We Are HTF

Chapter 24

Tiger stared at Fliqpy as he marched forward, out of the flames and onto the battlefield. The rubble of the base started rolling off the cliff it was on. He unsheathed his sword, with Tiger doing the same, and the two ran at each other, both with evil crooked tooth smiles and sinister yellow ugly eyes. The swords clashed as the two didn’t take their eyes off each other. Then, they furiously threw slash after slash at each other, only hitting their swords together. They both weren’t just fighting for themselves; now they were proving who was better: who was stronger: who was the real monster of the two of them.

Cuddles and Toothy held their own as tiger soldiers continued to surround them.

“There’s too many! What do we do?!”

Cuddles quickly smirked and raised “The Apocalypse” high, then proceeded to swing it in a circle around him. Tiger soldiers went flying from the blunt instrument impact.

“Man. That’s some gun.”

“Heh heh. Yeah. Yeah it is.”

All of the swordsmen, Handy with his finger-sword, Disco with his katana, Flaky with her daggers and Lammy with her knives, were holding their own as they fought back enemy swordsmen. Flaky was fighting furiously, teaming with Lammy to take down the bigger ones. Handy, filled with rage, swung his sword in a circle, slicing enemies in half. Disco danced merrily, stabbing soldiers in the eye and kicking them hard with his steel boots.

Mime, Giggles, Petunia and Sniffles all manned the sniper rifles from the transport bus, left by Max and Chris who left them borrow it, and they were picking off enemies one by one, with Sniffles using his fireworks to blast several of them. Giggles and Petunia shot multiple enemies with one bullet and Mime focused on the heads of those who were close by.

The only one not fighting was Pop; he sat at the back of the bus, wallowing in his self pity as he cradled his injured son.

“Ben… I’m sorry I did this. It’s all my fault. I made this war out of my own timidness. I let you down.”

He looked up at the sky, with a river flowing from each eye.

“And I failed you, Jeannie.”

Cub was still alive, as he opened his eyes and stared at his crying father.

“Daddy… why aren’t you fighting?”

Pop looked down.

“I… am scared, Cub. I don’t want to fight in this… I’d just mess it up.”

Cub got a determined look as he wriggled out of Pop’s arms and stood up, his legs shaking in pain from the cuts left by Russell.

“Daddy… I want you to fight… for them.”

Pop looked at his son; his little boy, who was brave enough to learn how to fight at such a young age and was mature enough to handle the pain of bullets and cuts.

“Son… please. It’ll be ok if I-”

“DADDY! Please don’t just sit here!”

Cub looked outside at the battle.

“Look at them. They need help. And look at Uncle Flippy…”

Pop got up and walked to the window, and saw that his son was clashing swords and exchanging blood with Tiger. He then saw as Tiger quickly swiped his arm away and raised his sword to meet Flippy’s neck.


With that, Pop grabbed a rifle and quickly ran out into battle, firing at the general. Tiger, not feeling a bullet, looked at the gunman responsible.

“What are you doing, Benson?”

Pop, shaking and holding his rifle, quickly recovered and looked up.

“Being a dad.”

He started firing again, still not landing a bullet. Tiger, furiously, walked over to meet Pop’s chin with his knee. Pop fell backwards, unconscious. Fliqpy saw the man fall on his back, and remembered who he was; the leader of the Haven and the man responsible for tracking him.

“Heh. Good. One less bother.”

“Fliqpy! That’s our father!”

“And? You remember what he did to us?”

“You remember what he did FOR us?”

Fliqpy realized; the same words were said by Flaky to explain himself. Those words touched him more than anything. It’s what made him trust her.

“That man raised me, and made me to become who I am. He protected his family, even when we fighting back. And what about the trial? He saved us from Tiger already. I think we should repay the favor, Fliqpy.”

Fliqpy thought a minute and soon agreed. He ran as fast as he could and wrapped his arm around Tiger’s neck, then rolled forward, bending Tiger backwards and landing belly first on the floor. Tiger raised his head angrily, clenching his teeth and getting up. He stomped his foot and rushed to Fliqpy, and quickly started throwing fists and kicks to the psychotic soldier. Fliqpy was having a fun time dodging and watching Tiger get angrier and angrier. Fliqpy quickly stuck his foot out to stop Tiger in his tracks, then quickly formed the scythe and swung it at the general. Tiger was fast enough to dodge it, though, and quickly thrust his claw forward, which landed in Fliqpy’s stomach, which led him to scream in pain. Cuddles and Flaky looked on in horror as they heard the soldier fall back on his back holding his stomach. Tiger laughed evilly as he raised his claw to his face and licked Fliqpy’s blood. To him, it tasted heavenly.

Cuddles, out of retaliation, ran to Tiger while Flaky ran to Fliqpy. Cuddles swung his gun at Tiger, which launched him back a few feet. Tiger rubbed his jaw and looked at Cuddles.

“You’re fighting me now!”

Tiger smiled and ran to Cuddles, who raised his gun which clashed with Tiger’s sword. Flaky, while crying her eyes out, started treating Fliqpy’s wound, who blacked out from blood-loss. The blonde haired boy was no match for the general, who soon jumped and kicked the gun off the cliff, and when he landed raised his claw overhead and punched Cuddles away. Cuddles landed front first on the ground, bleeding out his mouth. Flaky covered her mouth to see her friend lie on the floor, but was even more devastated to see him get back up.

Cuddles, weak from pain, ran back at Tiger unarmed. Tiger thrusted his foot forward which threw Cuddles back again. He felt that his rib was broken, but he once again tried to stand up. His friends all watched as their former leader painfully raise himself up. Some decided to speak out.

