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Led by Flippy, the group travelled for nearly a day. They reached a city, where they saw large buildings, travelling cars and people wandering the streets. Some were excited, as they jumped with glee. Some were not so happy, as they thought of how they would care of themselves without money. Flippy and Flaky thought the later.

“Guys… this isn’t the right place for us.”

Giggles spoke out.

“What’d you mean? Look! It’s nice and big, theres plenty of places to eat, and I’m sure there’s a house big enough for all of us here!”

“All of those things cost money, Jessica. You got any money?”

Giggles thought a moment and then frowned, defeated. Cuddles spoke out.

“If not here, then where is the right place for us?”

Flippy looked around and smelled something; the smell of sea salt. He was reminded of something Flaky told him; about her being a spy for Russell. He turned to Flaky and placed his hands on her shoulder, and the two stared in each others eyes.

“Flaky… what ship did you clean on when you were working?”

Flaky thought a minute.

“One called ‘The Enterprise.’ Why?”

Flippy got an idea.

“Can you show us where it is?”

Everyone looked confused. Sniffles spoke out.

“Reason, Flippy?”

“Well, I just thought about this, but I was wondering; maybe city life isn’t for us. Maybe we need to build our own society.”

He looked at his friends.

“Everyone… I myself can say we deserve to make our name known in the world. So I think it’s best if… we don’t have a physical home.”

Cuddles got confused.

“What do you mean?”

Flippy walked out to see the city. He saw parent’s holding their children's hands. He saw robbers running from cops. He saw homeless people sleeping in gutters. He kept remembering his childhood, living in the streets and being jeered at for being a street rat by rich, self-absorbed wealthy people. But he also remembered all the good memories, like building a family and learning to be a man. And he came to a decision; the town was nothing more than just a town, it was never a true home until the tree friends found each other.

“Everyone… as long as we’re together… we are home.”

“But where are we gonna sleep? What’re we gonna eat?”

“We’ll figure that out eventually, but until then…”

He started walking away.

“Flaky, will you lead us to the ship?”

“You sure? On foot, it’s about a day or two from here.”

Everyone groaned.

“You guys want to stay here, in a city with rules and is run by money, or out there, where you’re free and the world is our oyster?”

Everyone looked at each other, some back at the city.


Flippy chuckled as Flaky started marching forward. Everyone told jokes to each other, laughed and smiled and acted like real family to each other for a day, almost as if it was for only an hour. They came to a large shipyard, with all ships but one already departed. It was the smallest ship they’d ever seen, but it was large enough to carry everyone.

“Flippy, you know how to drive a ship?”

“I know a few things. Plus, if I get confused…”

He slapped Sniffles on the back, knocking his glasses off.

“We got Einstein here!”

“Ha ha. Funny.”

Everyone crowded onto the ship, and instantly made themselves at home except for Handy and Flippy, who raised the anchor and the ship soon started sailing. They all cheered as they waved goodbye to their old home.

“We still got memories, and each other.”

Cuddles put his arm on Flippy’s shoulder.

“Got that right, buddy. So where are we off to?”

Flippy walked up to the bow of the ship and stared at the sunset, with his smile almost as beaming as the sun.

“Wherever fate takes us.”

Meanwhile, back at the destroyed base, Tiger’s corpse had been devoured by sharks. One of the sharks bit down on a remote in Tigers coat, which broke it and let out a large, piercing alarm, along with a large boom and soon enough, appearing out a small circular crevice, came two voices.

“Seems the master’s finally letting us go.”

“Yeah. Let’s raise some hell, bro.”

Soon enough, a large purple beam flew straight up into the sky, guided by two exact sized young men. The streak ended as the two levitated in the sky. They were both pale, and their clothes were identical, except one was dark blue and the other was bright red. They both had headbands, with the one in blue’s being red and the other blue.

They were Splendid and Splendont, Tiger’s ultimate weapon; two brothers fit with artificial superpowers. And they had only one mission to follow from their fallen master;

Exterminate and Destroy.

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