF had gotten out beforehand, all out to help fight against the remaining Tiger soldiers, who were bringing in reinforcement after reinforcement, not letting up.

But, as soon as the building came crashing down, they all stared at the rubble and gasped. Everyone thought their friend was dead, as they saw the evil tyrant, Tiger, rise and start walking towards them. They wanted to fight back, but they had all the other soldiers to deal with. They were sitting ducks for Tiger's fury.

Fortunately, the green haired was still alive. Barely though, as he felt most his ribs were broken. He laid on the ground, and stared at his creation; he saw all his friends, fighting for their lives. He saw tiger soldiers, all being picked off by HTF. He saw Tiger, evilly walking to join the fight. And he couldn’t do anything.

“Man… I swear I had more to give… but I feel my body failing… Guess I really am gonna die here. Friends… I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough. Please stay alive...”

When his mind began to fade, he heard a voice.

“Hey! What’re you doing?! Tell me you aren’t giving up this soon. Are you a soldier or not?”

“Flipqy… I never wanted to be a soldier. Just look at what being a soldier got us now.”

“Don’t be stupid! This isn’t what you were taught in the war! Think about your brothers…”

“Mouse and Sneaky would’ve been here now if it wasn’t for me… Wait… how did...”

Flippy quickly opened his eyes and looked around. It was dark all over, and all he saw was his evil side, facing away and staring at the sky.

“Listen. Do not deny your pride as a soldier. Good or not, you are a soldier; a fighter for the ones you love. No matter what you think, if you’ve done everything in your life the right way or not, you have fought, not just for yourself, but for the people you care about.”

“So what? I broke laws, I went against the city, I killed innocent souls.”

“Even with a guilty conscience, you always fought for what you think was right. Everything you’ve done, everyone you stood up to, it was for what you thought was the right thing to do. You only fought in the war to make money for your family. That’s fighting for your family; that’s how you thought you could repay those two adults you’ve known your whole life. You sacrificed yourself to your enemy when they were overpowering your friends. That’s fighting for what you thought was the right thing. You broke your friends out of jail. Probably not the best thing to do, but you thought it was right. And now look at you; you’re giving your life away to this tyrant because you think it'll fix everything. Well, let me ask you something; do you really believe those people can live without you? Think of your brother, that Cuddles guy. I can see it; he idolizes you. And your cousin, Handy; he’s already pretty much alone, so he needs his family close.”

Flippy started to think about everyone.

“And for god’s sake, what about Flaky?! Do you really think this is worth leaving her?! She loves you, and you worship her. Don’t break your promise to her; you promised not to leave her again. You promised you were gonna protect her forever, right? Well, are you gonna keep that promise?”

Flippy started to cry.

“Listen. I understand your pain, but I’m giving you a choice. Either let yourself die and let them suffer… or let me free and let him suffer. This may be your fight… but you really did teach me something; you taught me that war isn’t about murder and fighting, it’s about fighting for who you love. And you’ve done nothing but that. And for that…”

He turned around and stared at Flippy, then raised his hand and placed it on his forehead, saluting his other form.

“You’ve earned my respect.”

Flippy felt touched; to see this monster, showing respect to show that he was truly affected by his actions.

Suddenly, he found himself back on the battlefield, near death and surrounded by fire.

“Leave your mind out of this. Follow what your heart wants. Fight for what you want, and don’t give up. How do you want this fight to end? Make your choice. Reclaim your past, and let your future speak for itself. Let me out. Now! For your family!”

All HTF members all gasped and stared at the flames. Cuddles smiled largely. Handy gave a slight smirk. Disco quickly lowered his glasses and smiled. Lammy held her heart and smiled. Toothy saluted. Pop gave a thumbs up to show respect. Mime clapped… silently. Giggles cried. Petunia laughed. Flaky held her heart, smiled and cried all at once. All the tiger soldiers looked into the rubble and all gained a scared look. Tiger slowly turned and growled.

Standing in the flame was the silhouette of the hero, and the flames showed his face; it had sharp teeth, yellow eyes and a wicked smile.

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