“Cuddles! Just stay down! He’s too much for you!”

“Cuddles! That’s enough!”

“Stop it, Cuddles!”

Cuddles ignored everyone, as he painfully limped over to Tiger, who just stood and smiled.

“I… I have to be strong… I have to be like Flippy… I want to be a soldier just like him… I want to be a friend… I want to-”

Tiger raised his knee to meet Cuddles’ chin. He was launched back. Fliqpy woke up to see his good sides brother fall back and hit his head on the floor. His eyes were faded and his mind was dark. Flaky just had to cry harder.


Fliqpy sat up and saw all the carnage. He saw Flaky kneeling down and crying hard and hiccuping.

“Hey. Dry your tears. You ain’t hurt, are you?”

“Yes, I am. My heart hurts.”

“And so will everything else.”

Flaky shockingly looked up and saw Tiger standing before her. She was shaking with fear; this was as scared as she had ever been. Tiger raised his claw to meet with Flaky’s skin.

“Oh no, you don’t you evil son of a bitch!”

Fliqpy got up and tackled Tiger, punching him fiercely in the face. Flaky quickly ran to Cuddles to treat him. Tiger kicked forward to kick Fliqpy off, which caused him to roll forward. Tiger got up and kicked him hard in the chest, making his ribs crack. Fliqpy was the most injured he had been; he was literally powerless. Pop saw Fliqpy fall back and not moving. He couldn’t help but shed a slight tear.

“Felix… I’m sorry.”

Tiger, thinking it was over, turned around to see Pop stand up and run forward, with rage in his eyes.

“Still alive?”

Pop didn’t stay alive as he ran to Tiger. He was no match, but he still threw his fist around, even though he didn’t land one hit. But when Tiger spun around to give him a backhand, he ducked and pulled out a switchblade, then grabbed Tiger and dug it into his gut. He wrenched it around, only to see Tiger didn’t even flinch.

“Fool. You really believe that tiny blade will kill me?”

Tiger finally landed the backhand on Pop’s jaw, who fell back and rubbed his face. Tiger stood tall as he saw three of his opponents on the ground. One was unconscious. one was bleeding from his ear, and one was raising his body with painful force.

“Look at you all. You’re all pathetic. Did you really think you could stand up to me, the future ruler of the world? I’m gonna rock this world! I’m gonna become the greatest dictator in history…”

He noticed Fliqpy coming to.

“And I’ll destroy anyone who gets in my way!”

He raised his claw up, making sure it was sharp enough, then he quickly ran forward, about to thrust his claw into Fliqpy. Fliqpy looked on in horror as Tiger rushed forward. Pop, seeing Fliqpy about to die, heard a voice.

“Rescue him! Protect your children!”


“Your kids have bright futures… don’t let this one’s fade now… Do something, Paul!”

Fliqpy snapped his eyes shut, awaiting death. Tiger did the same, awaiting murder and smiling gleefully.

“Don’t let him die! Give him a chance… to be happy again! Give him life!”

Pop quickly stood up and took a deep breath. Then ran forward as fast as he could towards Tiger.


Soon, Tiger opened his eyes to see Pop grab him. Fliqpy, almost instantly, turned back to Flippy, who looked on in horror as he saw his father tackle Tiger and run off the cliff, holding Tiger with all his might as they both screamed loudly. They both fell on the jagged rocks, one by one with their blood splattering on the rocks, and they both splashed into the ocean below them. Flippy scattered across the ground and looked over the cliff to see two bodies in the ocean. Tears began to flow as he got up and, as fast as he could, climbed down the cliff.


He tripped as he fell face first into the water, but he was ok and quickly ran to Pop, whose face was out of the water so he could breathe. Flippy looked down at his father, who was on the verge of death from blood loss. But he looked away to see Tiger slowly getting up. He was weak, but he was alive.

“Fool. No one is that crazy. Like father like son, am I right? Heh heh…”

Flippy quickly got angry, and unsheathed his sword. With all his fury, he grabbed Tiger and punched him over and over, until Tiger fell back into the water. Flippy, still not finished, raised his sword and stabbed the general over and over, making him leak more and more blood. Soon enough, he formed the axe, and then with all his strength slashed Tiger’s abdomen open, revealing his intestines. Then, keeping his deal he made before, he let Fliqpy emerge and wrap Tiger’s intestines around his neck and get behind him, pulling them tighter around the generals throat, sucking all the air and life out of him with every second.

“Die! Die you son of a bitch!”

Soon enough, Fliqpy felt Tiger’s neck snap and his head fall into the water. Fliqpy saw no bubbles form, so that means he must be dead. He kicked him over to see his eyes to find them rolled back. Fliqpy was satisfied and returned to Flippy, who panted hard and stared at Pop, who was still alive. He went over to his father, bawling, and held him as Pop opened his eyes and smiled.

“Felix… you did good…”

Flippy nodded.

“Listen to me, Felix… Please… don’t be like me…”

Flippy still bawled as he saw his father slowly dying.

“Don’t give up on them… Don’t leave your family behind… keep them close to you…”

Pop smiled as he hugged his son.

“I… want to thank you. Thank you… for being my son…”

Tears gathered in his eyes, as they fell into the ocean. He started to lose his grip.

“Take care of them all… I know you will…”

And with that, Pop closed his eyes, smiled and let his mind go black, and his body splashed in the water. He laid dead, with his spirit rising to meet his wife in heaven. Flippy, feeling overwhelmed with sadness, knelt down to his father. He held back the tears, but then he looked to the sky and started to wail, with as many tears falling as there are drops of water in the ocean.

All was lost.

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